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My first woman

I have always loved porn
especially lesbian porn. It is
such a turn on
to see women enjoying one another. We had been married 4 years when hubby thought I should try being with a woman. He new a young lady who had been with women so he asked her to show me the ropes. She was excited by the idea! We took a weekend trip to the town she lives in and got a hotel room. She came over and was wearing a low cut red dress and her boobs were huge, I couldn’t stop staring. We took her out for dinner and drinks.
I was so nervous and she could tell. She sat next to me and put her hand on my leg he leaned in and kissed me right there in the bar!!
 We got a bit tipsy after that and I touched under her skirt under the table,
sooo warm and wet. She cupped my breasts and we kissed more
right there in the bar!
The bar tender looked at my husband and gave him a big smile and thumbs up! I was so turned on
we left the bar. We held hands as we crossed the street to the hotel we got to the room and started passionately kissing the minute we got in. 
I pulled her breasts out of her dress and started madly sucking them. I had never sucked tits before and loved the taste of her skin and how her nipples reacted when I sucked.
She pushed me back and took off my shirt and bra and attacked mine. Her kisses were so soft, yet f***eful, I can’t even explain! We took off all of our clothes and moved to the bed.
She slide her hand between my legs and ooooooooo felt my wetness
she spread my legs and started to lick me.
 The touch of a womans tongue on my clit and I came in now time at all. She came back up to kiss me and our body's rubbed against each other
I could taste myself on her lips and tongue.

My husband had been watching and stroking his cock. I called him over. We made him lay in the middle of the bed and kissed around his cock, taking turns sucking him as he groaned in pleasure. I need to taste pussy so I leave her to suck on him as I head to taste her sweetness. She rolls to her back and spreads her legs for me as hubby moves to a chair to watch. I lick up a leg and spread her lips apart. I have never been this close to another womans pussy and I want to take it all in. I use one finger and touch every inch of her, then slide it into her unbelievable wetness. I wiggle it there and then begin to lick her clit. Oh my, it is the most amazing thing I have ever tasted. I press my tongue more firmly against her as she groans, I like up and down her loveliness. My husband comes behind me and touches my pussy then slides his big cock inside as I lick. It is like a dream come true I am being fucked while licking a pussy!!!
We shift and move to several positions and I make her scream with pleasure. We kiss, play and lick for several hours. Following my hubby cumming on my back we throw on our suits and hear to relax in the public pool. I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed and still treasure that first experience with a beautiful woman.

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