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Dildo Scavenger Hunt

(Based on True Events)

I was 17 at the time, male and Bisexual. All that was on mind was Dildos, dildos, dildos. I was to embarrassed to walk into a sex shop and buy one, because i'm a guy, and i'v never used a dildo before. I knew what sort I wanted, small and not too thick. Something simple and easy to hide, because I still lived with my f****y. I'v used my fingers, toothbrushes and even a sharpies before, but they just didn't hit the spot.
I remembered as a k** just going into puberty, snooping around my mothers bedroom. Surprised to find a stack of porn. And a giant purple dildo. I will never forget that.
Well a few years down the track, being comfortable with my sexuality and all, I decide to pursue my dreams of using a dildo for the first time.

I waited till everyone was out of the house so I could go searching for a dildo in my mothers bedroom. Once everyone one was gone I was ecstatic, excited to get my hands on a toy. I began with the night stand. I knew this is where mum kept her personal things. So I started rummaging through all the magazines and books to find the massive purple vibrator. At this point I was disappointed because it was so big and overwhelming, I wanted a small simple dildo. I continued my search in the large walk in closet. There were shoes, clothes and boxes everywhere I knew there had to be more toys somewhere. I searched through so many boxes, but i finally came to a pink, silk velvet bag. I recognised it from a sex store down the road because I have seen people walk out of the store with the exact same bag! At this point I was so excited to see what was awaiting me. I Opened the pink bag and to my surprise I found two large dildos, one black and one skin coloured. I was also shocked to find a leather whip! I though to myself "Mum you kinky b**st". That's beside the point. I kept rummaging through the velvet sack only to find the perfect toy for me! It was about 5 inches, slim at the tip but grew thicker down the shaft of the dildo. It was hard plastic, skin coloured. And what's even better I later discovered it was a vibrator! I replaced the battery and it was working like a charm. I went to the bathroom and washed it thoroughly with disinfectant, after all it was my mothers. I slipped the dildo into one of my socks and hid it in my drawer until everyone was asl**p. Now it's time for the waiting game......

It was roughly 1.30am and I was sure everyone was in bed asl**p. I stripped down naked grabbed my new dildo and hopped under the covers. I have a cum rag down the side of my bed for masturbating, I grabbed it and laid it flat on my bed I hopped on top of it ready for and awesome night. I slowly sucked on my dildo sliding a few inches down my throat every once and a while, I even gaged once! This got me so hard I couldn't resist anymore, I had no lube so I rubbed a generous amount saliva around and in my tight virgin ass hole ready for penetration. I gave my toy a good suck for good luck, and I began. My legs where spread under the sheets, I took the tip of my dildo and made subtle circular motions on my moistened man cunt. I decided to plunge it into my firm ass, the sensation was unbelievable. I slid it as far as I could, I just left it there until it slid out by itself. I wanted more so I turned the nob at the bottom of my toy and it started vibrating, hearing that vibrating sound was so soothing, it got me so excited. I felt the pre-cum oozing out of my hard veiny cock, I scooped it up with my index finger and lapped it up. I re-lubed up my ass with my saliva and began the penetration again. The vibrating sensation deep in my anal cavity made my back arch and toes clench, I bit down on my lip to stop my self from moaning and waking the whole house up. I started vigorous motions, in and out, in and out. This went on for a while loving every second. Massaging my dick and balls made the moment so much more intense, the climax was building up, and finally I painted my face with my salty goodness. I lapped up every drop, I was truly satisfied I wiped up excess cum with the rag, and fell asl**p with a smile ear to ear.

(This is my first story I hoped you enjoyed it tell me what you think and I will write more xox)

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