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I’d had the horn all day, and watching D pull on her satin panties, tight top and short skirt wasn’t helping any. She was off for a night out with the girls, with the promise that if I stayed up (literally!) until she came home, I would be more than satisfied!

She gathered up the clothes she’d taken off and put them in the laundry basket, “how do I look ?” she asked “gorgeous” I replied, and boy was I right “couldn’t you be a bit late going out?” I asked. “Wait until I get home, there’s a good boy” she replied, and gave me a long lingering, very passionate kiss. Her hand slowly inched down the front of my jeans and squeezed my hard cock. “Save this for me” she purred and then off she went leaving me hard as a rock with nothing but my hand for company.

As soon as I heard the front door close, I rushed into the bathroom, opened up the laundry basket and rummaged through the contents. Within seconds, I was taking off my clothes and lying back on the bed, with the panties she’d just taken off held to my nose. They were a blue cotton pair, with a cute little silver star on the front, they were still slightly damp and smelt absolutely divine.

I lowered them to my stiff cock, and gently stroked them along its length. I stood up, and slowly stepped into the panties and eased them up and over my erection. I looked in the mirror at the small panties with the shape of my cock straining at the material.

I laid back down on the bed and slowly stroked my cock through the panties, then slid my hand under the waistband and gripped the shaft tightly, the head of my cock sprang free of the panties, leaving a trail of pre-cum. I closed my eyes and traced circles around the wet slippery head of my cock, which by now felt ready to explode. I thought about D, coming home later in her satin panties, a little bit d***k maybe, and imagined licking her pussy while she sucked and licked my cock.

I was wanking my hard cock faster now, imagining all the things we would do to one another later when I heard a gasp from the doorway and jumped up. There was D, mouth open, staring at the sight of her husband, wearing her panties and wanking furiously on the bed.

“’s..” I stuttered. “Shut up” she said tersely, “I’m sorry…” I started, “I said shut up” she cut me off “…and get back on the bed and finish what you were doing”. “What ?I…I don’t know what you mean” I replied feebly. “You heard me” she said, “I want you to lie back down and wank yourself into my panties” Only now did I notice that her hand was underneath her skirt and she was rubbing herself through those lovely satin briefs.

My cock had started to lose it’s hardness at the shock of being discovered, but the thought of D watching me jerk off in her panties, and the sight of her rubbing her pussy through the satin gusset of her panties made it spring to life, harder than ever.

I laid back down and immediately started to wank my cock frantically “Slow down, she said, I want to watch, you mustn’t come yet”. It felt almost impossible not to come, but I was desperate to enjoy every moment, so I slowed down, and rubbed and stroked myself through the panties, occasionally slipping a hand inside them to circle the soaking wet head of my cock.

D was slipping out of her clothes until she was naked apart from the satin briefs, she was still rubbing her pussy through them and there was a noticeable damp patch forming in the gusset. There was also a damp patch on the front of the panties I was wearing, she must have noticed it and asked “do you want to come now panty boy ?” “God yes” I replied. “Beg me” she commanded “Please may I come” I begged, the thought of being her slave turning me on even more.

“You’ll have to do better than that” she said, her hand frantically working the wet patch on her panties “beg more you panty wearing slut” “Please can I come in your panties mistress, I promise to be a good panty slave”. She was breathing very fast now, it looked like she was going to come herself “Yes panty slave, I want you to come in the panties now, and don’t spill a drop” I wanked my cock faster than ever until I came, shooting a huge wad of hot spunk into the cotton panties, D was also coming, her legs apart, trembling as she rubbed her clit through the silky material.

“Get up panty slave, and take those spunky panties off, you’d better use them to clean yourself up”. I stood up, pulled off the soaking wet panties, and wiped the remaining sperm off my cock and balls. At the same time, D was taking off her satin briefs “Now give me those, and you put these on. You’re going to be my panty slave”.

I couldn’t believe my ears, I handed her the cotton panties and picked up the satin ones from the floor, I could smell her juices on them and I was lifting them to my face when she said “Did I say you could smell them slave ? Put them on” Obediently, I stepped into the panties and slowly pulled them up over my cock, savouring the feel of the silky material.

“Lie on the bed” D ordered, I obliged, and lay back on the bed “I think we need to get your cock hard again slave” she continued “yes mistress” I replied. I realised she’d put the cum filled cotton panties on, and she knelt on the bed next to me and then swung her leg over my head and started to lower her pussy onto my face.

“Lick me clean panty slave” she said, and smothered my mouth and nose with the gusset of the cotton panties. All I could taste and smell was my spunk and her pussy juices, combining to fill my senses. I sucked at the panties, and tasted my own cum for the first time.

Meanwhile, D was stroking and rubbing my satin clad cock and balls, occasionally lowering her head to kiss the head of my cock through the flimsy material. This, together with the feeling of being completely dominated by her was fast making me hard again. I pulled her panties to one side and began to lick and suck her pussy.

“Lick me clean panty boy” she ordered, and I buried my face in her pussy, sucking out every last drop of cum, swallowing it greedily, I then turned my attention to her arse, which was also sticky from the cum soaked panties, I licked every inch of her lovely arsehole, holding her cheeks wide apart as I did so.

My cock was fully erect again now, and aching like mad, D was kissing and licking it through the panties, and I felt like it would burst if she didn’t free it from it’s silky covering soon. I continued to gently probe her anus with my tongue, and slid a finger between the wet lips of her pussy.

Now D slipped a hand into the satin panties, and gripped my cock, wanking it slowly against the material. “Do you want me to suck it panty slave?” she asked. “Yes please mistress” I replied “I would love that”. “What will you do for me in return?” she said. “Anything you want, I’m your panty slave”.

“Lick my clit then panty slave” she commanded, so I clamped my mouth over her pussy, and flicked and licked her clitoris, at the same time gently stroking her arse with my finger. D pulled the satin panties down over my erect cock, and began to softly lick the shaft, and plant little butterfly kisses on the very tip, which by now was again soaked with pre-cum.

My cock was aching, this was torture, but I carried on licking her clit for ages, while she came over and over again on my face. Eventually she said “you can stop now, stand up, I want to inspect you now, panty slave”. I got up from the bed, my cock still throbbing, my face covered in her pussy juices, and stood before her.

“That’s two pairs of my panties you’ve soaked now slave, what have you got to say for yourself ?” “Sorry mistress” “I should think so, now bend over and pull down your panties” I bent forward and eased the panties down around my knees. She stod up from the bed and walked behind me.

I was expecting it, but it still made me jump as she slapped my arse hard. She did this five more times, then sat on the bed again. “Pull those panties up slave” she ordered “and go to the window” I pulled the soaking wet satin panties back up over my cock and walked to the bedroom window.

“Open the curtains and stand at the window so everyone can see what a panty slut you are” D said “But…” I started, “Do it” she said firmly. I walked to the window, took a deep breath and pulled the curtains apart. I don’t know if anyone saw me, as it was dark outside, but I must have been on full display to the whole street, as our bedroom lights were on.

After what seemed like ages, D said “Good boy, you can close them now, but let that be a lesson to you. You are my slave, and you do not do anything without my permission”. “Now, let’s have that inspection, come here”.

I closed the curtains and returned to the bed, standing before her in the satin panties. She looked me up and down, then ran her hands all over the panties, feeling my hard cock quivering to her touch through the silky material. Then she got up and stood behind me and stroked my satin clad arse.

She knelt down and spread my arse cheeks, and began to kiss my arse through the panties, then she ran her finger up and down the crack of my arse before gently pushing it against my anus. “Bend over” she instructed, I bent forward over the bed. She got up and went rummaging around in her dresser.

I waited, expecting to be spanked with a hairbrush or something, but the next thing I felt was her vibrator being run all over my arse, then down between my legs and over my balls. I stifled a moan “Do you like this slave?” she asked, “Yes mistress, thank you” I replied. I felt her hands at my hips and she eased the panties down, exposing my arse. The vibrator was pushed up against my arsehole, and D moved round to my front, and took the panty covered head of my cock in her mouth.

She pushed the vibrator hard against my arse, and her head bobbed up and down as she sucked my cock through the soaking wet panties.

She released my cock, and switched off the vibrator “You have been a good panty slave, so I will reward you” she said, and pulled the panties down, allowing my aching cock to spring free. I stepped out of the panties, and she took my cock in her right hand, slowly pulled back the foreskin, and clamped her mouth over it with a f***e that nearly made me come.

She cupped my balls, stroked my arse and sucked greedily on my cock. I knew I’d be in trouble if I came, but it felt so good I was about to let go. D seemed to sense this and stopped sucking. “You can fuck me now slave” she said, and got on the bed “but you’d better put your panties back on first”, With that, she took off the blue cotton panties and threw them to me. I stepped into them, but pulled them up to the base of my cock, so it was free.

“What do you want me to do mistress ?” I asked. “Lie down and let me ride you slave” she replied. I laid back on the bed and she knelt astride my cock, pausing for a few seconds before lowering herself and impaling her wet pussy onto the full length of my hard cock. It felt hot, wet and wonderful, I began to fuck her, she was gyrating on my cock, I was sucking each of her breasts in turn, all the time my cock pumping harder and harder at her pussy.

“You can come now slave, fill me with your hot come panty boy” she cried, I did just that, shooting a load of hot spunk into her wet hole. She was obviously coming too, it was so hot and wet in there.

“That was very good panty slave, very good indeed” she panted “yes mistress, thank you mistress” I replied. She rolled off me and onto her back beside me, “You know what to do now slave” she breathed. “Yes mistress” I got up, and knelt beside her, lowered my face to her pussy and began to lick and suck up all our combined love juices, swallowing great wads of my spunk and her cum.

“Mmmm, I’m glad I forgot my purse tonight” she purred lazily “So am I mistress” I mumbled, my mouth full of cum soaked pussy “So am I…”

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