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And the Fat Lady sang…

In my early twenties, I worked as a stage-hand at the local theatre to make a bit of money to get me through university. Since I loved theatre and opera, this was a win-win situation for me as it allowed me to a make some money and watch most of the shows.

It was not a very big theatre, it did not have an orchestra pit and it only had about 500 seats, so there was a limit to the type of shows that could be brought in.

One night, the theatre put on an opera. There were tenors and baritones, basses and sopranos and of course some altos and in particular there was this alto, on whom I have had a secret crush for years and who I shall call M. Even though M had played many stages and was known worldwide, she was a hometown girl. In fact she was our neighbour and we practically grew up together, except that she probably never really noticed me since I was 5 years younger than her. My parents and her parents were friends and when she was old enough to babysit, she did look after me on occasion. I really liked her but at the time I was too young to have any sexual feelings. My infatuation started when I hit puberty. Unfortunately, at that time, the opportunities to see her were quite few and far between since she was then in her late teens and was at a well-known conservatory in a bigger city most of the time and I only saw her during the summer vacations. I had spend a lot of hours masturbating, thinking about her, her luscious body, her brown skin, burying my head between her opulent breasts, diving between her strong thighs with my tongue and my penis.

This evening was the first time I saw her again in about 3 years. I admired her, standing on stage, belting out aria after aria in her powerful voice. Her presence on stage was commanding; she owned it. She was even more beautiful than the last time I saw her. She was about the same height as I, but was much larger. She must have weighed at least 150 kg but she looked just gorgeous in her black evening dress and 5-cm high heeled pumps.

After the performance, the singers went to their hotel, except for M who stayed at a bed & breakfast who belonged to some other friends of her parents. She did not stay with her parents as, a few years earlier; they had both died in an automobile accident. As luck would have it, my parents who by then had moved to the West coast, were also friends of the owners of the B&B. In another streak of luck, the owners had to leave on vacation the afternoon M arrived and so they had asked me to look after the B&B and M. Of course I accepted immediately and since it was off-season, there were no other clients at the accommodation.

They had welcomed her earlier in the day and shown her the room were she would stay and get ready for her evening performance and given her the key to the place since I had to be at the theatre before her, and I would be there after she had left.

When I arrived at the B&B after finishing up at the theatre just shortly after midnight and found the lights on in the living room.

“Hello!” I shouted as I entered the premise.

“I’m in the living room” said a voice. “I made myself something to eat before retiring to bed”

“Brava” I said as I entered the living room.

And there she was, half-lying on the chesterfield, dressed in an old-pink negligee, mules of the same colour, fire-red polished toe-nails, chomping down on a peanut butter and banana sandwiche. On the living room table was a glass of Champagne and the bottle in an ice-bucket beside it.

“I always need a little snack after a performance and of course some Champagne” she said. “How else do you think I can keep this opulent figure, and the Champagne, well, luckily, this is just one of those perks I can treat myself with? Why don’t you join me, it is always more pleasant to eat in good company and if you get another glass I will even share my Champagne with you?”

“Thank you and I hope I can be good company” I replied, while secretly hoping that she would not just share the Champagne from the bottle with me.

I got another glass, sat down opposite her in another chesterfield and we started to talk about different thinks, catching up on old times, all the while sipping Champagne.

“I have sung in opera houses all over the world” she said “and every time I am in a new city, I like to explore its museums and galleries, its culinary specialities and its…no never mind”

“Its what” I asked.

“I don’t know whether I can trust you, I don’t want this kind of information to be widely known” she replied.

“I would never divulge anything you told me in confidence” I reassured her. “Besides, our parents were friends and if you had not been 5 years older than me, we would probably have been friends ourselves”

“Alright, but do not tell anyone, EVER, what I am going to tell you” she said.

“Don’t worry, your secret is safe with me” I said.

“Well, every time I visit a new city, I like to explore its…its seedy sides” M said with embarrassment.

“Really” I said, “that’s interesting. So what seedy things have you come across?”

“Well every city has its “red-light” district. In Amsterdam and Hamburg there are streets where scantily clad women would advertise themselves from behind windows. In both cities you also had clubs with live sex shows where couples would fuck right there, on stage. In Amsterdam these clubs were actually next door to f****y dwellings, they were not in some out-of-the-way location. In Japan I went to a club where the waiters were all women dressed as men and I can tell you that they did not just serve drinks. In fact, you could ask them for any sexual favour and if you were so inclined, you could indulge in a full lesbian experience. In Thailand, I was offered sexual services from transsexuals in a special nightclub”.

M took a sip of Champagne. I waited for her to continue but she remained silent.

“So what was the ‘weirdest’ you have ever come across?” I asked.

“The weirdest” she said pensively, “the weirdest was probably in Tokyo. Japan has such an ambivalent approach to sexuality. On the one hand, it is against the law to show genitalia but then there seems to be nothing wrong in showing people eating shit or vomit, or drinking piss. At the time I had gone to a private club where pretty much everything went. Compared to most Japanese men I was a giantess, which they found quite exciting. In this club, a man offered me quite a large sum of money to abuse him, to grind my arse into his face, to humiliate him verbally and physically. Then, he wanted to lick my arse hole and drink my piss.”

I looked at her, anticipating the end of the story but again she remained silent.

“So did you ever take advantage of these opportunities?” I enquired.

She just sat there, not saying a word but I could see that she was shifting uncomfortably on the armchair.

“Come on, you can’t leave me hanging like that, tell me more” I pleaded.

“Well, let’s put it this way, I did expand my sexual knowledge” she said.

“Did you take that man in Tokyo up on his offer?” I asked.

“Yes” she said.

“And did you enjoy it, did that excite you?” I asked with pressing urgency.

“Maybe!” she explained.

I felt it was time to open up and let her know what my feelings were about her.

“You know, when I was about 13, I starting to get interested in girls and I would often masturbate thinking about you. I’ve always found you hot. And you still get me all worked up” I told her.

She did not look surprised but strangely flattered and excited.

“Would you like to relive some of your experiences?” I enquired shyly.

She looked at me. Finally she said: “what did you have in mind?”

“I am at your disposal for whatever you would like to do” I said, humbly

“Take off your clothes and get on your knees” she said.

I did as she commanded, without any hesitation. I had fantasised about this moment many times.

She stood up and moved over to me. She bent down slightly, lifted my head up using two fingers under my chin until I could look straight into her dark brown eyes.

“So you want to be my slave!” she said more as a matter of fact than a question.

“Please” I mumbled.

“Please what?” she replied.

“Please Mistress” I said meekly.

“That’s better. Now lie on your back”.

“I did enjoy my lesbian experience, licking Japanese cunt and I took great pleasure in fucking the transsexual with a strap-on but my most pleasing experience was without a doubt humiliating this guy in Japan. I am not into shit or vomit, but pissing on him and having him drink my golden juices was quite exciting. In the meantime, I had a few more sessions dominating men and I have read up on the whole thing. So you are in luck.”

M moved over me, looking down at me, her feet firmly planted on either side of my body.

“So you used to masturbate thinking about me, thinking about fucking me? Well from now on, you only get to come when I tell you to and forget about fucking me, that’s not going to happen, especially not with that puny little thing you have there between your legs.

She moved up, planting her feet on either side of my head. I looked up her muscular thighs but I could not see all the way up to the confluence of them as they were too big. She spread her legs more and slowly lowered her black panties until their crotch touched my nose.

“Do you like it?” she asked

“This is beautiful, Mistress” I replied, “thank you”

She stepped out of the panties and turned them around, placing the wet crotch area right over my nose and lips.

“Take them into your mouth and suck on them”. She commanded.

I did as she said, with pleasure. Her aroma was wonderful, pungently pleasing as was the taste of the remnants of her pussy juices trapped in her underwear.

“So do you want the real thing?” she enquired.

“Yes Mistress, please, I would love to service you” I replied eagerly.

She lowered herself until her perineum touched my open mouth. I immediately darted my tongue out, licking the area between her fleshy vulva which was now leaking juices and her arse-hole which left a bitter, musky taste on my tongue. She moaned softly, while she was rubbing her intimate area over my face and mouth. After a few minutes, she got up and ordered me to get a thick bath-towel. When I came back with the towel, she told me to fold it up, to put it down on the floor and to lie down again on the floor with my head on the towel.

When I was in place, she lowered herself again over my face. This time, she pressed her cunt right into my nose and mouth. I immediately started to lick up and down her lips, darting my tongue in and out of her love canal, playing with her clit and the opening to her urethra. Her smell and taste were sublime. Her love juices were now flowing abundantly and I let them coat my tongue and run down my throat. She was starting to moan more loudly, rubbing her genitals over my face, taking her pleasure. Then she came with a powerful orgasm, falling forward, breaking her fall with her hands.

Standing up she said “Clean yourself up and join me in the bedroom”.

I took a shower and joined her in the bedroom.

“I am beat” she said, already half asl**p. You may sl**p in bed beside me. Good night.”

I lay down beside her, putting my arm on her large, soft belly.

When M woke up the next morning at about 10:00, she went to the bathroom. I could hear the sound of her piss hitting the water in the toilet.

When she came back into the room, she climbed on top of me in a 69-position and said:

I started to clean her thick, black pubic hair, sucking every drop of her strong tasting morning discharge. At the same time I could feel her fingers playing with my balls and her mouth taking in my hard penis. While I was licking her cunt, her excitement was growing as was apparent from the large amount of juices now flowing liberally out of her vagina, right into my mouth. She continued to suck me off, squeezing my balls to the point of pain; but I did not complain, I enjoyed this moment of absolute bliss. When she sensed my excitement getting to the point of now return, she stopped, rolled over onto her back and said: “Fuck me”

I couldn’t believe my luck, although I was afraid that my little penis would not be able to give her the satisfaction she craved. Nevertheless, I stuck it in as far as I could, of course never expecting to fill her up. To my amazement, I felt her vagina muscles tightening around my shaft.

“You did not expect that, did you?” she said.

“No I didn’t” I replied.

“I learned that from a geisha in Yokohama last year and I have been practising every day since. Here they call them Kegel exercises and they make it sound like a recent invention when in Asia and India they have been controlling their pubo-coccygeal muscles to enhance sexual pleasure for millennia.

I hardly heard what M was saying, being focused on the feeling of my penis moving in and out of M’s tight and drenched love canal. As I moved between her brawny thighs, pounding her large luscious body, I felt like all my fantasies had suddenly come true. M was beautiful, her chubby curves moving in unison with my hammering of her lovely vagina. M was playing with her nipples, pushing up her breasts which had fallen to the side. It did not take me very long to reach orgasm and to pump my seed into M’s luscious body.

As soon as I was finished, she pushed me off her and squatted over my face, letting my sperm and her juices flow into my mouth. Could this get any better I thought to myself as I swallowed all the juices M so generously offered to me.

“Lick me” M said.

I did as she told me, enjoying her juices and her thick pubic lips, covered in her heavy pubic hair.

“Suck my clit” she said, already moaning with pleasure.

I took her long fleshy love knob between my lips and sucked it, rubbing the tip of my tongue over it. Her moans became louder and more pressing as she erupted into a powerful orgasm, shaking violently, her pussy contracting with every orgasmic spasm.

After she recovered she said: I am going to have a bath, prepare the breakfast.

When I was done preparing the breakfast: eggs Benedict with smoked salmon, Champagne mimosa, café au lait, a fruit plate with fresh persimmons, honeydew, mango and papaya, I went to tell M. As I entered the bathroom, she emerged from the bathtub, just like Venus from the shell. I took a bath towel and started to dry off her voluptuous body. I did not know it then, but this was the last time I would see and touch this incredibly exciting body, padding off every luscious curve, her heavy breasts, strong thighs and powerful gluts and her pubic hair and lips.

After she finished her breakfast, I drove her to the airport. Before entering the secure area she gave me a hug and left without looking back.

For the next few years, we would stay in contact through mail and email. Every once-in-awhile, I would receive a package with a pair of her used panties and the story of when she wore them and for how long. It was always a treat to receive such a gift. As she grew older, her aromas matured and became more exciting. I did follow her carrier and bought CDs of her performances. Then one day, I heard that she got married. Our communication broke off after that and I did not receive anymore gifts from her.

I am writing this story about 25 years after that wonderful night. I have been married to a good wife for the past 13 years. Unfortunately, sex with her is only vanilla, no S&M, not even B&D. My wife has to go on business trips about every 2 to 3 months. This is when I put on one of M’s CDs, take out one of her panties and put it over my nose even though, unfortunately, it has lost her aroma. I masturbate, thinking about her lovely body and delicious nectar.

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