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Lottery winner got laid part 1

Fictional story that would make you horny

My wife and I had always had a healthy sex life and had a beautiful daughter Pam that was now 21 yrs old, I would always think how life would be if I won a large amount of money, we where comfortable but not rich, I had a good job in a office that I was head of department of, and a gorgous your assistant Carmen that was the same age as our daughter, who she knew very well.(well thats a bit of info lets get on with the story)

We'll the usual saturday night came and the wife and I went of to the pub as usual for a drink and then on the way home get a take away. Well as we got our take away there was a buzz in the chinese someone from the town had won the lottery and it was a single ticket £7,ooo,ooo, I saw the numbers and didnt notice anything that resembled my numbers. We got home and had our chinese and chatted about who the lucky person was and what we would do if it was us. The wife said wel to start I would love a holiday of lifetime and get a young guy to fuck me stupid and laughed.

I looked and said is that right you want a young guy to fuck you stupid she said well yer, I said what would I do, she said watch of cause, I was shocked I said how long have you been wanting that, she said a while but it was a fantasy and would never happen, why what is your fantasy?. I said would love to Fuck my assistant Carmen over her desk and then make her suck my cock, hmmmmm the wife said well i'll do you a deal I fuck a guy you fuck Carmen, I agreed and said I was horny the wife agreed she was as well and took her knickers off and lay back and opened her legs so I could fuck her.

I pumped my cock into the wife making her cum before I spewed my load into her, she said she wanted more now as she was thinking of that young guys cock in her pussy as I watched, she told me to get up and she sucked my cock until it was hard again, she hadnt done it much,as it wasnt her fav thing.
She rubbed me slowly as my cock thickened as she sucked my cock slowly she was a natural at it, as I loved a bj if I ever got one.

We went to bed and fucked the night away, the following morning I got up and went in the bathroom to see my daughter in the shower I watched as she washed my cock sprung to attention, she looked and said hi dad and carried on not faized by me looking, her tits where topped with nice nipples that where slightly tanned and a shaved pussy that cried for a huge cock to feed it. My cock was now standing out sniffing for her pussy as I shut the door and joined her in the shower.

She grabbed it slowly rubbing the thick shaft saying it was huge and would love to suck it, kneeling down she placed it in her mouth sucking the purple headed one eyed monster in her mouth her tounge wrapping round the head with expert guidance, she was better than her mum ever was or could be, as she rubbed her young pussy. I asked where she learnt to suck cock like that, she said at uni as she had a few blokes that had big cocks and loved to suck them off all the way.She also said now I can tell Carmen she was right about my cock, I stopped her and said what she mean, she said that Carmen had always wondered how big your cock was.

I couldnt believe my assistant had discussed how big i was with my daughter as she carried on rubbing it I was near to cumming I sucked my daughters young tits making her groan as I felt my cum spurt out over her as she cum herself, we washed and dried off in silence as I watched Pam bend over her perfect arse showed her pussy lips that I would love to split with with my chopper, she looked back to see me looking, saying well help yourself, I can see your friend wanting it, I was hard again as I walked up pushing my cock into her young pussy as she gasped saying it was splitting her in two.

I moved in and out slowly her pussy jucies making my cock shine as I pulled out before sliding in again, I grabbed her hips thrusting forward as she moaned for more begging me to fuck his little girl as I reached for her tits she shook and cum again, I thrust harder and harder until I couldnt hold on and cum in her.

She put her gown on and kissed me and with a cheeky smile left, I got dressed and went about my day,stunned I had fucked my daughter. The monday arrived and still no one had claimed the ticket and this was the news all over the office, Carmen came in said hi and asked did I have a good weekend i said not bad up and down, she grinned and said I bet and left, had pam told her already I had a big cock or just Carmen being her cheeky self as she was.

Dinner time came and I asked if Carmen would like a pub lunch as I usualy treated her to once a week, she said yer sure and off we went, I passed a cash point and got some money comming across my lottery ticket, Carmen said jokingly thats the winning numbers if you win I'll give you a surprise and laughed, I thought if it's the winning ticket you would get a heart attack as I pushed you over the desk and fucked you.

We went into the newsagents and I scanned the ticket it beeped saying winner and a code, I smiled and said to carmen it's a winner whats my surprise, she said what do you want anything is possible and smiled, I went to the assistant who scanned it, she said you have to contact lottery HQ your the major winner, I stood in silence not taking in what she had said, I asked her to repeat all and she said the same thing.

Carmen hugged me saying congratlations now you can have anything you want as long as it has my huge cock in her, she had been talking to my daughter.
We drove walked back to the office I was still in shock as I sa in my office talking to the lottery HQ, Carmen had told the whole office that spread to the whole building. I then phoned the wife and told her she screamed and started making plans to spend the money, I got a phne call from the Lottery people and told me all that will happen over the next few hours, and settled back taking it all in.

Carmen came into the office and asked if all was ok and was there anything she could do for me, I asked her to pull the blinds and sit down so we could chat. She did as I asked and I said had my daughter said anything, she blushed and said yer you have a huge cock and I would love it in my pussy, with that she got up walked over and kissed me, I asked what she was doing she said honouring her agreement that she had said earlier pulling her thong down bending over the desk, showing her ass and pussy.

I got up and smacked her bum softly as she jerked saying cock spank me Mr Smith I'm a very bad girl, I pulled my zip down and pulled out my cock, spanking her arse several times as she begged for more, I wet my fingers and rubbed her pussy making her wetter than she was before I pushed my cock into her as she moaned saying it was fantastic and huge, I moved in and out fucking my 21 yr old assistant, begging for more as I pushed harder and harder, until she said she was cumming until i felt the point of no return pumping a huge load into her little pussy as she groaned cumming softly.

She got up and put on her thong,saying theres more of that if you want it and when ever you want it grinned and went off. I got a call from the lotery people saying they where on their way to pick me up and my wife as well. They confirmed i was the winner and set about presenting the cheque with all the media, we went home stunned we was Multi millionaires and our life would change, she also said now can live out our fantasy's.

more to follow.

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