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Sissy Butt Licker Ch2

I left the office at noon, and headed over to Steph's place. I got there, and she let me in, wearing only a robe. There was porn playing on her tv and by the smell of the place, I'd say she was in the middle of one of her marathon masturbation sessions. We sat on the couch and she asked if I'd lick her bum while she finished jilling herself. After I replied yes, she layed down on the floor, belly down, put a pillow under her midsection, propping her ass up, and reached under herself to frig her clit. I got down behind her, spread her bum cheeks apart and licked the whole length of her dirty ass crack. She hadn't taken a shower yet, and her butt was pretty ripe with sweat, pussy juice, and the woody taste of an unwashed ass! I held her cheeks apart as I tongued her big brown pucker, and was getting very turned on by the smell and taste of her stinky ass, as well as the fact I could feel her frigging off and smell her wet pussy! I rimmed her for quite awhile, so long in fact, my jaw was beginning to ache. As she started to cum, she yelled at me to stick a finger up her ass, which I did, sinking it up to my knuckle. I could feel her asshole spasming around my finger as she orgasmed very hard, and very long! When she was done, she rolled onto her back and layed there panting. She then motioned me to come over to her and offered her stinky fingers for me to suck clean. When she was satisfied I had licked up all of her cunt juice, she had me lick my own finger clean of her ass juice. She got up and went for a shower, leaving me sitting on her couch. When she came out nude, she walked over to her kitchen table and rummaged through a clothes hamper and got dressed. She asked if I could take her to lunch and then work, I agreed and we went. The conversation was decent the whole time, we shared more about ourselves besides our sexual preferances and when I dropped her off at work she asked if I could pick her up at 11pm. I said yes and she kissed my cheek and took off.

I arrived at Steph's work at ten to eleven, and at five after, she walked out with a bunch of others, and as the group dispersed, I realized she was walking with another girl. Steph got in and her friend hopped in the back. She was younger, maybe late teens, early twenties at the most, and had pink hair, piercings, tats, and was dressed punk rock! She was tiny, had a nice little ass, and from what I could see maybe a-cup titties. Steph introduced us and said her friend was going to her place. I drove up and Steph said thanks, and after her friend got out and was walking towards to apartment building, Steph told me to go straight home, log onto msn and wait for her, then she ran after her friend and I drove off.

I got home, and went straight to the computer, logged onto msn, and waited. After about twenty minutes, Steph logged in, and sent a video call request. I accepted and she quickly told me to unplug my microphone and no matter what, don't message her! I then seen her walk away and realized she had taken her laptop into her room, and I could clearly see most of it on cam! Steph was still in her work clothes, and when the punk rock girl came in, so was she. I could hear them talk as clear as day, and watched to see what would happen next. They were talking about work, and I could see her friend start to undress. Steph sat on her bed and when "pinky" was down to her bra and panties, stood and walked over to her. She embraced her and they kissed, hands roaming all over each other, Pinky, undressing Steph. When Steph was nude, she stood back and Pinky started licking her nipples, and playing with her pussy. She slowly worked her way down Steph's body and ended up kneeling in front of her eating her pussy. Steph was rubbing Pinky's head, grinding her crotch into her face. After a few minutes, Steph started to shake and as she came, her knees buckled and she sat down on the edge of the bed, Pinky never missed a beat and just followed her down, eating her cunt to completion!

Steph fell back onto the bed, her legs hanging off the end, and Pinky climbed on top of her, straddling her belly, and leaned over and kissed her. As they kissed I could see Steph rubbing Pinky's tight little ass, and she was working her white cotton panties into the crack, rubbing them against her bumhole. Pinky finally broke the kiss and straightened up, telling Steph she was starting to loose her buzz. She got up and left the room, returning with a bong. After they each took a hit from it, they layed on the bed facing each other talking. Steph asked Pinky if she was ready and she replied, dreamily she was, and got into a doggystyle position on the bed. Steph got behind and again tucked her panties into her ass crack and rubbed them up and down the length, before taking them off. She told Pinky that she was going to keep them for later and tossed them up onto her dresser. Then she got behind Pinky again and started rimming her firm tiny bum. As she licked Pinky's shitter, Steph reached under her and started rubbing her clit. Pinky was really enjoying herself and after a few minutes of rimming, flipped over and spread her legs wide open, allowing Steph to dive right into her crotch and bring her to orgasm.

They layed beside each other catching their breaths, before Pinky got up and grabbed the bong, taking a hit and handing it to Steph. She told her that was another amazing session, and grabbed her cell phone out of her pocket and called someone to pick her up. After getting off the phone, Pinky again joined Steph on the bed and they kissed, and caressed each other for a good ten minutes. Pinky finally got up and left the room, comming back a minute later wiping her face with a towel. She then got dressed, minus her panties, and they both left the room.

I of course had already came, actually when Steph was rimming Pinky, and had cum on Steph's panties that I had grabbed the first night I was there. When she came back and turned her screen on, she saw I was still on cam and asked how I liked the show, I showed her, her own dirty panties, freshly stained with my cum! She laughed and told me she had figured I had grabbed them, as she couldn't find them, and told me to bring them with me the next day when I picked her up. She then explained she had met Pinky (actually her name is Lisa, and she is 19) at a temp agancy, and that it was actually her that got her into the place she was at now. She said she had invited Lisa over for drinks one night after work, and when she saw all the porn posters asked if Steph was a lez. She explained she was bi, and Lisa then told her that so was she. Nothing happened that night, but Steph said a few weeks later, they had gone out to the bar and after Lisa had a fight with her boyfriend, ended up back at her place, and one thing led to another............and now they get together at least once a week for a hot sex session. Steph told me Lisa's boyfriend just thinks she goes there to get high and relax and hang out, and has no idea his girlfriend is a carpet muncher! Steph then told me that she told Lisa about us, and even showed her pictures of my little dicklette, and the ones I sent to her phone of me wearing her pink thongs, and she thought it was hilarious! She told Steph, she should invite me over one night when they're partying and get me to do a strip tease, and masturbate for the two of them! I told Steph I'd be cool with that, she said she bet I would! We left it at that and Steph told me to put some lingerie on for bed and come back and show her. I did and then she had me lick her dirty panties clean of my cum, before asking me for a ride to work again and telling me good night!

I picked her up the following afternoon, and during the ride, she told me she wanted me to buy some more lingerie and that she wanted me to wear panties all the time. I agreed and dropped her off before going lingerie shopping!

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