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Dream come true

As a baby b*****r to 3 s****rs I felt alone during the winter months, I was always being picked on and shouted at "what you want,your a boy you dont play with dolls,why you looking at my tits they aint for your eyes, get out of my room" the list goes on. As I grew up I realised things like, women have pussy's and men get hard ons and if you wank it feels good and if you walk in on your s****r rubbing her pussy you have a barganing tool that you use when your in a corner.

Well the summer months had arrived and footy was always on the menue in the park across from where we lived, there where feilds at the back of our house that the lads often played in, I was now 15 Tannya was 19, Sophie was 18 and angie was 17, and always teasing us lads sayng we played with our cocks thinking of them naked, little did they know it was sort of true. I arranged one day for us lads to be around when my parents we'rnt home so we could sneak into my bedroom and look at nude pictures of my s****rs I had took in secret, charging £1.00 to see them and if they wanted to wank over a copy £5.00,but the pride in my collection was a recording of Tannya stripping and playing with her pussy,that I had set a camera in her room one day that would cost them £20.00 each and no wanking whilst they watched.

I had also walked in on Tannya a year earlier laying on the bed fingering her pussy watching her cum and told the lads what I had seen ending up with all of us jacking our cocks of until we shot our loads. We sat on my bed and watched the dvd of Tannya it was ok,but I had seen it a few times so I sloped off for a snoope round, I went into my parents bedroom and sniffed mums panties they where gorgous I also opened her bedside draw to find a huge vibrator in it, my cock twitched at the image of this weapon sliding in and out of mums pussy.

I heard a noise and quickly returned to my room where the dvd had just ended, as we left sophie was comming upstairs"what you lot doing she shouted piss of and don't come back rat boy" we left talking about sophies pussy, we went into the fields at the back of the house and went for a walk. When we returned my parents where still out so I went into my room I heard Sophie moaning so I sneaked out and peaked through the key hole, she was on the bed using a vibrator like mums, my cock went hard so I went back to my room and wanked off.

I now had something on 2 of them, a few days later Tannya was in her rom I knocked and walked in she asked what I wanted, I said show me how to fuck a women,she looked in horror as a devilish glint in my eye showed, I then said if you don't your pictuers would be over town of you playing with your pussy. She looked in silence as she agreed and said get your cock out and come here, as i unzipped my trousers my cock shot out like a pole, she said it wasnt a bad length but very thick, she took it in her hand and rubbed it slowly.

She then said touch my tit softly and slowly undo the buttons to my top , as I did revealing a nice clevage i undone her clasp of her front opening bra her tits fell out her niples where tanned but nice,she let go of my cock and took her top off, she said you can cum over my tits to start as she resumed wanking my cock, she licked the head and rubbed it i told her I was close as she stroked my balls i shook and cum over her tits, my cock went limp, she complimented me on the amount of cum on her tits saying a decent load.

She got up and took the rest of her clothes off and lay on the bed telling me to do the same, she had shaved her pussy, I lay on the bed as she instructed me to suck her nipples and rub her pussy as she groaned saying finger my slit, my finger moved in her soaken wet snatch I rubbed her clit gently as she begged for more, saying I learnt quick, my cock now was recovering, as the door opened and in walked sophie we stopped and tannya explained he wanted to learn how to fuck a women or pictures would go up of her playing with her pussy, Sophie shut the door and stripped, saying we better teach him tan.

sophies tits where bigger but her pussy had a small tuffed of hair on it she got on the bed and said to me well off you go, please me as well. I carried on fingering tannya and reached across to sophies tits as I stroked her nipples I was now at full mast again and Tannya said right get inbetween my legs and wait , I did as I was told, her smooth pussy wet with her jucies she raised her legs slightly and opened them her pussy lips opened up, I touched her as she gasped saying right enter me slowly I shook my head and dived onto her pussy with my mouth licking like mad nibbling her clit as she moaned and begged for more shouting she was cumming as she shook with waves of huge orgasms.

I looked up and sophie said where did I learn that I said from porn films, Shopie was on her back rubbing her pussy begging for the same, I got inbetween her legs and licked and nibbled her pussy given her a massive orgasm that went on for ages. I then put my cock at Sophies pussy and pushed in making her groan saying it felt good as I moved back and forth watching her tits move with every stroke, I cum not to long after as my cock slipped out cum dribbled from Sophies pussy.

Tannya said to lay down as she sucked my cock and playing with my balls her tounge wrapped around my cock head making it stiff I had a fast recovery rate and that would please any women. Tannya now had me hard and straddled me, lowering her wet hole onto my pole, moving up and down as she moved her hips in a circular motion, I rubed her tits makng her nipples hard as I skweezed her tits softly she moaned saying I was a decent fuck, I grabbed her hips as I felt her pussy muscles grip my cock shaft I could see she was close as I moved up and down, she moaned and cum as I spouted a sream of cum into her pussy shaking with pleasure.

She got off and Sophie sucked my cock dry we lay on the bed for a while touching and kissing then got dressed and went down stairs, Angie came in and asked what we had been upto Tannya said being fucked by our b*****r, Angie smiled and said well i want the same as you bitches got, grabbed me by the hand and dragged me upstairs, we got into angies bedroom where she stripped off and lay on the bed waiting, her tits where average size and a full bush on her pussy nicely trimmed, I got inbtween her legs and slid my cock in as we fucked she wrapped her legs around my waste begging for harder strokes as I banged away her tits jumped with the f***e of my movement as she groaned begging for more until I shot a huge load in her, I rolled off as I lay breathless as angie said she needed that badly and confessed she had seen my wanking off a few times and had wanted to fuck me badly.

After that we all seemed to get on well and had sex with all 3 again this time on seperate days.

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