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My s****r gives my first bj

I was 16 and aching for my first sexual experience. My dick would grow hard at the mere sight of an attractive girl but I couldn't get the courage to ask one for a date.
I felt like I was somewhat attracitve; I was 6'1" at the time and I was on the swim team. I had quite a bit of muscle definition.
My s****r was 17 and one of the attractive girlas at school; long brown hair, cute face, tight ass and medium sized boobs. She dressed conservatively but I got to see her in her pajamas. She had quite a body.
Both of our parents worked so we had the house to ourselces in the afternoons. One day I was surprised as I walked to my room and saw Jennifer blowing a guy in her room. She had not closed the door completely. I guess my s****r was ahead of me! I kept quiet to try to see a bit more of her body. She had left her shorts on but she didn't have a shirt on. Her tits were perfect, they didn't sag and I could see one nipple from the hallway. I walked carefully to my room so they wouldn't hear me.
About two months aftter that I was walking to my room after a shower one afternoon. Jennifer was coming out of her room just as I was passing. She reached out to grab my towel in a teasing fashion like she often does. This time she actually got hold of it and she pulled it away. There I was, naked in front of my s****r.
"Hey, give that back" I said as I tried to cover up and get my towel. Here I was naked.
She laughed. Then she took a look at me
She reached over and grabbed my dick, I tried to pull back but she grabbed tighter.
"Wow Derek, your big"
"let me go Jennifer"
"No, I mean it, your really big"
Jennifer moved my dick around and took a look at it from every angl;e. I was embarrassed.
As she held my dick I started to grow.
"Let go Jennifer"
"Derek, I mean it, you are really big. Let me take a look"
I continued to grow as she handled my dick. I was no longer fighting.
Jennifer smiled and looked at me
"Hey Derek, want to fool around?"
"Come on"
She lead me into her room. I didn't have much choice, I felt like a pull toy.
Jennifer lead me to the edge of her bed and she sat down, guiding me in front of her.
She took me into her mouth
She stopped long enough to look up
"You like that"
She took me in her mouth again and I got extreme;y hard. I wasn't sure how I was supposed to feel but my dick felt lke it was itching and I needed to pee.
Jennifer stroked my dick and I looked down at her face. I looked l;ike my dick was filling her mouth.
Jennifer reached behind my balls and I started to buck back and forth
She stroked me again and I quickly exploded in her mouth. I wasn't sure if I was supposed to be shooting like I did and I was afraid she would get angry.
Jennifer kept stroking and eventualy let me finish shooting onto the floor.
My knees were weak and I almost collpased. Jennifer giggled
"Well, what do you think?"
"Wow Jennifer, I'm sorry if I did someting wrong"
"There's nothign you can do wrong" Did you like that"
"Are you k**ding? That was incredible"
Jennifer got up and started undressing. I couldn't believe my older s****r was getting naked in front of me. As she puled off her panties she laid on the bed
"Your turn"
I looked at hr awesome body. Her tits were medium sized and had eraser size pink nipples. She had a tiny waist and light colered hair around her pussy.
"Um what do you mean, my turn?"
"Do for me what I did for you"
I moved onto the bed and between her legs. Her pussy lips were small and tight. She didn't have a lot of hair and I could see all of her pussy.
Jennifer pulled her legs up and parted them
"Start licking Derek"
I had no idea what to do but I started by lickiing her lips.
"now pull them apart an dlick inside"
I did what she toled me and kept going.
Jennifer had to keep giving me instructions but I was able to eventually feel her hips thrusting up towards me. She started moaning
"Keep doing that Derek"
She started almost crying/screaming and heaved her hips. Then she collapsed and pushed my face away
"Was that what I was supposd to do?"
"Yes, that's good for now"
"Thanks Derek"
"Thank you Jennifer"
We both got dressed and I went to my room.
About a week later Jennifer and I were home together again.
"Hey Derek, would you like some instruction?"
"Uh Yeah"
"That way we both get what we want. great oral sex"
"Yeah, Okay"
For the next month we would work on our oral sex on each otehr about three times a week. I didn't have any experience to train Jennifer but I had read some Penthouse articles. I encouraged Jennifer to stroke my shaft, lick the very tip and run a finger around my anus.
Jennifer recriporcated by having me blow on her inner lips and gently caress her clitoris until she would come.
We both improved by leaps and bounds.
ONe day Jennifer came home
"Hey Derek, let's take a shower I learned something new"
I couldn't believe I was taking a shower with my hot s****r. We scrubbed each other. I thougth we were done.
"Turn around Derek"
She grabbed a wash cloth and started scrubboing my anus. I pulled away.
"Trust m. !e Derek, you're going to like this"
I relazed. It actually felt good to have her rub my ass.
"Okay, now you do it"
Jennifer turned around and I scrubbed her anus What a beautiful ass
We then headed to her bed again.
She guided me onto the bed on all fours. I was nervous. I didn't know what she had in mind and my butt was completely exposed to my s****r
Jenny move in behind me, I twithced a bit
"Relax Derek"
She reached between my legts and grabbed my dick
Then I felt her blowing on my anus. I was even more nervous
Jennifer then started lickgin around the area between my shaft and my anus
Shen then plunged her tongue into my ass
"Wow Jenny"
What a feeling. She slowly stroked me and l;ick my hole
Within a minut I was buckging like my first time
I shot a load that must have flown 6 feet in the air
I collapsed on the bed
"I told you Derek" Jenny smiled
I lay on the bed and caught my breath
Eventually Jennifer got on all fours
"Your turn"
I tried my best to please her like she had me. I started by licking her sweet pussy and getting her near orgasm. I then spread her cheeks and blew on her anus. I hadn't noticed before but it was a nice pink. What a pretty tiny little ass.
I ran my tongue around her ahus and she moaned. I then ran it in her ass. Her body tasted great. I stroked my tongue in and out as I rubbed her clit.
Jenny came as hard as I did. She bucked and came with a big shake.
She collapsed like I had
"Thanks Derek"

I could tell when Jenny was dating becaused we would not have sex. in between boy friends we would teach each other. She never had full intercourse, she was afraid of getting pregnant.
One afternoon one of her girlfriends came home with Jennifer. Jenny called me in her room and introduced me to Sarah.
Sarah is about 5'6", Long red hair and greckles
Jennifer left the room and lcosed the door.
"Jennifer said we could help each other out"
"Yes, I don't have any experience and she mentioned you wouldn't mind teaching"
Sarah looked at me with innoncence
She started taking off her shirt so I did the same.
ONce she had taken off her clothes Sarah looked at me for guidance. I just stared at first. Besides my s****r, Sarah might have the most perfect body. I couldn't believe she wasn't dating. Oh well!
"Do you know how to suck?"
"I think I know the basics," she smiled.
I moved in front of her and she took me in her mouth.
Sarah must have come at least 4 times.
s\As the spring wore on Jenny brought home more girls. I decided I needed to take advantage of my expertise. after the first couple of girls, I made them go all the way. The first time I fucked a girl's pussy was also incredible. They sure are tigh in high school.
Jenny and I he;ped each other out through college. If neither of us was dating we would "do" each other
We're both married now. We still have sex about once a year when we vacation together. Her husgand won't do some things.

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