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How a girls hosed legs started their power over me

Penny in 1st Grade pushed me down then stood straddled over me in her brown tights and short skirt. she ran her pointed toes over my chest and I couldn't move even though nothing stopped me from raising up. Her arched foot started running along side my face and I froze in fascination . I did not understand why. When heard the teacher come she put her shoe back on and walked off.
In second grade the girls chased us boys and put us in jail. Jail was when they f***ed us down and put our heads between Glenda's panty hosed legs while she was standing. Glenda was tall and developed for her age. Her legs were shapely and she always wore these shiney blue pantyhose. She would squeeze our heads and look down and pull her hair. The feeling of those silky thighs on the cheeks of my face and sometimes my neck made me feel powerless. I didn't know why but I liked it. Glenda got in trouble a few days later and carted off to the office. Us boys didn't understand what she was doing wrong. She was way ahead of her time.
In Third grade I was hanging on the monkey bars when Julie, also hanging, threw her hips up toward me and wrapped her lithe legs around me in an attempt to pull me down. she squeezed my mid section between her legs and I was going to let go and drop but I looked down and saw the sunlight reflect off her black tights and I could not let go. She started to wiggle in an attempt to shake me off but I liked being trapped too much. I heard a high pitched mew come from her as she squeezed and squirmed and ,thinking back, she was getting off. I finally dropped.
After some rest I went back up and let her do it again and kept going back until the recess bell rang. We were both late to class. This went on for a long time as long as we were alone. Sometimes she would wrap her legs and arms around me while I hung on for both of us. she would squeeze lovingly while locking me between her smooth legs and I got so good at supporting both of us that I later broke the pull up records all the way up through high school.
This went on for a long time until she moved away.
Some girls learn at a very young age how much power their legs have over us men. Many know how certain hose legs can have a hold on us and it's not fair but I wouldn't have it any other way.

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