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Student Turns Into a Teacher:)

Sort of continuation:)

In my last story I met my man. After our little sexual encounter me and Chip became a couple. We had been seeing each other for the past 2 years now and we have gotten even closer. During the week we would work at our respective jobs in our respective towns. On the weekends I was all his. From sunshine to sunset we would make passionate love for hours upon hours. One weekend I drove out to see him. H e said we were going to be doing something different than what we usually do. At first I was dissapointed in changing our routine. I was even more dissapointed when he wouldn't tell m e. I fucking hate suprises. So I drive straight out there. Anxious to see wha t we're doing. I arrive there and walk right in. I yell," Chip? Sexy?! Where are you baby? What's going on?! Lol." I walk into his room and he pulls out a speedo. I start laughing as he says," were going swimming today!" I smile and hug him and say, " you know me too well baby."
We head out and we arrive at a local private club. He has belonged to this place since he was a c***d. So get changed and we go into the pool. Chip is such a fun Guy. We are frollucking in the pool dunking eachother, hugging, and fooling around. In the midst of our fooling around we see another Guy checking us out. Neither of us have ever seen this Guy before. He looked around 19. 20 years old. Not thinking anything of it we continued playing. God, chip looked good in that speedo. All of his muscles glistening wet in the sun. I looked hot myself in my pink speedometers with the back riding up my sex crack. I felt so cute. After enough play we went to shower off. By this time no one was really around and I was sex starved. I wanted to make love to Chip right there. He said to do it when we go to shower off. We did so. It was sundown and as we walked to the line of showers we saw the Guy that kept looking at us. This time we saw him by himself naked, showering, playing with himself. He looked hot. Kind of like me skinny built with not a lot of hair really cute. Chips engine was reving as well. I saw his bulge almost popping out of his speedo. After 4-5 minutes of watching we both agreed to walk over and introduce ourselves.
"Hello, I'm ********* and my boyfriend Chip. We could help but notice your sexy self over here having a good time:) You mind if we join you?" He replied" idk guys Im not really gay." Knowing how he felt I said," hey buddy I was just like you when I was 19. Not so sure about my sexuality. I ll tell you though once you take a chance and experience what it is like with another man. You'll never think about another woman again. You'll remember the name ******** and Chip." At that moment I moved in and kissed this beautiful looking young man. Chip went behind him and started carressing his back and ass. This was so hot. I slipped of my speedo showing my semihard cock. Chip took off this guys swimming trunks and he was as hard as a rock. He wanted us. Since Chip was the dominant male here we both turned torwards him and pulled his speedo off. His cocked popped out and we dived right in. The Guy worked his head and I carressed his balls. I eventually then stared taking his head and pushing it into Chips cock deepthroating it with every plunge. Just how Chip liked it. Chip then bended him over and started eating him out. He had never felt anything like this. As chip ate his asshole I put my dick in the guys mouth so he could suck me off at the same time. After about 10 minutes off that, Chip layer back and I sat the Guy on his dick. Slowly moving down onto Chips cock I could feel the pleasure in each scream that he let out. Its hard to take an 11 inch cock for the 1st time. I kissed him so I could be close to his pleasure. At this point Chip was pumping as fast as he could. Man he was taking it like a pro. To avoid Cumming he pulled him off. He took me and started fucking me doggystyle. With each pump and every spank pleasure increased exponentially. Chip was moaning like the bear he was and was loving it. He quickly stood up and signalled he was gonna cumulative. As he did that I moved mine and the other guys face in front of his cock as he came all over our faces. About four streams of cum four each of us. Me and the other Guy started making out as I smiled at him. " what do you think? Thinking of any women right about now?" He replied," ******** And Chip. I'll never forget those names;)"


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