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The (Pregnant) Slut Wife - Chapter 17

I slid down Jake’s long, hard cock and I felt so much pleasure at having it inside me…I don’t know what’s going on but it’s like my pussy is super sensitive, my hormones must be going crazy. I slid down slowly but Jake’s hands grabbed my hips and f***ed me down so it was completely in my pussy.
“OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” I moaned, I almost came just from being filled with that perfect cock. My breathing began to get short and I could barely focus. I began to lift myself a little then lower myself, to slowly ride his cock. God it felt so good! I knew I would cum in no time.
“Oh god, baby….I’m going to cum!” I moaned as I saw my hubby stroking his cock. I reached up and began to fondle my own boobs. “Do you like seeing me this way baby?” I teased. “Fuck yes, you know I do!” he answered, stroking his cock. I rocked on Jake’s cock a little faster…it was hard with this belly but it didn’t take long and I felt an orgasm build deep inside then explode and I yelled as I came. After it washed over me I was jittery and slid his cock out of my pussy and lay on my side on the bed.
“Oh god…that was so good…that was so good…that was so good…” was all I could say. I was panting and felt so good…I was lost in my own little world until I felt Jake move behind me and lift my leg up. I felt his hard cock slide into my soaking pussy and he began to pump from behind me as I lay on my side. He began to pump hard and I was lost in lust.
“Oh..fuck yes Jake, fuck me from behind, be a good boy and fuck me hard!” I ordered. His hand reached over and he placed it on my belly gently. So much power but he could be gentle, for a moment I hoped that if the baby was a boy that he would be like Jake but that was so wrong to think like that! I couldn’t one day do this with my own son!

Jake began to fuck me faster as my hubby approached the bed. He mounted the bed and put his hard cock in front of my face and said “Open your mouth!” and as soon as I did he slid it inside and began to fuck my mouth with it. His cock tasted good and the was like my pussy, my taste and smell seemed to increase. I loved cock but the taste of it was even better, more powerful! The two of them slid their cocks into me urgently and before long I came again and again…I was so happy at being a slut again I was almost crying tears of joy.

They kept at it for the longest time until I could feel Jake’s cock harden and before I knew it I could hear him growl as his cock pumped his hot cum in my pussy. God, just feeling that cum in me made me cum too! He slid his cock out and my hubby slid his cock out of my mouth and he reached into the nightstand to get something. He took out s a small bottle of lube and squirting it on his fingers, he began to finger my ass.
“OH!!!!” I said surprisingly as I felt his fingers slide into my ass. My ass wasn’t as tight as it used to be, from all the fucking I did before and his fingers soon entered my ass and I could feel him finger my ass. He then slid his fingers out and got on the bed and laid on it. “Help her sit on me” he said to Jake, I was surprised that he wasn’t jealous, that he was asking Jake to help him and also that Jake obliged. They helped me sit over hubby’s cock then lowered my ass on it. I could feel his cock slide into my ass as he put his arms around me and held my belly with one hand and my boobs with another.
“My wife is the hottest slut I know and I’m going to treat her like one!” he said as he began to pump into my ass. Jake sat on his knees on the bed stroking his cock when hubby said “Get that big donkey dick in her pussy, let’s double fuck my wife!”

Jake moved up slowly and, spreading my legs, slowly slid his huge cock into me and began to pump slowly. I could tell that he was taking it easy to not bump into my belly but his cock was so long that my pussy was on fire. They both began to pump slowly and my hubby reached up and grabbed both of my boobs. “You are such a slut Ann, god I’m so glad you’re my wife!” he hissed in my ear and I felt so happy…that after all this time he and Jake still found me attractive and wanted me.
“Oh god yes…I’ll be a slut for both of you..always….” I moaned and they both began to pump faster. I came and came over again as they fucked my ass and pussy until I could feel Jake get harder and cum in my pussy again. Got it felt so good and I came too…..then after he pulled out hubby put me to the side and began to pump fast until he too came. He pulled out and they collapsed on the bed around me. I was crying tears of joy now because I was so happy that I could be a slut again, even if I had this big belly.

The next morning I called Barry.
“Hi Barry, this is Ann.” There was a pause.
“Ann! How are you feeling baby? You read to get back to fucking?”
“Oh yeah…I’m more than ready”
“Good. Get here at one so I can see you, you hot slut. Wear something cute.”
“OK, I’ll see you at two” and I hung up.

I wore a top with spaghetti straps that barely held my big boobs in and had a slit just below my boobs so you could see my belly. And a pair of maternity jeans short shorts. As I walked to the front door Claudia saw me and did a double take.
“Mrs. Ann, you are feeling better?” she asked. But here eyes weren’t just looking at me. They were LOOKING at me, my boobs, my belly, she was checking me out!
“Yes…I feel much better today Claudia” I replied. But her gaze lingered. She was always quiet and private. I figured she dated but the way she looked at me…I could tell. And, honestly, I didn’t mind. And as I headed to my car I was so happy. I put my hands on my belly and was so glad that men thought of me as sexy again. I couldn’t wait to prove it to Barry.

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