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Gf's s****r

Ok so this is true no shit lol it happened today... So my girlfriends s****r is constantly hitting on me and it gets a little awkward sometimes but today went way farther than ever. So at my girlfriends house and my girlfriends in her room and her mom and dad are doing I have no clue what lol so I go to get a water jug from the garage. So I go out there and her s****r is doing laundry usually if I just ignore her she won't hit on me. I walked past her and I come back and I look up and she had pulled her breast out and was just standing there and I'm like uhhhhh lol ( I've always wanted to see her tits they are not super big but they are really nice) I have no clue what to do and I just couldn't stop staring. She was wearing pajama pants and a tank top. So tits out and then she pulled her pants down along with her underwear and I had came closer at that time and she grabbed my cock through my pants I had a massive boner at this time also lol. She asked me to stick it in a few times at first I hesitated but I figured I would try it out a little so I just unzipped my pants and got my dick out and she straight up backed onto it so hard it made a loud clap. I've never knew girls could even get themselves that wet and then have a dick slip in so easy. So she just starts going to town on me and I could have came just by seeing her titties and pussy let alone her pussy slamming on my dick lol so I pulled out after a minute or two because I'm thinking someone is gunna walk in but she gets up and starts jerking me off and I cam all over her chest and omg it was the best feeling ever so I zipped up my pants and she just changes her shirt and wipes the jizz off her tities then I grab the water jug and go put it on the water dispenser thing and then I just hung low the rest of the day lol now lets just see how tomorrow goes lol hopefully she doesn't try Anything at the New Years shit lol

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