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Nephews spycam in the spa

My wife's nephew Todd was just going into the 11th grade. His mom and dad had a convention to attend and they asked us to sit for him at their house.
Todd was very absorbed in computers and I thought he was into porn as well. He came home from school the first day and my wife was in the spa. He didn't know i was home, and I walked from our room down the hall and saw his door open. he was sitting at the computer and watching some porn on the computer. I looked in and saw he was jacking off and zooming in and out and changing cameras. I then realized he was watching my wife in the spa room. He was checking out her naked body and her pussy every time she would sit on the edge of the spa. I was getting hard and figured he would never admit he was spying so I may as well confront him now. I walked in and stood behind him and saw he had a good 7 inches and it was real thick. Todd was well built and on the football team. Just as I was getting ready to speak he shot a load of cum into a napkin he was holding and he kept pumping it until he was done. I then said nice show. I bet I enjoyed your show more than you enjoyed your aunt Peggy. He turned around and saw me and before he could even think of covering, I shot a load on his arm and leg. he was frozen and dumbfounded as he began to wipe up the cum. He then looked at me and said i'm sorry unk. I said don't be. I was totally turned on by the fact that your Aunt Peggy turns you on, and by seeing you jack off with that big Cock. I bet she wold like to see you jacking that big cock of yours and then she'd like to fuck you. he looked totally shocked and then he said No way!
I told him i would bet money that she wouldn't stop him from joining her in the spa right now. he looked at me and said really. I told him I bet you $100 that she would most likely suck or fuck you in less than 5 minutes.
He said really? I said go walk in and step into the spa naked with her. He looked like he didn't believe me. I said if you think she will get mad, I will give you a note giving you my permission and then if she got mad you could show her the note. He kept looking at me and I said come on man. I am getting hard again thinking of seeing you fuck her. He said OK write it. I did and he went down to the spa and walked in naked. she looked up at him a bit startled but when she realized he was naked, she figured he must know something. she grinned from ear to ear and said my oh my what have we got here. and as he stepped into the spa she reached out and rubbed his now semi hard cock. I think it was only semi hard cause he was nervous about her reaction. Once he stepped in and she grabbed it he was rock hard. she leaned forward and sucked his cock. I was laughing inside cause it hadn't been a full minute and she was doing as I said. he leaned back and let her suck him as he placed his hand on her head. she sucked for a few minutes and then said how would you like to fuck your Aunt Peggy? He grinned and said Oh yeah. she got on the edge of the spa and let him slide his cock into her and they got into a rhythm of in and out as she cupped his big low hung nuts. She was feeling an orgasm coming on and she rubbed his bunghole as he kept sliding in and out. I was watching and recording the whole thing as they fucked and I was jerking my cock and feeling a cum rising in my balls. Todd said oh yes this is awesome. and then he drove his cock deep and held it there as she drove a finger into his ass and he shreaked out. Fuck that feels good. He came in her and as he filled her with cum she groaned out loud awe Todd you are so big and thick, ummm yes fill me with your young hot cum and kiss me you fucking hot stud. he kissed her and brought on a second orgasm as he let his cock stay hard in her and just held her tight and kissed her. I went down to join them as Todd slid out. She was panting and huffing to catch her breath and so was Todd. I saw her laying back against the wall up on the edge and said spread them beautiful legs for me so I can dig in. she brought both legs up and held them wide and high as I went down to suck on her lips and Todd saw me eating his cum as it dripped down her thigh. I thought I heard a moan out of him but wasn't sure. I ate her pussy and sucked her clit for a while and she began to moan while i got her worked up. I then felt something nudge my cheeks and then I felt it again. it was Todd getting between my legs with his cock and pushing it against my asshole. I let him drive it in a bit before I said ok fella give it to me like you just did your auntie. He said oh hell yes, I plan on it. I continued to eat her as i drove my tongue in, i backed my ass up and Todd pushed forward until his cock entered my bunghole and then I felt a bit of pain and relaxed my ass as i pushed back and took another inch in. Peggy was screaming and held my face tight to her cunt as Todd drove in another 2 inches. I could feel his thickness filling my ass and the warmth of it as he pushed forward a bit more. I was suddenly feeling the head against my prostate and i fired off a volley of cum as he ran it home. I shot five strings of cum and I could feel his balls slapping mine as he began to drive his big thick young uncut cock into me with a vengeance and such fury as he held my hips close to his and lunged upward into me filling me with the biggest cock I had felt in years. He was humping upward and inward with every stroke and Peggy was groaning oh yes, oh yes. Todd was now filling my insides with his hot fiery liquid cum and i could feel each rope of cum as it streamed out filling my bowels with the young hot cum of my nephew. He finished cumming and I was limp against the edge of the spa. Peggy looked down and opened her eyes as she saw a big grin on my face and Todd's. She saw Todd lean over and french kiss me and then he stood up and frenched Peggy as she sat upward. I told them I needed a nap. We all agreed to go up to his bedroom and laid down for a nice rest in his big beautiful king sized bed. Todd was in the middle and he backed his ass up to me as he spooned against Peggy's back. I was too tired to do anymore but knew we had awoken a sl**ping dragon and this was going to be the best week we have had in a long time

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