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Neighbor, I see you... Nude!

I am as lucky as any man can be, because each time I move my new neighbor is as hot as the last. I moved in next to a smoking hot redheaded mother of two, three years ago. She was as stuck-up as I would expect any mid-thirties divorced mother to be. To be exact she was a bitch by every means of the word. Bitch or not she was still hot as hell and of course, all I could think about was sticking my dick in her.

Quickly I realized that fucking her was out of the question so I resorted to spying on her. I thought of every idea in my sick, twisted, demented, voyeuristic mind could think. Each of those times after careful consideration none of the plans I imagined could have worked. After almost two years of my mind pondering her nude body as she showers or lies in her bed masturbating I couldn't handle it anymore, something had to happen.

One night around nine I had to take something to the shed and walked right past her living room window to get there. The kitchen light was on and there she stood completely nude drinking from a cup. It stopped me dead in my tracks. My heart started pounding and I quickly looked around to see if anyone noticed that I was looking in her window. She just stood there stark naked. Her slightly curled red hair flowed down past her shoulders. Her breasts where a firm and perky B cup with the darkest nipples I have ever seen on a white girl. They were also as hard as my penis had just become. Her perfectly worked and ripped abs lead right to her waxed bald pussy. We both stood there for three minutes not doing anything, until she walked back the hallway and out of sight.

For the next four months every morning, she would walk out into her kitchen completely nude for me to see. One day she looked up and we locked eyes. I know she saw me and she knows I saw her. She stood there for a second and then turned her back toward me and bent over showing me her pussy from behind. I wanted to take her right there, right like that. She left my sight and I knew she must have known the entire time that I was watching her, and she had to enjoy it just as much as I did.

Later that week I confronted her outside the apartment. I told her that I wanted to fuck her. She smiled, she was such a bitch but I loved it, and said "But your married and I am engaged, we can't, but I do like being watched". A devilish smile smeared across her face and my heart started racing. She walked past me and grabbed my crotch squeezing my throbbing cock as it pushed against my jeans. "You just wait", she whispered as she released my cock. It was perfect. Now we both knew and it was even better.

Later that month I found out that she was pregnant. Her early morning shows continued and got even better the more she argued with her fiancé. One morning I was up earlier than usual, around 5 AM, doing schoolwork. I heard some commotion in the hallway and looked out my peephole and it was her in a pink bathrobe doing laundry. I wrapped a blanket around me and opened the door. She didn't seem startled by my presence because she was too upset. She had just got into another fight with her fiancé moments earlier.

"Hey what are you doing out her this early", she asked as she placed clothing into the washer with her anger behind it.

I bent down to my toolbox shuffling through the tools, "Just looking for a tool to fix something, you know how it is, always have to be doing something".

She smiled and bent down to grab some laundry as her leg and thigh popped out of her rob. I knew she was not wearing anything underneath.

"So, how is the baby coming along"? I asked not caring about the baby at all.

She smiled again, "Six months… see".

She pushed her stomach out a little to show the bump. I was immediately turned on. I wanted to rip my blanket of and expose my cock to her right there.

"Oh yeah, wow you coming along good. Can I touch you stomach?" My heart was pounding and I am sure she could see my chest moving.

"Sure, but hold on let me get some clothing on first." She started to turn.

"Wait you are naked under there" I pointed to her robe.

"Of course." She smiled as she grabbed the robe pulling it across itself.

"Come on, we are both adults here. I am sure a bit of nudity is something we can handle." I though that her timid act was odd seems how she knew that I have been watching her nude through her window for months now, but I went with it.

"I don't know." She resisted me.

"Come here." I reached for her and she slowly moved toward me. Within my reach I moved her hands away from her chest and untied her rob. It quickly parted in the middle as her pregnant belly pushed the material away exposing her body. I took my hand away from the blanket I was holding over me, which was now loosely tucked in place. Her skin was buttery soft under my hand. I started at the top of stomach and worked my way slowly over to of the bump and toward her pussy. Reaching the top of her pelvis, she quickly grabbed my hand. Sure, she was going to stop me I froze looking into her dark green eyes.

The blanket fell to the ground. She took my hand and placed it on her pussy then grabbed my dick and stared stroking it. I slid my fingers into her soaking wet pussy. She throws her head back as I leaned forward placing my lips on her neck. She throw her head forward breathing heavy as I kissed her neck and worked my fingers inside her pregnant pussy. Her erect nipples rubbed against my chest.

Pulling my fingers out I grabbed her by the ass and pushed her into her apartment and down on the couch inside the door.

"Are you going to fuck me with that huge prick of yours", she asked as she pulled her legs up as far as they could go. I got down on my knees and licked her dripping pussy. She wanted to scream but bit her lip to keep from waking up her k**s. Standing up I grabbed my cock and plowed it into her pussy. Her pussy was as tight, tighter than I would have expected from a pregnant woman. She huffed and moaned as I drove my cock in and out of her. I leaned into her and she started biting my ear as she whispers how much of a dirty whore she was to me. I loved every second of it.

Her cum flowed out of her and down my balls as I pounded her harder. My dick throbbed. I pulled it out covered in her cum and she quickly grabbed it and stuck it in her mouth. She sucked the tip of my dick allowing every drop of cum to slide down her throat. I pulled my dick out her mouth as she swallowed and licked her lips.

"Hey" she said as I started to walk away. I turned back and looked at her nude body on the couch. "Next time you want to jerk off in my panties just think this moment and leave me a big load".

She smiled as the shock that she knew I was sniffing and jerking off in panties ran across my face.

"Why do you think they are always so dirty?" She smiled as I stood there. "That was for you, just like standing nude in front of the window."

I shook my head, "You are a dirty fucking whore."

"And you love every bit of it", she stood up. "Now go home before your missed."

I grabbed the towel and walked back into my apartment. Even though she still walked around in front of the window nude and left me dirty panties to jerk off into we never fucked again but whenever we saw each other she smiled and winked and I knew she was just as nasty of a freak as I expect redheads to be.

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