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My Fiancee and her Best Guy Friend

Well, I guess I should tell you guys about my fiancee, let's call her Shela. Now, Shela's a very sexy woman, long black hair, blue eyes, she's slim and works out, nice legs, a big pair of D cups, and a nice ass that I wish she'd let me fuck. And when you get her wet, she will not stop till you cum. I've had her suck me off in the shower, fucked her in front of a hotel window that was open, I even fingered her in a hotel pool and she always made me cum one way or another, and fuck does she love cum. I've covered her face, tits, ass, legs, even her clothes in my baby juices, the only place I've never cum is inside her (she's afraid of getting pregnant).

Now, she lives about three states away, so it's a bit difficult to see her most of the time. So every so often I've given her permission to fuck another guy, and these guys have been either her ex (more on him later), or a friend of hers. A couple of months ago, she met this guy (we'll call him Brain)and he seemed like a really nice guy. Well, when my fiancee was getting horny again she asked if she could fuck him, and I said yes. Now, up to this point I've been the thickest and best she's had... I'm pretty sure that's changed.

Brain looks a lot like me (blonde, blue eyes) but he's a bit thinner and (according to Shela) he is much, much bigger below the belt. Now, I'm going to tell you guys everything the same way she told me (she tells me what she did with the guys she's with to help me not let my mind run wild, and to get me off).

Shela: Oh god baby, you should've seen this guy. Well, it all started off he was touching me and fingering me, and I was feeling good. He helped me take my clothes off and I got on my knees to take off his pants.

Shela: He was so big that I nearly fell back when it popped out! His cock's about 9 inches long and much thicker then yours. I asked him to eat me out to get me wet enough to take that thing, and me was so good at it that I came. Well, I put the condom on him and start riding him, but I guess he was too big cuz the condom broke. It felt so good that I didn't notice and just kept riding him hard.

Shela: He started moaning, and that turned me on even more to the point where I was cuming all over his big cock. I tried to get him to cum, but he just couldn't. I rode him as hard and fast as I could till I couldn't cum or stay up anymore. After that, I got off him and that's when I saw the rubber was broken. I stayed at his place and we cuddled till I fell asl**p.

By this point, I had been stroking my hard cock through out the conversation and I was shooting my load on my stomach and moaning her name. Before this, I didn't consider myself a cuckold because she told me that the guys weren't as good as I was, but now I'm not so sure. A few days ago, I asked her if she wanted us to fuck other people till we where able to move into the same place (she would fuck Brain and I would fuck my BBW friend from my last story). Last night I fucked my BBW friend (that story might be coming soon), and I told my fiancee that I did... She told me she has to let that settle. But, I think that her pussy's going to be stretched out this time next week. I feel bad for cheating... But the thought of her trying to suck Brain's 9 inch and thick cock makes me hard.

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