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Best Birthday Ever

I've grown up now and I've had my fair share of girls. I say girls because they are far from what I believe women are. Immature and not very bright. I've only had a handful of women and it's very special. The youngest of the women I've had was my s****r. She's a few years older than me but she is very mature for her age. We first had sex when she came into my room when I was 14 and stole my virginity. I've never been able to forget that night. The following years we were on again and off again since we are modestly attractive people. We go shopping and girls shoot me looks and the same goes for my s****r. It's a confidence booster and we can talk to each other about who is getting the eye without getting jealous (oh yeah, she also tries on clothes in the dressing rooms and I get to... erm, watch.) It works out very well. We know this isn't going to be a life-long thing with marriage and inbred c***dren. Just some fun to have without having to leave the house. We aren't rich people but we do like the finer things in life so when birthdays or gift giving comes around we like to give something personal and sexy to each other.

It was my 19th birthday and I had just completed my first year of college. Surprised by the lack of sex I had and the good grades I didn't get since I was looking for cooze I was a little demoralized. I got my old job back as a lifeguard so I was allowed to clamor with hot girls all the time and see some faces I've been more than familiar with. It was the break I needed. So anyway a few friends from work take me out to dinner then we go to a club and make a mess out on the dance floor. It was a really great night.

I come back home from that night and I see my s****r's car in the driveway. I didn't think that she'd be home so I went looking for her hoping to find her in a sexy little situation but to no avail. Oh well, it's a friday night I don't expect her to be cooped up at home. I send her a text asking her if she was home or in town and she responded with what I deciphered to be a d***ken yes and out with some of her old high school friends. I go to bed absolutely worn out from all the day's activities. Around 2:30 I hear a hap-hazard attempt to walk in downstairs and I get out of my bed. (It takes a lot to wake me up so I usually go settle whatever it is.) I didn't bother putting on any underwear because it was hot and my s****r had already seen me naked so many times before.

I'm taking short little steps trying to get reacquainted to the house and I see her going downstairs making about the same amount of ruckus. I can hear her talking to herself so I'm curious to see how wasted she really is and if I can give her a hard time about driving d***k. Not that it's a big thing but if I can give her some hell I'm going to. She walks into her room really quick and closes the door. I'm coming in fast and I don't bother knocking. HER AND A FRIEND FROM HIGH SCHOOL WERE HANGING OUT!!! I was so embarrassed!! What did I do?! What if there was some sort of indication I could've given to her friend? I panicked and started to go back upstairs when I heard her call my name and to come back but grab a towel first.

I grabbed a towel from the adjacent bathroom and proceeded in slowly. I knew her friend, I had actually dated her younger s****r who was my age. For the record, the older of the two s****rs is lightyears more attractive than her younger s****r. I slowly enter the room and a weird aire is in the room. Not the smell mind you but a sense that you just walked into something you weren't supposed to be a part of but no one tells you anything. I ask my s****r what she wants and I let my eyes jet to her friend, Kathy, for a moment and I think I catch her checking me out but I was still to fuzzy to actually observe.
"Kathy just bought this and was going to wear this for her fiancee," my s****r said, "what do you think about it?"
"Uh, I dunno. It looks good and I like lace but I can't really tell how it'd look on her," I said trying to snap fully awake.
"I just really wanna surprise him and this was the best thing we could find," Kathy said, "I just want a guy's opinion without getting harassed by you-know-who." (the girls had a chief dick in their group of friends)
"I said she should put it on cause there's no other way to tell," my s****r chimed in.
"You didn't even try it on?" I asked, "How do you know if it works for you?"
"Should I try it on?" Kathy asked with a serious buzz on.
My s****r looked from her to me. I finally snapped right then realizing I got the chance to gaze upon one of my old crush's amazing body. "I think it'd be best. I mean, you wanna know how you look in it before he sees you, right?" I asked as plainly as I could muster for the situation.

Kathy surprisingly didn't need much more convincing and was off to the bathroom to change. This thing was beautiful. Stockings, panties, matching fuzzy and lacy bra with clips to the panties. The only thing that looked any better was Kathy herself. So we hear the door close and I start to try and make small talk when my s****r cuts me short. She grabs me by the hips and yanks me down by my neck and gives me a strong kiss. Nearly rips my head off.
"Why didn't you ever come visit me at school this year?" she asks.
"I was busy with school and getting acclimated to everything," I responded.
"I missed you," she said with her puppy dog eyes as she ran her hand under the towel and grasped my semi erect dick. She started stroking it.
"Believe me, I wanted to but this year was kinda hard," I said trying not to think about the word hard and the situation I was in.

She starts kissing me again and I'm really getting into it but then I start thinking about Kathy and how close to being done changing she is. "I think we should stop before she comes back," I say. And we hear her walking back and my s****r lets go and laughs at me with a huge boner and nowhere to hide it so I hastily sit down next to my s****r and try to play it cool. I tried to channel Vince Vega but it didn't help.

Kathy walks in and words fail to describe how attractive she looked in it. The deep bl**d red of it offset with her silky slight tan skin and short blonde hair and that light ocean blue eyes. It felt like I was in the presence of an actual angel. It even came with tight little gloves. Every teenage boy's wet dream stood before me and I felt like merely a puddle. My cock had other ideas than staying under the radar and was instantly rigid. Kathy was a bit awkward and ditzy from time to time so she had some esteem issues but she was gorgeous. She bent her knees to one side and tilted her head to the other and asked, "What do you think?"
My s****r turned to me again for a response. Struggling for words and having a lack of bl**d running to my brain I summoned up, "I think you look perfect."
"If you were my--" I got cut off.
"Ohmygod, I'm so glad you like it. I was so worried," Kathy sped to sit on the bed. "I thought it'd come off too slutty and I'm not that; so it looks good?"
"I think it looks amazing," my s****r filled in.

So at this point it was Kathy, my s****r and me sitting on the bed in that order. Kathy swings around my s****r and says, "Oh it's your birthday isn't it?"
"Yeah, 19 no biggie," I said with a chuckle not being able to stop from staring at her nice full C cup tits aching to jump out of that uncomfortable bra and into my mouth.
"Well happy birthday," she said and gave me a kiss right on my lips! I couldn't believe it. My eyes stayed shut a little longer to hold onto the moment. I didn't think about how my s****r would feel or what this would do. I shoot a glance to my s****r quickly and she has her seductress eyes on. I can feel Kathy look over at my s****r and my s****r back at her. They giggle slightly trying mostly to contain their laughter. I look at Kathy and say, "What?"

Kathy jumps on me and starts kissing me. I fall back on the bed and I can feel the lace from her panties on my stomach. My s****r starts by kissing Kathy's neck and eventually they lock lips and cross tongues right above me. I grab onto Kathy's ass with my right hand and my s****r's knee with my left. Kathy returns her attention to me and we are making out like we had 5 seconds left to live. Meanwhile I feel my s****r move down towards my legs and undo my towel. I jerk up with the hesitation to not let this secret out and Kathy catches me, looks me dead in the eye and says, "ah ah," like a cheesy spy. I can feel my s****r above me and she's kissing something but it isn't me. IT'S KATHY'S ASS!! Very hot and Kathy lets out a moan. My s****r makes her way down my abdomen and gets to my 'V' and she grabs the shaft of it, tilts it to the side so I can see her face around Kathy and shoves the whole things down her throat. With my s****r audibly gagging on my cock and Kathy's sweet body atop of me I was in Nirvana.

My s****r comes up for air with a gasp and Kathy turns around and shouts, "My turn!" My s****r moves down to my balls tenderly sucking each one in and rolling her tongue over them. I start to pull down Kathy's underwear and proceed to eat her pussy out. I love eating girl's asses out but I didn't wanna ruin the moment. My s****r gets up and walks around the bed taking her clothes off and grabs me by the jaw and starts kissing me harder than Kathy. My s****rs tits are now hanging free and she dangles them in my face. I swallow each nipple and suckle like a deprived toddler. My s****r begins to eat out Kathy's ass. This was right in front of my face and I could feel my s****r's saliva travel down from Kathy's ass and into my mouth which was busy tongue fucking her pussy.

My s****r took control of the situation and laid on her back having Kathy sit on her face and let me fuck her while kissing Kathy. I'm doing the best I can and I don't know which one is hotter. My s****r letting me fuck her with a girl she knew I had a crush on? Or the crush who was along for this crazy shit? Either way I wasn't stopping it. Kathy got down where my s****r was and let me fuck her tight little hole while my s****r stood in front of me and let me eat her ass. My s****r eventually bent down and pulled my cock out of Kathy's pussy and inched it into her ass. It had been a while so she was very tight. She grabbed up Kathy's legs and put her knees by her head and ate out Kathy's ass. She threw a few fingers in there as well saying that Kathy needed the stretch.

So Kathy gets up and turns around for me to fuck her doggy style as my s****r spits on my dick and rubs it into her ass. I did everything I could to stop from cumming right then. When a rhythm was built up my s****r moved in front of Kathy to be eaten out and grabbed me by the neck and kissed me on the lips. I started to say, "I'm cumming!" but my s****r protested and said that I couldn't. "Not yet," she said and smiled.

Kathy looked back at me smiling her pearly whites, my s****r was less than a foot from my face eyes penetrating me. I stood there (humping) feeling like I was holding back Hell's army at the tip of me.


I was allowed to cum and did I ever. I came so hard in Kathy's ass it came spurting out. My s****r dipped her finger into Kathy's now gaping hole and swept out the cum into her mouth. My s****r slurped up every last drop she could. Kathy turned around and cleaned up my dick and sucked out every bit of jizz. Like twins (but one being brunette and the other blonde) they kissed each other and then swallowed my load. It was beyond beautiful. Kathy was cleaning off my s****r's face as I grabbed a seat. I could barely stand. Then my s****r shrugged a shoulder and said, "Happy Birthday."

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