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Meet me at the Hospital

It was difficult not to be excited about where he was going that sunny Saturday afternoon. Her text earlier that morning was all he needed to see; finishing at four, meet me. She didn’t usually work weekends but this time she had no choice, and anyway, it would be good to see the hospital where she worked and it was only a 25 minute drive.

He pulled up beside her car in the car park and text her. I’m here! Seconds later she replied. Coming to meet you at the door. He made his way to the main entrance to see her walking towards him. He’d not seen her in her uniform before; black trousers, black jacket and a dark pink blouse and flat shoes. She still looked good though for 40 with her 5’ 8” slim frame and bob style brown hair. Hi, she said with a big, beaming smile. Great to see you, he replied. My office is this way, down here. Mikes at football today, yes? He asked. Yeah, he won’t be home until about seven, she replied. Good, Sally won’t be home until eight, so we can get a drink later. They arrived at a door and she entered the security code into panel and opened the door. A straight narrow corridor about 8ft long led to another door which opened into a small office with a worktop to the right against the wall with two bar stool style office chairs in front of it. The opposite wall was stacked with boxes and various cabinets. Another door led to a front office with a large window and desk.

Do you want a cup of tea? She asked. Nah, you’re okay, he replied. Just as well, we’re out of milk, she said as she looked in the fridge. I can think of something better than a cup of tea, he said. He pushed her against the waist high worktop and kissed her intently, she responded, grabbing his ass and pulling him into her and rubbing her hands up and down his back as he wrapped his arms around her. I’ve wanted you all day, she said. The phone rang in the front office so she went to answer it. Left in the back office he quickly stripped down to his pants. Upon her return she stopped in the doorway, oh my God! She said. It’s bl**dy hot in here, but do you see anything you like? He asked. She looked up and down his fair haired 6’ 3” frame. He was in good shape for his 47 years. Well you know I like your chest, she said as she gazed at his tight pants and his hard cock bulging inside them. I better lock the door, she said, it’s never been locked from the inside before.

Sit on that chair, he said. She climbed on to it and he leant over and kissed her lips, then slowly moved down to her neck, gently caressing her arms as he did so. He started to unbutton her blouse. Exposing her ample cleavage he kissed down between her breasts, leaving the lower few blouse buttons done up. You taste so good, he said as he licked her skin. Still wearing her trousers, he stood between her legs and rubbed his groin into hers. I could get fired if we get caught, she said. Who’s gonna catch us? He replied, we just won’t answer the door.

He began to undo her trousers and pulled them down, throwing them on the floor. He ran his hands up her legs and kissed them gently on his way up until he got to her black lacy panties. They’re nice panties, he said. I put them on for you, she replied. He moved the crotch over to one side and he gently started to lick her already wet, hairy cunt. Oh yes, she said, that’s it. He stretched her panties over further and slapped his tongue into her as far as he could. She started to rub her clit as he did so. This is what I do when I think of you, she said, I think of you fucking me and kissing me. He pulled off her panties then he stood up. It’s about time my pants came off, don’t you think? He said. She leaned forward, took the waistband of his pants and gently pulled them down as his hard cock bounced out of them; she pushed him back into the other chair and pulled off his pants. She took his cock in her hand and started to stroke it gently, then started moved her mouth down to his cock and started to lick his hard shaft up and down. Then, she moved her tongue over the tip and took his full length in her mouth and began to gently suck up and down. Fuck me, that’s good, he said. He stroked her shoulders as she continued to suck and lash her tongue on his cock. The sight of her sucking him was almost too much for him to bear. I don’t want to cum yet, he said, but fuck me it’s good.

He manoeuvred her over to the other chair and bent her over, her ass in the air as she took her weight on the seat with her elbows. He stood behind her and rubbed his wet, saliva covered cock against her slippery wet cunt. He pushed his cock into her wet hole as far as it would go. Oh fuck, she said, fuck that’s it. He began to pump in and out of her, squeezing her firm hips in his hands as he pulled her onto him, her ass rippling with each thrust. Oh my fucking God this is good, he said. He pulled out his cock to see her wet cunt juice glistening on it and rubbed it around her ass, then slid it back into her cunt, she moaned as he pounded in and out of her, their skin slapping together, him rubbing his hands over her ass and hips as the heat in the room became enough for them both to sweat.
She stood up and turned to face him and undid the rest of the buttons on her now sweat stained blouse and threw it down as he reached around to unhook her bra. He rubbed his hands over her ample breasts as he pushed her towards the worktop. He kissed her lips and slowly kissed down her neck and shoulders, then slid his tongue between her tits, then sucked and kissed each nipple, as she stroked his hair. She hoisted herself up onto the worktop and leaned against the wall, her stomach arched upwards to her tits as her legs rested on each chair. He stood in between her legs and rubbed his cock onto her inner thighs, then rubbed her clit up and down with his shaft, teasing her expectant hole.

She took his cock in her hand and rubbed it against her clit, oh I fucking love that, she whispered; I so want it in me. He pulled away from her and then pushed his cock straight into her wet cunt. Fuck yes, she moaned. He started to slowly pump in and out of her, squeezing her hips as he looked down on her hot, sweat glistening body, her tits bouncing gently with each thrust. She reached up and rubbed his sweaty chest with her hands as he fucked her. He pulled out his cock and a large spurt of cum splashed onto her leg. Oh I love seeing you cum on me, she whispered. He rubbed his cock in his cum then smothered it onto the hair on her cunt and clit, as she rubbed his cum into her. Fuck I love seeing that, she said.

Once again he pushed his cock back into her, energetically slamming into her as the cups and glasses rattled on the worktop; sweat dripping from his brow and onto her hot glistening belly. Oh I fucking love this, she yelped, fuck I love your cock in me. I love fucking you, he said excitedly, I love seeing my cock wet with your cunt juice. I love it too, she said, I’ll make it so wet for you, fuck me hard. Her body cascaded in a wave of orgasm as he shafted deep into her, oh fuck yes, she yelped, oh fuck me yes. I’m gonna cum, he cried. Oh shoot it deep inside me, I want to feel you inside me, she cried, fucking do it.
Sweat pouring from every pore, they fucked each other until they could move no more as their sweat covered bodies collapsed into each others, their arms wrapped around each other, squeezing so tight, hearts pounding and short of breath. She shoved her tongue deep into his mouth and held it there as he responded. Fucking hell that was good, he said. Oh, the best, she whispered. I loved that, you make me so naughty. They hugged and kissed and gazed longingly at each other. What are we gonna do? She asked. I wish I knew, he said, but I know I want you, even if it’s wrong.

Tell you what, he said, that drink is gonna taste great, I am so thirsty. Let’s get cleaned up and we’ll go, she replied, but I’ll never look at this office in the same way again, she giggled.

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