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Watching my flatmate fucking

This is a true story. A few years ago, I moved to Spain and I was looking for a room in a shared house. Couldn't find anything, but after a couple of weeks of looking, I managed to rent a room with a Polish woman. I mean, she had her room, I had mine, we shared the kitched, etc. She was great, we became friends.

A couple of months later, we were at home, and had a couple of glasses of wine. Out of the blue, she said "I'm going to masturbate later tonight, I want you to watch me. Do you want to?" Well, who would say no to that? She was an attractive woman, about 30, and I couldn't believe my luck. Anyway, we had a bit more wine, but didn't talk about it any more. Then it was time for bed. She said "Come into my room in five minutes. Look, but don't touch" Five minutes on, I came in. The lights were off, but there was enough light to see everything. She was lying on her back, legs open. She saw me come in, and slid her knickers off, so I could see her pussy. She started to caress her body, rub her breasts, and then she starting touching her pussy. I could see she was really wet, being watched was really turning her on. Of course I was rock hard, I pulled down my boxers, and started stroking my cock. I could see she was watching me too, and she started to moan and get more and more excited. She slid her fingers inside her pussy, she was dripping wet, and her fingers slide easily in and out. Moaning louder, and moving her hips. Wow. I was hot as hell, god I wanted to go over and enter her, but didn't dare. She kept rubbing her clit, until suddenly I heard her moan 'I'm coming, come with me'. She shuddered and moaned as she came, and I exploded all over the floor. It was uncontollable.

After a couple of minutes, she came over, and said "thanks for watching, that was really good". I cleaned up, and went off to bed, but I couldn't sl**p for thinking about what had just happened.

Next day, it was as if nothing had happened, but for the next month or so, virtually every night she's say 'watch me', and the same thing happened. As you can imagine, after a month of watching her masturbate, I was horny as hell to fuck. I was going to ask her that night if she wanted to fuck, but before I could ask, when I got home she told me she had a guy coming round tonight to fuck her, would I like to watch? Well, again, who would say no? This time I had to do it secretly, she'd leave the door to her room slightly open, so I could see. So around midnight she came back to the house with this guy, and she gave me the nod. They went to her room, and a couple of minutes later I stood outside and peeked through the door. She was lying on the bed, legs open, and he was licking her pussy. Wow. I could see he was really hard, and I could hear them both moaning. Then they changed postion, she got on top of him, and slide his cock into her wet pussy. What breasts, and what a hot moaning got louder and louder, and as I watched, I started mastubating, it was impossible not to..As he exploded cum into her pussy, I exploded outside too. The sound, the smell of fucking, her breasts and wet pussy...I quickly went back to my room, but wow it was incredible...

A week or so later, the reverse happened. I had an old friend come over to visit, a friend I used to fuck a lot, and I knew we were going fuck all weekend. I asked my flatmate if she wanted to watch me, and she was very keen. I left the door open, and fucked my friend in a position that I could see my flatmate at the door, but my friend couldn't. I was always horny with this friend, but the sight of my naked flatmate masturbating on the floor, legs open, drove me wild. I came inside my friend's pussy with an explosion that i'd never had before.

After the weekend, my friend left, and the obvious started to happen. Rather than watch each other, we started fucking. It was incredible, like the longest and hottest foreplay ever. We spent every moment we had fucking like a****ls - except for when we were watching each other fucking someone else. After a few months my job came to an end, and I had to leave - but those were the sexiest six months of my entire life.

If this story makes you hot, and I swear every word is true, let me know, and tell me if something similar happened to you.

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