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Panty Club

The exclusive P Club has been running for a number of years now and our membership has for the first time hit the 200 mark. There are only three rules that the members have to adhere to - absolute secrecy, to pay the annual membership fee and always to attend in uniform. This final rule is a sobriquet, which has a meaning that is well understood by new and old members alike. Of course, no one actually checks for compliance and it is merely assumed that members will dress appropriately.

For me, I always comply and looking around the bar at the P Club, one can spot a number of members clearly in uniform, the faint outline of suspenders under their trousers or the occasionally glimpse of a satin or lace undergarment visible through the gaps between shirt buttons. In some ways, it is an unnecessary rule since that is what we all have in common and insisting on members being dressed is like demanding an alcoholic must drink.

The club is busy this evening and much busier than normal because it is the last Thursday of the month and our cabaret night, which is the highlight of my month.

I have recently divorced after my wife caught me red-handed one evening. I had made a silly mistake and left my PC on before going to bed. My wife went to switch it off when an email came through from a fellow enthusiast who used the nom de plume "PantyBoy". Her curiosity aroused, she read the email and much to her horror saw that I had been sharing fantasies with PB and with that, she divorced me.

I soon found a range of positives that came with my new life as a bachelor reincarnate. I bought a flat in Kensington just a short walk from the P Club and my wardrobe of fine lingerie swelled. I felt more sexually alive now that I had my freedom than at any time since I was a teenager. I was able to experiment with different clothes, with shaving my body and with all sorts of interesting toys. Divorce gave me a release and a new joi d'vive that I had not anticipated.

For the umpteenth time I check my watch to see how long it will be until the act starts - just another 15 minutes to go. I sit at the bar talking to one of the new members who is doing his best to convince me he is in uniform despite my constant reassurances that it isn't necessary to tell everybody he meets in the club that he is dressed appropriately. His name is Thomas and he has a freshness about him that is appealing, and his graphic description of the satin and lace panties he is wearing is quite arousing so I let him chatter away whilst I wait for the cabaret to start.

After a few minutes, Thomas looks a little uncomfortable about his behaviour and apologises but I assure him it is fine, that I understand. To put him at his ease I share with him a description of my uniform and realise I am very aroused by our conversation. At no other place could I imagine having such an intimate conversation with a stranger than at the P Club.

The Club manager calls the room to order and announces the cabaret is about to start. He ushers us into the lounge bar at the back of the club and once we are all seated, walks on to the small but well lit stage and introduces tonight's act, The Satinettes.

As he steps off the stage, The Satinettes appear. They consist of one girl and two boys all in their mid-twenties. The stage is round and in the centre of the room. Members sit around it applauding politely as the room dims to the point where nothing and no one is visible outside the stage area.

All three of The Satinettes are fully dressed – the woman in a long black satin coat and the men in evening suits. They stand facing each other and the woman introduces herself as Sandi and the two men as Alexis and Uri. She turns her back to her helpers and tells them to take off her coat. They each take a shoulder and gently remove the coat, revealing her truly stunning body. Alexis takes the coat, folds it and passes it to a member of the audience for safekeeping before returning to Sandi who now stands before us in a black satin basque, matching black satin panties, seamed stockings, high heels and a black satin ribbon around her neck. Her breasts are held perfectly in the basque with just enough pressure in the cups to push them up and together into a magnificent cleavage.

Her waist is cinched exquisitely giving her the perfect hourglass figure and her bottom is deliciously full and curvy. I can feel my cock straining against my tight silky panties as I drink in every inch of her beauty.

Sandi walks to the centre of the stage with a confident and slightly dominant swagger. She crooks her finger at Alexis and he obediently comes to her. She slowly removes his jacket, dicky-bow and shirt before sinking to her knees to remove his shoes and socks. It is now clear that Alexis is wearing hosiery under his suit and my cock twitches in anticipation.

Still kneeling, Sandi loosens Alexis' belt and undoes the top button of his trousers. She pauses for a moment and rotates her head around the stage, staring out at the audience with an aroused look on her face. After what seems like an eternity, she returns to the task in hand and slowly, very slowly, pulls his trousers down.

As she does this, his white, satin panties and matching suspender belt come into view. He is wearing matching glossy white stockings that sparkle under the stage spotlights.

Finally, she removes his trousers and whilst still on her knees, slips her hands behind him, clenching his buttocks through his panties and kissing his bulge. Her tongue flicks against his crotch through the gossamer-thin material and I watched in fascination as his cock begins to stir.

Sandi stands up and slowly rakes her fingernails over his bulge before sliding them down between his legs and up between his cheeks. She leans forwards and kisses him on his lips, her tongue pushing into his mouth as her hands stroke his body.

Pushing him away from her, she beckons Uri to come forward, repeating the same slow disrobing she had performed on Alexis. Uri is wearing deep red transparent panties through which, I can clearly see the form of his cock and balls. I make a mental note to add red see-thru panties to my list of desirables.

Sandi is back on her knees and alternately kissing Uri's cock and then Alexis' through their panties. As she works on them, her insistent lips and skilful tongue give both men erections that, like mine, are stretching their briefs. Sandi pulls both cocks out simultaneously and begins to suck them in turn, going backwards and forwards between them, pulling them deeply into her mouth whilst gliding her hands over their arses, coaxing them to grind their cocks into her.

As the pace increases, she pulls them closer together so that she can blow both of them at the same time. I wonder what it must feel like to have my cock in this beautiful woman's mouth whilst pressed against another prick equally hungry for her warm and inviting lips.

Sandi stands up and points at Alexis and then to the floor. In response, he lies on his back and Sandi stands above him with her legs open and slowly squats onto his face. Oh how I envy him.

She arches her back and sinks her crotch down onto his mouth, his nose pressing against her panties directly between her cheeks. He holds her hips and begins breathing deeply through his nose taking her scent into his lungs. His cock throbs and a drip of pre-cum oozes out and dribbles lazily onto his garter belt.

Sandi looks up, beckons Uri to stand before her and then resumes blowing him. This time she holds her head still and encourages him to fuck her mouth, her hand reaching down to wank Alexis at the same time.

I cannot remember ever feeling as horny as when I watch him hold her head and slowly but deeply screw her mouth.

Alexis pulls her panties to one side and laps at her cunt, the first contact between his tongue and her pussy making her cry out with pleasure. He licks her relentlessly and her cries became louder as she comes ever closer to her climax.

Sandi's hips begin bucking as her cunt slides over Alexis' mouth, grinding into his face. She stops sucking Uri and concentrates on her own pleasure for a while. Her head drops into the white silky crotch below her and she groans and moans as his tongue flicks repeatedly across her clitoris.

As her orgasm erupts she takes him in her mouth, her face a picture of ecstasy with eyes tightly shut and her nostrils flaring as she sucks in as much air as she can. Her hips start to move more slowly as her orgasm passes but she continues grinding and pushing her cunt into his face.

After a while, she composes herself and stands up again. She slowly pulls her panties down whilst making sure her arse juts out for those lucky enough to be able to see her cunt before them. From my viewpoint, I can only imagine what her dripping wet slit looks like.

She calls for a chair and one is brought to the centre of the stage as she slips out of her panties. She passes her knickers to Uri and sits down in the chair. As her legs open, a screen comes on above the stage and a camera built into the floor zooms in on her cunt. Her swollen clit and lips are far more exciting than the image my mind had created.

Uri kneels between her legs and adjusts himself so that he does not interfere with the shot. He puts her panties to her cunt and gradually feeds them into her, pushing the material an inch at time into her whilst occasionally leaning forward to lick and kiss her clit. The panties slowly disappear into her until they are no longer visible. Sandi stands up and repositions the chair so that she is able to lean across it with her legs open just above the camera.

Alexis stands above her and reaches across to massage her arse. He slips a finger into her anus, shallow at first and then deeper until his finger is completely inside her. She groans as his finger moves in and out of her exquisite backside and I can see her legs tremble as she becomes more excited.

Uri comes to her and touches his cock to her pussy as Alexis slowly withdraws his finger. Now Uri moves his cock up from her pussy and holds it against her anus, moving in circular motions to start with before pushing more firmly against her hole. Her skin stretches and her arsehole gradually succumbs as the tip of his cock eases into her. The camera captures perfectly the moment when her sphincter relaxes and his cock penetrates her. She cries out perhaps with pleasure or maybe pain, it is impossible to tell.

Alexis stands back and drops to his knees, his erection pushing out towards Sandi's face. She opens her mouth and takes him in; her fervent moaning muffled and making him too, cry out with pleasure.

Uri is now slamming his cock into Sandi's arse, hard and relentless, bringing her close to her second orgasm. She groans uncontrollable and ejaculates, her juices splashing onto the stage and dripping between her thighs.

Sandi stops sucking Alexis and touches Uri's thigh to indicate she wants him to stop. He slowly withdraws from her and helps her to her feet.

Sandi looks into the audience and stares at me. She points to me and walks over. My heart pounds as she whispers in my ear and asks me to join her on stage. I hesitate but she assures me she will not hurt me, smiling playfully as she does so.

Taking my hand, she leads me to the stage and asks me to lie on the floor. I can't believe my good fortune as she stands above me before kneeling down until she is almost sitting on my chest.

With her mouth to my ear she asks me to retrieve her panties. She puts her finger inside her cunt and hooks out just enough of her briefs to allow me to get hold of them. Looking down at me, she smiles and pushes her finger to my lips. Almost instinctively, I open my mouth and suck the juices from it.

She moves up my body and when her beautiful bald pussy is just above my mouth, she lowers herself. I can feel the tip of her panties against my mouth and I carefully clench the material between my teeth, the smell of her pussy so intoxicating that I feel dizzy.

She lifts her body just slightly and I draw the soaking wet silky briefs into my mouth. I am completely unaware of the audience around me. I have no thoughts for anything but the act that I am performing.

I can taste her delicious salty juices on her panties as I suck them into my mouth. Her knickers are completely drenched and I drink the warm nectar from them. Finally, they are entirely in my mouth and Sandi slides her hips back and leans forward to kiss me.

She gently nibbles my lips and probes my mouth with her tongue. I push her panties to the front of my mouth and she takes them between her teeth and slowly pulls her head back. With her panties still between her teeth, she stands up and helps me to my feet. She takes a bow and waves as Alexis and Uri come forward and bow.

As the audience applauds, the stage lights dim and the normal lights come back up. I stand on the stage as my fellow members leave the room and retire to the bar. Some members come over and shake hands with The Satinettes.

When everyone has left the room, Sandi thanks me and we chat about the show. I offer her a drink and she thanks me and asks for 5 minutes so that she can get changed and clean up.

As I walk into the bar, Thomas comes over to me with a huge grin on his face.

"You lucky bastard!" he says in a sincerely jealous voice.

"Yes I am rather," I say with a grin. "And she's joining me for a drink in a minute so you'd better find someone else to talk to for the rest of the evening."

Thomas looks slightly offended as he walks away and I feel guilty for being so blunt with him.

A few minutes later Sandi appears with Alexis and Uri. Much to my delight, the boys wander away and mingle. I am going to have Sandi all to myself for a few minutes at least.

Once Sandi has a drink in her hand, she suggests we sit at a table. "My legs always feel a bit wobbly after a show like that," she explains with a grin.

I find a quiet table in the corner and we sit down, talking about the show again. She shifts the conversation to the P Club, curious about the ensemble members around her. I tell her about the rules and she smiles when I mention the third rule.

"So I take it you are in uniform right now?"

I squirm on my seat a little but confess, yes, I am wearing the proper attire.

"Do you mind telling me what you are wearing?" She asks.

I look at her face to see if she is mocking me at all but if she is, there's no sign of it.

"I'm wearing silver satin panties with matching garter belt and white stockings." I replied.

"Mm, that sounds nice," she replies. "I'd like to see that."


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