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Another Caribbean vacation A friendly story

Another Caribbean vacation.

It seems whenever I take my wife, Anne, on vacation to the Caribbean island that we enjoy, she always gets in trouble… sexual trouble. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that I love nothing more than to watch her being taken by some younger, bigger, assertive studbull; and that she has a definitive fetish for strange men and showing off for me. A perfect combination for a couple. But on vacation, the inhibitions seem to lessen even more than normal. My Anne is not only the most multi-orgasmic little slut that I’ve ever known, but the most submissive. She loves to be dominated by a man, preferably a sexy stranger, and loves to feel as though she’s being f***ed; play****, she calls it. I’m glad to arrange situations for her where she’s overpowered and taken by her boytoy, but in this case, her lack of consent was real.

We had picked a less popular island in the chain, and our motel was an older, mom & pop type of place, clean but simple, rather than the among the hordes at the resorts. A cab driver, named Earl, that had been driving us around the island directed us to a secluded piece of beach, covered with dunes that offered a vision barrier from the few tourists that were there. As we walked along the beach, between the dunes, we were happy to see that no one wore clothing, and one couple was fucking openly. When we found our stop, we set up our half-shelter and blankets and since we had the cabby’s phone number, we didn’t have to worry about driving, so we broke out the cooler full of Margaritas that we’d brought. Pretty soon, the sun, breeze, and the Tequila had both of us feeling a good buzz. We went into the Caribbean for a swim and then laid on our blanket. I began playing with her pussy, which quickly became wet and she rolled over on me and slid her pussy down over my cock. We slowly humped, neither of us cumming and together we both dozed off, still connected.

I awoke to the view of legs and feet, black legs and feet, several pairs of them. Looking up, there were four large, muscular young black men standing around us. All were naked and all had long, thick cocks dangling between their legs, covering their hanging balls; all of their phalluses appeared to be at least twice the size of my 3.5 inch dick.

“Hey, Mon”. One smiled. “How you all doing? You here on vacation?” They seemed friendly, obviously locals, and not hostile in the least. They did seem amused by our position.

“Yeah. From the States.” I said. “You guys live here?”

“Ya, Mon, just up the road.” The leader said. “You don’t mind if we hang here, do you?” They all had towels rolled up under their arms and one carried a large cooler.

“Nah, why not?” I said. Just then Anne woke up, still very d***k, and rolled off on her back, her legs splayed, giving them a good look at her cunt.

“Ah, your wife is a MILF!” The guy said. “Very pretty pussy. Very nice titties, too.” I didn’t quite know how to take his forwardness, but I figured it was meant as a compliment.

They all spread out their blankets and the leader produced a baggie of weed that turned out to be some great smoke. Now my wife and I were totally blasted. The men weren’t feeling any pain, either, and the smoke was making everyone horny.

“Let me rub some lotion on your wife.” He said. “Her white skin will get burned in the strong sun.” Anne had no objection as his big hands massaged the lotion into her back. She didn’t seem to mind as he rubbed it into her legs and her ass, but she squirmed a little as he slid his fingers between her thighs and touched her cunt. She clamped her legs together, but the lotion just lubed his fingers and they slid through her flesh.

“Ahhh.” She moaned. “Don’t do that.”

“Doesn’t it feel good, Missy?” He laughed.

“I don’t even know you.” She moaned.

“My name’s Fred”. He chuckled. “See, now you know me. These guys are Pete, Ronny, and Charles. See, now you know us all.” With that, he quickly flipped her over on her back and knelt between her knees, preventing her from closing her legs. “Now I’ll get the front of you.”

“This is maybe not a good idea.” I started to object, but I quickly realized that Charles had quietly slipped up behind me and suddenly I was sitting on the sand, with this huge, black man behind me, holding my arms in what was basically a full nelson; not hurting me, but impossible for me to escape from.

Fred massaged lotion onto Anne’s chest and shoulders, and she seemed to settle down and consent to his touch, even when he kneaded her tits. She moaned as he began gently twisting her nipples.

“Ohhh, don’t.” She moaned. Fred ignored her. She kept saying “No” but was pushing her tits up to his hands at the same time. Finally, he moved down her belly, massaging the lotion into her skin below her navel, down to the top of her shaved bare slit. He slid his hands down over her thighs, sliding them inside, massaging gently. Anne closed her eyes and laid her head back as his huge fingers slid up her inner thighs, next to her labia. But then his thumb touched her clit and she opened her eyes and looked right at him.

“Don’t touch me like that.” She moaned. “You’re touching my pussy. Stop it.”

“Ahh, Missy. I don’t think you can say it doesn’t feel good. I wouldn’t hurt you.”

“You can’t just touch me without me letting you. Get up off of me now.” Anne said this with little conviction in her voice. Fred’s restraint and dominance was turning her on.

“What’s the matter, Missy. You never had a black man before?”

“No never.” She was lying now, so I knew she was aroused.

“Well, you don’t know what you’ve been missing.” Fred laughed. “Little white dicks can’t please a woman like you.”

Before she could respond, Fred’s middle finger, as long as my dick and almost as thick, slipped between her pussy lips and thrust up into her.

“Arrggg!” She gasped. “No, don’t. Ahhh, fuck, stop it!”

It was plain to me now that they were going to **** her. I could imagine these guys, prowling the beaches, preying on tourists, just like this; just like us.

“Come on, guys!” I protested. “This has gone far enough. Let her up, Fred, she said no.” Charles leaned down and whispered in my ear as he tightened his hold on my arms, just below the painful threshold.

“Now you just sit quiet, Mon.” He said. “We’re not hurting your wife none. You just watch, she’s gonna like it, you’ll see. Don’t you try to fight it, see?”

Ronny had slipped up and was kneeling over Anne’s head. Now he quickly grabbed both wrists and held her arms over her head. The restraint just made her hotter and Fred’s finger was working on her g-spot.

“Awwggg!” She groaned. “Stop that, you fucker. Take your finger out of my pussy, you’re gonna make me cum.” All the men’s cocks were starting to stiffen now. I wondered how many vacationing couples had been put into this situation by these guys? How many wives had been ****d? Anne knew that she was truly being m*****ed, that I hadn’t set this up for her. She had to know by now that she was going to be fucked by all these guys; but she wasn’t panicking, the Tequila and smoke had loosened her inhibitions that she could only protest as her body betrayed her.

“Baby!” She called to me. “Make him stop, Baby. They’re holding me down. I’m gonna cum, I can’t help it.” Then she looked up at Fred again. “Why are you r****g me? I didn’t ask you for it. Stop it now.”

“Ahh, I’m not r****g you, Missy. I’m just playing with you a little. You said you were gonna cum, so you must like it. So come on, Missy, don’t try to hold it back, let it go.” His long finger was thrusting into her, curling up against her pubic bone, and she couldn’t stop her orgasm from coming.

“Ohhhh, ggoooddd, III’mmm ccuummiinngg!” She screamed out loud, but if anyone could hear, they ignored it. Sheepishly, she looked up at me. “Oh, Baby, he made me cum. I couldn’t help it. His finger was rubbing my spot; you know I always cum.”

“Yeah, Anne, it’s ok. It’s not your fault.” She looked at me, pleading.

“Tell me that you set this up, Baby. Tell me if this is play.”

“No, Anne, I didn’t set it up.”

“They’re going to **** me, aren’t they?” She moaned, still coming down from her first orgasm. “I really can’t stop this, can I? If I want to?”

Fred still had his finger in Anne’s cunt, but now he moved his legs outside of hers, allowing her to clamp her legs together. I think he was just giving her an opportunity to put up some resistance for his amusement. Then he pushed his cock down between her legs with his other hand, sliding his prick between her lotion coated inner thighs. He continued to work his finger in her pussy, while his thumb rubbed her clit. Anne was simultaneously intimidated by her position, and aroused by Fred’s domination and attentions. She soon came again.

“Oh, Baby! I’m sorry; I didn’t mean to cum. I couldn’t stop it.”

“It’s all right, Anne. He’s not hurting you.”

Fred was sliding his cock between Anne’s thighs and now it was hard as glass, the ebony black head peeking from under the foreskin. Now he was going to have this white wife. Without her consent, he was going to fuck her senseless as her husband looked on helplessly; an act that he obviously performed on a regular basis on this secluded beach. I confess that I didn’t put up any struggle, not that I could have; because, I’ll shamelessly admit, I wanted to watch my wife being ****d. I wanted to watch her struggle in vain, helplessly trying to keep this stranger from overpowering her and taking her sex by f***e. Fred leaned back, his coal black cock standing straight up, at least nine inches long, looking angry and hungry for the pussy it was about to conquer. He grabbed Anne’s ankles and lifted her legs, spreading them.

“No!” She screamed. “Let me go! You can’t just fuck me like this. You’re r****g me, you bastard!” Fred and the others just laughed.

“Ahh, Missy. Don’t fret, you’ll like it soon enough. You white girls always do.”

Anne did her best to clamp her knees together, but it was futile. Fred got a knee between her legs and then the other knee. He slowly spread her legs apart, taunting her helplessness. I could see how wet she was; her juices were flowing down her thighs.

“That’s it, Missy! Don’t give up, put up a little fight for your pussy. I like them a little feisty.” As he began lowering himself down onto her, mounting her, she called to me.

“Oh, god, Baby, help me!” She screamed. “I can’t hold him back, he’s too strong. I don’t want to be ****d, Baby, this isn’t our game!” I wiggled a little to show that I was struggling to get free.

“I can’t move, Anne. He’s too big.” Charles was excited by Fred and Anne’s contest; I could feel his hard cock pressed against my back. I hoped that I wasn’t going to get butt fucked. “You have to hold him off, Baby. You have to keep him out of your pussy.” Like she would be able to do that; or even want to within a few minutes.

“Oh god, Baby, his cock’s touching my pussy.” She was writhing around under him, but it was just making their genitals slide together. I watched her eyes; I wanted to see them change from fear and anger to lust and desire. I knew her body would betray her; she loved the feel of a big, thick cock too much to object for long, especially in this romantic, sexy setting.

Fred reached down, taking his cock in hand, and Anne screamed, her scream ending in a groan. He was rubbing it up and down through her slit, wetting the head and aligning it with her gap.

“Ohhhh, god! Baby! He’s got me!”

“Is he head of his cock in your pussy?”

“I can’t stop him, Baby, he’s gonna fuck me.”

“Oh, Anne. Is he hurting you?” I teased.

“Oh no, Baby. It doesn’t hurt.” She groaned. “But his cock’s in my pussy, Baby. Just a little bit. I couldn’t stop him.” Fred was teasing her, just slipping the head of his cock past her lips. But now I watched his asscheeks tighten as he slowly began to thrust forward. Anne screamed, “No”, but then let out a loud groan.

“Is his cock in your pussy, Baby? Is he r****g you now?” I asked, knowing the answer. Fred pushed into her until he bottomed out. Anne was screaming, but it wasn’t the same now.

“Oh fuck yes, he’s so deep in me, Baby.” She looked up at me. “Baby, I’m really being ****d, aren’t I? This isn’t our game.” Fred was slowly thrusting in and out now.

“He’s r****g you for real.” I said. “The others will, too, Anne. I can’t stop them.” (Not that I’d want to.) I paused as she looked at me, then said; “It’s ok if you cum, Baby. I know you can’t help it. That big black cock is too much for you, isn’t it?” That was all it took; Anne was screaming as her orgasm swept over her body.

“See, I told you you’d like it.” Fred said. “Black cock suits you, Missy.” Anne hissed at him.

“Your r****g me, you bastard.”

“Yeah, but you like it, don’t you, Missy? My fucking is turning you on, you can’t help yourself.”

“You fuck like a fucking a****l!” Anne moaned. “Oh fuck, your cock feels so fucking good!” She looked over at me. “I can’t help it, Baby. I’m gonna cum again.”

“Getting ****d makes you hot, doesn’t it, Anne?” And she was cumming again, howling like a wolf.

Fred was pounding her good and he suddenly tensed up and groaned as he thrust into her hard and spurted his seed in her cunt. He fell on top of her and soon rolled off. Charles let me go with a reminder not to try to stop them. Then he smiled.

“I think I take a turn with your wife, now, Mon. I think she like the blacksnake. Ha! Ha!”

“Oh no you don’t!” Anne yelled. She jumped up and ran for the ocean. Charles easily caught up to her, but just followed her into the water, his cock slapping against his flat belly. When she’d waded in almost to her chest, he grabbed her and they both went under. When they came up, Anne was struggling to get away from him, but it was hopeless. Charles effortlessly held her against his chest with one hand, and the other went down under the water, between them. Soon, although we could still hear Anne protesting, I could see them undulating against each other, and I knew he was inside her, fucking her. Soon her head fell back and she screamed with an orgasm from the second man to fuck her today. Her arms went around his neck and her head fell over his shoulder as he walked her out of the water. As they reached the beach, Anne’s legs were wrapped around his waist and his cock was still buried in her pussy. He walked back up between the dunes and sat down next to me, my wife still impaled on his shaft.

Anne looked at me, sheepishly, her arms still around his neck, her eyes lust filled as I’ve seen them so many times.

“He ****d me, too, Baby. He just took me out in the ocean and fucked me. I tried to get away but he was too strong.”

“I saw that, Anne.” I said. “He just held you in the water and f***ed his big, hard cock right into your sweet pussy. He’s still r****g you, isn’t he?” She smiled at me, wiggling in his lap.

“Yeah, Babe. He just took hold of me and fucked me. He made me cum, Honey, I couldn’t help it.”

“Yes, and you’re going to cum again, too. They’re just using you as their slut, Anne, and you love that.”

“They’re using you, too, Baby. They took your wife away from you and ****d her.”

“I know, Babe. I was helpless to stop them. But if I could stop them now, would you want me to?”

“NO!” She moaned, pumping her pussy up and down on Charles’ cock. “They fuck like wild a****ls, Baby. Their big, black cocks fill me up so good.”

“You’re like a pussy cat, Anne.” I said. “A female feline in heat, who’s been cornered by the tomcats and they’re taking turns holding you down and mounting you.”

“Yeah, Baby, I’m a little pussy cat and the big old tomcats are using me.” Then she looked at me. “Are you sure you’re ok with all this?” Then she smiled. “You set this up, didn’t you?”

“No, Anne, I did not set it up; and yes, I’m completely ok with it. These guys do this all the time with the tourist couples, don’t you, Fred?”

“All the time, Mon.” Fred laughed. “We never hurt anybody, and if they fight for real, we just move on. You two didn’t fight much. You’re wife wanted some blacksnake.” He slid his finger up between her buttcheeks. “Didn’t ya’, Missy?” Anne came hard, all at once, still in Charles’ lap. Pete walked up behind Charles and laid his hard cock on Charles’ shoulder, in Anne’s face. She took it in her mouth and sucked him.

“Ah, Mon.” He cried to me. “Your wife can really suck a man’s cock.”

“She’s the best.” I said. Anne was humping Charles’ cock hard now; lifting herself off, holding him around the neck, and then dropping down, plunging his wet cock into her. Anne constantly exercises her Kegal muscles and she can really clamp down her clam on a cock, so I knew that she was squeezing tight on Charles’ prick as she slid it out of her. It wasn’t long before Charles began groaning and then he tensed up and grunted as he discharged into Anne, making her cum again, too.

He held her for a minute while his cock pulsed out it’s last drops of spunk, and then he let her go. Anne slowly climbed off, dripping cum down onto his crotch, and kneeling, she looked at Pete.

“Aww, did I get you all hard and you didn’t get to get off?” She cooed. “I bet you’d like to fuck me, too.”

“Oh yeah, Missy. It’s my turn now.”

“Oh no, you don’t.” Anne said, all the while turning her back to him, dropping down on her elbows and presenting her creamy, swollen pussy to his view. “I’ve been ****d twice so far today, and you just think you can get me, too? Don’t you dare try to shove your big, hard dick into my cunt, Pete.” Of course, he dropped down on his knees behind her and aimed his prick at her slimy cunt. “No! No!” She moaned as it touched her. “Don’t f***e your cock into me!” He had his hands on her flanks and he easily slid inside her. She cried out. “Baby, I’m getting ****d again! He’s all the way inside of me; I couldn’t stop him.”

“You want it, Baby.” I called to her. “You’re getting off on being f***ed, you little slut. Go on, tell me that you don’t want Pete’s big, black cock fucking your pussy.”

“I can’t.” She moaned, near orgasm again. “He fucks so good, Baby!”

Pete got her off twice more before he spurted deep inside her slutty cunt. While he was fucking her from behind, the last of the four, Ronny, knelt in front of her and stuffed his cock in her mouth, where she eagerly sucked it. When Pete unloaded into her, she had probably the biggest orgasm yet. As he let her go and pulled out, she collapsed in the sand. I looked over at Ronny, his cock hard and dripping, the biggest of the group.

“What’s the matter, Ronny? Don’t you want to wet your cock in my slut?”

“Oh, yeah, Mon, it’s my turn.”

“Well, fuck the slut then.” I said.

“Oh, No, Baby.” She moaned. “Not again. It’s too much. I can’t take anymore.”

“Oh, yeah, Baby.” I replied. “You can’t leave one out.”

“I’m all covered with sand.” She complained.

“Take her out in the water and toss her in, Ronny.” I said. He picked her up, tossed her over his shoulder and marched into the surf. When he was in to his chest, he tossed her into the ocean. She came up, sputtering, and tried to swim away from him. But he grabbed her ankles, flipped her onto her back and pulled her to him. He held her up with one big hand under her ass, laid her legs over his shoulders, and put his face to her cunt, stabbing her with his tongue. Anne let out a loud groan as he ate her out. For a woman who’d been ****d by multiple men over several hours, she wasn’t showing much reluctance; obviously having surrendered to the inevitability of all the men taking their pleasure from her.

Ronny walked her into shallower water and when his cock was out of the water, he turned her around and held her up, still licking her clit as she took his huge cock into her mouth. At my age my little dick doesn’t get hard like it used to, but it had been hard most of the day. I didn’t want to fuck her myself, I wanted to watch; but I needed to get off. I walked out into the surf, close to my wife and her attacker. He finished with her sucking his cock and wanted to wet it in her cunt now. He effortlessly turned her over and held her back against his chest. His cock was so long that he’d easily be able to penetrate her from behind as he held her up; but my slutty wife, always the tease, clamped her legs tightly together.

“No!” She screamed. “I don’t want you to fuck me. You can’t **** me, you bastard.” Ronny was having trouble entering her in his position, so he looked at me.

“Help me out, Mon. You know you want to see me fuck her. Spread the slut’s legs for me.”

“No, Baby!” She yelled as I moved closer. “Don’t let him **** me. Help me be safe from at least one of them.”

“Oh no, Anne. You can’t deny Ronny some pussy. He’s been waiting so patiently; and he has the biggest cock of the bunch.” When she didn’t answer or protest, I knew she just wanted to be f***ed. “You’re so beautiful when a man is forcing himself on you.” I continued. “You never cum so sexily as when you’re cumming with a man who’s forcing you to fuck him. You were made to be ****d, Anne; and you know you love it.”

I lifted her legs and stepped between them; then I took Ronny’s cock in my hand. Even in the cool water, it was hot; hot to fuck my wife. I guided it between her pussy lips and helped him get the golf ball sized cockhead into her. Then I watched her face as he thrust deep up into her. She was in ecstasy, in seconds Ronny was pumping her into a sexual frenzy. She screamed with her orgasm.

“You set this up, Baby. You let them all **** me.” She whispered breathlessly. “You gave me to them.”

“No, Baby.” I said. “They just came along and took advantage of us. I really didn’t set it up.” When Ronny finally spunked inside of her, he let her go and she washed her pussy out in the surf. It was getting late and I was picking up our things, when Fred nervously asked me; “Hey, you had a good time, didn’t you? You’re not going to call the police or anything, are you?” I looked over at my well fucked wife.

“Well, Anne, should we call the police and report your ****? Would you like these guys to be punished for what they did to you?” She smiled at me, that naughty smile that she gives me when she’s been slutty.

“No, Honey. I don’t want to call the police. They didn’t hurt us; they were mostly gentlemen, actually.”

“I agree, Baby.” I said. “Besides, if we did call the police, they’d all just say that you wanted them all to fuck you; it’d be their words against ours. We are here on vacation, after all; and so often the white wives beg the local men for sex.” She smiled again.

“I didn’t have to beg, did I? Besides, I know you set this all up, you pervert. You wanted to see me get ****d like this.”

I still wondered if our meeting these guys was just by chance on this isolated stretch of beach. Anne still thought that I’d set it up, but that wasn’t the case.

When we got back to the place where the cab driver had dropped us off, he was waiting for us.

“Well, how did your day on the beach go?” He asked, with an evil smirk on his face. Suddenly, I knew why the guys had showed up when they did. “Did you meet any of the locals?”

“Yes, we did.” I said. “Four of them, actually.”

“Were they friendly?” He asked, laughing.

“Oh they were very friendly.” I said.

“Well, I hope they weren’t overbearing or a burden to you two.”

“Tell him how they were, Anne.” I said. She leaned over the back of the seat and leaned into his ear, whispering loud enough that I could hear.

“They were gentlemen, but very demanding.” She said. “I was d***k and naked and my husband had already fucked me, and I was so vulnerable. Do you know what they did?”

“No, Missy, but you’ll tell me?” She was reaching over the seat, grabbing for his cock. Like me, she had obviously figured out where the men had come from.

“They all held me down and had their way with me. I was just helpless. They ****d me.”

“Ahh, I’m sorry, missy. Do you want me to take you to the police? Or, did you enjoy it?”

“They made me cum. All day long. You look like one of them. I just want them to take me again.”

Earl laughed; then moaned from my wife’s stroking his cock.

“Charles is my b*****r.” He chuckled. “They’re naughty boys; but harmless. They prowl the beaches for couples like you two that they can seduce.” He looked back at me. “You didn’t mind them having your wife, did you?” I said no. “I thought you would not object. I can tell an understanding husband.”

“I see to her needs.” I said.

“Well, you know the boys would never hurt anyone. But there are so many couples that come here from the States, looking for new sexual adventures. For many it’s their first time for this and it’s easier for them if they think that she’s being ravaged. The husbands rarely interfere; but I knew this wouldn’t be your first time. I can tell that you’re experienced in these things by the way your hot wife is jacking my cock.” “Ahh, ahh, ahh!” He moaned as he came all over her hand and his shirt.

“So.” He said. “Would you like me to bring you to the same place tomorrow?”

“Yes.” Said my wife. “And you come too.”

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