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A Dog's life...

I met my first masogirl thru an add in the papers, reacting to sexcontact-adds wasn't something i normally did but since i discovered that being in control of a willing girl was one of my fantasies i responded with the request for a meeting.
After a few internet chats and a few phonecalls, to get to know eachother's wishes, i decided to a bold move and requested a meeting. Little bit nervous ofcourse, since she was my first, but i was reliefed that she happily aggreed to meet me.
After a trip of a few hours i found myself at her doorstep, still a bit nervous i rang the doorbell and within a minute she opended the door and thereby revealing herself to me. Since we only chatted before, i didn't know what she looked like...until now...
Sure, we exchanged some vague pictures but none of her pictures did justice to how beautiful she looked in real life...
She whore tight jeans with short black boots underneath, a clean white shirt nicely exposing her beautiful forms. She had half-short black hair, neathly cut, and the only hint of this being a naughty girl was the nipple-piercing sticking thrue her shirt.
This girl was truely beautiful, what made me even more nervous, thankfully she broke the ice when a sweet "hello" came out of her sweet mouth. She let me in her neatly cleaned livingroom and offered me something to drink, "coffee please" i replied while i tried to hide my schoolboys smile. After a few cups of coffee and a sigarette she took me by the hand and guided me upstairs.
There she showed me her little playing room, she had a few whippes and chains lying in the open and in the middle of the room stood a medium size table. Just big enough for a person to lay on, the window was blinded and in the ceiling hung a firm hook. In my head i started to fantasize of all the things she had done in her, and while she showed me all her tools one by one i felt my cock growing in my pants.
"very nice" i replied to her little showcase, i kept standing still looking around, but in my fantasy i wanted to mount her like a dirty whore. By the way she looked at me, i knew she wouldn't mind if i would do that for real...
"Shall we start?" she asked me while she got one of the whippes from a cupboard, "sure, great" i replied, trying to hold back my enthousiasm.
In the chats we discussed how we would start our first encounter, when she got the blindfould from the cupboard i knew instanttly what to do. I told her to turn around while i put the blindfould on, while i tied the knot i smelled her hair and fellt my cock growing harder again...
"i am going to undress you now" i wispered in her ear. "Yes master", she replied to my pleasure. Still arroused by the fact that my fantasy was finally happening for real, i started to take of her shirt... She was completely naked underneath, like i noticed before, and her nipples where pierced with tiny rings. She had the most perfect breasts i had ever seen before, i tried holding back but couldn't keep myself from touching the side of her firm breasts... She opened her mouth a little bit, and i could she that she was starting to get aroused by my touches.
Next i squated next to her and lifted her feet, one by one i removed her leather boots, smelling them before i layed them away. I stood up and, while i was standing close behind her, i opened the belt of her tight jeans. When i started to unzip her pants, i pushed myself against her firm butt, my hard cock pushing against her ass. By the sound of her breathing, i could tell how much she liked this, i moved back and dropped her pants.
She was wearing a string underneath, and while i squated down to remove her pants, i smelled her wet cunt. She was deffinilly turned on by all of this, and so was i, the hard cock in my pants being the prove of that. I removed her string, smelling her cunt while doing it, and i squated down to get a good look at her perfectly shaved cunt.
I know it wasn't part of the deal, but at this moment i wanted nothing more than a taste of that wet cunt. I moved my tongue towards her pussy, then she suddenly opended her mouth..."I have to pee..." I moved back away from her pussy and replied with a simple "okay". She knew thru our chatsessions that i liked watching peeing cunts, so i knew she probally did this to please me. "If you guide me to the bathroom master, i can keep my blindfould on...It's right outside the door"
I grabbed her wrist and guided her to the bathroom, i sat her down on the toilet seat and she opened her legs for me. She started by squeezing a few drops out, after that she released a slow golden stream from her wet cunt. Hypnotised by this sight i felt my cock growing even harder and i unzipped my pants, she heard the unzipping and a naughty smile appeared on her face. "Are you pleased master?" she asked smiling.
"Yes, i am" I replied while getting my hard cock out my pants, her hands moved over my pants toward my cock and she started to jerk it slowly. I was soo turned on by all of this, that i knew that it was unavoidable to cum within minutes. "I am gonna cum soon..." I said nervously, "You can cum on me master" She said to my relief. I didn't find the need to hold back now and i let my cum squirt all over her tits, some of it came on her lips and the smile on her face showed me that she liked this very much.
"Thank you master..." she raised from the toilet, cum dripping from her breasts, "Will you clean me now master?"
"Yes, i will" I replied while e****ting her to the shower where i made her squat down for me, i took the shower head and sprayed the cum off her breasts. After drying her off, i guided her back to the 'playing-room'. "Do you have handcuffs?" I asked while i looked at the hook on the ceiling, "in the right cupboard" she replied while that naughty smile again appeared on her face. I opended the cupboard, took the cuffs out, and put them on her wrists...
I hang her on the hook of the ceiling, because the room wasn't too high she was able to stand on her toes and therefore keep her ballance. "I need my punishment master"
I replied by grabbing the whip from the cupboard and i turned towards her ass, "are you ready to receive it now slave?" I asked while she turned her ass towards me..."Yes master, i am ready..."

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