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My Descent Into Subliminals – Chapter 10

My Descent Into Subliminals – Chapter 10 – Christmas Shopping

I got up early the next morning with the stiffest of morning wood.
My plan was to top off Tricia’s proverbial tank before she left for home with Chad.
I threw on a robe and went down the hall to her guest room. She was lying nude in bed with the covers off her. I took off my robe and slid onto the bed parting her legs.
I spread her pussy lips exposing her clit and gently licked.
Tricia softly moaned but didn’t wake up. I got more ambitious and sucked her clit.

“Ahhhhhhh… That feels so damned good!” Cried out Tricia.
She grabbed my head and lifted it saying, “Uncle Mark, I haven’t taken my morning shower yet. Don’t I smell?”
“Your pussy smells good to me and it tasted like ambrosia”, I replied.”
I stuck my tongue back in her pussy and massaged her clit
“Oooooo… Uncle Mark… I need your cock… That’s making me so fucking horny!” Cried out Tricia.
“Oh god, that feels so good! Oh shit, I’m going to cum. “Oh my god! Yes…that’s it… Suck my clit. That’s it…oh god…oh…oh…ughhhhh!”

With that final cry, she came all over my face drenching it with her juices. I continued to lick her clit as much as I could with her thrashing about. She finally pulled my head away from her drenched pussy and pulled me up to her and gave me a long passionate French kiss
The taste of her cum only fueling her desire for more.

“Uncle Mark, take me now! Fill me with your sperm again!” She pleaded.
“My little niece wants my cock does she?” I asked. “Then assume the doggy position, I’m going to make you my bitch!” I told her.

Tricia quickly assumed the position and I pushed my cock into her drenched pussy.

“My little bitch is in heat!” I instructed her.

“Your cock feels sooo goooood inside me. Fuck my pussy! Make me your bitch! I want your sperm inside me! Mark your territory!” She cried out.

I pounded her pussy like a man possessed. Going faster and faster. Deeper and deeper inside her with each thrust. I was making her my little bitch!

“Oh my god! Yes… Pound your little bitch!” Tricia cried out.

“Trish, I can’t hold off much longer, I’m going to cum!” I told her

“Yes, cum….cum in my pussy! Fill me to the brim with your seed!” She said
“I’m going to cum again too. Fuck that pussy. That’s it…oh god…oh…oh…ughhhhh!”. She moaned.

With one last thrust, I shot my wad deep inside Tricia’s pussy. I must have sprayed cum inside her seven or eight times.

She said, “oh my God Uncle Mark, your cum is so hot! I can feel it spreading out inside me. I’m your little bitch mow and forever!”

We rolled onto our backs and she snuggled up to me stroking my now semi-erect cock.

“Now I know what my mom means!” Exclaimed Tricia.

“What do you mean by that?” I asked.
“She says nobody can pound a pussy like your Uncle Mark.” Replied Tricia.
“And how would she know that, I’ve never fucked Stacy!” I quipped.

“She peeked in on you and Aunt Beth going at it a couple years ago while you were staying over. She told me that she uses that memory to masturbate to since things between her and Dad have gone dead.” She replied.

“Tell me more honey.”I instructed her.

“She hasn’t had a real cock inside her since Jen (Tricia’s youngest s****r) was created. With Amy (Tricia’s middle s****r) going to college next year and Dad on the road three weeks a month. She’s a lonely woman! Dad’s tastes have gone completely to men. I’m sure you’ve seen how he is with my Uncle Joe. All touchy feely” She said.

“When Dad is home he treats her like shit, and I suspect he’s beating her!” Said Tricia.
I wish Mom was his Mistress! I’d love to see some payback!” She said

I saw a major opportunity presenting itself, now was the time to start laying the groundwork.

“You don’t want your Mom to be lonely do you? You’d like to see her in control?” I asked.

“I want her to be happy! Like I am now!” Tricia exclaimed.

“You want to bring your parents and s****rs into our little circle don’t you?” I suggested.

“Yes!” Tricia replied.

“And you want to make love to your mother. You want to eat her pussy. You want to taste where you came from! You want to suck her breasts like when you were a baby!” I further instructed her.

“Oh God, yes” she moaned.

She was obviously turned on by these thoughts. She was getting me hard stroking and stroking my shaft faster.

“And you want your s****rs to be happy. To watch them fuck your mom and to be fucked by myself and your Aunt and Grandma. To shove your tongue in their pussies and taste their sweet nectar. You want to see your father and Uncle Joe punished for their indiscretions, You want them to openly be the cock sucking fags they has become.” I further instructed.

“Yes, oh God, yes! I’m such a pervert! I want to fuck my mother and s****rs. I want Dad to be the one humiliated!” She said.

“You’re a sweet niece and a loving daughter, you’ve just learned to express that love in the most primal of ways, just as I’m going to express my love for you now!” I told her.

I rolled over on top of her and shoved my cock into her drenched pussy.
I began thrusting into her, getting progressively more f***eful.

I quickened my pace and my balls were slapping against her ass.
The noise was driving her wild!


When I heard this I let loose with another torrent of cum deep inside her pussy.
“Uncle Mark, I think that was more than last time!” Moaned Tricia.

As I pulled out of her I said, “you still have a little time to relax before you hit the road.”
“Lay here and absorb those sperm then take your shower and come down for breakfast” I ‘instructed her.

I went back to the master bedroom and jumped in the shower. Cindy and Beth joined me in the shower and Beth sucked on my cock saying, “I love the taste of my niece on your cock! You’re lucky that I’m not a jealous woman!”

“I love my whole f****y equally and Tricia needed my attention this morning.
Besides, I think we may be getting some more playmates!
She thinks her mom and s****rs would like to join us, would you like to expand our little circle.

“Are you serious? Stacy and the girls? Asked Beth.

“What about her husband Danny?” Asked Cindy.

“From what Tricia tells me, he plays full time for the other team now. Seems him and Joe have eyes for each other.” I said.

“His s****r’s husband?” Asked Cindy.
“That would be the Toad!” I said.

Beth stopped sucking my cock and stood up saying, “Silly faggots, dicks are for chicks!”
She then bent over and pressed my cock into her pussy and started grinding herself on me.

I would use this opportunity to implant more commands.

“Both of you would love to eat Stacy’s pussy and suck her tits. You can’t wait to taste it and fuck it! You also want Jen and Amy’s pussies. To initiate them into our loving f****y, to have their young nubile bodies for your desires.” I instructed Beth and Cindy.

“Yes Mark, we want them!” They replied.

“Oh Mark, the thought of eating Stacy’s pussy has me so hot!” Beth cried out.
Cindy stuck her crotch in Beth’s face. Beth’s tongue quickly slipped between her lips and stated licking furiously.

“Oh Beth, eat my pussy! This is where you and Stacy came from! I can’t wait to have you and your s****r at the same time!” Exclaimed Cindy.

Beth stopped for a moment and said, “Mommy you’re so wet and horny, I love your juices!”

As Beth resumed her licking, Cindy cried out, “"Oh my God, Beth, oh God, oh God, I'm cumming. Oh your wonderful tongue. You sweet, sweet girl.
I'm cummmmmmmminggggg!
Ohhhhh, I can't stop cumming, ohhhh, ohhhh.

Beth was tonguing her mother to orgasm after orgasm. The juices flooding her mouth was like a raging stream. Her body started shaking uncontrollably as a monster orgasm overtook her. The contractions of her vagina walls on my cock were unbelievable. I shot four or five jets of cum into her eager pussy.

Cindy could feel me shoot my load into Beth, Beth turned around and swallowed my cock to make sure I was milked of every last drop. Cindy stuck her tongue into Beth’s snatch and greedily fished out my cum.

When the girls had made sure they had gotten every drop of my precious load, they soaped me up completely and washed me down. We got dressed and went to the kitchen where Tricia had coffee and Danishes waiting.

Beth reminded Tricia to return Friday under the guise of helping her wrap presents.
I walked Tricia and Chad out to his Escalade and gave them their travel instructions,
“You will not speak of any of our activities to anyone, you will say we watched movies and played board games. You had a wonderful time and can’t wait till we come down this weekend. You will follow all the commands I have given you to the letter!”

I waved goodbye as I sent them on their way. I then went back in the house and told Beth and Cindy I was going Christmas shopping. I jumped in my car and headed down to my local electronic gadget store.

I purchased twelve lucid dreaming masks and twelve MP3 players then headed over to my local fetish store. I bought three all American cheerleader costumes, ten harem hottie costumes, four cock cages, four domina costumes with riding crops, five ball gags, and assorted shackles and cuffs.

I drove home, I had three days to finalize my plans before Tricia’s return.

By: Draugrmaker

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