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Chance Meeting

I met her in an hotel bar in Harrogate; I was there on business she was there for pleasure. We started chatting at the bar simply because no-one else was there and maybe we both felt a little lonely. She was an attractive woman much older than me at that time in fact she told me she was 68 which I claimed must have been untrue as she looked much younger. She was flattered and quite honestly that was the idea.

We talked for ages about f****y and work, her name was Eva and she had been a company director and was there because she was selling up one of her outlets in the local area. I asked what she sold and she told me women’s underwear etc and personal items, intrigued I asked her to expand and she told me that her shops were a little like Anne Summers. I asked if she used the goods herself and she told me with a grin that she always tested new products. We drank and chatted until the bar closed and then we went out separate ways to bed, asking her how long she would be there she answered all week, so I said ok may see you again and she smiled and said I hope so.

The following evening I got to the bar early and asked the barman if he had seen the lady that was there with me last night and he said he thought she had gone to the pool a few moments ago. I drank up and went off to see were the pool was. It wasn’t too hard to find and it even had a viewing gallery where you could sit and watch the pool – I guessed for parents to make sure little Tommy was ok. Anyway the pool was empty but I sat down anyway just to see if she would show. Five minutes later Eva entered the pool area from the changing rooms, she had on one of those fluffy towelling robes supplied by the hotel, she gave a quick glance around and saw the pool was empty but she didn’t look up to see me sitting there.

I watched as she slipped the robe off, she was wearing a very skimpy swimsuit in black cut very high in the leg and barely held in her massive boobs. I had not noticed last night how huge they were mainly because it’s rude to stare at the tits while talking but now I could see they were fucking huge. She also had a very fit body for her age a little over weight but curves in the right places. In fact seeing her there like that was getting me hard and making me with I had packed my swimming gear.

She walked to the pool edge her tits bouncing as she did, the straps on her suit didn’t look strong enough to hold the weight and the fabric strained but they stayed harnessed. She got in the pool, she still hadn’t noticed me, and started to swim to the end of the pool below the viewing gallery. She stopped and turned to face the other way and adjusted the swimsuit making sure she was covered; from where I was I could see right down her ample cleavage. She put her hand inside and readjusted her left breast so it sat comfortably and I swear she stroked her nipple as she did it. My cock was now hard as rock and I was seriously considering going down there and just swimming naked!

She swam away again and I watched her as she slowly glided through the water to the other end, when she got there she turned again and readjusted her top just as before then struck out again for my end of the pool. Before she reached my end the door to the changing room opened and in came a couple of black guys, both well built and fit looking they both stood there watching her swim then both got in the pool and swam after her.

She reached my end of the pool and turned and once again readjusted herself but seeing the two approaching swimmers made more of a fuss doing it. None of them had seen me staring down at them. The two guys reached her and both said hi she said hi back and they chatted for a while. I kept back a bit so as not to be readily seen I could hear the guys flattering her telling her how good she looked in her swimsuit and not believing her when she told them how old she was.

She swam away from them both to the other end leaving them chatting to themselves, I listened to them and one said what a good fuck she looked while the other wondered if she had ever been blacked. They laughed and kicked out from the edge swimming away towards her. She waited until they almost got to her then swam back up to my end of the pool. – She did the same again adjusting her swimsuit and then she leaned her head back and looked straight at me smiled and winked. I smiled back and she lowered her head looking down the pool. She then took the top of her swimsuit and pulled the fabric outwards giving me a full glimpse of her wonderful breasts flinging her head back again and this time blowing me a kiss.

My cock was straining in my pants as I watched her wait for the two black guys to return. They swam up to her and asked if they could have a look to. She asked what they meant and they said that they saw her flash of her tits to me. I could see her hands move up and her thumbs hooked into both flimsy straps and she slowly pulled them down allowing her big breasts to fall out of her swimsuit.

Without asking each of the guys grabbed one each and moving in on her clamped their mouths around her succulent looking nipples – she threw her head back again and looked straight at me smiling her eyes closed allowing them to feast on her. She grabbed the back of their heads and directed then to her sensitive nipples.

The two guys were now standing up as the water was only 5 ft deep and they were supporting her in the water still feasting on her nipples her hands still pushing their heads hard onto her now swollen breasts. They allowed her body to float up and she was now lying on her back supported by her new lovers.

One of the guys moved away from his task and watched his friend sucking – I could see he was rubbing his cock underneath the water and it looked huge like a long length of black rubber hose. Just then the door to the changing room opened and a couple of young women walked in, the three below me quickly rearranged themselves and thankfully the two new arrivals didn’t see any thing of what had been happening.

The two guys swam off to the other end leaving her alone panting and definitely horny – I could see her nipples were rock hard under her swimsuit and she looked at me as if she was on another planet. I smiled and blew her a kiss she smiled back and mouthed bar five minutes. I waited and saw her get out of the pool, the two black guys were now lavishing their attention on the two newcomers and hardly noticed her get out of the pool and disappear into the dressing room.

I went back t the bar and waited for her, she arrived 15 minutes later looking flushed and embarrassed I asked what was up and she said ‘what do you think of me after seeing that?’ ‘It looked very sexy’ I replied ‘I behaved like a slut – it must have been the swimsuit!’
‘Well I have to say the swimsuit was very horny.’ ‘Glad you liked it’ she said smiling ‘but I shouldn’t have acted in that way – it’s not like me at all’

‘Well you must have some deep rooted desires that you have maybe forgotten.’ I said ‘Maybe she said – maybe.’ ‘Go on tell me – would love to hear.’ ‘Maybe one day – right now I need a drink’

I got her a drink and we sat down in the corner and continued chatting and I kept on about what she had meant earlier and eventually she told me.

A few years ago she met a black guy who was very well endowed and she always imagined what it might be like with two such guys, when she saw the two in the pool she just thought about how she missed her black lover and when they paid so many compliments she found herself unable to resist.

‘I was very pleased when those two women came in’ she said. ‘I wasn’t’ I replied ‘it was just getting interesting. One of the guys was rubbing himself under the water and he looked massive.’ ‘Really OMG I didn’t see that’

‘Well I did and I thought you were going to get a good seeing to’ ‘Oh you sound disappointed’ she replied. ‘I was – but of course if you were uncomfortable with it then I am pleased to that they came in’

‘Bless you – you are very sweet and I have to say that they really did get me going in there.’ ‘I could tell’ I smiled. ‘How?’ ‘Your nipples were hard and your breasts were swollen’ she blushed so I asked ‘were you wet?’ ‘Of course I was I was in the pool’ she laughed.

‘You know what I mean. I bet your juices were flowing thinking about big black cock.’ ‘Would you have liked to watch them take me?’ ‘Yes very much’ I replied. She blushed again so I said ‘I think you are a very sexy attractive woman’ ‘thank you’ she said.

At that moment the two black guys appeared in the bar – they saw us and gave a wave then headed to the bar. ‘Do you want me to go and speak to them?’ I asked ‘About what’ she said. ‘Well about maybe joining us with a view to fucking you.’ ‘Yes…yes please’

I went over and caught the guys at the bar – introduced myself and asked them if they would like to join us, they both said yes so I went back and sat with Eva and waited for them to get some drinks. When they got to the table they introduced themselves, as Andy and Steve and they were b*****rs twin b*****rs in fact.

So we all got chatting and Andy and Steve both apologised to Eva for what happened in the pool, ‘oh don’t be silly ‘ she said ‘I was flattered by your compliments’ Andy told us that the two women were their girlfriends and that they had popped in on there way to Zumba classes so they had now left.

‘Did they see anything?’ asked Eva ‘No’ said Andy ‘nothing at all. But we both enjoyed playing with you in the pool Eva it was a real turn on.’
‘What an old bird like me when you have those lovely young ladies.’ ‘We both like older women and to be honest we are both thinking of dumping them.’

‘Hope it was nothing I did’ piped up Eva ‘No No not at all but as I said most enjoyable fancy a second round tomorrow same time?’

‘That would be lovely’ she cooed ‘but I was maybe hoping you would want to come back to my room and we can get more comfy there.’ Steve smiled and said ‘Wow Eva that would be great.’ And turned to me and asked if I minded. ‘Why should I Eva and I have only known each other 2 days, as long as I can come and watch and take pics.’

‘That’s settled then’ said Eva reaching under the table to squeeze my thigh in thanks. ‘Look guys can you give me 15 minutes alone in my room before you all come up – a girl needs to prepare.’ We all nodded and she told us to be outside room 215 in 15 and got up and walked to the lifts.

‘So you haven’t fucked her yet man?’ asked Steve ‘No not had the chance mate.’ ‘God she was hot in the pool earlier Steve said he managed to slide a finger into her pussy while they were playing, ‘Good muscle control’ he said.

We waited for the allotted 15 minutes and then headed for her room, standing out side I knocked gently on the door, it opened almost immediately. Eva was standing there with a housecoat on and once we were all in the room she quickly removed it showing us all what she was wearing.

Well to be quite honest not a lot, she was almost naked her breasts were completely exposed she had an amazing figure for her age and she had on a black pair of high cut briefs a suspender belt holding up patterned nylons and high heel black shoes. Around her neck she wore a set of pearls and she had long black gloves on – the effect was astounding and we all stood there in all no one making the first move.

Eva came over to me and kissed me on the lips, she snaked her arm up and held my head in her gloved palm pushing her tongue deep into my mouth. Then she held me close I could feel the warmth of her naked breasts through my thin shirt. She whispered into my ear ‘Still want to see me get fucked by these guys?’ ‘Yes – more than ever’ I replied ‘It wont put you off me’ she cooed in my ear. ‘No – it wont at all’.

She kissed me again I, and I guessed she could hear Steve and Andy removing clothes and she seemed to tremble as she kissed me. Her other hand moved down my body and found my bulge, her eyes widened and she smiled and said ‘If I perform well will you fuck me afterwards’ ‘wouldn’t have it any other way I replied.’

She squeezed my cock stroking it through my trousers – Steve came up behind her and started to kiss her neck and run his hands over her back, she trembled again as she felt his hard cock rubbing her as he moved in closer. I looked over to Andy who was just removing his last piece of clothing to reveal the largest cock I had ever seen, and he wasn’t even fully erect.

Eva arched her back and reached over her head to grab Steve’s head and pulled him down for a kiss, her breasts were now right there in front of me and I took a nipple in my mouth and sucked on it hard. Steve reached around and grabbed the other breast and pulled and teased at the nipple all the while deep kissing her. I let go reluctantly of her nipple and stepped back taking in her sexy body black hand squeezing her swollen breast.

I moved away completely and signalled to Andy to take my place, he had been standing there wanking his cock and was now rock hard. I estimated him to be at least 11 inches and maybe 7 inches around – an awesome looking tool. He moved in and took my place and Eva stopped kissing Steve to welcome Andy, she started to kiss him and her hand went straight down to his massive cock. I could see her physically tremble as she closed her gloved hand around his massive tool.. She broke from the kiss to look down as if she didn’t believe what she was feeling and when she saw she cried ‘holy shit baby’ Andy just grinned and pushed her face down towards the monster.

At that point I noticed that Eva had left her camera out on the bedside table so I went over and picked it up – it was a Cannon EOS SLR digital so I switched it on and started to take a few pictures.

Eva was now bent over kissing and licking at the enormous cock and trying to suck on it, Steve was still behind her and had bent down had moved the thin fabric of her pants to one side and was licking her pussy expertly. His cock was now also fully erect and although not as large as his b*****rs still a considerable size.

Eva was pushing back onto Steve’s face and I could see his tongue pushing in and out of her swollen pussy. I got the camera up and zoomed in to the action thought the lens I was up real close and took a few shots of his tongue lapping away, then I moved down the other end to see Eva now sucking at least the first few inches of Andy’s huge cock, She was wanking him into her mouth and I took some good shots of her so close you could see her saliva covering his hard shaft.

Steve stood up and grabbed Eva’s flimsy panties and pulled them down and helped her out of them than he stood behind her holding he hips and positioned his cock at her pussy entrance. He didn’t just plunge straight in he took his time and rubbed the head of his big cock over her pussy lips massaging her clit, I looked through the camera and zoomed right in and saw his cock head getting wet from her cunt juice flowing out.

Eva was trying to push back onto him wanting to feel his cock inside her but he continued to rub it back and forth over her sensitive and swelling clit. The all of a sudden he grabbed her hips and plunged deep inside her, she gasped and let out a cry as she stopped sucking on Andy. She spread her legs a little to give Steve better access and went back down and started to suck hard on Andy’s huge member.

Slurping noises were now coming from both ends and after a few minutes she again came up for air and whimpered as her first orgasm hit her, she kissed Andy on the lips still wanking his cock and sighed as Steve plunged even deeper inside her. She shuddered through her climax and then went back to sucking on Andy’s’ cock.

Andy was now pumping her hard working up to his own orgasm, her huge tits were swinging back and forth I reached under her and felt one of the hardened nipples. Then Steve moaned and pulled out of her splashing his cum all over her arse and back, she moaned in disapproval at her cunt now being empty but I could see she really wanted to get Andy’s cock deep inside her.

She stood up and directed Andy to the bed and got him to lie down, Steve had slumped on a chair his cock limp but showing signs of recovery, Eva straddled over Andy on the bed facing me and smiling broadly. She rubbed the tip of his huge cock over her wet and swollen clit. I moved in with the camera and got some good close ups. She then slowly sank down on his whole length – I could see her cunt lips stretching wide to accommodate him and all the time I was snapping away.

Once fully impaled she rode him like a porn star, I could see by the look on her face that she was enjoying it immensely – she called out to me and told me to strip as she wanted something to suck while she fucked. So I put the camera down and slowly stripped off revealing my own huge hard on. She smiled as I climbed on the bed and offered it to her to suck on, and wow what a blowjob. My balls were full and I knew it wouldn’t take long for me to cum.

She wanked me furiously into her mouth and once again climaxed on Andy’s cock then I felt my cum rising and I tried to pull away but she held me firm, I tried to indicate that I was about to cum but she just kept sucking me until I exploded down her throat. She gagged a little but swallowed it all and licking me clean.

I moved away and grabbed the camera as Andy pushed her over so and positioned her doggy style and started to pump his huge cock in and out of her. He kept pumping for what seemed ages until he groaned and started to pull out. Eva cried ‘No don’t you black bastard fill me with you cum’ – so he did.

We all collapsed after that and Eva had a second turn with Steve who had recovered then we all got dressed and went back to the bar for a farewell drink.

Andy and Steve left with a promise to return tomorrow and Eva and I went back to bed for unfinished business…

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