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Summer with Ann

This is fiction but, it was inspired by real events.

Jack was between jobs and spent the summer of 1992 with his Dad in his house on a lake in upstate New York. His n**ce Ann was living with her Gr****d for a year to get away from her batshit crazy mother. Ann was fif***n with beautiful eyes, brown hair, sweet lips, and strong shapely legs. Jack hadn’t lived there in fifteen years and all his friends had left town so he and Ann spent the most days hanging out on the shore in hammocks, sipping ice tea, swimming, and boating. Ann loved to lounge in the bow of their small sailboat sunning herself, feeling the breeze drift over her body with the gentle sound of the sail and waves in her ears, and best of all having her favorite U**le acting as her personal Skipper taking her all over the big lake.

Jack loved to be her skipper; Ann was a lovely young lady and he was proud to be her U**le. She was very pretty and had a great sense of humor. As they sailed about the lake or after one of the daily swims in the warm lake it was hard for Jack to not stare at Ann’s body; feet, legs, tummy, shoulders, arms, and sweet face with the kind eyes. Even harder not to stare at her small but perky breasts especially when the breeze brought her nipples to twin peaks. Jack wondered if they were pink or brown and he wanted to find out.

One morning they were out on the float and the warm sun was encouraging them to linger before returning to shore for lunch. Jack was letting his eyes drift over Ann’s body especially her hips and the flowered bikini bottoms she wore. Ann was lying flat out with her arms crossed behind her head with eyes closed, her long shiny hair flowing over her arms and around her head. She loved working on her tan and since she had such a fair complexion it was hard to build up a really dark tan without burning. Her long legs were slightly parted and Jack had positioned himself near her feet facing her pretending to look out over the water.

Instead Jack was mentally stroking Ann’s body, kissing her stomach, tracing the outlines of her bikini, breathing in the intoxicating fragrance of her sweet peach of a pussy. The slight outline of her vulva was delicately punctuated by the cleft marking the division between her soft lips. Jack could even see quite a few pubic hairs escaping the bikini and wished he could reach down and touch them. Not that he thought it was wrong to lust after his n**ce he just didn’t know how to express himself without scaring or disgusting her. He was 36, had some grey hair and a bit of a belly and he doubted he was what she thought of when lying in bed dreaming of her knight in shining armor.

“U**le Jack” she said snapping him back to the present; “Will you put some lotion on my legs?” ‘Hell yes!’ he thought to himself and reached for the tanning lotion. Jack shifted himself so that he was sitting where he could reach Ann from her thighs to her toes. As Jack squeezed lotion onto his hands Ann said “Not too much, please. But, rub it well in.” “Sure, sweetie. Tell me if I’m pressing too hard.” With that Jack began gently spreading the lotion over her nearest thigh and then he started to massage her leg more firmly from the knee upwards to the edge of her bikini bottom. Jack worked the lotion into her warm skin with a combination of pressure from his thumbs and the broad area of his palms. Ann responded with soft sighs and Jack enjoyed the feel of her body and the pleasure he was giving her.

Jack finished Ann’s right leg and then started on the left. To make it easier to give Ann a strong massage, Jack shifted to his knees by her feet and started upwards now straddling her lower legs then knees as he worked his way over her thighs and finally concentrating on her upper thighs. With a hand on the outside of both thighs Jack worked the lotion into her tan skin. Jacks thumbs strayed very close to those errant pubic hairs he had seen earlier but kept himself just this side of going too far.

Ann exhaled strongly “Oooooh U**le Jack that is very nice. Would you do my stomach now? Jack couldn’t imagine saying no. Ann still had her eyes closed and Jack was glad she couldn’t see his swimming trunks and the long bulge of his penis. When he finished very gently rubbing Ann’s belly, shoulders and arms, it was time to go in and before Ann could see his stiffy Jack jumped into the water saying “Race you back to shore” Ann complained “That’s not fair! but, jumped in after him. By the time they got to shore Jack’s dick had returned to normal and for that he was grateful.

Later that night they were watching TV together on the couch after his Dad had gone to bed. They were sitting close together and he had an arm around her shoulders. Ann had rested her head on him and casually let one hand rest on his thigh. Suddenly, she turned to him and said “I’m really glad you’re in my life. You’re such a good friend.” This surprised Jack as his f****y was not much for this kind of sentiment but, he told her “I am too. You know I love you very much.” “Me too.” She said and returned her head to his shoulder.

Jack gave her a squeeze and she nestled closer against him by pulling on his leg. Then she started to idly run her fingers over the hair on his leg. He thought she couldn’t know the effect she was having but, Jack was so horny for his n**ce that this little stimulation brought his cock up and the wanting urge and ache in his balls drove all other thoughts from his mind.

He wanted to move her hand to his crotch so she could feel what she was doing to him but, what would she do? He wanted to run his hands all over her breasts but that would be a serious mistake. Wouldn’t it? After all, he rubbed tanning lotion over nearly every part of her body this morning and she enjoyed that. She might yield to the sex lust he knew was in her; that she would enjoy the intimate caresses her U**le would shower on her that his hands on her warm body would bring her as much joy as they would him.

Just then, the noise of his father snoring in the bedroom just off the living room brought him back to reality and he said “I think we’d better go to bed now don’t you?” “So soon?” said Ann with a perceptible tone of disappointment. Off went the TV and they to their separate bedrooms. Visions of Ann filled Jacks head and before he went to sl**p. He stroked his hard cock up and down pulling on the shaft squeezing it till the purple head swelled to twice its’ normal erect size and as he came he imagined he was filling her sweet pussy saying “Ann, I’m cumming!!” a bit too loudly he realized afterword. Only one thin wall separated their bedrooms.

Upstate New York in August can be very hot and humid so Jack set up a two person tent out on the shore for himself. It would be cooler there and since it was quite a ways from the house and neighbors it was very private. He could fantasize about his n**ce and stroke his cock not worrying that someone might hear. After a very hot day Jack and Ann were sitting by the shore watching the lake and as the sun set the lightning bugs came out providing a beautiful light show. Unfortunately, the mosquitoes also came out as well.

Rather than going back to the house, Jack, with heart in his throat, asked Ann if she wanted to go in the tent since it was still early and very hot in the house. He was flushed with the thrill of what might happen if he only dared to try. “I’d like that. It’s so nice here by the water” said Ann. Jack unzipped the opening of the small tent and let Ann enter first. As she went down on hands and knees to enter the tent he imagined kneeling behind her and how his cock and balls would feel as they pushed against her smooth thighs and ass. The thrill of the possible things to come made him light-headed and with his heart racing he followed her into the tent.

At first, they rested quietly on the sl**ping bags feeling the cool air come in off the lake. Then Jack dared more than he ever had and said to Ann “It’s still very muggy; do you mind if I take these off?” Without waiting for an answer he slipped off his shorts and tee shirt. That fast and he was completely naked heart beating hard in his chest. What next? The tent was dark and Ann reached over to him and touched his chest “U**le Jack, are you naked?” “Yes, it feels much better. You should try it.” said Jack trying to sound as nonchalant as possible. (After all every U**le hangs out in a dark tent naked with his fif***n old n**ce.)

“Well?…” said Ann “..would you undo my sneakers?” Jack sat up and started to unlace Ann’s shoes. As he did he heard her squirming to take off her tee shirt without sitting up. Turning back towards Ann, Jack gave her a hand and helped her up. As she pulled her arms over her head he helped her pull the shirt off and he could feel her body heat. Jack finished undoing the laces, removed her socks then gently tickled her feet which made her giggle.

He heard her unfastening her bra; tossing it aside she lay back on the pillow. “Take off my shorts, U**le Jack…please.” By now the bl**d was rushing through Jack’s veins and his face was hot but, it was his cock that seemed to be taking up most of the bl**d in his body. Jack had never felt a stiffer hard on and he knew this was going to be a night to remember the rest of his life. With trembling fingers, Jack started to unfasten Ann’s short shorts. He could feel the heat of her skin as he slowly undid the top button.

Then he pulled the zipper down loosening the top of her pants and as he tugged them down her thighs she lifted her hips to help. Setting the shorts aside Jack moved around so he was sitting in front of her with her legs spread on either side of him; his own legs straight out before him on either side of Ann. Slowly, his hands traced over her body from her thighs then waist past the sides of her breasts over her shoulders to her face which he gently cupped and said “I want to make love to you? Would you like that?” Ann nodded saying “Oh, yes! I’ve want you to.” and Jack knew his dreams were about to come true.

Ann’s breasts were firm and standing proudly on her chest; the nipples tightened as Jack’s hands stroked her breasts making broad circles around her nipples. His fingers teased each nipple gently tugged them; this made her draw a quick breath and he realized she had been holding her breath. He thought “She’s as excited as I am!” and he could feel the thumping of her heart just as easily as his own. Everything about Ann excited him to the breaking point. She covered his hands with hers and pressed them to her breasts saying “God! U**le Jack that feels so good. Feel me, feel me all over.”

Jack was very happy to oblige. He loved his n**ce and wanted to do everything he could think of to please her and he did have a very active imagination. The smell of her perfume came to him which confused him as Ann didn’t wear perfume often. Then he realized that was just Ann’s natural scent and that some of that wonderful smell was coming from between her legs so leaving her budding breasts he began caressing her torso and stomach lingering at her belly button for a moment drinking in the thrill of being in such an intimate situation with his n**ce; his fif***n year old n**ce.

“Jesus, what am I doing?” he said to himself. But, that thought didn’t last very long and he remembered what his own U**le Fred had told him “A stiff prick has no conscience!” Jack chuckled to himself and felt Ann’s tight stomach and traced the top edge of her panties with his fingers as he had done a thousand times in his imagination but, this was so much better. His fingers were so sensitive that he felt each ridge of the lace that trimmed the top of her panties. Her breathing was rapid and he knew she was enjoying herself even if she was too shy to speak of what he was doing to her.

He reached under her thighs to cup each buttock and lifted her hips at the same time leaning forward so he could breathe in her fragrance which was now even stronger and made his head swim. “May I?” Jack asked. Ann, in answer to the question, raised her hips a bit more and rubbed his face with her crotch and Jack pressed his face to her panties. The smooth fabric caressed Jack’s face and the heat of her vulva told him that Ann was every bit as excited as he was. Ann’s inner thigh was the softest thing Jack had ever felt much less kissed or pressed against his cheek. With his nose and lips Jack explored Ann’s crotch thrilling at the warmth, softness, and intimacy of their connection.

Through the thin fabric of her panties, Jack kissed and nuzzled Ann’s most private area for several minutes before letting her relax back on the sl**ping bag. As she did so, Jack edged closer to her so that his very hard cock was under her as she relaxed. This position brought Ann into an extremely intimate position with Jack and his excitement continued to mount. The pressure of her bottom on his member was wonderful; it fit snugly in the grove between her cheeks and he knew she could feel its’ heat as she pressed it between her cheeks. Ann ground her panty covered ass on his dick saying “Oh, I love that!”

He was breathing hard as he edged his fingers inside the waist band of her underpants and paused. Ann said “Oh, U**le Jack take off my panties. Put your mouth on my pussy!” With this she raised herself slightly and Jack started to pull the panties over her hips. When they were clear of her smooth bottom Ann brought her legs together and feet up to the top of the low tent. Her knees were in front of Jack’s face and he finished removing the tiny silky garment. Jack put her panties aside and took both of Ann’s legs in his hands and held them together as he stroked her firm calves and thighs and covered them with kisses.

After returning her legs to either side of him, Jack raised Ann’s hips to his face again and started to cover her pussy with little kisses. Ann hadn’t trimmed her bikini line and her young auburn bush was just as God intended it. Since she was still rather young, it wasn’t very dense or wide but, Jack knew it was the sweetest thing he had ever seen and kissed. Jack’s mouth continued to caress her thighs, bush and lower belly with kisses and nuzzles, and licks.

With one hand, Jack supported Ann’s elevated hips and with the other Jack touched and stroked Ann’s ass cheeks and the tiny orifice hidden between, the soft yet strong thighs, her lower belly with its’ fine tiny hairs, her soft fragrant pubic hair. Jack knew this was heaven; if life could always be this wonderful. Despite all this, he still hadn’t delved between her delicate inner pussy lips. He was saving that for the right moment and that moment had come at last.

When Ann put her hands behind his head and pulled his mouth right onto her pussy lips and said “Please U**le Jack right there!” did he part her inner lips with his nose then lips and tongue. Her sweet juices flowed freely and coated his face as he traced her pussy lips with his tongue. He even darted into her sweet little hole and savored the tang of it and the thrill of having her snatch on his mouth but, hadn’t touched her clit yet.

As he ate the most exquisite pussy of his life Jack could hear her cries and moans telling him of her mounting desire for his touch. As Ann thrust her hips up towards Jack’s mouth with more f***e he knew that now was the time to go for her clit with his lips. Jack’s lips delicately surrounded Ann’s little pussy bud and when he gently sucked her slightly into his mouth Ann whispered “Jesus that’s good! Don’t stop, don’t stop U**le Jack” and started bucking up to his mouth with real f***e.

Jack had no intention to stop; in fact, he would have been happy to lick and suck her pussy for the rest of time or until his jaw dropped off whichever came first. With his free hand Jack started to explore Ann’s secret tunnel. With two fingers Jack reached into Ann’s vagina and very gently stroked in and out. This made Ann moan louder and louder “Yes, yes, yes…”. Jack turned his hand palm upward and with his fingers swept the upper side of Ann’s vagina.

When he found her G-spot she drew a sharp breath gasping “U**le Jack, I’m, I’m, ...” Ann was cumming and Jack felt very happy that he had brought her to this peak of sexual joy. As Ann passed through her climax, Jack continued to gently nibble her little lips and crotch. Finally, Ann relaxed completely and her hips sank back onto the sl**ping bag. Jack leaned back on his hands and rested himself but, his cock was not resting even a little bit. His dick was every bit as stiff as it could possibly be and now it was sticking straight up with Ann’s very wet pussy right in front of him. He could feel the great heat coming of it and all he could think of was entering Ann and having her wrap her arms and legs around him as he rocked within her sweet pussy.

Ann reached between her legs and gently took Jack’s cock in her hands. She felt the tight skin around the stiff shaft then the mushroom-like head where she found a wealth of slippery pre-cum dribbling out of his dick. Jack shifted his position so he was on his knees between her legs which made it easier for Ann to reach him and with her cool fingers she fondled his balls with one hand and lightly traced her fingers from his pubic hair to the tip of his dick and back. Her hands were exciting Jack even more than eating her pussy had and he decided he could wait to slip into her cunt no longer.

All he could manage to say was “Now Ann I want to fuck your pussy now!” Rather than answer, Ann wrapped her legs around Jack’s back and pulled him down onto her chest then put her hands behind his head and drew his mouth to hers and let their tongues dance in each other’s mouth. Jack’s body was on sensory overload his tongue and lips on Ann’s mouth, he could feel her breasts pressed against his chest, the warmth of her belly pressed against his, but there was still more to come.

Jack could feel the tip of his cock brush Ann between her thighs and with one hand he wet the tip of his penis with some spit he put onto his finger tips and gently glided his hard cock up and down Ann’s hot little pussy lips until they parted and shared their wetness all over the head of his dick.

Jack supported himself on both arms and Ann took over control of his cock. Ann pressed the length of his dick against her pussy lips as Jack began pumping and sliding up and down against the outside of her pussy. This made Ann exclaim “That’s fantastic!...U**le Jack PLEASE fuck me now!” With this Ann pressed Jack’s cock head into her tiny opening and Jack began to firmly press into her. As Jack worked his cock into Ann’s tight pussy she gasped and Jack nearly passed out as the heat of her cunt made his cock feel like it was on fire.

Ann felt so good to Jack that for a moment he just soaked his cock deep in her pussy. He felt the tightness of his cock and every tiny bit of the length of his shaft within Ann’s cunt. He felt their pubic hair pressed together and the rest of their bodies right up to their mouths which were kissing with a fervor Jack had never known before. He knew that Ann want him every bit as much as he wanted her and Jack was going to give Ann everything he could.

Ann’s hard breathing was all the encouragement he needed and he raised himself onto his hands breaking contact with her mouth and started to pump his cock into Ann’s hot welcoming cunt for all he was worth. This was a joy he wanted to last forever and would have tried to do just that if Ann hadn’t lowered her legs and brought them together after getting Jack to straddle her with his dick still deep in her pussy. Jack had just started to stroke into Ann again when she tightened up her thighs and pussy then grabbed Jack’s ass and pulled him to her saying “Now Jack cum, cum in me, squirt now!”

This was too much to resist; Jack could imagine the sight of his hard shaft sliding between her thighs and rubbing against the little cap that covered her clit which was surmounted by her hairy pussy mound. Jack loved this position best of all and he knew he never lasted long when fucking in this position. Hearing her urging him to cum in her took him over the edge and his own orgasm swept through him and all he knew was the intense pleasure running from his balls up his spine and the searing hot semen that jetted out of him and into the warm dark tunnel Ann gave him to enjoy. As he came inside Ann’s sweet dark cunt, he could hear Ann saying “U**le Jack…I’m cumming again…don’t stop…don’t stop…fuck me…fuck me…KEEP FUCKING ME!!!!”

For a long time the shivers in his balls caused Jack to release a bit more cum into Ann and with her arms and legs wrapped around him Jack wanted to stay where he was forever. After many minutes, just as Jack’s penis was slipping out of Ann’s pussy she whispered “When can we do it again, U**le Jack?” Jack knew it was going to be a wonderful summer and he whispered to Ann “Let’s roll over and start right now!” Ann said “Oh, goody” and they began again.

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