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He caught me in his wife's cloths

I do odd job's and I was about to do one for my wife's best friend Tina and her Husband Phillip. I went over and looked at the job. I told her it would take several days and that I could do the work while her and her husband were at work. That way I wouldn't be in anyones way. Well the first day of the job I showed up just before Tina left for work. Pillip was already gone. We chatted a while the she left for work. Tina is really very hot and I have wanted to fuck her for a long time. Sense i knew that was not going to happen I thought I would do the next best thing. I went straight to her dresser and found he bras and panties. It turns out she likes wearing sexy things. She had lots of stuff. I couldn't resist trying soome on. I fould a sexy little teddy and some pink stockings I am very small and fit her things perfect. I went into the bathroom and did some make up. She had a page boy wig in the closet that looked good on me. I looked in her night stand and found her toy's she had a vibrator and an 8" dildo. I climbed up on the bed and pretended I was Tine being fucked by Phillip. I spred my legs and fucked myself with the dildo. I figured I better get to work or they would wonder why nothing got done. Day 2 went about the same. After Tina left I got dressed up and had fun with her toys before going to work. Day 3: I thought was going to be the same. I got all dressed up climbed on the bed with her toy's when I thougth I heard a door. I paused to listen when just then Phillip walked in the room. There I was on the bed in his wifes things and her dildo in my hand. My hart froze. He was going to kill me and my wife was going to leave me. I set quiet. ( what could I do ) He walked toward me and said "So you want to be Tina do you?" "We knew what you were up to." "Your wife told up you would probably do this." (hse has caught me dressing before) He set down beside me and said. "Move over sissy." He then picked up the remote and pointed it at the TV. "We set up a hidden camera over there." He pointed next to the TV. The TV came on and right there was me from the day before. I was getting dressed. He fast forwarded to the "good stuff" I was laying on the bed pounding myself with the dildo. I was moaning and and asking to be fucked harder. Then it happened. I had forgotten. I heard my self on the TV say. " Oh God Phillip fuck me" "Fuck me Phillip" I love haviing your cock inside me" Pound me with your big cock" I turned red as I heard myself say these things. He patted my leg as said. " So." " you want my big cock inside you." "Well you'll have to ask for it." Just then Tina walked in the room. "Oh, I see you already confronted the little slut." She was looking right into my eyes. " So yu want to be fucked by me husband huh?" "Well you sure are dressed for it." "Phillip just loves sexy slutty cloths." " I bet he's hard already." "Let's see honey." "are you hard yet?" He stood up and started to undo his pants. Tina looked at me and said. " You should be doing that slut." Get busy and undress my man." If your going to fuck him, your going to take care of him right." What else could I do but take his pants down. He wasn't wearing any underwear and as soon as I pulled his pants down, his cock sprung out as me. I gasped and Tina laughed. "I think she likes it honey." Phillip asked me."Do you like that, slut?" I could only shake my head as I reached out and held his perfect cock. "Well if you are going to suck it." You will have to ask my permission." I slowly stoked it. Not even caring about the possision I had gont my self into. All could think about now was that beutiful cock in front of me. " My I lease suck it Phillip?" "Suck what slut?" "Your cock Phillip" "May I suck your cock." "I want it so bad" Whee did that come from? I put his hand on the back of my head and pulled me toward his cock. I opened my mouth and lit it slid in. I closed my mouth on his cock and moaned mty appoval. I was in heaven as I slid his cock in and out of my mouth. That's when I heard Tina ( I had forgotten she was there ) She asked Phillip. "Honey, She wants to know if the slut is giving you a good blow job." He said "Oh yea." "This bitch knows how to suck cock." Who was she talking to? I opened my eyes and saw she was on the phone. who was it? Then she handed the phone to Phillip. "Hello." "Oh yes. If she is a good of a fuck as she is at sucking cock. I will be a happy man." "Oh she's good, maybe as good as you are." Wgo were they talking to? He handed the phone back to Tina, she said goodby and hung up the phone. She came over and got down next to my face. "Your wife say's you better do a good job fucking my man slut." My wife? were they really talking to my wife. and had she really sucked Phillip's cock. Not that I could get mad at her now. His cock was balls deep in my mouth right now. Hell I couldn't even blame her. He has a nice cock. Just then Tina says "Honey why don't you roll over and let us both suck you." He pulled away form me, pulled off his shirt and laid back on the bed. Tina joined us on the bed and we both went to sucking him. She would suck his cock while I licked and sucked his balls, then we would switch. She seemed to like feeding me his cock then taking a suck now and the. She said. " I want to atch him fuck you, but I want him to cum in your mouth." "You got that slut?" "Yes Tina" is all I said. "Get on that cock and ride it slut". I got up and slid down on Phillips cock. I slowly rode him. It was so fucking hot. I lost all control. I bounced up and down on his cock. sceamming his name as he fucked me. Then he lifted me off him and put me on my back. He pulled me to him with my thighs' "Looking down at me he said "move your panties for me." I pulled them aside as he pushed his cock inside me. Oh it was so good. I was reaching out for nothing but i couldn't stop reaching. I had my legs rapped around him trying to climb his back. He finnally pushed my knees to my shoulders and stared to pound me hard. I was screamming again. This time I was talking to Tina. she was beside me on the bed watching her husband fuck the shit out of me. I was screaming" He fucking me Tina" It's so fucking good" He's fucking me." "Oh Phillip fuck me" " Fuck that ass" "Fuck it like you own it" At that Tina laughed. She said. " He does honey, He does." " From now on, he owns it."

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