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Wife and her Step-Dad 2

Well I know I wrote this story but there is more to it. My wife Sam before we got married living at home with her mom and step dad. Sam and I went out on a date, went and saw a movie. We made out then I took her home. I had to get up early for work. Sam took a shower and put on her night gown and was ready for bed. She is a very horny girl, on some nights she like to masturbate.

One day sometime in the afternoon, she was in her night gown watching TV, she raised up her night gown and started to rub herself. No one was home, I was working. She had a nice orgasm and continue to watch TV. Her step dad came home and saw her in her night gown and knew she wasn't wearing a bra or panties.

Her step dad took a quick shower and put a shirt and shorts on, he was very horny and wanted to fuck Sam good. Sam's mom worked mid shifts and he worked mornings. I called Sam up and ask if she's ready to go out, she told me no not yet, and said she was wearing nothing but a night gown. So I got horny and try to rush over there to nail her. Sam went into her room and her step dad was at her door, he knocked and open the door hoping to see her naked. She wasn't, he asked her if she had plans for today. She told him that she was going out with me.

I got there 20 minutes later, Sam was ready and had a nice skirt on. I came into her house, said hi to her step dad and we went into her room. She had to grab her purse. So I was grabbing her ass and noticed that was had no panties on. I reached up her skirt and rubbed her pussy a little bit. She told me no, that her step dad was near by. I said I'll be careful. Sam went to her bed and bent over, I lifted up her skirt and pulled out my hard cock. I slowly put my cock in her and slowly fucked her. I sped up some, I wanted to here her moan. She started to moan, so I fucked her harder, I lifted up her shirt and undo the bra and played with her tits. I remember her telling me about her and her step dad fucking, so I stopped and ask her if she wanted her step dad to fuck her too. She told me no but I told her that turns me on watching her getting fucked.

I told her to get naked and lay in bed, took me a while to get her to say yes to fucking her step dad again. She finally got naked and laid in bed while I put my pants back up and went to get him. I told him that Sam wanted to talk to him and I had to use the bathroom. He went in and saw her naked body laying in bed, his cock got rock hard, Sam told him to take off his pants. He took them off in seconds, he wanted to fuck that pussy again very bad. Sam told her step dad that I wanted to watch them fuck. He couldn't believe what he is hearing. Sam's step dad started to eat her pussy, I wasn't in the room yet, but I heard the orgasms. Just hearing her made my cock super hard, then her mom came home from work a little bit early. I was like oh crap, she's going to ruin this day.

I went over and said hi to her and took her to the other side of the house so she couldn't hear her daughter having an orgasm by her step dad. I told her that Sam is getting ready and we are going out. She asked where her husband was at, I said at the neighbors house. She wanted to go and say hi to Sam, I said she's getting dressed not sure what to wear. But she still wanted to go over and say hi. She heard Sam having a small orgasm and was wondering what she was doing. I grabbed her arm and took her to her room.

Mean while, Sam is about to cum on her step dad's face, so she started to get really loud as she cums. She came, breathing heavy and he gets on top of her and slides his cock right into her wet pussy. She moaned, and he went to town on that pussy, not knowing I wasn't there to enjoy them fucking.

Sam's moans was load and her mom heard her, so I shut there bed room door and told her Sam was relieving herself, she was super horny and had to cum. Not sure if her mom believed me or not but I saw her looking down at my pants. She know I had a hard on. Sam's mom sat down on the bed and told me to come closer to her. So I walked up to her and she started to undo my pants. She told me I need to relieve myself too. I started to stroke my cock in front of her. She told me she's getting horny too and want some cock. Turns out Sam's mom haven't had cock in a while. Sam's step dad wanted to fuck Sam so bad that he hadn't fucked his own wife in a while. Sam's mom took her pants and panties off and started to rub herself. I went over to her and started to eat her pussy, and boy did she go wild.

Sam's step dad was busy pounding the Sam very hard, she was moaning very loud, where we could hear her. Sam told her step dad to stop so she can get on all fours. So he pound her doggy style and made her very loud. Sam's mom heard her and wanted me to stop and see why she was orgasming so loud. So I jumped on top of her and started to fuck her pussy. It was little bit tight at first.

I fucked her until she came all over my cock, and that felt soooo good. She was loud as hell also, I think they might of heard her screamed in enjoyment. She was too tired to get up. So I put my pants on and went to check on Sam and her step dad. They just finished up, and I slipped in, Sam's pussy looked worn out from her step dad's cock fucking her. I told Sam to lay on her back so I can fuck her and shoot my load in her. She was to tired her self to say no. Her nice big tits, her tired pussy from fucking another cock. I went in full blast, she moaned a little bit. I got her going by sucking on her nipples, making them nice and hard. I whisper in her ear that I was fucking her mom and she felt good just like you. She kinda knew I was fucking her because she heard her screaming in orgasm. I put my load inside of her and then her step dad got back on top and rode her a little bit more and dump his load in side of her too. Sam got to loads of cum inside of her pussy, and I fucked two pussy in one day.

Turned out to be the best day of my life.

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