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New Year’s Kiss From My Mother in Law

We went and stopped at the in-laws for the New Year and they took us out to a New Year’s Eve party at the local hotel. It was a wild affair with daft party games and silly dancing for a good part of the night with plenty of alcohol flowing.
It was during one of the games I realised how flirtatious, Jane the mother in law had became. She and the wife had to thread a string down my arm, up my trouser leg, back down the other leg and back up my other arm against other groups of three, in a race.
The wife was on her knees threading the string up my leg when I was taking by surprise and the mother in law entered the top of my trousers with her hand, fishing about for the end of the string. It was more than the string she felt while in my trousers, let me tell you.
I’ve thought about the mother in law a few times in a sexually way, she’s fifty four years old, five foot six, size ten to twelve maybes with nice size tits, certainly bigger than her daughters and dark shoulder length hair. She looks sexy in her little black party dress tonight and has plenty of cleavage to show.
After that, her chat became more of a sexual nature while we danced. It was when we were doing the conga dance things intensified. The chain was long with the wife and father in law in the middle and we were on the end snaking around the hotel. It was in one of the empty conference rooms Jane broke off from the chain as it left the room.
“I want a new years kiss from you” she said and shut the door
Jane turned around while I was still holding her waist, ran her hand through my hair and pulled me on to her lips. Her mouth opened and our tongues fought a merry dance, her other hand was now on my bum pulling me tight in to her body.
I reacted and slipped my hands on to her bum and felt that she had on suspenders; my cock was hardening all the time and pushing in to her crotch. By now I was giving as good as I was receiving and dry humping the mother in law’s crotch.
We heard the conga come passed the door again and we broke our kiss off, joining the chain again after it passed.
After the conga had finished, Jane excused herself from the table, wanting the ladies. It was when she came back she handed me something under the table, it was not hard to work out what it was she had giving me as I felt the small lacy material and she give a wicked smile.
I had my mother in law’s panties in my hand, all warm from just being taking off, while my wife and her father talked opposite us. Jane ran her hand up my leg and took hold of my throbbing cock through my trousers as she made small talk with her daughter.
Midnight came and the four of us hugged and kissed each other before singing the Auld Lang Syne song with every one else while I still had Jane’s panties in my pocket.
The night now finished at the hotel we headed back to their house, the wife linking arms with her father and me with my mother in law.
“Hold on I forgot my scarf” Jane said not far from the hotel entrance
“Leave it for tomorrow” her husband said
“No, I need it now, I‘m going back”
“I’ll come with you mom” said my wife
“No you take your father home”
“Will you go back with her Tom” asked my wife to me
“Course I will”
We headed back through the gates of the hotel and up the long winding drive until the wall ran out, then Jane pulled her scarf from her pocket
“I wanted to get you alone” she said
I sort of knew what she wanted but how far would she go with her daughters husband. She pulled me behind the wall and back down behind big gatepost and out of sight from the hotel drive. We kissed madly as I undid her coat buttons and she unzipped me.
Jane pulled my manhood out in to the cold night air, rubbing me frantically back and forth, as I pulled up her little black dress. It wasn’t long before she had my cock and her hand smothered in my pre cum wanking me off while I ran my hand up the inside of her leg, feeling her lacy stocking top and her suspender clip holding her stocking up.
Her bare leg was warm, spilling over her stocking top and she instinctively parted her legs, giving me full access to her hairy fanny. I had her big hairy fanny rubbing up and down in the palm of my hand and had my fingers sliding against her wet lips, they easily opening up as I pushed a couple inside my mother in laws needy cunt. Jane trembled in the moon light and breathed in sharply as my fingers filled her hole
“Are you alright”
“It’s been a while, god it feel good”
I could feel her humping my fingers, getting more excited by the minute as two fingers turned in to three, making a wet sloppy noise. She kissed with passion as we both panted for breath; it was a fast and furious finger fuck that made her squeal out as she came.
Her fanny muscles nipped tight on to my fingers as a flood of her juice escaped from inside, coating my fingers as it ran out on to my hand.
“I want to taste you cock” she said
Pulling off my fingers and still holding my cock, she dropped to her knees, kissed my pre cum coated cock end before greedily taking it in to her mouth. Her tongue flicked around the back of my bulbous cock end, licking and sucking like there was no time to waste.
“Jane I going to come”
This made her hurry up, bobbing back and forth on my shaft as her other hand pulled my bum tighter in to her face. There was no escape as my cock let go and cum came pumping out in to my mother in laws mouth. I held her head thrusting my cock in and out of her mouth faster as she swallowed it up. Fuck, she knew how to suck cock, just like her daughter, if not better.
I pulled her up off her knees, kissing and licking her cum soaked lips of my cum. I needed to taste her soaking wet fanny and dropped to my knees. Lifting her dress up with one hand, she parted her legs and pulled my head in to herself with the other hand. She tasted wonderful like sweet honey as I licked her lips and she pushed herself on to my tongue. I licked and sucked her till I felt my cock bobbing up and down, all hard again.
“Do you want me to fuck you” I asked with a mouth full of hairy fanny
“Fuck yes, Take me from behind” she hollowed
Jane spun around and dropped on to all fours, I lifted her coat and dress up along her back and unbuttoned my trousers. She was going to feel the full length of her son in laws cock, once I had my boxers down. My cock found her love hole straight away and she let out a strained moan as it started to fill her cunt.
“Shit that’s feels fucking big” she screened
“Should I Stop?”
“Fuck no, I want it all”
Jane pushed back as hard as I pushed, filling her cunt full, she was wet and sloppy but tight at the same time
“Fuck me, fuck me”
I held on to her waist, her lacy suspender belt tight in my grasp frantically thrusting in to my mother in law, her moaning and panting making me want to fuck her harder and harder.
“Fuck I’m coming” she shouted “Squirt it in me”
I rode the ass off her, her wetness making a wet sloppy noise as I pushed in to her. So little time from filling her mouth full of cum, made me last that little longer until she was begging out for me to fill her cunt.
I came with one almighty explosion and held tight on to her waist with my cock deep inside her.
“I coming, I‘m coming again” Jane screamed
“NICE ONE” someone shouted over the wall and there was a fit of giggling as they walked away
We stopped still panting, listening as the voices faded, Jane’s fanny muscles in spasms on my shaft, milking it of its newly made cum
“Fuck I needed that” she whispered
The chance of being caught furthest from her mind at that moment, I pulled out, my cock deflating with every second then noticing how my knees were wet with the grass. I stood up, pulling my trousers up and then pulled Jane up to her feet, her knees and hands wet with mud.
“You better have these back” I said as I give her, her knickers back
I steadied her as she pulled them up each leg before she kissed me again
“We don’t do it any more now, he can‘t get hard” Jane said “Thank you, it’s our secret”
We straighten ourselves up and set off back around the wall after seeing it was clear of anyone. Coming in to the street lights made it obvious that we had been on our knees all covered in mud.
“We tell them that I took you on a short cut across the lawns and we fell over because of my high heals”
My wife and her father was still up having a coffee when we got back, the excuse of falling over was received very well and off we went to bed for the night, but I can not wait for tomorrow Jane has plans of us again.

The End

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