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Horny Santa

I had been out of work for about 4 months due to redundacy, applying for everything from road sweeper to shop assistant. I had applied for store Santa way back filled in a criminal search form and sent it off, really forgetting about it. I had a letter stating I had got the christmas job as store santa in a very posh department store in the city, I was very pleased as it was the oppertunity I needed.

I went for some trainning usua; stuff ho ho ho and had you been a good c***d all that crap and the suit, I had a run as it some shop girls offered to be thr k**s, I sat in my grotto as the first girl came in she sat on my lap, and said my lines, I smelt her scent and got up her ass moved slightly it was cute as she left, second one came in and sat on my lap and wiggled on my cock, it twitched as it firmed up as she wiggled a bit more.

She got up smiled and left, the 3rd arrived and saw the lump and sat softly on it, pushing down on my now hard cock whispering i would love what was in my sack, kissed me on the cheek and said thanks santa. I practised on a few others and decided to call it a day, the girl that had wanted to have that was in my sack was waiting outside, as we chatted she asked if she could have her present early as she had been a very good girl this year.

I led her to a small room and went in as I held and kissed her feeling her pussy that was soaking wet, she said O santa give me your gift, as I bent her over, and pulled her panties down smacken her bum making her moan, I got my cock out and slid it in her wet slit, she moaned as my thick cock pushed her lips wide. I moved slowly as she groaned begging santa to deliver as I exploded in her tight hatch, she stood up and knelt down sucking my spent cock dry, she thanked santa and left.

The job went well christmas eve arrived and the store shut for christmas, the manager said that it had been a complete success and would I be willing to deliver presents to the owners c***dren tonight doubling my wages for the month, I agreed as he handed me the keys given me instructions on what to do and where to go. As i got sorted and drove to the house, with the presents, I let myself in and put the presents under the tree, had my cookie and glass of milk the k**s left, and sat down for a small rest.

I heard noises and someone was comming down stairs it was the owners eldest daughter, she came in the living room saying Hi santa whats for christmas, I could see by the fire light she wasnt wearing much under her nightie, as she walked up saying whats in the sack, I reconissed the voice, it was the one from the store, she confessed to being a very naughty gir that needed Santa to puish her as she dropped her nightie revealing her naked body, my cock sprung to attention.

I removed my outfit porting a cock that would brake stone as she knelt down sucking it, I held her head as I fucked her mouth a slurping sound as my cock left her mouth, she lay infront of the fire as I got inbetween her legs licking her sweet pussy as i slid my cock into her wet hole, she groaned and wrapped her legs around my waist as I thrust forward her beautiful shaped tits with stunning hard nipples moved with the f***e as she said she was cumming I said i was as well, as I pumped huge streams of cum into her sweet hole triggering a wave of orgasms in her that made her shudder with pleasure.

I got up and dressed saying that santa had punished her now and had made her a very good girl again as I spanked her bare ass saying if she was naughty again I would have to put her across my knee to make it all better, as she heard this she re opened her legs and rubbed her pussy saying she was ever so naughty, I sat down and told her to come over, I bent her over my knee and spanked her bottom as she begged for more until she orgasmed squirting jucies from her pussy, she thanked me as I left with a nice cheque in my pocket and a satisfied cock that had pleased a sweet pussy.

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