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New Year’s Fuck From My Mother in Law

Carry on from New Year’s Kiss From My Mother in Law but still a story in its own rights

My wife and I are stopping at the in-laws for New Year; and I ended up fucking Jane, my mother in law last night in the hotel grounds while on our way home. Tradition is that everyone goes for a good three hour walk with the dogs on new years day but Jane told everyone last night that she sprained her ankle falling over on the grass coming home. I said I would stop behind just in case she needed a hand with dinner.
It was eleven when the wife woke me up on new year’s day, she was showered and dressed and ready to go out with her father and the dogs. I went in to the kitchen and there was no sign of Jane
“Will you take mom a coffee up when you go for your shower please?” the wife asked
“Yes no problem” I said
I watched as the car left the drive with the dogs and hurriedly made the coffee to take upstairs. I entered the master bedroom noticing Jane’s discarded clothes from last night on the floor and heard the shower going in the wet room. A quick look at her bra reviled that she was a 34dd.
“Jane I have your coffee” I shouted
“In here” she answered back
Jane was in all her glory, soaped from head to foot facing me; I didn’t get to see much of her in the dark last night but what a body she had with magnificent tits.
“Get them off and come here” she said referring to my loungewear
My cock was hard, sticking straight out as I walked over to Jane, there was going to be no awkwardness from last night as she kissed me long and hard. Our hands were over each others naked body’s straight away, mine were circling her soapy big tits as we kissed and her hand was wrapped around my cock. The warm water cascaded over us from the shower, washing the soap from her body and making it possible to suck on her hard pointed nipples.
Jane turned the water off grabbing a towel and started to dry us.
“Let’s go on to the bed”
Roughly dried she led me in to the bedroom and we fell on to the bed, I kissed her damp body from head to foot, paying special attention to her heaving bosom, she had such lovely soft wobbly tits while laid on her back.
Jane’s fanny was something special too, a large wild triangle of dark hair with her big chunky lips protruding from her forest, I could of suck on them all day if I wanted.
I needed to bury my cock deep in her love hole and knelt in front of her, her legs was raised and parted fully as I took hold of my cock, rubbing it up and down her fanny lips.
Her clit became visible as my cock end spread her lips apart, showing her soft pink insides. I flicked my cock end over and over her growing clit until she tensed with an orgasm.
Jane was coming as I pushed my cock in to her, pushing against her rippling muscles of her orgasm, deeper and deeper. Cock now inside her I climbed over her, managing to push that extra inch or so more in to her.
It started as a slow thrust back and forth while we looked in to each other’s eyes; I could feel her lips closing over my cock end before ramming it straight back in, this seemed to make her moan and pant uncontrollably while she knotted our legs together.
The passion was great between us, she wriggled around on the bed, her tits wobbling wildly as I kept pounding away
“Yeees, Yeeees fuck me,” she cried out
I came down over her, holding each shoulder with my hands and squashed her tits between us, riding her like some untamed horse. Our mouths locked together as we kissed and our tongue fighting madly.
Jane dug her fingers in to my back and tensed up as a mighty squirt, shot out from my cock, her second orgasm of the day. We lay welded together, cum pumping in to my mother in law by the bucket still kissing passionately while struggling to breath.
We were hot and sweaty when we relaxed our grip with each other and I climbed off her, her cum filled fanny leaking our love making juice out on to the bed.
Jane quickly nipped her legs together and ran in to the wet room with white creamy strings of cum hanging from her bush getting longer as she moved.
It felt very erotic soaping the mother in law’s body, playing with her tits and washing her bush, knowing next time I see her, I have see every inch of her naked. Jane dropped to her knees and took my cock in to her mouth, licking my cock of her love juice and massaging my balls, which made me hard again before giving it a good wash.
I was so turned on watching the water run off her tits all I could think about was fucking my mother in law one last time. She stood back up and we both moved in for a kissed, I felt her sliding one of her legs up around my waist and I took hold of it. This made her fanny wide open for penetration and as she moved it about looking for my cock end, it slipped in with ease.
I was back inside my mother in law again and could feel Jane digging in with her foot as I lifted her other leg up. Pushing her back against the wall she tightened her legs around my waist as we began too fuck. I had both hands under her bum lifting her up my shaft and dropping her back down on to it hard.
The water came between us splashing off her tits as they swung from side to side with each thrust. It was another fast and furious fuck as I took all her weight on my legs and her tongue felt like some snake in my mouth
She was nearing her orgasm as her panting became faster, then dug her feet in to my ass with f***e as she came. Her legs lock solid so I could not thrust anymore and had to endure her rippling fanny muscles along my shaft till it subsided. Breathing and panting hard, she loosened her grip with her legs. I let her slid down the wall till I was on my knees, pulled out from her cunt and spun her around. She knew what was coming and got on to all fours on the wet room floor.
It was easy to find my way back in to her, my cock throbbed and was ready to burst as I spread her wet swollen lips apart and she gasped as I pushed all the way in. The mother in law was in good rhythm pushing back and forth on to me, maybes it was the swing on her tits causing it, but it felt good. I reached forward taking one in to each hand, they felt so big and soft and her nipples poked through my fingers
“Yeeees squeeze them harder”
I just found out what Jane liked as her nipples rubbed between my fingers
“Yeees fuck me harder” she hollowed above the sound of the water
I fucked her like some dog in heat, ramming my cock deeper in to her till I came, it was not some mighty explosion this time with a flood of cum but it was good enough to feel my cock expand against her pulsating fanny walls. She had drained my balls four times in less than 12 hours and that was beginning to show.
Jane fell from my cock and hands and lay flat on the floor breathing fast and hard
“Fuck we better get dinner started,” She murmured after she semi recovered “Go and put the oven on will you”
Wrapping a towel around me, I ran to the kitchen, turned on the over and made it back to the bedroom to see Jane drying herself. She was in no way embarrassed to what we had just done but the opposite by greeting me with a long smouldering kiss. She dressed in the most sexiest lacy bra and panties with black tight leggings that made her fanny lips part and finished off with a long jumper type wool dress, the type you can stick your hands up with ease.
“I’ll go and put the meat in and start dinner”
When I came down dressed we were like two young lovers, kissing and fooling about, I think this outfit of hers was picked specially, just for this occasion. With the dinner now cooking and waiting for my wife and her father to come back, I could not resist dropping to my knees and lifting her dress up. Jane’s tits looked fabulous contained in her black lacy bra, but sucking on her nipples through the thin lacy material turned her on so much. I slid the side of my hand along the joining of her legs with my thumb pushing her leggings and kickers up her crack.
She held my head tight on to her nipple while dry humping my hand, it wasn’t long before her legs nipped together tight on my hand and I was pulled tight in to her chest.
Jane had just came in the nick of time as we heard the car pull up out side, quickly letting go of me she pulled her leggings and knickers from her fanny lips and let her dress fall back in to place.
We left that night to go home but not before Jane whispered in my ear, “I want you soon”
when we kissed goodbye, then stuffed something in to my pocket. It was her panties that she wore today, the ones that I made her come in.

The End

Happy 2013 to all you readers out there

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