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The Naturist Massage

This happened back in 2001 or 2002 when I lived overseas. I had to pass through Miami regularly to go on business trips and due to the timing of flights I regularly had to spend the night there. On some occasions I would deliberately add an extra few days in Miami to relax.

On one such occasion I had spent a large part of the day visiting sites and then sitting on the beach. When I got back to the hotel my legs were hurting and so was my back so I settled down on the bed and read the local newspaper. The adverts at the back caught my attention but I didn’t really need ‘that kind of company’. However, in the personals was an advert for naturist massages by a mature woman. I had to go out again that evening to get dinner as the hotel wasn’t very good so I decided to see if the woman had a vacant slot for a massage.

I phoned the number and asked if she was free that evening (she was for an hours slot at 6pm) and what the massage entailed. She told me it was a naturist massage (both she and I would be naked) and the massage would be for 60 minutes so it wouldn’t be rushed. As I was about to book her, she surprised me a little by saying that I should know that all that was on offer was a massage and nothing else. As I wasn’t interested in anything else but relaxing I booked the hour slot and she gave me her address.

I left the hotel at about 5.30 and walked to the address she gave me. It was an apartment in a high rise so when I got there I had to buzz the intercom and talk to her. When I said I was her 6pm appointment I was buzzed in. I took the elevator to the floor of the apartment and then knocked on her door.

She answered the door dressed in a dressing gown and led me to her lounge. There was quite a good view, partly of the sea and beach and on the lounge floor was a padded cushion (about 7ft long), which looked like it had come off a sun lounger, with towels on top. Next to it was a line of aromatic candles which were alight and some incense burning. I offered to pay her but she told me that she would take the $50 at the end.

She told me to strip off and lie on my front and as soon as I had done by belt on my trousers her dressing gown was off and d****d over a nearby chair. As I continued to strip off she moved around the room naked gathering her oils. As soon as I was nude I laid down on my front and she knelt beside me. I could see her quite large breasts and a well trimmed pussy, but the way she was kneeling I couldn’t see her pussy lips. She warmed up some oil in her hands and gently started to massage my back. Her touch was so light it was wonderful and I was soon very relaxed. Once my back was well oiled she moved so that she was now kneeling over my bottom, sat there so she could put more pressure on my back.

The massage was really relaxing me and I was nearly falling asl**p. Every so often as she moved her hands up my body towards my neck I could feel her breasts slide up my back as well. She then leant forward and started to gently massage my neck. To be honest, I did not feel anything sexual. Her hands were relaxing me and I was being carried away by her touch and the scent in the room.

After about 20 minutes work on my back she turned round and massaged my thighs and lower legs. My legs were slightly apart but she asked for them to be opened a bit wider so she could her hands in there to massage my thighs better. I realised she could see my cock and balls and every so often she accidentally touched either my balls or cock. I was hoping that there was to be no response as I didn’t want to embarrass either of us and to be honest the massage was great.

After a further 10 minutes she asked me to roll of. I was now lying in front of her with my cock on full view, but now I could see her naked body. She came and knelt at my head and told me to close my eyes. She then proceeded to massage my face and head. It was bliss. She then leant forward and rubbed her hands down my chest, and to my surprise her breasts rested on my face, if only for a fraction of a second. She then went to one arm and then the other and massaged them from shoulder to finger tip and to massage my fingers she rested my hand on her thigh. As she moved from one side of my body to the other she had to walk around my head and I opened my eyes and for the first time saw her pussy lips. I also noticed that she had quite a bid of oil on her body as well as she glistened as she moved.

After finishing my arms and hands she knelt at my feet and massaged my feet and toes. I must confess that this tickled a bit and didn’t really relax and luckily it didn’t last long. She then moved my legs apart a bit more than they were and massaged my legs, firstly both the lower parts beneath my knees and then she start to massage my upper thighs. She had now moved so that she was kneeling over my left leg and was massaging my left thigh. Every time her hand reached the top it brushed my cock. I could look down my body now and could watch as her breasts swung as she massaged my leg. I realised that if I kept watching I would end up with a hard on so I closed my eyes and laid back relaxing. As she finished my left thigh, she took my cock in her hand and moved it so it was now resting on my left thigh and not in the way of her massaging my right thigh. She moved to kneel over my right leg and massaged my right thigh.

She then stood up and told me to bring my legs together. When I had done that she knelt over my upper thighs and spread oil over my chest. When I looked at her I again could see her breasts swinging and she saw me looking and smiled, and carried on with the massage. The chest massage was wonderful, with light delicate finger touches. She then moved up my body to massage my shoulders. To my surprise she rested sitting on me, and I realised her pussy was in contact with my cock. Every time she moved forward to massage my upper chest and shoulders her pussy lips ran up my cock.

I was trying not to get excited but it was difficult. I wondered if she knew what she was doing and when I looked at her face she smiled and continued. I couldn’t resist any longer and my cock grew. She feigned embarrassing that she had got me hard but instead of stopping she moved a few more times and then came to a rest sitting so that my knob was point out from between her legs and my balls were wrapped in her pussy lips. She smiled and then moved down my legs. And knelt so that she was sitting over my lower legs. She looked at my predicament and then leant forward and ran her breasts up my body so that cock passed between them.

She looked at me and told me that if I behaved, which meant no touching, there might be a surprise ending to my massage. She moved around so she was now kneeling by my head and then she moved so that she could rub her breasts along my body, across my face and down my chest. What then greeted me was her pussy right above my eyes and she was so open, with large lips. She rubbed up and down my body a few times, each time stopping so that I got a good view of her pussy.

She then moved off me and knelt beside me in the position she was I got a good view up her legs to her pussy. She sat there on the floor and started to massage my balls and cock. She slowly worked my cock for about 10 minutes and then it was too much and I shot one of the biggest loads of my life, all over me, part of the floor and some hit her thigh. She laughed and wiped her hand on a towel. She then led me to her shower and watched as I washed myself down. We chatted and said that she hoped I had enjoyed myself. She then told me that her naturist massages would generally end with a handjob as she felt that this released the last tension in the man after the massage.

I asked if she ever did anymore but she said that she would never fuck any clients. I went back a few more times on other visits but then I was unable to contact her.

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