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Her deepest desire

I pick u up from ur house one very hot n sunny
afternoon.. ur wearing a very light n skimpy
summer dress - very short to show off ur hot
tanned legs.... i can tell by way ur tits move under ur dress that ur not wearing a bra.... as we walk along the street i slide my hand over arse and find that ur not wearing any panties either.... ur high heels are clicking on the pavement as we walk...... ur face is made up so sexily with bright
red lipstick and dark eyeshadow.... a couple walk past us and i can see the guys eyes are on stalks watching the glorious wiggling of ur tits under
the thin fabric - ur nipples clearly visible..... we go
to a local pub and decide to take our drinks to the
patio garden..... there are a few tables occupied
so we sit on a bench.... i motion for u to sit on my lap, which u do with a giggle.... we kiss
passionately - my hand finds ur warm thigh... i
start to stroke ur thigh and slowly slide my hand
under ur dress... my fingers find ur soaking wet
pussy lips - i slide my middle finger between to
seek out ur throbbing clit..... u let out a low moan as i tease it gemtly... i can see that a couple of
young guys on the nearest table are taking a
great interest in my hand movements.... i whisper
for u to spread ur legs.... u spread them wide and
throw ur head back, eyes closed.... the guys get a perfect view of ur wet pussy......
I whisper in ur ear 'you're a naughty girl who
needs her bottom spanked for being such a cock
tease.... bend over my knee!'
u bend over.... ur fine arse and shaven pussy
raised high and exposed to the world.... u feel the
hot sun on ur bum cheeks and pussy lips which adds to ur excitement... i can see ur pussy
glistening with sweet pussy juice - i slide my
finger along it and lick ur juices off my finger...
i ask u 'did u dress sexy today to tease some
cocks?'.... 'mmmm, yes!' u reply...... i spank ur arse
- a loud slap echos around the courtyard... then i stroke ur arse and slide two fingers in ur slick
pussy.... u moan loudly... 'did u fantasise about
making some big cocks stiff and being fucked by
them?'... 'ooooh yes, i love nice big stiff cocks'......
another slap echoes off the walls.... ' in ur fantasy
how many cocks fucked u?'.... 'three!'..... three slaps ring out.... once again i stroke ur arse and
slide my fingers inside..... i beckon the two young
guys to come over.... 'did u imagine them licking
ur pussy and arse, hungry to taste u before they
fucked u?'... mmmm yes i always like a good
licking'...... i point to the two guys and to ur pussy and arse.... they soon get the message and i hear u moan as u feel a strangers tongue probing ur
pussy..... then another gently licking at ur anus.... i
feel u shuuder with pleasure and hear u mutter
'oh fuck yes!'.....g

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