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Big Butt Milf

I really don't know what it is about my bottom that drives these teenage boys insane. I get cat calls and I get funny facial expressions any time I walked past the teenage boys in my neighborhood and it feels really weird to me. I'm a white female and on the average we are normally not endowed with big butts but in my case I have a very big butt and tits which makes me stand out from the others, my husband is a fan of my tits but not into my ass he said he would have preferred them moderate not big sized but they wasn't much I could do about it.

I'm a five-foot-five woman and I weighed around one hundred and forty five pounds, yes I'm a thick woman with a big tit D cup to be precise and a lot of ass. I am married with one son who I had when I was nineteen years of age, I'm now 35 years old and my son is in boarding school. I work part time since my husband's income is enough to cover our bills and other aspects of our lives. I just hate being idle that's why I took the par-time job. I work two days in the week while my husband works Monday to Fridays and sometimes weekends to cover up urgent work load. On this particular afternoon I was having my normal relaxation routine by my pool with my shorts and bikini bra on reading my novel and drinking wine when one of the teenage boys in my area named Trey sent his friend who I have never seen to give me a parcel that was delivered to them when I was at work the previous day. Trey is the only black k** in the my suburban neighborhood and his parents are both working and most of the times they were barely at home. He hangs out with the other white k**s and is always happy to help people with any domestic chore. I was surprised when I saw the the almost six feet three well built chocolate hulk walk into my backyard he should be in his early twenties and I got up and walked towards him and said

who are you?

He replied don't be scared I won't bite Trey sent me to give you your parcel

I smiled and asked if Trey was paralyzed and he give me a smirk and said Trey is fast asl**p from the drowsy tablets he took that he has fever. I then replied sorry and he should make to care of him, all these while he was starring at me like I was naked, anyway I was half naked but he was using his gaze to take off the rest of my clothes. I found myself blushing because it's been a while I have had such attention since my husband prefer having sex with his work than me. an I managed to take the parcel from his hand and asked him his name and he said Travis and told me I had a beautiful smile and I blushed turned to walk away when I felt a hand grab my hips and another grab my ass squeezing it hard for few seconds I just moaned before I managed to utter the world 'what are you doing' and he replied me saying holding unto the wonderful things of life. I managed to pull away from the grip and stormed into my house walking towards the kitchen when I felt a set of hands on my shoulder and I shoved them away and he said I'm sorry if I came up too fast but its hard to control a urge with a plump ass like yours. I just starred at the floor for a minute before I summoned up the courage to look him in the eyes and said, do you realize I'm married and he smiled and said that is the more reason I want to fuck your brains out.

I just shook my head and was walking away when he held me and said I have a thing for married females and he immediately grabbed my tits squeezing them hard and all I could do was moan. Seeing my reaction he turned me over and pushed me to the wall, he started kissing my neck, grabbing my tits and slapping my juicy ass and my pussy started getting wet. He f***efully turned me over and with one motion ripped off my bikini top taking my tits in his hand pressing so hard that it hurts, damn it felt so damn good, I just moaned while my pussy dripped like a water fall. He lowered his mouth taking a taut peak of my nipples and sucked them like his life depended on it. Seeing how wet I was he quickly took his cock from his shorts , pulled my shorts down and he jammed it into my dripping wet cunt raising me up against the wall and started ramming my pussy so damn hard and fast, he fucked me like he hated me and all I could do was take it like the cheating slut I have become few minutes ago. I moaned/screamed in pleasure pain as my body adjusted to the rough pounding I was starting to enjoy so damn much, he slapped my tits and violently kissed my neck as he assaulted my pussy. My body started to shiver like an earthquake as my orgasm violently took hold of me, he pounded harder seeing this and when I have finished cumming put me on my knees and he told me to suck him off.

I took his cock and start moving it between both my hands hard and fast as he moaned holding my head in place, I took it into my mouth and I started sucking the tip while I stroke the shaft with my hand and squeeze the balls with the other hand. I removed my hands from the cock as I start licking from the head of the cock to the base of the shaft licking the balls along side, I immediately took the whole cock into my mouth sucking it hard while he holds my head in place, after few mins I feel him pulsating I took him further into my mouth as the head of his cock slammed the back of my throat he then exploded filling my throat up and I swallowed as much as I can.

I was just standing up to gain myself back he offered to eat my pussy and he got to his knees and I stood over his head with him under my legs he ate me for another twenty minutes and I came twice. I was about leaving to fresh up when he pulled me back and said what attracted him to me in the first place is that round juicy ass and I can't just leave without getting a piece of it and what he said surprised and I asked how do you intend to do that because I felt an ass is off no importance apart from squeezing, slapping and starring which he has done all three. He looked at me and was like don't you know what I mean? I said no tell me? he said I want to fuck your ass and I was shocked and he said yes I want to spread those ass cheeks and stick my cock in the hole in-between it and fuck it so hard that you can barely sit well for a week. I said you mean my? he said yes your asshole, anus, shitter, shithole,shitbox, poop chute, backdoor call it whatever you like, I want to bury my cock in it. He said why do I think men are attracted to my ass and I said I wouldn't know and he said because they want to fuck it that its hot to fuck a butthole with the meaty ass cheeks in display and I said wow.

He pulled me closer and told me to get on all four which I did, he starred at my ass in awe while I turned round to look at him. He squeezed them hard and released them. He groped one of my ass cheeks taking them in his hands but his hand couldn't take it all since it was huge. He spread my ass cheeks and apart and starred at which I think will be my anus with amazement. He smiled and released my ass cheeks then spread it again lowering his head, he flicked his tongue across my asshole, yes it felt good but I moaned more in surprise than pleasure. He started flicking his tongue over and over again across the rim of my asshole till he settle on it and he started licking it spreading my ass cheeks wide apart as he starts licking from my ass cracks to my asshole till he starts using is tongue to dig deeper into my asshole, I kept moaning in ecstasy. He started tongue fucking my asshole while using his hand to rub my clit and I came hard again. He replaced his tongue with his finger and I didn't feel any sort of discomfort, he then added another digit and he started fucked my asshole hard I felt pain but he wasn't slowing down and he added the third one I screamed but all he did was slap my ass cheeks and rub them while he violated my pooper. He took out his finger and he spat on my hole and on his cock he placed the head in the entrance of my asshole and started to f***e his way into it but my sphincter showed lots of resistance and he slapped my ass cheeks once and he pushed it in way harder and my pucker hole popped open accepting the head of his cock ,my asshole was burning with discomfort, it was so tight that the walls of rectum squeezed the head of his cock and this drove him insane and he pushed harder into my ass balls deep, he waited for a few minutes giving me time to adjust to this unfamiliar invasion.

He pulled forward to maul my tits he then released them and he also used his hands to rub my clit moved from there then he slapped my ass before he started moving in and out of my asshole slowly. He told me to hold on for the grumpy ride and he then picked up the pace and started moving in and out of my asshole hard and fast with his balls slapping against my pussy. I started screaming so damn loud and for once happy I have a a compound far from other people's houses. The next house from mine is about 300 yards away, he pounded my asshole without mercy pulling my hair and slapping my juicy ass cheeks hard. Take it big booty whore that was what he said to me as he tore my rear end up and after few minutes into my anal assault I started to enjoy the violation. "Oh yeah, baby fuck my big meaty ass and um...cum in it too!" i moaned with need and pushed more. "YOUR cock is in! Oh fuck harder ! harder!" I started screaming, I felt my entire body jerk and tense up. Hearing me say all this he lost it, he slapped my ass and bent over to pull my nipples hard mauling my tits while I licked my lips and he then climbed on top of me and started jack hammering my asshole putting all his weight on my juicy ass cheeks and he literally destroyed my asshole. He pounded so hard and fast that he his laps where cushioned by my ass cheeks while his balls slapped my pussy, I started to cum hard seeing this he pushed me unto the floor with my tummy against the floor and pounded my asshole harder till I finished cumming slapping his weight on to of me, he roughly pulled me up again on all fours and started plowing my ass hard as he started to climax, he started pumping my shithole full of cum, after he finished cuming he kept pounding my arse hard till his cock soften and he fell on top of me squeezing my big bottom and slapping it. His cock went softer and eased out of my asshole. He left to check up on Trey while I cleaned up the mess but life was never the same for me again. I loved cock hard up all my three holes with tongue and fingers in my pussy and ass.

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