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Bound to please

Bound to please
My wife Dianne told me she would love to be tied up and used like a slut. I was all for it!

We made plans for a particular night but I didn't tell her I was inviting our friend Gary over. I told Gary that I'd call when the time was right. The night arived and Dianne was dressed in nothing but a black half cup bra, black garterbelt with black lace nylons and black lace crotchless panties. She soon lay spread eagled on the bed with her wrists and ankles firmly tied to the bed's four posts. I slid a large pillow under her ass to elevate her sweet holes for easy access. Then I blind folded her which was a surprise to her but she liked the idea.

Gary had been waiting outside and I quietly let him in. He had bought a few toys for the ocasion and we planned on putting them to use. One was a large realistic vibrating dildo that was made like an uncut cock complete with movable foreskin and realistic balls. It was about 9 inches long and quite nice and fat. We quickly got to work on Dianne.

I got on one side of the bed and Gary on the other. I bent and began licking and sucking on Dianne's nipple closest to me. She moaned softly. Suddenly Gary leaned over and sucked her other nipple into his mouth. Dianne stiffened and jerked against the ropes holding her in surprise. She asked who else was there but I told her it was just another mouth to suck and lick her cunt and a big fat cock to fuck her cunt and ass. We had a few fuck friends so she didn't know who it was.

We took turns licking her pussy, sucking on her cunt lips and her hard clit and fucking her with our tongues till she was soaking wet and panting for breath. Then we got the toys.

We started out small, fucking her with small thin vibrators and 6 a inch dildo. Pumping her wet pussy with one toy then moving on to another. Dianne began to moan loudly and had her first cum with the small dildo in her.

Gary got the big 9 incher ready and I moved up and whipered in Dianne's ear, "If you liked cumming on that you'll love this. " I nodded at Gary and he placed the head of the big dildo between Dianne's pussy lips, rolling it around between them getting it wet and slick. Dianne started moan and then gasped as he pushed the big head inside her wet pink hole. I asked if she liked that and she moaned again and nodded her head yes.

I had Gary hand it to me and I d**g the length of it along Dianne's cheek so she had an idea of what was in store for her pussy. She said it seemed huge and I told her it certainly was, in fact it was going to open her up good! She started to protest as I handed it back to Gary but then he began to feed it's length inside her. He did so with short little pumping jabs working the fat cock right up into her tight hole. She quit talking and stiffened some, then relaxed and began to moan softly as he stuffed it into her.

Gary began to fuck her with it, never giving her more than about 6 inches. I sucked her tits as he fed her pussy the dildo. When she started to cum I nodded and, with the dildo quite slick with her juices, Gary shoved in the last 3 inches! Dianne's body jerked with her orgasm and she came very very hard! As her cum died down she begged to be fucked.

I told her we would fuck her when WE were ready! I had Gary turn the vibrator on in the dildo and Dianne started moaning again right away. We took a rope and tied one end around Dianne's upper thigh, made a loop around the base of the dildo and tied the other end around her other upper thigh thus the dildo was burried inside her and not going anywhere! Then we took her bra off and tied up her big tits making them balloon up with the nipples standing out.

Gary and I fixed ourself some drinks and then began teasing Dianne. The dido was buzzing softly inside her cunt as we talked openly about what we were going to do to her. Now and then we'd brush her body, her cheek or lips with the head of our cocks. Dianne began to cum with the dido doing her and as she came we turned up the speed to max. Her body thrashed agaist her bindings as she came hard. We then turned off the vibrator and asked her if she would milk our cocks good if we stuck them in her? She promised that she would.

She begged us to take the dildo out and stick a real cock in her. Gary slid a small pillow under her head and straddled her face feeding a few inches of his 7" cock into Dianne's mouth. She sucked greedily on him and looked sooo hot with her long red hair flowing out around her head and her lips wrapped around his hard shaft.

I put my face up close getting a good view of her mouth wrapped around his fat shaft. "He's going to fuck your mouth like a cunt Baby!" I told her. She just mumbbled around his cock and he pushed the rest in, the head sliding well into her throat. "Do her!" I told him.

Gary began fucking her throat in long slow strokes. I was facinated watching his dick slide in and out, watching him slide in deep and grind his balls into her chin.

I moved down and got between her legs. I teased her cunt just popping the head of my cock in and out over and over again. I told her that's all I was going to give her. She tried saying something but couldn't with her throat stuffed with Gary's cock. I told him to pull out so she could talk. He did and she begged me to give her cunt all my dick.

I asked if she thought she deserved it? She said "Yes, please I'm a good slut aren't I!" "I said yes Baby you are!" and I shoved my cock hard into her to the balls! Her gasp was cut short by Gary's cock stuffed back into her mouth.

I fucked her slow at first teasing her hole even more. Feeling her pussy suck and grab at my dick. Short strokes, long strokes, keeping her cunt guessing at what was next.

Gary leaned forward over her head and began pumping in and out of her throat in earnest. He was groaning with each thrust into her mouth. The sight and sound made me go wild in her cunt! I began fucking her faster. Long deep strokes. My balls slapped loudly against her ass. Dianne soon came on my dick and Gary, realising it, lost control completely. He shoved the head of his cock down her throat as far as he could and fed her his hot load!

His hips jerked with each squirt shooting out the head of his cock! I went even wilder in her cunt! I pounded her pussy!!!! I drove my cock into her like a piston!!!!! I rammed it up her over and over!!!!!

Garry pulled out of her mouth and began sucking on her nipples, her tit's purple from being tied. I quit pumping just for a minute or so. Dianne almost screamed, "NO!!!"

She began thrusting her hips upwards spearing her cunt onto my cock! I gazed at her face and suddenly saw a trickle of Gary's load run out of her mouth and down her cheek. I rammed my cock into her hard! I let my cock totally have it's way with her, reaming her cunt out with it!

Suddenly Dianne's pussy literaly exploded on my dick with her cum. She bucked against me and I shot my load into her as she came. I came harder and longer than ever before! I filled her cunt with shot after shot of my hot cum!!!

When our orgasms faded I slid out of her. Gary moved down and I spread her pussy open for him. My cum was running out of her as Gary shoved his cock in. He too fucked her hard.

He grunted and gasped, sweat pouring off of him, as he rammed in and out of her cunt. He kept mumbling, "Take it! Take it you sweet slut!" and she did take it!

She had no choice still being tied up. Not that it mattered. She was loving it! Her body bounced and jerked under his thrusts. She came hard again and he kept thrusting away at her. Then finally he came too. He shot his load into her as I whispered in her ear," Like that Baby? Like that strange cock filling you up with hot cum?"

She whimpered as long, "Yessssssssssssss!" as she quivered underneath him.

After Gary finished shooting inside her we took her blindfold off. She smiled at Gary as we untied her. Her pussy was well used and leaking our cum as she sat up. I told her no fair as Garry came twice and me only once. She knew what I wanted and was soon sucking my cock.

I loved watching her lips slide down my shaft to the balls, her wide open green eyes staring up at me. Her mouth rode my cock like a hot wet cunt. Gary grabbed her head and pushed her up and down on me till she sucked out every drop of my cum.

We all rested as we had fucked like never before. We sipped at drinks, Gary and I sitting facing Dianne, her ass perched on the edge of a kitchen chair. She made sure we had a very good view of her cum filled cunt and we watched intently as trickles of our loads oozed out of her pooling on the lip of the chair.

We figured her pussy was going to be sore after such a pounding so I after resting some I had her lay on the table. Her sweet holes the perfect hight to have fun with. We moved chairs to the sides for her to rest her feet on and spread her legs wide open.

I then lubricated her ass with Vaseline and we took turns sliding our dicks in and out of her tight brown hole for a long time indeed. One would just walk right up to her, stuff his cock into her ass and pump away for a few strokes while the other toyed with her tits, now untied and nice to squeeze and suck. Not to mention having fun pulling and tugging on the nipples, stretching them out, making them stand out hard, then popping them into our mouths.

Dianne would toy with who ever's cock was playing with her tits. The one doing her tits had a very good view of her ass taking the other one's cock. We would gently stroke her pussy and clit with our fingers as we pumped in and out of her ass driving her wild.

We finger fucked her good, our fingers slick with all three of our cum. We each had more cums, our's in her tight ass, and then we retired to bed after showering together. Dianne lay between us, her hands holding our cocks gently as we fell asl**p. Maybe next time I'll tell you about the seemingly endless blow job Dianne gave me or Dianne's only gang bang. ;)

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