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Mandy Todd stretched her long, slender body on the huge towel,
the hot sand beneath her. She rested her face on crossed arms,
her smoldering eyes hidden behind dark glasses. Her rich auburn
hair moved lazily in the slight breeze coming off the ocean.
Sitting as her side, her young son Derick was pouring
tanning oil onto her back, rubbing it into her satiny flesh. his
hands felt good on her skin, the slow way they moved up and down
from her shoulders to her skimpy bikini bottom. she had untied
her halter, not wanting to have a tell-tale strip of whiteness on
her flesh. It was bad enough she had to wear the bottom, as it
Mandy would have preferred to have been nude, completely
naked to the rays of the midday sun. Bus she certainly couldn't
strip off on the public beach, with so many people around. She
didn't like the public beach much, but it was all she had.
She murmured softly as Derick's hands kept up their
movements, massaging her flesh gently, almost too lightly. She
shifted her shoulders, finding a more comfortable pressure on her
tits. To look at her, one would have thought she was dozing as
her son rubbed the oil into her flesh, but Mandy was wide awake,
her eyes open behind the dark sunglasses. she was watching the
people, her eyes taking in the variety of bodies, the shapes and
"Your skins is so soft, Mom,' she heard Derick say softly.
"Mmmm," she replied lazily.
"I like to feel your skin," he said as he worked his hands
up and down her back.
She purred with excitement, gazing at the other young man
near by, her eyes fixed upon the enticing bulge of his swimsuit.
She wondered how big the guy's cock was, how big his balls were,
if they were full, loaded. Mandy liked full balls, hot balls.
She especially liked what they contained
It had begun when she was very young, not yet a teenager...
She had been introduced to cock by her older b*****r whom
she had caught jacking off in the garage one afternoon.
Fascinated, she had watched him, and felt no fear or
embarrassment when he found her peeping at him. Her b*****r had
continued to jack his prick, sliding his fist up and down,
knowing she was watching. When she came, it took Mandy's breath
away. It had excited her very much, watching his thick, whit
cum-loaded spurt high into the air, spattering back onto the
garage floor.
The very next day, her b*****r had taken her, willingly,
into his room and jacked off as she stood watching. Again, she
felt a hot tingle between her thighs when he came. After that,
she watched her b*****r jack off all the time, eventually
exposing her young, hairless, pink cunt to him, at his request.
As the weeks went by, Mandy and her big b*****r would fondle
themselves, watching each other, and it was during one of these
times when she experienced her first orgasm. She had been
sitting on the floor at her b*****r's feet, as he perched his ass
on the edge of his bed, legs spread, pumping his cock and
watching Mandy as she rammed her middle finger in and out of her
hairless little cunt. When her b*****r came, his hot jism
splashed over her slim thighs, and the feel of his cum on her
skin had make her juicy little cunt convulse with orgasm for the
first time.
They soon began to make each other come, with her b*****r
playing with her steamy little cunt while she ran her tight fist
up and down his hard, throbbing cock. When her b*****r came, his
jism would run over her hand and wrist, and her tight little cunt
would grab at his buried fingers, the spasms very intense and
Oddly enough, her b*****r never attempted to fuck Mandy.
Perhaps it just never entered their young minds that his cock
could slide into her cunt, pump in and out, making them both come
that way. What did enter Mandy's mind was to taste her b*****r's
cock cream.
She did not put her mouth on his cock.
What she did was to open her mouth on an impulse as her
b*****r squirted his jizz high. She had suddenly leaned over and
caught his cum on her tongue and inside her mouth. The hot,
sweet taste of his creamy cum sent her little cunt into
contractions after contraction of ecstasy, squeezing his deeply
inserted finger hard. Realizing this make her orgasms more
intense, Mandy began to take her b*****r's jism into her mouth
every time he came off.
Sometimes she simply leaned over his cock as he gushed cum,
but more often than not she would sit on the floor, leaning back
with her face tilted, mouth open, and let her big b*****r jack
off into her mouth. Sometimes his aim wasn't very good, and her
pretty face would be drenched with his milky cum, but she never
minded at all. She no longer had to play with her cunt, nor did
her b*****r, to make her come; the hot squirt of his slimy cum
into her mouth was enough to make her pussy pulsate with the most
delicious orgasms ever.
Her b*****r jacked off into her mouth up to the very day he
got married. And they took up again where they had left off two
years later, just before Mandy married. Then it stopped.
But she had never forgotten the pleasure her b*****r had
given her.
He was the only one to jack off into her mouth. Her husband
never did, although she had tried to get him to. He considered
it a waste of good pussy, he told her, or a blow-job. And by
now, Mandy was very good as sucking cock. She was very good at
fucking, too. As a matter of fact, she was very good at anything
Gazing at the man ten feet away on the sand as her son kept
rubbing oil into her flesh, she fantasized watching him jack off,
his cock big and hard, his balls full. she licked her lips as
she say, in her mind, the hot spurts of cock cream spew from his
piss hole...right into her mouth.
She moaned, the cheeks of her ass bunching as a small, but
nice orgasm exploded in her cunt. She felt her son's hands pause
on her back as she came.
"Something wrong, Mom?" he asked.
"Mmmm, no darling," she breathed.
"I'm fine," she whispered.
Derick, his hands at his mother's lower back, had seen the
sudden clutching of her ass, and stared at it, fascinated. The
tiny bikini bottoms had drawn up into the split of her cheeks,
exposing the creamy ass cheeks. He watched them ripple and
contract. Leaning over, he glanced quickly at his mother's
crotch. He saw a few dark cunt hairs curling from the tight
band, and also a trace of moisture there.
Feeling his cock stiffen inside his trunks, he sat up
straight, his hands now shaking slightly as he continued to rub
oil into her flesh. He kept looking at her ass, the backs of her
thighs, ant realizing his breathing was getting louder.
Mandy knew, though. She listened to her son's breathing,
and knew the sounds very well. When she understood her young son
had probably seen her ass cheeks bunch and squeeze, she didn't
feel embarrassed. On the contrary, she worked her ass some more,
knowing her son was getting a hard-on, wanting to take a peek at
him. She flexed her ass cheeks time and again, spreading her
long thighs a little wider. She purred softly, her imagination
becoming wilder and wilder.
"Aunt Mandy?"
Mandy turned her head to see her niece, her b*****rs
daughter, squatting near her head. Julie squatted like the
little girl she was, knees parted. Mandy found herself looking
between them, seeing the satiny inner thighs, the tight little
crotch of Julie's bikini. She could see the band pulled in
tightly, outlining her niece's tender young cunt.
"What is it, honey?" Mandy asked, her voice husky.
"Is it okay if we get some ice cream?"
"Of course," she said, her eyes glazing slightly as she
stared, behind the dark sunglasses, at her niece's crotch and
tight little ass.
"For all of us?" Julie asked. "Me and Derick and Johnny?"
"Yes, baby, that's fine," she said. "Take the money out of
my bag."
She watched julie rummage about inside the beach bag,
finding the money. Julie's back was to her, and the girl was on
her knees. Her cute little ass was precious, so tight and
bubbly, like tasty apples barely concealed by her little bikini.
She wasn't wearing tops as she hadn't started to develop any
breasts yet. There was really nothing much to hid. She was as
flat as the two boys, but her nipples, much pinker than the
boys', were just beginning to be a little puffy.
How can my b*****r resist that, Mandy thought, remembering
she had looked that way when she first became involved with her
older b*****r.
Maybe He's was touching that sweet cunt, jacking off as his
daughter watched - as he had done with Mandy. The idea excited
Mandy and Derick lived close to her b*****r and s****r-in-
law, but they saw little of each other. Derick, Johnny, and
little julie were not only cousins, but very close friends, too.
The three had been almost inseparable for years. Derick and
Johnny were the same age. Despite Julie being a few years
younger, they were seldom seen without her. Most boys that age
wanted nothing to do with a girl, especially one so much younger
than they, but Derick and Johnny never minded at all. They
seemed to want Julie with them. Mandy wondered if they were
perhaps more than very close friends and cousins, if they might
not be involved in a little erotic play with each other. She
didn't feel any anger about that; she felt good about the
That her son and nephew were doing what she had done with
her b*****r to the exquisite little creature who was her niece
sent a hot, wet kind of fire through Mandy's pussy, causing her
clit to bulge excitedly. And she had an especially big clit to
begin with. When she was excited it resembled a little baby
boy's penis, standing out almost two inches. Maybe it was so big
from all the manipulation it got since she was a very little
girl. She tried to visualize her young son and nephew, cocks
hard, fists pumping, while little July leaned back to catch their
cum-loads in her mouth, her slim legs spread open, her sugary
hairless pink cunt wet and exposed.
Her ass writhed with the mental pictures, her cunt and clit
vibrant. She felt her son's hands caressing oil along the backs
of her thighs now, and her breath caught. His hands felt so good
on her thighs, so very good. He was moving them slowly, up and
down, from her knees to the cheeks of her ass, but never quite
touching the swell of her ass, not the band between her legs.
Then his fingers were running up and down the insides of her
thighs, and Mandy's cunt was responding with wet heat again.
Forgetting about the crowded beach, she turned and glanced
toward her son, seeing that he did have a hard-on. His cock
pressed at the front of his trunks, and she could see a small
movement as it throbbed. Derick was sliding his hand up and down
his mother's satiny thighs, almost panting with excitement. His
excitement drove him, and the edge of his hand moved a little too
high along the inside of her open thighs. Mandy gasped as she
felt her son's finger press at the tight crotchband of her
bikini, then jerk away quickly.
Mandy's breath was hot as she slipped a hand from under her
head and moved it along her son's thigh. She held her breath as
she slowly stroked his flesh. Derick was staring at her hand,
his resting on her thigh. Mandy couldn't resist....the tips of
her fingers touched his cock, the shaft of his cock, and Derick
gasped loudly, his hand jerking off her thighs. Mandy, too,
pulled her hand away.
She lay quietly again, feeling the heat on her body, between
her legs, listening to her son's heavy breathing. She wanted to
touch him again, feel his cock, but she didn't know what Derick
would think about it.
"This one is yours, Derick," she heard Julie say.
Turning away from her son, Mandy watched as Julie sat on the
sand, her legs crossed, licking the ice cream. That pink little
tongue excited her, watching it move about the ice cream the way
Mandy's moved about a very stiff cock. It was an erotic thing to
watch, and her cunt tingled as if she were going to have another
orgasm. She didn't see Johnny anywhere, though.
Finishing his ice cream, Derick stood up.
"I gotta take a pee," he said bluntly. The boy walked
across the hot sand toward the vending stands and parking lot.
But he didn't enter one of the toilets. He kept going to the
parking lot. Mandy, curious, suspected her son wanted to do more
than piss, sat up and brushed sand off her body, holding her
halter top over her straining tits.
"Tie me up, honey," she said to Julie, who tied her halter.
"Wait here for me. I'll be right back."
Mandy walked in the direction her son had gone, her ass
swaying, long legs drawing the eyes of men and women alike. She
ignored them. She rounded the concession stands and walked to
the parking lot, and them moved toward her car in a roundabout
way so her son wouldn't see her.
She found Derick sitting in the car, the door closed. He
was leaning back on the seat, eyes closed, and before she came
close enough to look in, she knew he was jacking off. His
expression told her that even before she was close enough to hear
his breathing. Excitement rumbling through her, she slipped
quickly to the side of the car and looked into the open window.
Derick had his cock pulled up from the waistband of his
trunks, his fist sliding up and down it swiftly. Mandy swallowed
as she gazed at her son, watching his fist pumping, seeing the
swollen cockhead, his piss hole glistening with seeping pre-cum.
The urge to push her hand into the car and grasp his cock was
strong, but she resisted. She cupped her cunt as she watched him
jacking off, feeling the wetness through the thin cloth of her
bikini bottom. She could see her son's hairless ball, and they
looked full. Not big, but full. She pressed her hand hard at
her cunt, licking her lips hungrily as she watched him.
Derick was gasping heavily, his hips jerking, lifting and
falling with his hand. Mandy had seen enough cocks ready to
come, and it seemed her son was very close to it.
"Uhhhh.......ohhhh!" Derick moaned as he jacked off.
Mandy swallowed hard, her eyes blazing as she watched. She
was pressing hard at her cunt, her palm moving back and forth
slightly across her big, erect clit as she had done with her
b*****r long ago, only nakedly.
Then before she expected it, her son came.
The thick cock cream squirted from his piss hole, on to the
back of his hand. It wasn't much in quantity, but because of his
young age, she was surprised that he had any at all.
"Ahhhhhh!" Derick whimpered, the pulsing stopped.
Mandy didn't think, giving in to the strong urge. Her hand
darted through the window, her palm covering the head of her
son's cum spewing cock. Derick's eyes flew open.
"Mom!" he gasped.
Mandy giggled, feeling her son's warm cum smear onto her
palm as her fingers slid down the hard, throbbing cockshaft.
"Nice, Derick," she murmured huskily. "Very nice, darling."
Derick was startled, frightened, unable to do anything but
sit there and wet his mother's hand with his cum-load.
"Ooooh, so hot and wet!" Mandy gurgled, sliding her fingers
up and down her son's cock, stroking it. She watched the shaft
of his cock being coated with his cum as she spread it around.
His balls were glistening with the juice, too. She kept holding
his cock this way until it was very soft, then turned it loose,
only to give her son's wet ball a gentle squeeze.
"Mom, you...."
"I know, Derick." She smiled at him, a wanton smile, her
hark eyes glowing. "I know, baby."
She squeezed his ball once more, then drew her hand from the
car window. She smeared her son's cock cream over her flat,
tanned stomach, her hips swaying, making little grinding motions
as she burbled with pleasure.
Derick watched her, his eyes huge, fascinated by her
movements, by what she was doing. Mandy, her eyes silted with
passion, ran her cum-wet hand over the front of her bikini
bottoms, curling her fingers along the puffy lips of her hidden
cunt, and she mewed softly as a small orgasm throbbed through
"Mom, what made you...."
"Hush," she whispered, reaching into the car and drawing his
trucks up over his hairless cock and balls. "Don't say anything,
not now." She started to leave, but turned back.
Mandy dropped Julie and Johnny off at their house, then
drove quickly home. She knew her son was curious and excited.
He was quiet all the way home, but sneaked looks at her. She
had not wrapped her beach robe about her body, but drove in
her bikini, letting her son gaze at her thrusting tits in a
way he never had before.
She was trembling with need by the time they got home,
and she f***ed her self to help unload the car. she wasn't
quite sure what she was going to do with Derick, but she knew
she was going to do something. she had to do something, even
if only to touch him, his cock, again.
Derick said nothing after they had unloaded the car, but
his young eyes followed her everywhere. Mandy was pleased
that he didn't seem embarrassed about what she had done at the
beach. Perhaps he and Johnny were playing delicious little
feely-feely games with Julie after all. She had though her
son would be embarrassed, shy, or maybe ashamed, but there was
nothing to indicate that.
She took his hand and pulled him into the living room.
Derick went without protest, knowing he was about to become
involved with his mother in ways he had never dreamed of.
Mandy sat his on the couch, then sat next to him. She
wrapped an arm around his shoulders, pulling his head to her
tit. She rested her other hand on his thigh, halfway to his
crotch. She hugged him, kissing the top of his head.
"Derick...." she whispered softly. "Please try to
understand what I've got to say." What you did in the
car...what I saw you doing," she said in a throaty voice. "I
know why you had to. You got excited touching me, rubbing oil
on my body. So...I understand why you had to, you know, jack
Derick trembled when she said that.
"I want you to know something about me, darling, she
said, her fingers at the edge of his trunks. "I like to see a
boy do that. I love to see a boy, or a girl too, jack off. It
excites me. I don't know why, but it does , and it's been so
long since I've watched that."
Derick remained silent, feeling his mother's nipple
pushing at his cheek through the thin halter. He couldn't
stop his cock from hardening.
"Please don't be embarrassed" Mandy soothed, running her
fingers along the shaft of his swelling cock.. "We could have
a lot of fun, as long as you aren't embarrassed. You could
jack off, and I could watch you, and maybe...." She paused,
taking a deep breath. "Maybe sometime I would let you . .
watch me."
His cock was now very hard, bulging at his trunks. Mandy
was stroking her finger up and down it, over the cockhead and
back again.
If you enjoy it, you can watch me do it, too," she went
on. "We can do it together, watch each other. It would be
okay, honey. It wouldn't be as if we ...did anything. You
know, like put it in me or anything like that, We could just
watch each jacking off and me putting my fingers
inside my...down there."
"You'd let me look?" he asked, his voice thick and
shaky. "You'd really let me see you, Mom?"
"It wouldn't be fair if I didn't, would it?" She hugged
him tightly. "I mean, it you let me watch you jack off, it
would only be fair to let you watch me, right?"
"Gosh, Mom!" Derick gulped, his young body shaking.
"Do you want to do it with me?"
Derick nodded his head vigorously, rubbing his cheek on
her rigid nipple.
Mandy closed her fingers about her son's cock, squeezing
it inside his trunks with an excited gulp of pleasure.
"Let's do it right now, baby!"
Derick's eyes were hot as he looked at his mother's
passion-contorted face. "You really mean it, Mom?"
She nodded. "Push your trunks down, like in the car, and
jack off for mother."
As her son gazed at her, she leaned back on the couch,
spreading her legs wide, the narrow band of her bikini
stretching over her cunt, her tits lifting sharply. She
shoved her finger tip into the halter, and slowly pulled it
downward. Her nipples came into view, and Derick groaned as
he looked at them. but Mandy covered her nipples, sliding her
hand down her stomach to the edge of her bikini bottoms. she
pushed at the fabric and exposed s soft line of thick
pussyhair to her son's eyes. Sliding her finger down the
front of her bikini, she traced the slit of her cunt, then
very slowly pulled the crotch to one side, giving her son a
very brief glimpse of her cunt.
"Now...." she purred. "You know I mean it, honey. shove
your trunks down and jack off for mother!"
Derick was so excited to get that quick peek of his
mother's stiff nipple and cunt, his cock was ready to burst
from his trunks. He stood up, pushing them to his knees. His
cock jerked upright, making a slapping sound against his
stomach. Mandy gurgled in delight as she gazed at him, her
eyes hot on his young balls and very stiff cock. She saw that
the base of his cock and balls were hairless, and smooth.
"Ohhhh, God baby!" she moaned. "Jack it off for mother!
Grab it and pump it, Derick! Ohhh, baby, jack that beautiful
thing off and squirt it for me how hard you can
come, darling!"
She leaned back on the couch, legs spread wide, gazing at
him as he closed his fist about his cock and began stroking up
and down, his hips thrust forward, trunks caught at his knees.
His gasps and panting breath excited her just as much as what
he was doing for her. Her cunt bubbled wetly, throbbing
inside her bikini. She clutched her tits with both hands,
squeezing them as she stared with fiery hunger at her son's
cock. The juices seeping out of his piss hole made her mouth
water, and she swallowed noisily, writhing her ass on the edge
of the cushions, opening and closing her long, shapely thighs.
Derick stared at her bikini-clad body, ramming his fist
up and down on his cock frantically.
"Beautiful!" Mandy hissed. "So beautiful, Derick! You
have such a nice one...long swollen and hard! Come a lot for
mother, baby! Squirt it way out for mother! I love to see a
boy come...come hard and come a lot!"
As he jacked off, Derick watch his mother open her legs
wide, and began to hump her ass up and down, fucking at the
air. The soft hairs of her pussy showed from the edges of her
bikini, exciting him further.
"You're making me so wet" Mandy gasped.
It was true, he saw. Glistening wetness seemed to be on
her inner thighs where the crotchband hid her pussy. Derick
licked his lips as his fist pounded up and down, his hips
jerking in a matching rhythm.
"I think....Mom, I'm about to do it!"
"Yes, my baby!" she squealed. "Come! Squirt it out!
Splash that hot jizz for mother!"
"Ahhhhh.....uhhhh!" Derick groaned, then his cock gushed
"Oooooooh!" Mandy breathed as she saw the k**'s thick
jism spurt high into the air. It arched and landed on her
thigh, making her squeal with pleasure.

"Was it good Derick?" she asked in a whispery voice
after waiting a few minutes for Derick to recover. "Wasn't
that better than jacking off alone?"
"It sure was Mom!" he panted.
"Do you still want to watch me do it, too?" she asked in
a low, husky voice.
"Yeah!" Derick gasped, his eyes glazed.
Mandy slipped her fingers into the elastic ribbons of her
bikini at her hips, and pushed downward. She stopped when the
soft curls of her pussy hair showed, and twisted her hips for
her son's delight. she raised her ass, easing the bikini
bottoms past it, and to her knees. Derick was hardly
breathing as he gazed at his mother, his eyes fixed upon the
thick triangle of her cunt hair. Mandy lifted her feet to let
her bikini bottoms fall away, then slowly spread her long
"Ahhhh!" Derick moaned as he saw the pink slit of his
mother's wet cunt, framed by the soft hark hair. He saw her
clit push up from the slit, watching it, all inch and a half
of it vibrate with heat.
Showing her cunt to her son sent wild, shivery excitement
through Mandy. She held her legs wide open, caressing her
thighs with her hands as she saw his cock starting to become
hard again. She opened her pussy with her fingertips, lifting
her ass, grinding slowly. Derick stared at his mother's cunt
as she began to slowly stroke her swollen clit.
"Oooooh, this feels so good!" Mandy purred, twisting her
clit between a finger and thumb. "This is how mother jacks
off....only it isn't jacking off for a girl. This is how I
make myself come, baby."
She pulled and twisted her long clit, then slowly eased
her middle finger of her other hand into her cunt. Derick's
eyes widened as her watched her finger disappear, then pull
outward coated with her hot, slippery pussy juices. He was
gripping he cock hard again, and began stroking.
Fucking her middle finger in and out of her hairy cunt
faster, making wet sounds. The index finger and thumb of her
other hand was stroking her inflamed clit up and down like a
boy doing his penis, sqeezing it, pulling and twisting it. as
she kept up the jacking off motions. Her clit looked like a
miniature cock. Her hips trashed about, her legs swinging so
wide. Jack it off ...jack off for me! Watch mother and jack
it off, darling!"
"Watch me!" she squealed, stuffing all four of her
fingers up her cunt, stretching the pussy lips wide. "I can
use all my fingers, baby! See me....see me do it with all my
"Ohhhh, Mom!" Derick groaned, pounding on his cock and
making slapping sounds, his balls swaying.
"Watch mother come...look between my me fuck myself!"
Derick gasped, squeezing his throbbing cock very hard.
"Well, I am!" Mandy groaned. "I'm fucking myself! I'm
fucking myself hard and I'm going to come hard! Oooh, so fucking good! Ahhh, my pussy, my clit is so hard!"
Derick giggled shyly again, pumping his fist.
With a cry, Mandy thrust her ass up, her fingers digging
deep into her cunt, churning a finger up into her widened
cervix, into her womb. Her clit bursting with her ecstasy.
"I'm coming! See me come! Watch mother's cunt come!"
Derick couldn't contain himself any longer. "Mom!" he
gasped, squirting what little jism he had left out of his
cock.. Most of it was a dry come as he was still to young yet
to have a full load.
"Come!" Mandy shouted, jerking her fingers out of her
cunt and lifting her upper body forward, her eyes glazed as
she saw her little boy spurt a few spasms of cum. Mandy
opened her mouth wide, holding her face an inch above the cum
coated head of her son's cock. The splash of his delicious
cock cream over her tongue sent her cunt into wild, ecstatic
orgasms again, over and over. Mandy held her mouth open, her
tongue thrusted out, tasting his salty cum but unable to
swallow it. It wasn't much but what was important to her was
her son was coming off into her mouth....the way her b*****r
used to do.
When the cum stopped, Mandy gave in to the impulse, and
ran her tongue over the head of her son's cock, tasting his
dripping juices and the smooth cockflesh, working the tip of
her tongue on his piss hole.
"Mom!" Derick gasped. "Ahhh, Mom!"
She sat back now satisfied for a while. "Derick," she
purred throaty, "I know we didn't intend to go so far, but I
couldn't help myself, darling."
"It's okay, Mom," he said, his voice cracking with
excitement. "It's okay."
Mandy gurgled in pleasure, licking at his flesh, drawing
his hairless cock between her lips and teeth, nibbling
delicately as he squeezed his ass, her fingers sliding into
the crack, to his bottom hole.
Gently pushing his away, she looked up at his glowing
"Derick," she said in a very low, very throaty voice.
"Want some pussy?"

Chapter Three

Derick gasped. "Do I want some....Mom!" "You mean
you'd....Mom, are you talking about letting me, you know, do it to
Mandy laughed with pleasure. "Do it to me? That's so it to me! Fuck me, baby! Would you like to fuck
your mother?"
"Gosh, Mom!" "I thought you just wanted to see me jack off."
"Darling, I want more that. Don't you?"
"I don't know what to...."
"First we need to talk" said Mandy. She caressed her naked
body, running her hands up and down to her tits and cunt, stroking
her long clit up and down like a cock. "Have you fucked Julie?"
she asked.
"Julie?" Derick gasped. "Mom, we don't...."
"If you haven't fucked her, have you been feeling her little
cunt up?"
A slow flush crept over Derick's face, giving her the answer.
She grinned down at him, her fingers spreading her cunt open, the
pink wetness steaming hotly.
"I thought so," she gurgled. "And you said we...does that
mean you and Johnny are both playing with her?"
"Aw, Mom," he muttered.
"You have!" she said in delight. "I knew you were. The three
of you are always together, so close. I just knew it!"
Derick, despite his flush, stared up between his mother's
thighs at her cunt. She was working her clit up and down.
"What do the three of you do together?" Mandy insisted. "I
mean, if you're not fucking her, what are you doing with each
other?" "Have you stuck anything up her baby pussy.....a finger
....a pencil....anything?" Does she put anything up her pussy,
like her own fingers?"
"Just you and me, Mom."
"Oh, jacking off, huh? Does Julie let you see her pretty
little cunt? And does she use her fingers in it, too?"
Derick nodded, licking his lips. His mother's cunt was so
appealing, he was ready to confess to anything she wanted to hear,
truth or not.
Mandy kissed her son, she squirmed her cunt downward, feeling
his hard cock rub against her still-juicy cunt slit. She rubbed her
pussy slit up and down the shaft of his cock, working her hips
with little thumping motions as her tongue moved inside his mouth.
"Mmmm, you feel so hard down there," she purred softly as she
pulled her tongue from his mouth. "Your cock feels wonderful,
pushing against mother's hot cunt."
She lifted her ass, feeling the swollen head of his cock
brushing the sensitive split of her cunt, touching her clit head.
Wiggling her ass, she hissed: "Stick it in me, Derick!"
Mandy's breath sucked inward as she felt her son's cock sliding
into her cunt, spreading it, filling it.
"Hold still," she breathed. "Let me," she mewled. "Let me
slide down on your cock."
She lowered her hips, feeling the rigid hotness of her son's
cock burning the length of her pussy. She make a low gurgling
sound as her cunt moved down slowly, then his cock was completely
inside her pussy. Mandy breathed deeply, feeling his cock jerk in
her cunt, her lips smashed at his base. The cock tip touched the
opening of her cervix which had been widened by so much
masturbation. "God if it were only a little longer", she thought.
A tremor went through her, her eyes glazed.
"Oh, my God!"
"Don't come!" Mandy gasped. "Don't come! Not yet! Please
...I want to...I need...I have to fuck you Derick!. Oooooh, such a
big hard-on! I love it in my pussy, baby!"
A shudder went through her, and she gripped her son's
shoulders. Then, with a squeal, she rammed down, and began to
hump, up and down. she fucked her son wildly, swinging her ass
about, grinding and churning and crying out her rapture. Her ass
pounded and thrust, her cunt sliding up and down her son's cock
with almost frantic movements. "Fuck...meeee! Mandy hissed. "Oh,
God, fuck me! Derick, my little baby, it's so good! Ooooh,
mother's cunt, mother's pussy...I can feel your hard cock deep in
my pussy, fucking me! I love it, I love a hard cock so very much!"
"Uh....uh..." Derick grunted. Ohhh Momm!
Up and down her ass went. Her long clit smashed and rubbed
along the hard shaft of his cock.
Mandy had never been so aroused, so wet, so hot. even in
those long-ago days with her b*****r, she had not been this
aroused. It seemed that taking her son's cock into her cunt was
the most delicious, most wicked thing in the world. Fucking her son
was intensely exciting, making her cunt ripple with fiery hunger.
Her womb vibrated.
"Fuck that pussy, baby!" Ram your cock up mother's cervix..
Come on, baby, jam your sweet cock up into mother's womb!"
Ahhh, Mom! Derick grunted. "I wanna come in your cunt, Mom!"
"Ooooh, baby, squirt it into mother's cunt!"
"I am, Mom!"
His young body shook violently as he sprayed her pussy over
and over with what little cum he had left. Slowly, Derick's ass
slumped, and her cunt, still holding his deflating cock, followed.
After a while Derick turned onto his side, raising his head
and looking at her. "Did I do okay, Mom?" he asked.
"You fucked me wonderfully," she purred. "Very wonderfully".
Derick ran his finger through the curly hair of his mother's
cunt. "Julie isn't like this.'
"But she is," Mandy smiled. "She has a pussy, just like
"But she doesn't have hair on it like you," Derick said. "I
like your cunt best, Mom, but I would like it even move if it was
hairless like Julie's, because I can see it better. And what's that
sticking out? Julie doesn't have that! Her pussy is just a small
slit with chubby lips and it pooches out just above the slit."
Mandy laughed. "That's my clit!" Julie has one too, but not
so big as mine. I guess mine is this big because I've rubbed and
pulled on it so much, starting even before Julie's age. I'll show
you what a little girl looks like sometime when Julie comes over to
visit. Just the thought of exploring a little girl and introducing
her to sex play started to get Mandy aroused again. She wondered
how far she could go in showing Julie how much fun a girl can have.

Chapter Four

Mandy imagined her niece, Julie, as she had seen her at
the beach, squatting there with her slim knees open.
She had not been surprised by a desire to kiss that
pretty little bare pussy. Mandy had often considered licking
a cunt, even as a little elementary school girl. She had not,
but only because the opportunity had never come up. Being so
oral, loving a hard cock in her mouth, she was certain the
soft taste of hot wet cunt against her mouth would be just as
good, as exciting, as sucking a cock. Especially a little one
with out hair.
She thought of what her son had told her, what he and
Johnny did with Julie. It sent steamy ripples through her
cunt as she tried to visualize them together. It seemed
strange that she didn't really want to be involved with her
b*****r anymore. Yet she did want involvement with her son,
Derick, and Julie, and Johnny. Was it their youth? She
didn't know, nor care.
Derick had gone off with Julie and Johnny. She had not
wanted him to go, but there was no way she could stop him. He
had to enjoy his cousins, his closest friends. But she didn't
care to think that he was doing things with Julie, now that
she had fucked him. And she wanted to be a part of it, too.
She bathed and changed her clothing twice, finally
selecting a short wrap-around skirt and a midi blouse that
barely covered her full tits. Mandy was more horny then ever
now. She crossed her legs, sitting there on the couch,
wishing Derick was home, because her cunt was hungry again.
As if in answer to her wish, the door opened and he came
in, wearing a pair of faded old jeans cut raggedly off at his
ass cheeks. Behind him, Johnny and Julie entered.
Mandy, usually pleased to have her niece and nephew
round, was disappointed that they had come home with Derick
this time.
Derick came to her, leaning over and kissing her cheek.
she looked up at his, wonderment in her moist, soft eyes. he
had never done that before.
He was bare-chested, with scuffed sneakers on his feet.
Johnny, too, was dressed in the same manner. Julie wore
shorts and a blouse, her cute little ass round and tight. Her
hair was pulled back into a ponytail, giving her exquisitely
sweet face a more youthful little girl look than ever; she
really looked about eight years old.
Julie sat on the couch next to her, hands folded in her
lap, shy as usual. Mandy felt the heat of her niece's thigh
against hers, and glanced at Julie. Julie was obviously
pressing her slender thigh against hers. But Julie didn't
look at her, but at Johnny and Derick. The two boys sat on
the floor, facing Mandy and Julie, legs crossed, elbows on
their knees and chins cupped in their hands looking at her.
"What's going on now?" Mandy asked, finding their
behavior puzzling.
"Nothing, Mom," her son answered.
"Something is," she insisted, feeling Julie's thigh press
a little harder against hers.
"Oh, I think I see," Mandy said softly.
She looked at her son's crotch, seeing the edge of his
jockey shorts there, and then at her nephew's crotch. And her
breath caught as she could see Johnny's cock and balls, naked
and exposed, sweet and hairless. Her eyes started to glaze as
she stared, and she felt the pressure increase on her thigh by
Mandy began to tremble, but there was a wet heat filling
her cunt, too. "You told them about us," she said simply, her
voice low.
Derick nodded. "I told you about them, too."
"Why, Derick?" Mandy asked. "It was supposed to be for
us, just you and I."
"Mom, you don't know Johnny and Julie," Derick giggled
Mandy wasn't sure she wanted to, either, despite her
earlier fantasies.
"They wanna see," Derick said.
"See what?"
"Us, Mom," Derick replied. They wanna watch us, you
know, do it."
"Derick! I will not!" Mandy snapped, jerking her thigh
from Julie's, which followed hers. I thing you two should
leave Derick and me alone. I have a few things to say to my
But Julie and Johnny remained where they were.
Derick, however stood up. He came to the edge of the
couch at his mother's side and placed his hands on her tits.
Mandy gasped, her own hands flying up to shove his hands away,
but instead, she found herself placing them on top of his,
pressing his hands into her tits, hard. Derick began to
fondle her tits through the midi and Mandy whimpered with
passion and helplessness. He lifted her blouse, exposing her
tits to Johnny and Julie.
"I told you guys my mom had pretty titties," Derick said.
"See for yourself!"
Mandy didn't look at her niece or nephew, feeling their
hot eyes on her revealed tits, her nipples stiff and tingling.
she didn't move to cover them and could only mewl softly as
her son fondled them, twisting and pulling at her nipples.
"It's okay, Mom," her son assured her. "They're not
gonna tell anyone."
"You guys wanna see her cunt?" she heard her son say.
"No, Derick!" Mandy rasped.
But her son ignored her plea. He was now pulling apart
her wrap-around skirt. Mandy was leaning back on the couch,
her tits exposed with hard nipples, her eyes still watching
her son's face. she was breathing heavily, her tits lifting
and falling. Derick parted her skirt, showing her skimpy
panties to Johnny and Julie, who were also breathing hard now.
When her son began to uncross her legs, Mandy resisted
briefly, but it was a weak effort. She felt him open her
knees, and didn't have the strength to close them. Her cunt
was burning with wet heat now, drenching the thin crotch of
her panties.
The way her son was exposing her to his cousins was
affecting Mandy, making her become almost immediately aroused.
Derick pulled the side of his shorts away, and his cock
pushed outward. "Suck me, Mom, " Derick said. "Show them you
like to suck my cock."
"Derick, Please...."Mandy protested. But as she opened
her mouth to speak, her son's cock slipped past her lips.
Mandy's eyes slitted as she felt and tasted the head of her
son's cock in her mouth. A low moan come from her. Her eyes
closing now with exhibitionistic rapture. She slipped her
hand into his shorts from behind and held his ass while he
began to fuck her mouth.
She didn't protest when a small, hot hand covered one of
her tits and began to feel. She moaned around her son's cock
as Julie twisted and pulled at her nipples.
Johnny had slipped closer, his head almost between
Mandy's knees, staring at her panties being stretched by her
thrusting fingers. Mandy felt her nephew's breath, hot and
searing, on her inner thigh. As she sucked wetly on her son's
cock, she pulled her hand out of her panties, and hooking a
finger at the wet crotch, yanked them to one side, revealing
the wet, pink, hairy cunt slit to her nephew's wide, burning
"Ooooh, nice," she heard her nephew gasp.
Julie was running her tongue over Mandy's nipple,
fondling her other tit, gazing at her b*****r's excited face
and her aunt's exposed cunt. Mandy, with a whimper of
passion, pulled her hand from her son's ass and pressed
Julie's face had onto her tit, feeling the wet little mouth
suck on her nipple eagerly.
"Stop!" "This is crazy" snapped Mandy now realizing what
she was doing. When she had pushed Julie off her tit, the
little girl had sprawled back on the couch, her thin legs
opening. Julie was now rubbing at her cunt through her tight
shorts, her little ass thrashing as she moaned and whimpered.
"My God!" she whispered as she watched her niece rubbing
almost brutally at her tightly clad immature cunt.
Johnny giggled. "Julie can't help herself, Aunt Mandy.
She can't keep her hands off her pussy. She's always playing
with it."
"My God!" Mandy said again. "I've never seen....I had no
idea Julie was this way."
"She gets wilder sometimes, Mom," Derick said. "Some
times she sticks things up her pussy to see how far it will go
into her."
Mandy didn't see how the little girl could become much
Julie swung her slim thighs wide, humping her tight
little ass up and down, smashing her cunt on her rubbing
fingers, sobbing in ecstasy. The crotch of her shorts worked,
pulling, stretching, flashed deliciously pink little pussy
lips now and then, smooth and hairless.
With a lurch of her young hips, Julie sobbed, coming
hard, her small body shaking.
"Does my b*****r know about this" Mandy asked in a thick
"They don't know anything, "Johnny said, gripping his
Mandy wondered what her b*****r would say if he knew his
daughter was such a hot little cunt, if he would fuck her, or
jack off onto her mouth as he had done when she was a young
girl that age. But her b*****r had changed over the years,
seldom seeing her - -as if he were ashamed of what they had
done with each other as little ones. What a shame, she
thought, to have such a hot little cunt for a daughter, and
not enjoy it.
Mandy looked back at her son. "You said they wanted to
see us do it, didn't your, Derick?"
He nodded his head.
Mandy looked at her nephew, then at Julie. "Is that
right? You want to see me and Derick do it......fuck?"
Both Julie and Johnny nodded vigorously, eyes glowing.
"Okay," she said. "You can watch".
She peeled her midi blouse over her head, bringing
appreciative gasps from her niece and nephew. Standing up she
opened her wraparound skirt, dropping it to the floor, then
skimming out of her fragile panties. She stood with her legs
apart, shoulders back, feeling very excited to be looked at by
those young, hungry eyes. She pulled at her son, pushing him
to the floor on his back. She stepped over him, facing his
feet, and squatted.
Julie and her b*****r moved closer to Derick's feet, hot
eyes big and watching. Mandy, squatting above her son's cock,
ran her hands down to her cunt, opening the juicy cuntlips
wide, her clit straining out in its full inch and half,
vibrant and hard. She rubbed her cunt over the head of her
son's cock, feeling his hands gripping her ass.
"Watch!" she breathed with excitement. "I'm going to sit
down on my son's cock...and take it in my cunt!"
Both Julie and Johnny gasped as they watched their aunt's
cunt stretch around Derick's prick. Slowly, Mandy sat down,
sliding her cunt to the base of Derick's hairless cock, where
she squirmed her ass. She lifted her son's balls and rubbed
them over her huge clit, then slowly began to bounce up and
down,. her knees spread wide, the full expanse of her cunt
exposed to their eyes as she rode her son's cock. Johnny and
Julie were making low gasping sounds as they watched.
Mandy saw Julie's small hand take her b*****r's cock
tightly, and stroke it. Seeing the youngster's little hand
jacking Johnny's cock thrilled her.
"Jack his cock, Julie!" she cried out. "Ohhh, yes honey,
jack your b*****r's hard cock!" "Isn't it exciting? Does it
make your little cunt wet and hot, Julie?"
"Oooh, yes Aunt Mandy!" Julie squealed, jerking her
b*****r's cock faster.
"That's sure something, huh, Julie?" said Johnny as
Derick shot off in his mother's pussy.
"Golly, it sure was! I'm going to make you come now,
Mandy suddenly giggled wickedly. "Is that all you ever do
for them, Julie? Jack them off?"
Julie nodded, crinkling her pretty nose as her eyes
flashed. "I like to jack them off and watch them come," she
said shaking her b*****r's hairless cock.
"Don't you want to feel it in you?"
"Some day," Julie replied. "But I'm very young yet."
Mandy watched her tight little fist pumping Johnny's cock
as she sat on her son's prick.
"You're never too young, honey," she whispered. "Not
with a hot little cunt like you have."
Julie pounded, making her b*****r's hairless balls swing.
"Now!" Johnny yelped, and he squirted his cum-load.
"Ahhhh, beautiful!" Mandy moaned.
"Julie lifted her cum-drenched fingers to her mouth and
licked her b*****r's jizz from them, her eyes rolling

Chapter Five

"Your not mad because I told Julie and Johnny, Mom?"
Derick asked.
Mandy gave her son a smile, caressing his cheek tenderly.
"No, not anymore," she said softly. "After what I saw them do,
I'm glad you did."
She and her young son were in her bed, sprawled nakedly
as they discussed Julie and Johnny, the excitement she had
felt letting her niece and nephew watch the fuck. The only
disappointment she had was that they had to leave for home
almost immediately afterward. She had wanted to look at them,
their bodies, touch them, maybe. Especially she wanted to
explore the details of her niece's hairless pussy she had only
"Are you sure Julie never sucked either of you off? She
sure licked her cum wet fingers."
"Never, Mom," Derick said. "I guess she was just hot,
"I bet Julie has a sweet little cunt,: Mandy said,
lifting her mouth off Derick's cock. "Is it pretty? Does she
have a pretty little cunt, Derick?"
"It's like your pussy, Mom, only no hair," he replied.
"And she has a tiny clit, not like yours." " You can hardly
see it sometimes." "Yeah, I guess you could say she has a
pretty cunt." "She'll show it to you if you want her to."
"She doesn't wear panties very often so she can play with her
pussy without anyone noticing her taking them off."
""Mmmmm! Mandy purred, nuzzling his cock at her cheek.
"You'd like to fuck it, wouldn't you?"
"I would now," Derick giggled.
"Well...maybe..." Mandy whispered.."maybe you'll be able
to soon."

Chapter Six

The beach was not crowded since it was in the middle of
the week.
Mandy lay on her huge beach towel, as she had the day her
son rubbed the oil onto her body and accidentally - was it
accidental?--touched her cunt. She parted her long legs to
catch the soothing rays on the narrow crotch of her bikini.
Mandy looked a Julie, who sat down on the sand near her.
"Julie, why haven't you let the boys fuck you?" Mandy
"I'm too young," Julie said.
"You're never too young, honey. Even six and seven year
old little girls can fuck if they want too. Some of my
younger friends did when I was your age. I know the boys want
to fuck you, and from what I saw, you want it, too."
"You're right, Aunt Mandy. I do want to fuck," Julie
said. "Johnny's the one that says I'm too young. He said a
girl is supposed to have hair on her pussy before she fucks,
and I don't have any yet."
"Your b*****r doesn't know what he's talking about."
Mandy gazed longingly at the youngster's slender thighs,
the skimpy bikini. Julie wore a halter, but it was not
necessary as her chest was as flat at Derick's.
Mandy pushed her hand out and stroked Julie's knee. She
couldn't resist caressing the inner thigh flesh, feeling how
satiny it was. she was becoming aroused by her cute little
niece, and didn't care if anyone saw her caressing that
creamy, kissable thigh.
"Do you wanna feel me up, Aunt Mandy?" Julie asked,
excitement in her voice.
"I'd love to feel you up, honey," Mandy said, her voice
Julie scooted along the blanket, toward her aunt's hand.
Mandy ran her palm along the girl's inner thigh, her fingers
touching the crotch of the bikini bottom. Julie leaned back on
her hands, lifting her ass slightly, her young eyes looking
dreamy as she spread her legs, giving Mandy access to touch.
Mandy ran her fingertips up and down the bikini crotch,
feeling the slit of her niece's cunt through the thin cloth.
"Feel inside my bikini, Aunt Mandy." Julie giggled
Mandy took a quick glance around, seeing no one paying
any attention to them. she slipped a finger into Julie's
bikini and pushed the crotch to one side. she stared at the
k**'s sweet, hairless, baby smooth cunt, licking her lips. She
ran her finger tip up and down the exposed slit of Julie's
cunt, then very gently inserted it, finding the girl's little
cunt to be as tiny as it looked. And it was very hot. She
felt Julie's cunt grab at her finger as she heard the soft
moan of pleasure.
She fucked her finger in and out of the youngster's
sugary baby cunt, fucking it slowly as Julie twisted her ass.
Pulling her finger out of the girl's tight pussy, she rubbed
and agitated her small clit.
"Will you make me come, Aunt Mandy?" Julie asked in a low
pleading little girl's voice. "Please make me come".
Mandy's own cunt was on fire as she fondled Julie's juicy
little baby pussy. The little cunt slit was soft and hot,
very tight. She probed into Julie's pussy, watching those
sweet plump cunt lips part.
The sounds of people on the beach were all around them,
but neither Mandy nor her niece cared. Mandy was working her
hips on her beach towel, watching her finger fucking in and
out of Julie's bare, hairless cunt.
"Oooooh, it's good, Aunt Mandy! You do it better than
Johnny and Derick! I bet you can make me come better, too
because you have a pussy like mine and you know what girls
"I can try," Mandy whispered, plunging her finger a
little faster, and deeper with each stroke.
"Let me taste it, Aunt Mandy," Julie said, her small
voice husky with emotion. "I wanna taste your finger."
Mandy pulled her drenched finger from the little k**'s
pussy and held it up. Julie took her wrist and licked at the
slimy finger, taking it into her mouth, her tongue swirling.
"Mmmmm," Julie purred.
"You like it?" Mandy asked softly.
"I love it, Aunt Mandy," Julie said, pushing the hand
back to her crotch and sliding her aunt's finger into her cunt
slowly. "I love to taste my own pussy! I've been doing it
for years....with my fingers...and with lots of things in my
pussy and then I lick them off. And I like to taste Sally's
pussy too, she my best friend and the same age as me. But I
like mine best!"
Mandy rammed her finger into the tightness as far as she
could go, breathing hard with excitement. There was a low
squishy sound as she finger-fucked her little niece. Julie was
gasping hotly, twisting her ass swiftly.
What she was doing, feeling, seeing, overwhelmed Mandy.
She didn't care where she was, who could see. she suddenly
pulled her finger out of her niece's hairless cunt.
"Scoot closer to my face, baby! I want to taste your
sweet cunt!"
With hot squeals, Julie scooted forward and Mandy shoved
her face into the steamy wetness of her niece's baby cunt,
licking madly. The soft heat on her mouth made her cunt
dribble inside the bottoms of he bikini. She swirled her
tongue swiftly about the little girl's cunt slit, the sucked
at her small clit making Julie cry out in delight. She thrust
her tongue past the creamy, succulent bare pussy lips and into
Julie's inner-cunt, stabbing in and out.
"Ooooh, it's gonna happen!" Julie gasped.
Her small hand jerked up to cover her mouth, holding back a
soft scream as her cunt convulsed against Mandy's sucking
mouth and darting tongue. Feeling her niece coming, Mandy
jammed her tongue as deep as she could, her chin against her
pussy lips, probing for her baby cervix. She felt the k**'s
sugary pussy grip her tongue with orgasm, and her own pussy
experienced a small, but delicious orgasm, too.
"Ooooohhhh, that was good! Julie breathed as she settled
her little ass to the blanket.
Mandy adjusted the crotch of Julie's bikini, licking her
lips.. The taste of that young cunt was better than she had
thought it would be. The warm wetness on her mouth was very
exciting. She knew she wanted to suck her niece's baby cunt
again, often, and soon. And she was having some exciting
fantasies as to other thing she could do with the little
girl's pussy.
The boys came back to the blanket. A low giggle came
from Julie has she removed her arm from her face. "Aunt Mandy
licked my pussy," she said.
"Right here?" Johnny asked. "Anyone could have watched."
"Ooooh, that would have been exciting," Mandy purred.
"You know I love to be watched doing wicked things.."
"Johnny, want to kiss my pussy?" asked Julie.
"Right here?" Johnny asked, flushing a little.
Julie giggled, "Aunt Mandy licked my cunt right here."
Before Johnny could react, Mandy pulled his head forward,
jerking his face down, pressed against Julie's cunt.
"Kiss it for her," Mandy giggled. "Kiss Julie's cunt and
we'll let you up.
Johnny didn't have any choice. He kissed his s****r's
bare, hairless cunt as Julie pulled the bikini aside.
"I don't think he likes the taste of my pussy", she said.
"I do, too! her b*****r said as he wiped his lips. "I do
too like the taste!"
"Then why haven't you tasted mine sooner"
"You're too fucking young, Julie, I've told you that."
And you don't have any hair on your thing yet."
"I am not too young!" Julie retorted. "Aunt Mandy says
that she knew girls that played around and fucked when they
were only seven years old."
"Well, you're only ten!" said Johnny.
"Stop bickering," Mandy said.
Julie and her b*****r fell silent, but pouted at each
"I think you're both right," Mandy said. "I'm sure you
like to lick pussy, Johnny, and I'm sure Julie is plenty old
enough to get fucked."
Derick looked at his cousin with a gleam in his eye, and
Julie giggled as she sat up straight, trying to thrust her
nonexistent titties outward. Mandy shivered with the thought
of watching a hard cock fuck into her little niece's sugary
little hairless pussy.
"Anybody ready to go home?" she whispered throatily,
drawing her hands away from Julie's bottom.
There was giggling as they collected the towels and ice
chest, and Mandy led them across the sand to the parking lot.
Julie and Johnny climbed in the back, with Derick getting
in the front seat with his mother. Immediately, Julie had her
b*****r's cock out of his shorts and was stroking it with soft
squeals of pleasure. Mandy did the same thing to Derick.
Pulling into the driveway, Mandy couldn't resist leaning down
and swiping her wet tongue across her son's cock before they
got out. Holding the door for her niece and nephew, she was
delighted to see Julie had removed her bikini bottoms, and her
pretty bare little baby pussy flashed as she stepped out of
the car. With a dash, Julie was in the house, but not before
giving them all a show. Mandy trembled with eagerness as she
followed her son and Johnny inside.
Julie yanked the trunks off both boys, going to her knees
and gripping their cocks in tight fists, making the cock heads
bulge out. Mandy watched, removing her bikini. The k**s
watched her tits spillout, then the triangle of soft cunt hair
as she stepped from the bikini bottoms. Both boys were
thrusting their hips forward to Julie's eagerly pumping
little fists.
Mandy leaned forward and ran her tongue over both boy's
cocks as she rubbed at her swollen long clit. Dropping her
hands, Mandy released the tie of Julie's small halter, pulling
it from her. The little girl's tiny nipples were stiff and
pink, and Mandy lowered her mouth to one, sucking and licking
it when Julie started jacking the boys' pricks again. Running
her hand between her niece's hot little thighs, she felt of
her fiery fuck-slit, working a finger into it. Julie squealed
and spread her knees on the floor, pushing her cunt to Mandy's
hand as hard as she could. Mandy could feel the bump of her
little cervix and knew the little girl couldn't take any more
finger. She's going to have to be stretched before she can
fuck an adult cock all the way. Maybe, Mandy thought, she
could do it with some of the artificial cock toys she had.
Ummm, that made her squiggle inside just thinking about doing
that to Julie's baby pussy. Fucking her finger in and out of
Julie's succulent, tight little hole caused Julie to squeal,
her eyes glassy, hips moving in time with her aunt's finger
"Ohhhh, Aunt Mandy!" she cried out. "You're gonna make
me come if you keep doing that to me!"
"Then come, baby!" Mandy urged. "You'll come over and
Whimpering as passion seared her sweet little body, Julie
closed her lips over Derick's cock, her fist jerking wildly.
Mandy drew in a hiss of air as she watched, her finger darting
deep and fast
"Oooooh, come, Julie!" Mandy hissed, stabbing her finger
hard into the girl's deliciously tight little cunt. "Shake
you pretty little ass, baby!"
"Ohhhh, now Aunt Mandy!" she cried out , shudders going
through her.
Cum gushed of both cocks at the same time, splattering
over her cheeks, lips and nose, her chin.
Julie sobbed in mindless ecstasy as her aunt's finger
kept fucking in her contracting cunt. Pulling her finger out
of Julie's cunt, she grabbed her niece by the back of her
head, and began licking up the cum from her cute face, then
licking Julie's lips.
Julie, still shaking from her orgasm, grabbed her aunt's
naked ass, and fell backward. Mandy fell atop her niece, and
their legs spread wide.
Derrick and Johnny looked down at them, seeing Mandy's
juicy, hairy cunt just above the young girls smooth, pink
hairless cunt, and the boys grinned at each other. With a
quick plunge Mandy's long clit entered Julie's baby cunt.
"Ooooohh God!" "I've always wanted to do this!"
"Uuuuuhh, in and out, I can feel it actually going into your
tight hole as if I had a cock", Mandy murmured in Julie's ear.
Stroking in and out, up and down the slit and across
Julie's tiny clit. Clit against clit, pushing and rubbing,
hairy mons scrapping against bare mons, Mandy was loosing
control. She had never felt something like this! Her baby
boy penis sized clit actually was going up Julie's cunt.
"Ohhh!" "I can feel you in me" Julie sobbed, "I'm being
fucked!" "And by my aunt, too!" "Ohhh, I'm coming again!"
Julie shuddered to another orgasm, her first from being
fucked. Mandy screamed in delight, falling off the little girl
as she came at the same time, falling in a daze.

Chapter Seven

"That wasn't the way it was going to be," Mandy laughed
as she sat in the middle of the floor, legs open "I guess we
got carried away."
Julie was still lying on her back, her eyes bright with
pleasure. Derick and Johnny had sat on the couch, looking at
"It was fun," Julie purred, running her small hands up
and down her body, scissoring her slim legs, her lovely little
baby cunt flashing. "I really love fucking, Aunt Mandy."
Julie slipped her hand between Mandy's slender thighs,
fingering the still wet slit of her aunt's cunt Seeing this
caused Derick and Johnny to become aroused again. Mandy
parted her legs wide as she lay on her back on the floor.
Julie slipped a finger up her juicy pussy.
"You do have a long clit, Aunt Mandy" said Julie. "It
felt just like a finger up my pussy."
"That feels good what you're doing, too Julie", said
Mandy. "But I have a bigger pussy than you. Try pushing three
fingers up me. Uhhhh, that's the way!" "Now try making a
small fist with your hand and try to push it in." "That's the
way, a little harder.....uhhhh, there it goes in." The k**s
watched wide eyed as Julie's small hand went into Mandy's
cunt. Only her wrist showed.
" Oh God that feels so good! I feel so full! Julie, now
open your fist like you're pointing at take
your little finger and keep pushing in to the end. That's it!
Feel the hole in the end? That's my cervix. Now push your
finger in and out of it while you rub my clit. Ohhhh, God,
YES!" "I'm coming again", shouted Mandy as her body heaved
about, racking shudders through her stomach coming from her
After the spasms stopped, July slowly removed her hand.
The k**s were incredulous with what they just saw. Julie had
actually put her whole hand and most of her forearm up Aunt
Mandy's pussy. The boys wondered if they could do that to
Julie, too.
"Wow!" said Mandy after she regained her senses again.
"I've got to rest up for awhile." "Anyway, now I can see that
Julie wants to get fucked, but with cocks this time." "And I
agree with her that it's time she did. The only question now
is, which of you two is going to fuck her first?"
Julie answered: "Derick!"
"Hey, what's wrong with me being first?" her b*****r
"You've been mean to me saying I was too little and that
I had to wait, Julie said, poking her tongue out at his, "So
Derick is first."
Mandy pulled from Julie, and her niece didn't resist when
she turned her over onto her stomach, then lifted her cute
tight ass in the air, spreading her knees at the same time.
Julie rested her head and shoulders on the floor, giggling
wantonly, with her naked ass in the air. Bending down, Mandy
dragged her tongue up the hot slit of Julie's cunt, then
probed at the tiny pucker of her pink asshole.
"Ooooh, Aunt Mandy!" Julie squealed, twisting her ass,
pushing it into her aunt's face. "That's my asshole, not my
"Mmmmm, and a sweet little asshole it is, too," Mandy
purred as she licked a hot, wet circle about the crinkle.
"Mom, let me lick her!" Derick gasped.
Mandy moved and watched her son lick into the split of
Julie's ass. Lowering his tongue, he lapped at his little
cousin's cunt, tasting the delicious sweetness of it. His
cock jerked and throbbed, and his mother grasped it, stroking
his prick while he lapped at Julie's cunt and asshole.
"Put it in her, Derick," Mandy moaned, trying to pull his
cock upward. "Put your cock in her hot little cunt! Fuck her
now, Derick! I want to see your cock up her pussy!"
Mandy rubbed Derick's hard prick up and down the girl's
pussy slit. Julie gasped and held still, unable to keep a
slight tremor out of her uplifted ass.
Derick shoved the swollen head of his cock into his
cousin's cunt. Her pink pussy slit stretched about his prick,
bringing a moan from Julie.
"Oooooh, yes Derick" came the little girl's hot squeal.
"I want more!"
Derick eased his cock inward and upward as Julie's cunt
spread very tightly about his cock. The little k**'s tight
pussy lips pulled on his prick, sucking it, then sank inward
as he pushed forward.
"Oooooh, I love it!!!" Julie gurgled.
"Nice, Derick?" Mandy asked in a low whisper.
"Tight Mom!" he grunted.
"God, sometimes I wish I had a real cock instead of my
pussy and long clit!. I'd love to feel that hot tight cunt on
my cock!"
Julie was crying out her ecstasy, shaking her ass. The
feel of the hardness inside her pussy was fantastic, filling
her in a way she had never dreamed of. It was better than a
finger, even better than her aunt's clit.
"Are you going to come Derick?" asked Mandy.
"I can't wait!, he shouted.
"Take it Julie!" Mandy hissed. "He's going to come in
your cunt!"
"Aaaaaaahhhh!!!", both Julie and Derick came at the same
As everyone relaxed, and Mandy watched the cum seep out
of Julie's cunt slit. Leaning down, Mandy began lapping it out
of the contracting hole. Finally they all tumbled apart,
sprawling across the floor. The only sound for a long time
was heavy breathing....

Mandy, as she lay there, wondered what was going to
happen next. Maybe she could stretch Julie's cunt with her
toys; Johnny had to fuck Julie; maybe she could get her
b*****r and s****r-in-law to join it the fun and play with the
little k**s, and her; maybe she would get Julie to bring her
best friend, Sally, over to visit for fun and games. God to
get two little girls to play with!! And it would be fun to
watch them play with each other's little hairless pussy, too.
This is going to be a fun summer!!

The End

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