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My New Neighbour 4

I had been fucking my new neighbour on a regular basis for sometime now(See previous posts),basically her husband worked away during the week and she needed a regular fucking(Make that atleast twice a day.I certainly wasn't the only one fucking her).
This particular day we had arranged to meet up after i got back from work.Usually she would leave her door unlocked and i would let myself in.I would generally find her in her bedroom,usually with a dildo between her legs,fucking herself.As i said she was horny as fuck so couldn't wait for me to arrive.This day i walked in as normal but when i entered her bedroom i was greeted by the sight of not just her but my new neighbour,Marion on the other side in her bed.I stood there open mouthed,a hot sexy gilf and a milf in the same bed.

"Are you going to just stand there?.Or are you going to join us?".

They pulled back the bed covers and Marion said,

"Yes.Come and get in bed.She has told me so much about you".

I didn't need to be asked twice and climbed into bed between them saying,

"Exactly what has she been saying about me?".

"Only that you are a well hung young man and a bl**dy good fuck".

The first neighbour pulled down my pants causing Marion to gasp,

"You weren't wrong there.He is bl**dy big".

At this she took my cock in her hand an proceeded to wank me before taking it deep in her mouth.She was expert at this and i was soon close to coming.She must have sensed this as she began to suck and wank me harder and it wasn't long before i was coming,shooting wads of my spunk in her mouth.As she pulled away it dripped out of her mouth and onto her generous boobs.
The other neighbour then took over sucking me to full erection again.She then said that Marion should ride my cock first as she had fucked me before.She said,

"I don't know if i will be able to fit that cock in my pussy.I am used to my husbands small cock".

Having said that she straddled me,grabbed my cock and slowly eased down on to it,feeding it in slowly.This caused her to gasp but she was soon enjoying it and riding it with no problem.

"Oh my god.That is so fucking big.My husband never stretches my pussy like that".

I told my other neighbour that she should join us,so she came over and straddled my face.It didn't get any better than this,being ridden by a mature milf and licking a sexy mature gilfs pussy.I grabbed her butt cheeks and licked her clit which caused her pussy juices to start flowing.I then pulled her pussy lips apart and pushed my tongue deep inside,probing every part of her pussy.This really turned her on,but it also turned me on and i could feel that i was close to coming.I thought i should let Marion know that i was ready to come,but my gilf neighbour was still on my face and i couldn't speak.
Marion meanwhile was riding me harder and harder and i could fell her pussy juices trickling down my hard cock.I was beyond the point of no return and just hoped that she wouldn't mind.As she pushed down hard on my cock i felt it hit the back wall of her pussy and i exploded,firing my young spunk deep inside her pussy.This only seemed to spur her on and she began to ride me even harder,so hard in fact that i felt like she was going to snap my cock.As this was happening my other neighbour was having her own orgasm,squashing her pussy into my face so that i could hardly breathe.
Marion was screaming,

"Oh fuck.Oh fuck".

My other neighbour was moaning,

"OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.Shit,shit,shit.I am fucking coming hard".

I was just lying there enjoying it all thinking what a lucky bastard i was to have not one horny naeighbour but two.After they had both finished orgasming they both climbed off me and we all collapsed in a heap.My face was covered in hot sticky pussy juices and my cock was gleaming with hot sticky pussy juices.
They both looked at me with huge grins and Marion said,

"You were right.He was well hung and he is definitely a good fuck".

"Well if there is one thing i know about it is good sex",said before they both collapsed in a fit of giggling.

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