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My daughter, Sarah, just turned 14. She's a slutty little bitch with
baseball sized tits. Her cute little butt is a perfect handful. I guess I
should correct her foul mouth, but I don't. I dream of her talking dirty
when the day comes that I get to fuck her. She's probably already fucking
her friends; both boys & girls. Whenever they come to our home, they always
go to the basement & get real quiet whenever I walk in. If they only knew
how much I'd like to be there when they get nasty.

Sarah would usually wear the sexiest clothes at home; low rise jeans that if
they were any lower you would see her little pussy, t-shirts that she cut
off to expose the lower part of her cute little tits, cutoff shorts that
were so short her round little butt was peeking out, loose fitting tops that
have extra large arm holes so you can look thru & see her whole tit. My God,
she's fucking sexy! She makes make cock stir and she knows it. The little
bitch sees me looking at her & she'll smile and smack her ass as she walks

I decided I was gonna set her up & maybe blackmail her. I had some time
alone, at home, so I bought a few spy cameras and put them in our basement
clubroom. About 2 weeks later, Sarah had some of her friends over and they
went to the basement as usual. Oh man, I couldn't wait to see what they were
doing down there.

I had to wait until the following week to watch the video, but it was worth
it. The party consisted of my daughter, Sarah, and five of her friends.
Lindsay, 14, Sue, 13, Bob, Stan & Eddie. The boys were all 14. Lindsay asked
Sarah, "Are you sure your Dad won't be coming down here?"

"No", said Sarah, "He knows better. Mom has already given him shit about
spying on us".

Lindsay immediately took off her t-shirt & yelled, "Alright! Who wants to
suck on some 14 year old tit?!?"

My cock got hard at that. Lindsay's tits are beautiful and she's yelling for
someone to suck on them! I was expecting to see the guys jump her, when
Sarah who was standing next to her, lowered her head to Lindsay's left tit &
sucked it. One of the guys, Bob, I think, got behind Sarah and held her by
her hips as he ground his bulging jeans onto her ass. Sue & Stan came over
to Lindsay and, together, they removed her shorts. Lindsay was wearing thong

Sue told Stan, "Finger fuck her, Stan. You know the little slut loves it. I
had her cumming on the school bus, this morning. I thought the girl sitting
next to me was gonna shit when I opened Lindsay's jeans & slid my hand into
her panties to finger her cunt. I think the girl was enjoying it more than
she let on. When I brought my finger up to my mouth to lick it, that little
bitch had her hand down her own shorts & was fingering herself".

My cock was so hard from watching this that I had to strip off my pants and
stroke it. These k**s are fucking hot!

As Sarah was laughing at this and sucking on Lindsay's tit, she reached in
back of her to feel Bob's hard-on thru his pants. "Get naked, Bob", said
Sarah, "I wanna stroke your big fucking cock for ya".

As Bob took his clothes off, Sue did the same. I thought I was going to cum
right then when I saw Sue naked. What a fucking wet dream that girl is! Her
tits are little bit bigger than Lindsay's and a perfectly round 13 year old
ass. Just a slight bit of hair on her pussy.

Lindsay reached down to push her panties down. Stan helped her to take them
off. She put her hands on either side of Stan's head & pulled him into her
dripping pussy.

"Eat my fucking cunt", she panted, "Fucking eat me you bastard. Make me
cum!!". Stan's tongue was in her pussy as far as he could get it. He was
eating her teen pussy like a pro.

Lindsay was loving it. "Oh yeah! Lick my pussy! Suck my fucking cunt!!"

Not be left out, Sue was sucking on Lindsay's other tit. "You like that don
t you, you fucking little slut bitch? You like Stan's tongue in your wet
pussy & getting your tits sucked?"

All Lindsay could say was, "mmmmmm, yes!!".

Then, she began to pant, "Ooooooo, I'm cumming! I'm gonna fucking cum. Keep
sucking on me, you guys. Oh shit, fuck. CUMMMMMMMING!"

Sarah & Bob stripped off their clothes while Sue held onto Lindsay. My
daughter sat on the sofa & motioned for Bob to come over. He stood in front
of her with his hard cock pointing at Sarah. She just smiled & opened her
mouth. Bob took a step forward & put his hard dick in my 14 year old
daughter's mouth. You could see her tongue action on his cock as she sucked

She took her mouth off of his dick long enough to say, "I love sucking hard
cocks. I can't wait to taste your cum. Don't fuck around, Bob. Shoot your
big fucking load in my mouth". She put his cock back in her slutty sucking

Bob was fucking her mouth, now. "I'm gonna cum. I'm cumming in your fucking
cute little mouth, you fucking whore bitch!!". Sarah grabbed his ass cheeks
to pull him in as far as he could go. He was shooting a load in my daughter
s mouth as I was stroking my hard cock. He was going nuts as his cum shot
into her mouth. I was wondering if she was going to swallow or spit.

What she did next made me shoot my load all over the floor. Sarah raised up
enough to kiss Bob with his load of cum in her mouth. You could see both of
their tongues in action swapping his cum back & forth. My daughter is more
of a slut than I had ever dreamed. I was loving it!!

Eddie had stripped off his clothes as he watched the action. He had been
sitting on the couch while the others had fun. He knew that his turn was
coming. He was stroking his hard teen dick, but was saving his cum for
whoever wanted it. He didn't have to wait long. Sue came over with a huge

"That's a good lookin' hard-on you got there, Eddie. Wanna stick it in me?"
He didn't have to answer. He held out his arms & Sue climbed on top of him.

Sarah, who was sitting next to Eddie said, "Alright! I love to watch you two
fuck. Lemme play with your tits while you fuck him, Sue".

"Shit yeah", said Sue, "Put his fucking cock in me". Sarah was more than
willing, but she had to suck him first.

Sue shouted at her, "Hey cunt, don't make him fucking cum before he gives me
a good fucking!"

Sarah rose up to suck on Sue's tits. She then fed her own tits to Eddie as
Sue fucked him.

Stan led Lindsay over to the couch & they sat on the other end. Before
sitting, Lindsay gave Bob a tongue kiss. "Just checking to see if you had
any more cum in there", she grinned.

"There might be a drop or two left on my dick", said Bob.

"Hmmm, didn't think of that", said Lindsay. She got on her knees & put Bob's
soft cock in her mouth & sucked lightly to get the remaining few drops of
his cum.

Lindsay sat next to Stan who was stroking a super hard-on. She laid face
down towards the three naked, panting k**s at the other end of the sofa.
Lay on top me, Stan, and fuck the shit outta me while I play with these guys
. Stan had no trouble putting his hard cock in Lindsay's horny, wet pussy.
OH MY GOD! Stan, you're fucking hard cock feels so good in my pussy. Fuck me
now. Fuck me hard. Fuck me real hard!" Stan did just that. He fucked her
hard & fast.

My daughter looked down at them, "Lindsay, I love the way your tits move
when you fuck. That's it, Stan. Fuck the shit outta the bitch. She loves it,
don't you?!? Cum in her pussy, you bastard. Cum in her so you & I can eat it
out of her".

Yeah", panted Lindsay, "Cum in my fucking cunt, you bitch fucker. Fucking
cum in me!! Sarah, suck on my tits while he fucks me. Hold his balls. Fuck
me you cum licker!! Fuck me hard!!!!"

Stan's cock was ready to shoot. "I'm cumming, Lindsay! Take my fucking load,
you slut bitch!!!

Lindsay & Sarah were shouting together, "Yeah, shoot your fucking hot load
in that pussy!" Stan came a bucket load. Sarah told Lindsay to lay on her

"Hey Stan", said Sarah with a sexy grin, "Get down here with me & let's eat
your cum outta her pussy". The two k**s sucked on Lindsay's cunt for what
seemed like forever. They slurped up all of the cum they could and then they
kissed to swap Stan's hot cum back & forth.

Sue & Eddie had been steadily fucking. Sue decided she wanted to be ass
fucked, so she moved to the carpeted floor & got down on all fours. "Get
down here, Eddie, and fuck my ass".

The others sang out, "Yeah!, we wanna see Sue get her ass fucked. Let's all
play with her while Eddie fucks her ass".

Eddie got behind Sue with his hard cock in his hand. Lindsay crawled over to
him, "Here, bitchboy, lemme get your cock nice & sloppy wet for her ass".
Lindsay gave Eddie such a sloppy sucking that spit was rolling down his
balls and onto the floor.

Eddie said," Put my cock in that hot teen asshole & watch me fuck her".

"I'll put your dick in her ass for you, but then I have other plans for this
slutty bitch".

As Eddie started to fuck Sue's ass, Lindsay laid down in front of Sue with
her sexy legs spread open, "Here, slutbitch, eat my fucking pussy while you
get ass fucked". Sarah came over to Lindsay & sat on her face while facing

"Lick my cunt, you sexy bitch. Lick it 'til I cum all over your fucking face
. My God, what a scene.

Sue was moaning & screaming, "FUCK ME! FUCK MY ASS! FUCK IT HARD YOU SON OF
A BITCH! OH YEAH, FUCK MEEEEE!" My daughter was getting her nut off on Sue's
tongue, "I'm cumming on your face you fucking cunt slut bitch. Yeah, keep
sucking my pussy you whore cocksucking slut. I'M CUMMMING!!!"

Eddie couldn't take any more. "I'm gonna cum in your asshole, Sue. Oh shit,
here it cums, you cunt whore bitch". Eddie held her hips tight & fucked his
cock into Sue's asshole hard & fast. "Oh my God, that was a good cum". He
pulled out of Sue's ass. His cum was dripping onto the floor.

"Oh man, don't waste it", said Sarah as she was coming down from her cum,
Stan, Bob, get your asses over here & clean up her asshole".

Shit", said Eddie, "I'll get in on that, too". Holy shit, I thought I had
seen it all until now. There they were. Three guys licking Eddie's cum from
Sue's asshole. Then, the three teen boys tongue-swapped the cum between them
Damn, that was hot. My daughter liked it, too.

She was yelling at them, "Oh yeah, that is so fucking hot, you guys. Swap
that cum between you. Yeah! Love it!"

Sarah was so hot she went on. "Hey, that gives me an idea. Eddie needs a
little break before he can get hard again. So, I wanna see you two guys suck
each others cocks". Bob said that they haven't done that before.

Sarah said, "So what? Us girls lick & suck each other. You guys like to
watch that shit, right? So, we wanna see you guys blow each other. Suck each
other's hard cocks until they shoot a load in your mouth."

"Oh what the fuck", said Stan, "We've done all this other shit. I've kinda
wondered what it feels like to suck a dick. Let's lay next to the girls so
they can get a good look". Bob & Stan got into a 69 position.

Lindsay said, "No, fuck that. I wanna see you guys make out first".

"Yeah!", the other two girls shouted, "I like it. Great idea. Kiss each
other & bite necks & rub each other all over".

Bob said, "Sure, ok. What the fuck". The two 14 year old boys made out in
front of the naked teen girls.

They hugged, tongue kissed, rubbed each others chests & stomachs, played
with others dicks & balls, bit lovingly on each others necks. You would have
thought they were for real homos instead of some young teen boys just
fucking around to please the girls. They seemed to be enjoying doing it,
none the less. Stan was first to get a hard cock in his mouth.

"Not bad", he looked up and said, "I can see now why the girls like sucking
cock. It feels kinda neat". They laid & sucked each others hard dicks as the
girls watched & cheered them on.

"Oh yeah, look at them giving each other a blowjob. That is so fucking hot.
Now I know how they feel when they watch us girls sucking each others tits &
pussies. Come on, girls, let's play with them".

The three naked teen girls got down on the floor with Stan & Bob. They
rubbed their tits all over them. They played with the boys' balls. They
sucked their nipples. They jerked off the cock as it was being sucked. The
boys were going nuts. Sarah must have known they were about to cum.

"Don't swallow each others cum you cocksucking bitches. Share it with Eddie"
When Sarah & Lindsay stuck a finger in the boys' assholes, they couldn't
take any more. They both shot their hot cum loads at the same time into each
others' mouths. They crawled over to Eddie.

"Open up, bitch", said Sue. "The boys have a present for you". Eddie opened
his mouth. Stan & Bob dribbled their loads of hot cum into his mouth. "Okay,
you guys, I want to see you tongue kiss together". The three boys seemed to
like it. They were moaning as they sucked each others' tongues and swapped
the cum back & forth.

"Hey, you fuckers", yelled Sarah, "I'm the only one who hasn't been fucked
yet. No Fair. Shit!".

Just then, the tape ran out. Shit! Fuck! I wanted to see my sexy, slutty 14
year old daughter get fucked. Damn it! Oh well, I thought, I'll have to wait
until next time.

For the next week, I was home alone only twice. I played back the video &
had a hot jerkoff. Damn, I wanted to get in with that group. I figured, fat
chance, but maybe I could at least get some action from Sarah, one day.

A few days later, I was sitting at the kitchen table dressed in boxers & a
t-shirt. Sarah asked if I wanted a cup of coffee. I said, "Sure babe. Thanks
. She was wearing shorts (and I mean SHORT) and that loose baggy shirt with
the big arm holes. When she put the coffee cup in front of me, she bent down
more than was necessary. I was looking thru the big armhole of that shirt &
staring at her delicious little tit. When she turned her head to me & gave
me that slutty grin of hers, I lost it. I reached up and cupped her tit &
played with it. INSTANT HARDON! Her little 14 year old tit was about to make
me cum in my boxers. I couldn't believe what the little slut did next.

She yelled, "Mom!, Dad's playing with my tit!!". I pulled my hand away, but
said nothing.

My wife, Joyce, came in from the living room. "Sarah, honey, what do you
expect, darling? You've been flaunting your sexy little sluttiness around
your father until he couldn't resist you any longer". Holy shit, my wife
called Sarah a slut in front of us. I'm now wondering where this is going.

Joyce continued," You may as well not even have a shirt on at all. We can
see your sweet little tits just as plain as day with that shirt".

"Do you really think they're that little, Mom?"

"Oh sweetie, you're just 14. They'll get bigger. Don't you think her tits
are cute, dear", she asked me.

I swallowed hard and managed to say, "Uh, yes. They're nice".

"I can't wait for them to get bigger, Mom. Will they grow faster if someone
sucks on them?"

Joyce gave her a hug and said, "I don't think that's true. I've heard that
massaging them will make them grow faster, but I don't know if that's true".

"Really, Mom?" Sarah reaches under her shirt and plays with her tits.

"Sarah, honey", says Joyce, "you shouldn't be doing that in front of your
Mom and Dad".

"Why not? You both have seen me naked plenty of times. Maybe not lately, but
who cares?" Just then, Sarah pulled her shirt off and threw it on the floor.
"There, that's better", said Sarah. "You said I may as well not be wearing
this shirt. Now we can figure out how to make my tits grow bigger".

My cock was straining in my boxers. My 14 year old daughter is topless and
standing just two feet away from me. Joyce picked up Sarah's shirt and said,
"Put this back on young lady! And, good grief, stop playing with your tits
in front of your father!!"

"Why, Mom? You think Dad will get excited looking at my tits? Oops, I guess
you're right. He's got a hard on and it's sticking out of the pee hole in
his boxers".

Holy shit! Sarah was right. I knew my cock had been hard ever since I saw
her tits when she leaned over me earlier, but I didn't realize that it was
in the open.

"He's got a nice cock, Mom".

Joyce was a bit flustered, now. We have always been more than open with
Sarah, but this was a bit extreme, Joyce was thinking. "Yes, he does, honey.
It's only natural for a man to get excited under these kind of circumstances
John, don't you think you should put that away?"

"Aw Mom. This is fun. Why don't you take off your top, too. Then, we'll all
be showing something together."

"I don't think so, honey. That just wouldn't be proper."

Sarah walked over to her Mom & put a hand on Joyce's left tit. "You're not
ashamed are you, Mom? You have nice tits. I hope mine are nice like yours
when I get older". Sarah continued to play with her Mom's braless tit as
Joyce tried to regain some composure.

"Uh, Sarah, I really don't think this is a good idea".

"Doesn't it feel good, Mom? Your tits feel nice". With that, Sarah shocked
the living shit out of both of us when she raised her Mom's shirt & sucked
her left tit while playing with the right one.

Joyce was so taken back that she was speechless until a slight moan escaped
from her lips. "You like that, don't you, Mom?"

"Oh baby, yes I do. God help me, I love it!"

That was my cue. I couldn't just sit there any longer. I got up & walked
around the kitchen table to Joyce & Sarah. Joyce was now playing with one of
her daughter's tits while Sarah continued to suck on her tit. I kissed Joyce
& told her I love her. Then, I bent down to suck on Sarah's tit as her Mom
played with the other one.

This was one hellava scene. Mom, Dad and daughter pleasing each other in the
kitchen. Joyce & Sarah were both moaning obscenely. Sarah took the next step
and rubbed Joyce's pussy thru her shorts. Joyce was gasping, now. "Oh my God
Sarah honey, you're gonna make me cum!!!"

"Do it, Mom. Cum for me!"

"Oh Sarah, you are such a little slut!"

"Yeah, Mom. You love it. Tell me you love it. Tell me you like what I'm
doing to you."

I instantly remembered what I heard on the video and I said, "Yeah, Joyce,
tell our slut bitch daughter how much you like having her suck your tits &
stroke your pussy. Sarah, take your Mom's shorts off and make her feel

Sarah gave me a strange look, but then said to Joyce, "I want you naked, Mom
I'm gonna eat your fucking pussy until you cum like crazy!"

All Joyce could muster was, "Oh Sarah". Sarah loosened her Mom's shorts &
pulled them down to her feet. Joyce stepped out of them like she was in a
daze. The panties came off with the shorts. Joyce removed her top
voluntarily. She's now standing in our kitchen completely naked with her 14
year old daughter eating her pussy. I had to get in on this. I left Sarah's
tit and moved over to Joyce. I played with one of her tits & sucked on the
other. Joyce was going nuts.

I looked up at Joyce," Feeling good, hon? Is our daughter doing a good job
on your pussy? Does her tongue feel good in your cunt?" Joyce could only nod
her head & moan.

Sarah was really getting into it, now. "Hey Mom, I'm eating your fucking
pussy. Your daughter is running her tongue all over your juicy, hot cunt and
you're loving it! Hey, Mom, watch this".

Joyce looked down just in time to see Sarah reach over to me and grab my
hard cock.

"He really does have a nice cock, Mom. Dad take those boxers off so I can
play with your balls, too." My boxers hit the floor.

"Hey, Dad, after we make Mom cum, I'm gonna suck your big dick".

Joyce couldn't take any more. She cut loose, "Oh my fucking God, I'm cumming
I'm cumming in my baby's mouth!! Don't stop sucking my pussy, Sarah. Use
you fingers to fuck my cunt. Oh yeah, I can feel your fingers fucking me!!

Sarah got up and gave her Mom a loving tongue kiss. She asked her Mom if her
pussy tasted good. "Oh yes, my little slut daughter. I bet your little pussy
tastes good, too".

"You can eat my pussy, later, Mom. Right now, I'm gonna give Daddy a blow
job". Sarah got down in front of me & looked up. Somehow, I think she
suspected that I knew about her and her friends in the basement. She said,
Tell me what you want, Dad. Tell me all about what you want your slutty
little girl to do".

"I want you to suck my fucking cock you little fucking slut whore. I want
you to suck it until I blow a hot fucking load of cum in your mouth. Then,
if you're good, I might even fuck the living shit outta you".

I heard Joyce gasp. Sarah looked up to her Mom with my hard cock in her hand
and said, "It's ok, Mom. I want Dad to fuck me. I want him to fuck my pussy
& my asshole. I want him to fuck me hard. You can play with me & suck on my
little tits while he's fucking me". Sarah took my cock in her mouth & sucked

I looked over to Joyce, "Honey, our daughter is sucking my hard cock. Her
fucking little tongue feels so good on my dick. She even knows how to play
with my balls while she's blowing me. I'm gonna blow such a hot fucking load
of cum in her mouth".

Joyce was dreamy eyed, " I can't wait until later. I wanna taste my baby's
pussy, NOW!"

I laid down on my back, Sarah laid on her right side so she could reach my
cock & balls. Joyce got down between Sarah's legs and kissed her thighs and
flat little tummy. She then moved up to Sarah's tits & sucked on them. Joyce
then kissed Sarah on her cheeks & neck as she watched her daughter suck my
cock & play with my balls.

Sarah held my cock up to her Mom, "Wanna suck, Mom? Wanna suck on Daddy's
dick? Come on. I wanna see what you look like with a big ole hard cock in
your mouth". Joyce did it.

She sucked me as Sarah chanted, "Oh Mom, you are such a fucking slutty cunt
whore bitch!! Getting naked with your husband & 14 year old daughter.
Letting your daughter eat your hot cunt & make you cum like crazy. Sucking
on your daughter's tits & loving it. Laying over top of your naked daughter
& watching her suck your husband's cock & now you're blowing him while I
watch YOU! WOW! Next I wanna watch you get fucked & fucked hard".

Joyce handed my cock back to Sarah. "I am, baby. I'm a fucking slut cunt
bitch just like you said. John aren't you glad that Sarah teased you & got
you to feel her nice little tit? She really knows how to suck your cock good
I can't wait to see you fuck her. I want her to watch me get fucked, too.
Mmmmm, look at that little bitch suck your big hard cock. I wonder if she
sucks her friends' dicks, too." Sarah stopped blowing me for just a second.
I thought she was going to tell her Mom about her friends, for sure. I guess
she figured that could wait.

Joyce had worked her kisses down to Sarah's pussy. "Oh my baby. I'm gonna
eat that fucking little slut pussy of yours until you cum all over my face".
Joyce then stuck her tongue into our daughter's cunt & sucked it. Sarah
moaned all over my cock. I knew I wouldn't last much longer. Joyce was doing
a good job on Sarah's pussy. Our little 14 year old cunt daughter was
fucking her Mom's face.

She broke away from my cock & screamed, "Mom! EAT MY FUCKING CUNT!!! STICK

That did it for me. The cum boiled out from my balls and I shot a huge, hot
load of cum into my daughter's mouth. "Joyce, I just shot a load of cum in
our daughter's mouth!!"

Joyce looked up from Sarah's dripping pussy. Her pretty face was covered
with pussy juice. "Don't stop, Mom! Please don't stop eating my pussy. I'm
real close. Fuck me like I did to you. Oh yes! That's it. Fuck & suck my
fucking cunt". I tongue kissed Sarah. We kissed hard as her Mom was makin'
her pussy cum. Sarah still had most of my cum in her mouth. We swapped it
back & forth.

"You like the taste of your cum, Daddy?" I just gave a grunt and kept on
tonguing her. Both of our faces & mouths were a cum mess. Just then, Sarah's
cum hit her.

FUCK ME......FUCK ME......FUCK MEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!"

When Sarah finally came down from her cum, the three of us licked & sucked
the cum from each of our cum soaked faces, necks & chests.

"Do you like the taste of your cum, Daddy?"

"Not bad," I said.

Sarah just smiled at me. Hmmmmm, I wonder if she wants to watch me suck a
dick and have it cum in my mouth (?). Joyce just looked at me funny. I
scooped up a little of my cum that was still dripping from Sarah's tit & fed
it to Joyce.

She grinned & said, "Yep, you're right. Not bad". Then, Joyce fed me some of
my own cum from her tit. I wonder if Joyce wants to see me suck a dick, too?
Hey, if the k**s can do it, what the fuck. Why not?!?

We just laid there, exhausted, on the kitchen floor for about 30 minutes. We
just stroked each other's body parts here & there. After a while, Sarah
sighed, "I REALLY need to get fucked with a big cock up my pussy".

Joyce kissed her. "I wanna see that, too, you sexy little slut daughter of

The next several days were uneventful. Oh, we would feel each other up a
little, but that was about it. The three of us did shower together. That was
fun. Oh yeah I did forget something. I must be getting old.

In the shower one day, I was soaping Joyce's & Sarah's tits and I got a
hard-on. Sarah smiled at her Mom, "Mommy, I want Daddy to fuck me right here

Joyce asked me, "Are you up to it, darling? I'd really like to see you fuck
the little slut".

My daughter bent over & held onto the shower rail. "Put his cock in me,
Mommy. Please, Mommy. I need to get fucked!"

Joyce reached around Sarah & took hold of my hard cock. She used the other
hand to play with Sarah's hot little ass. My wife guided my dick to her
daughter's pussy. "Fuck the bitch, John! Fuck the living shit outta her!
Here, slut, lick my fucking cunt while your father fucks that hot little
pussy of yours".

"I will, Mommy. I want to make you cum, too". Sarah held the rail with one
hand so she could use the other to finger fuck her Mom. I was fucking Sarah
from behind as she ate her mother's pussy & fingered her.

"Our little girl has one HOT pussy, Joyce. Baby, you are one HOT fuck for a
14 year old!"

"Oh yeah, Daddy, fuck me. Fuck me hard & make me cum all over you big cock.
Oh Mommy, Dad's a good fuck!!!"

"I know, sweetie", said Joyce. "He really knows how to please. This is so
fucking hot. My husband is fucking my little slut of a daughter & she's
eating my cunt. Oh God, yes! I love how you finger fuck my pussy while lick
me, baby. Oh shit, I'm gonna cum already!".

"Me too, Mom! Dad is fucking me sooo good".

I held Sarah tightly by her hips as I fucked her harder & harder. "I'm gonna
cum, baby. I'm gonna come in your fucking cunt!!"

Joyce was screaming, now. "Do it! Cum in her! Shoot your hot fucking load in
her slutty fuck hole!!"

Sarah was thrusting her pussy hard on my cock. "Daddy fuck meeeeeeee!!! I'm
cumming!!!! CUMMMMMING!!!!!!!!"

I shot my load Sarah's tight little pussy. I really nailed my bitch daughter

"Mom, Dad, I want you two to eat Daddy's cum outta my pussy. Please, I want
to watch you two get Dad's cum in your mouths & eat it". Joyce & I got under
Sarah. Joyce sucked her daughter's pussy. When she had a mouthful of cum,
she kissed me & passed the cum to my mouth. After awhile, the three of us
were tongue kissing & swapping cum.

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