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He wears panties too

David had been his best friend since they were k**s. They did everything together: growing up, hanging out, going to games, sharing and enjoying cars, beer, and girls. They even went to the same college and stayed roommates. Now David had moved to the coast and seemed to be settling down; he had found a house and moved in with a girl. The fact that they got engaged made it likely the change would be permanent.

Jonathan had to accept the pair were finally growing apart, yet the bond was still close and he was determined to make the most of this visit and their time together. That his best friend's fiance was the hottest girl Jonathan had ever seen made it difficult, because despite himself, from the first time they met he was totally falling for her.

Samantha seemed so natural and relaxed. She was completely unaware of her own beauty, or if she was she didn't show it. She was quite short but in great shape, with wavy brown hair that she kept tied in a ponytail. Jonathan had a weakness for the curls at the back of the neck, and the wisps that escaped over her ears. She had dark brown eyes that seemed somehow larger than they really were; he was certain that she wore contacts, and this small insecurity made her simply adorable. She laughed and smiled easily, and was clearly devoted to David.

He would never do anything to intentionally hurt his friend, so there was no question of trying to break them up or making any kind of move on Samantha. He was pleased that David had found such a fantastic girl, but there could be no denying the jealousy he felt. This girl was perfect. She dressed well, and loved to wear skimpy tops that accentuated the curve of her modest breasts, and skirts that showed off her long legs. Her pert backside quivered when she walked on heels that she wore every day when she went out to work. She had a cute button nose, and dimples, and her mouth seemed always ready to pout, such that he longed to lean forward and kiss her whenever they spoke.

Samantha was quite a package, with a personality to match, all in all everything he could ever hope to find in a woman, but he would never get to know her intimately, he had to accept that. Yet here right now he had the next best thing. He stood in their bedroom, stark naked. Open in front of him was Samantha's underwear drawer.

Jonathan looked at himself in the full-length mirror. He felt guilty but excited. He knew the pleasure a fresh underwear drawer could bring to a dedicated panty fetishist like himself, and he ran his eye eagerly across the top drawer of the tall dresser he stood beside.

Everything was neatly laid out, and as he sifted the contents he was careful not to disturb anything too much. He felt as if he wanted to dive in and swim among the delicate luxurious garments. He had never seen such a collection of fine lingerie; almost everything was silky smooth nylon, satin, or actual silk, in black, white, cream, blue, and every pastel color, nothing cheap or garish. Samantha had impeccable taste in beautiful underwear, and David was a lucky, lucky man.

Jonathan picked out a black lace-trimmed bra and eagerly put it on, slipping his arms through the straps and expertly fastening the clasp behind his back. It was far from the first time he had worn one. He turned to the mirror to admire the effect. The bra was padded and underwired, giving the impression of gently swelling breasts, and he cupped his hands under, imagining Samantha's breasts pressed tightly there. He adjusted the straps a little due to his much bigger frame, noting the crease where he could readjust it later so that she would not suspect it had been tampered with. He turned and looked over his shoulder, checking the bra was straight across his back. Perfect.

Turning back to the drawer, he noticed immediately the range of garter belts that meant some of the balled hose at one side would surely be stockings. In fact it seemed she liked showing her fabulous legs, as there were two-dozen pairs in various shades, all pleasingly sheer. He pulled out several belts, from slender black lace to full body-hugging basques, thrilling at the sound of the garter hooks as they clicked together. He selected a wide satin belt with two garters on each side. The metal hooks rattled deliciously as he drew it round his waist and began to attach the hooks to the row of eyes behind. It was a little more difficult than the bra, and he breathed in to locate the tightest row. The belt held him firmly around his middle, and he felt the familiar knot of excitement in the pit of his stomach as he thrilled to the sensation. His hard-on stuck straight out like a pole.

He turned for some panties to restrain his rampant member. His eyes lit on a folded pair of black panties, shiny and soft. He pulled them from the drawer, hardly daring to breathe as they fell open in his hands. They were beautiful: smooth thick silk, trimmed lightly in lace with a full back and rouched edging, a pretty bow in front. Samantha must love wearing these. He brought them to his face and inhaled her heady perfume, and imagined what they might look like on her body. He stepped in, the weight of his erection slapping on his thigh, pulled them up tight between his legs and snapped the waistband over his now throbbing penis. He held it tight in one hand and ran the other over his ass, and fantasized it was Samantha's he was fondling through the silk of her panties.

He checked over the balled-up hose, finding pair after pair of uninspiring pantyhose, until he unrolled a pair of black stockings, wonderfully sheer. He cupped one over his hands, then put a foot up on a stool by her dressing table to slip his foot inside the toe. He slid the fabric over his foot, lining the seam up at the heel, then feeding it out slowly as he drew it up his leg. Samantha had very small feet, and though his were not big for a man, he knew he would stretch them out if he were not careful. He smoothed the stocking up to his thigh and attached the front garter. He leaned his leg over to fix the one at the side, catching sight of himself in the mirror, then turned to the other stocking. His fingers trembled when he felt the cool air on nylon as he smoothed the second one up to the top and fastened it. He looked at himself in the mirror again as he turned to the last garter at the back. He had to admit he had very good legs.

Lastly, he fingered lightly through a collection of nylon slips and half-slips. He found one in a lovely pale pink with thin straps, lacy cups, and a richly-trimmed slash to the thigh. He stepped in and glided it up over the stockings, the cool fabric rustling delightfully as he slid the thin straps up to his shoulders, and smoothed the slip over his body. It was tight on him and his cock was a rigid bulge pressing at the front.

He looked in the mirror and nearly fainted at the wonderful sight of his smooth, tanned chest peeking above the lacy slip, the black underwear showing through: the shaped padded bra, the shiny satin of the garter belt drawn tight around his waist, the fastenings running to the wide dark edging on the charcoal stockings, their seams running down his long shapely legs, and his cock straining against the panties.

He ran a hand over it, feeling the heat as he thumbed the head, pushing up to the side of its silky prison. He lifted the hem of the slip to rub his balls from beneath with the other hand, fingers sliding across the panties at the very place where Samantha's pussy would surely meet. He closed his eyes, lost in the fabulous indulgence.

Suddenly he heard the front door. They had returned early!

"Jonathan? You in?" called David.

There was no time to put everything back, he slid shut the drawer and scooted out of their bedroom, pulling off the slip straps and clawing the bra hooks behind his back. He called down the stairs as calmly as he could, "I'm up here, just getting a shower."

"Okay, you had lunch?"

"I'm fine," he replied, slipping into his own room, still wearing Samantha's underwear. "I'll be down in a minute."

His heart was pounding. He saw himself in his own mirror, and realized how ridiculous he looked. His hard-on had faded completely as he stepped out of the slip and snatched off the bra, and unclipped the garter belt, rolling off the stockings without bothering with the clasps. He peeled off the panties and tossed everything in the hamper in the corner of the room. He heard footsteps up the stairs, and grabbed a towel off the bed to wrap himself quickly.

Samantha was headed for her bedroom. He felt a flush - had he left anything out? What if she looked in her drawer and saw everything had been rearranged? Would she notice the missing underwear? He had been a fool, a stupid fool. Why did he do such a thing to risk the friendship he had with these decent people? What would his friend think of the betrayal of their trust? He could never face either of them. He made a promise with himself never to do this again if only they didn't notice this time. But it was so hard to resist.

"Jonathan, you there?"

Samantha was coming to his room. She must have seen her drawer and found out! His heart was in his mouth as she stuck her head round the door. She had changed into shorts and a loose top, and didn't seem perturbed by his near nakedness. He drew the towel round, a little self-consciously. What would she say?

"Sure you don't want lunch?"

He looked at her with guilt rising in him. She was so beautiful and innocent, how could he think of what he had done? What would she think if she knew?

"Thanks, maybe I will after all."

David appeared behind her. "Our lunch date cancelled so we thought we'd come back. I see you settled in, you find everything okay?"

Jonathan stammered, "Yes." If only David knew.

"I'm doing a wash," said Samantha. She held a basket of clothes. "You got anything in here?"

She moved towards the hamper.

"No!" be blurted, stumbling to his feet. "I mean, I have a few things but I'll sort them out later. Thanks."

"Okay," she smiled. "Come down when you're dressed."

She went downstairs. Jonathan's heart pounded.

"I'm going to get cleaned up," David said. "I'm sorry but we have to leave you alone again, I asked Sam to run me to the garage and pick up my car, right after lunch."

"That's fine," said Jonathan. "I'll find something to do."

So he had got away with it, this time. As soon as they were gone he would put the underwear back in their drawer, just as he found it, and never, ever, do that again.

He avoided meeting Samantha's eyes at the lunch table. He couldn't look at her and think of what he had done, wearing her private personal things, standing in her bedroom strapped into her bra, constricted by that satin garter belt, running his hands up his legs in her stockings, his cock confined in her panties. Her things. Her wonderful, wonderful things.

"Honey, could you take a look at the washer?" Samantha's voice snapped him back to the moment. "The switch has gone again."

"I'll get to it later."

"Is there something I could do?" suggested Jonathan, glad for the diversion.

"It's nothing, just the 'stat. I should change it but I never seem to get any free time around here."

"You're always busy doing something," grinned Samantha. Jonathan caught the look between them and felt the jealousy again.

"If you've got some tools," he offered, "I've got the rest of the day to myself, right?"

In the downstairs utility room, Samantha had sorted a heap of clothes into piles by the washer. Bed sheets and towels, David's work shirts, skirts, dresses, and blouses, coloreds and cottons. There didn't seem to be many of David's things, now he looked. Jonathan went straight to a basket that pretty obviously contained 'delicates'.


It was filled with Samantha's underthings. The washing machine had evidently been out for a while; inside were slips, nightdresses, bras, pantyhose, and lots and lots of panties. This was better, she would never notice the clothes in the basket had been rearranged. Heck, if he could fix the washer he could get them cleaned and folded. But first things first.

His hands trembled as he ran through the basket, luxuriating in the silky feel of the fabrics in there. He picked out a pair of pantyhose and ran them across his cheek. He didn't find wearing them too exciting, they seemed utilitarian, and of course left his cock out of easy reach, but he loved to see them on a woman's smooth contours over her panties, and he did like the touch. He inhaled Samantha's fragrance and sighed with pleasure and longing. He turned to the basket again.

A pair of white nylon panties sat crumpled on top. The gusset was exposed and showed a faint yellowish stain. This was almost imperceptible, Samantha kept herself clean and hygienic it was plain to see, yet his practiced eye knew the promise those panties could contain. He picked them up and stretched them over his fingers. Oh, yes, here was the spot her delicate pussy rubbed the panties, and he brought the crotch to his nose.

His head reeled, flooded with the faint but unmistakable odor of a woman's personal scent. A sweet, wonderful woman. He inhaled again and again, drawing from the fabric the last traces of her womanly smell. His cock had become rigid, as nature intended it should.

Jonathan stripped off his clothes and stood over the basket. David and Samantha would be gone for the rest of the day, he had time enough.

Firstly he slipped on the white nylon panties. They felt cool on his skin. He squeezed his cock from inside and touched a finger between his legs under his balls, pressed right to the spot where the pussy mark was. He felt wicked. He picked out a small nylon bra to go with the panties, and deftly adjusted it to fit. He loved the constriction around his chest, where he felt his heart beating. He saw himself in a small mirror over the sink and turned about, admiring his own body in Samantha's trim panties and bra.

As there were no stockings or a garter belt in evidence he decided to ring the changes, and pulled out the pantyhose he had fondled. He found oddly thrilling the impression of Samantha's tiny feet stretched at the end. He rubbed the toes between his fingers, as if he was giving her a sensual massage. He didn't need to worry about misshaping them, and rolled them up to place one foot in, then ran the leg up to his knee and started the other side. He rolled the pantyhose up his legs, feeding them past his thighs and tight to the crotch, smoothing each side up as much as he could, then huffling the top over his hips and high around his waist. He smoothed the nylon over his panties where his cock strained for attention. He would wait this time, and simply savor the sensation of wearing Samantha's dirty pretty things. He pulled out a long nightdress of dark blue satin, which he slid over his head and smoothed down. He now felt properly dressed for action.

He first had a job to do, and checked over the washer. The utility room tiles were cold under his nyloned feet, and he caught glimpses of himself in the mirror over the sink as he worked, his finely-muscled arms and broad chest straining from the silky nightdress. He knew David was not much of a practical guy, and had often teased him about it when they were growing up, but Jonathan had a natural way with machines and mechanics. This didn't seem such a big deal, in half an hour he had the problem fixed. As he worked, he thrilled to the touch of satin, rustling over his pantyhosed legs, cool in the light breeze of every movement, his breathing slightly constricted by the tight bra. His penis scarcely reduced throughout, though he tried to give it no thought. At last he was done, and put the first load in to wash. Now he had time to himself.

He rinsed his hands in the utility room sink and looked at his reflection in the mirror. He was a bad, bad boy. And a bit of a slut. He needed satisfaction.

Jonathan rooted through the laundry basket. He knew what he wanted, and Samantha had quite a range of panties, mostly workaday cotton, which seemed hardly to have been worn. He hadn't noticed anything like that in her dresser. Like most young women these days she had a liking for thongs, but he never found them attractive. So uncomfortable, though he loved to run a finger over his college girlfriend's nylon triangle at the back when she gave him head, tracing it down between her cheeks and pressing lightly to her pink hole there, just as he was ready to come. He loved to hold the thin strip tight over her pussy when he licked her clit as well, but definitely not to wear. He liked a full cut, that he could feel on his skin, that would hold everything in place. Like the black panties he found in Samantha's bedroom drawer.

His fingers touched dampness at the bottom of the basket. Excitedly he drew out a pair of white nylon panties, almost literally soaking wet. Had Samantha been caught short and pissed herself wearing them? He held them to his nose and felt a dizzying rush. Wet through as they were, this was 100% pussy juice. He held the panties over his nose and inhaled deeply. Samantha's odor stunned him with its sweet pungent scent. His head reeled, heart pounding. The smell was just fantastic. What had David done to make her so wet? His body coursed with uncontrollable lust. He slipped the panties over his face, pulling them tight at the back of his head, stretching the smooth damp fabric over his face and across the throat, his nose pressed to the moist cotton gusset. His open mouth sucked the front panel, lapping the juices from her adorable panties. His hand scrabbled under the nightdress he was wearing, stretching the pantyhose down to his thighs before diving in to his panties to grasp his stiff cock. He pumped feverishly, rocking back and forth, eyes closed.

"Oh, Jesus, Samantha, oh yes!" He opened his mouth wide and sucked at the wet panties, rubbing them over his face and his nose until he was completely intoxicated.

He felt as if Samantha herself was sitting over his face, smothering him with the sweet musky fragrance of her adorable pussy, her pussy that only David would see, that David fucked every night, that Jonathan wanted to fuck, that he felt he was fucking now as he smelt her juices and flashed his hand back and forth on his cock, faster and faster, panting and sucking the wet fabric over his face until with a groan his knees buckled and he ejaculated, firing hot jets of cum up over the edge of the sink, splashing the tiles and the faucet. He trembled in ecstasy for what seemed an age, his head swimming, his body jerking in shudders, his gasping breath sucking the panties in and out over his mouth.

Utterly spent, he caught sight of himself in the mirror, one eye peeping out through the leg of Samantha's panties, and felt once again sudden guilt at his despicable actions.

He snatched the panties off his face and hung his head, still trembling with the f***e of that incredible orgasm. He couldn't look at himself as he tossed the panties into the basket, wearily drawing the nightdress over his head and unclasping the bra. He peeled off the panties and hose, feeling deeply ashamed, then ran the faucet to clean up the sink. What was wrong with him, he gave in to this weakness every time.

He passed the afternoon watching TV, and though the temptation soon came back, he firmly resolved not to go into the master bedroom, or root through his host's laundry again. He did a second wash but left aside the basket of delicates. He wished he had never found it.

Time dragged pretty slowly until he heard a car pull up in the drive. To his relief it was not Samantha but David. He somehow didn't think he could be alone with her without blurting out something, or wondering in agony whether she suspected his perverted acts with her underwear.

"Hey, bud, how's it hanging?" David said, dropping his keys on the stand by the door.

Out of your girlfriend's panties, if you must know, thought Jonathan, but he smiled weakly. "Oh, you know, just amusing myself around the house. I fixed the washer."

"Yeah, I'm sorry about that, work has been colossal," David said, grabbing beers from the fridge, "I got the car back, I promise we'll get plenty of time together in the last few days before you have to go."

He tossed a can to Jonathan and they settled in till Samantha turned up, not long after. She went to sort the laundry, thanking Jonathan for getting it started. He felt a knot of apprehension - would she see anything messed up in her basket? She came back and busied herself around the kitchen. Nothing unusual at all.

"About the laundry," said Jonathan, "I need a favor. It's dumb I know, but I packed in a hurry and didn't bring enough clothes. I honestly didn't expect to be here this long. Do you have something you could lend me, you know, socks and stuff?"

"Sure, no sweat, you could sort him out, sweetheart?"

Samantha got up. "What do you wear under your pants?"

Jonathan was taken aback. Samantha smiled.

"Boxers or briefs - you'll need some undies, right? David has quite a collection."

"Right, right, well, uh... surprise me."

David didn't take his eyes off the TV. Jonathan felt himself flush slightly as Samantha left the room.

"Let me tell you," said David, "she's the one with the collection. I should buy shares in Victoria's Secret. She gets all our stuff there."

Jonathan glanced over. Had he heard right? David was surely joking. His friend swigged his beer without any hint at levity in his remark. Jonathan's mind reeled. If David really did mean 'our' it would explain a lot. Samantha returned.

"I put some things in your room, go through and take what you want."

Jonathan put his doubt aside. The rest of the evening passed without anything amiss. The three of them finished two bottles of wine, and Samantha rolled a joint. On top of the beer Jonathan felt more than a little out of it by the time they decided to turn in. Samantha got up to go first. She ran her hand through David's hair and moved for the door behind the couch.

"Well, goodnight, Jonathan," Samantha said, slightly slurred. She leaned over his head and kissed his cheek. "Sweet dreams."

David slapped her behind. "Leave him be, you brazen wench. He's too good for you."

Samantha giggled, and despite himself, Jonathan felt a pang of lust rise in his loins. Damn, David was a lucky man.

"Come on, lover," Samantha said, dragging David up by the arm. "Off to bed."

A lucky, lucky man.

"Yeah, we'll see you tomorrow," said David, struggling out of his seat. "You'll switch everything off?"

As David leaned forward, Jonathan caught sight of the back of his jeans, and there, unmistakably, rising over the waistband, a glimpse of white lacy panty.

Jonathan was speechless.

He had sat for a long while, staring dumbly at the TV. David and Samantha washed up in the bathroom and soon retired to their bed, and all was quiet. Jonathan tidied around and went up to the bathroom to clear his head. He brushed his teeth, looking directly at his reflection in the mirror.

Beneath the sink was a hamper. Jonathan flipped it open. There were the jeans and the T-shirt David had just been wearing, Samantha must have tidied his clothes up and put them in there. With a little trepidation, Jonathan dug around, but there were no white lacy panties. There was no men's underwear either. If he had been wearing panties, perhaps David was sl**ping in them, or perhaps Jonathan had imagined it. He noticed Samantha's pink top underneath, but her underwear also was missing. A sudden thought struck him - had she realized what the house guest was up to, and kept her private things out of there? That didn't bear thinking about. He turned off the light and left the bathroom.

At the end of the corridor the master bedroom was shut. Faint light shone under the door, and he heard the low rumble of David's voice but couldn't make out what he was saying. After a moment he heard the pair of them laughing. Were they making fun of him? Perhaps Samantha had found out, and this was all to get their own back. He went to his room.

He stripped off his clothes and turned to the bed. There in a small pile were the things Samantha had left for him. Lying on top was a pair of black panties.

Jonathan's heart leapt to his mouth. He trembled slightly as he picked the panties up. Unmistakably the ones he had first worn from her drawer in his foolish quest for self-gratification. How could he be so stupid. He looked through the pile: a few T-shirts, some socks, and three pairs of plain cotton briefs. Those could be unisex. Nothing untoward, just the panties, lying on top, surely not by accident. She must have known what he had done and this was her accusation. He felt a sudden flush of anger. Fuck them. He slipped the panties on and pulled them up tight. If she wanted them back she would have to ask. He didn't find wearing the panties arousing this time, d***k as he was, but liked the snug feeling, and fell into bed and a deep sl**p.

He woke in the morning with a hard-on as usual. He absently stroked his balls and made slight adjustment. The feeling of silk brought him to attention. His head was a little fuzzy but he recalled instantly putting the black panties on. He threw back the cover and looked down, impressed by the sight of his cock stretched out to one side, tenting the shiny fabric. He stroked it through the panties, enjoying as always that soft silky touch. He contemplated jerking off, when a knock came at the door.

Hurriedly, he drew the bedcover back over as the door opened and Samantha came in with a tray. "Sorry, I thought maybe you could use a little stimulation."

What! Jonathan sat up, pulling the cover over his chest. "Oh, coffee. Great, thanks."

Samantha set the tray by the bed. Her hair was loosely tied up, and she looked, as ever, utterly gorgeous. She was wearing pink bunny slippers, a short powder blue cap-sleeve T-shirt, and thick cotton pajama bottoms tied with a cord, her flat stomach showing. Her pert round buttocks looked beautiful, and he traced the line of her panties underneath. He felt his cock stir inside his own panties under the bedclothes. She turned back and he flushed slightly, as if she might have felt his eyes on her shapely butt.

"I see you found the clothes. Was there something you like?"

Jonathan glanced at the pile. He had moved them off to the chair by the bed, stacked just as she had left them, but of course the black panties were missing. He looked directly at her.

"There was something I like." Let's see how far they could take this.

She wasn't playing. "Great. See you tonight."

Jonathan couldn't read her. She gave him a smile and left him with his breakfast and her panties.

David had taken the day off as promised. "Forecast says rain," he said, drinking coffee at the breakfast bar. "I guess the beach is out. What do you say we kick around the house a little, relive the good times."

"Sure thing, I'm a little fuzzy after last night anyway. Samantha gone out?"

"She'll be gone for a while. She works Saturdays."

"You're a lucky man, David."

"I thank the good Lord every day. And Victoria's Secret every night."

"Yeah, you, er, said something about that last night."

David put down his cup. "Come on, I want to show you something."

He led the way to the master bedroom. Jonathan followed, a little apprehensively. What was his friend up to?

"I happen to know something about your tastes, my friend. Get ready for this."

He stood beside the tall dresser. Jonathan saw what he had in mind and stood open-mouthed. Sure enough, David slowly slid open the top drawer.

"David, should we be in here doing this?" He suddenly felt like a naughty k** poking around in his parent's room.

"What?" David laughed.

"You know, I mean, going through Samantha's things. That is what you had in mind, isn't it?"

David laughed again. "Not exactly. Come on, take a look."

Jonathan's head reeled. He already knew what was in there, and certainly wanted to look again, but he couldn't figure his friend wanting to show him.

"Thousands in dollars, millions in pleasure."

David's voice seemed distant, the bl**d pounded in Jonathan's ears.

"Go on, Jon, take a look." David ran his hand over the silky underclothes. "Take what you want."

Jonathan looked up, shocked.

"I know you like the silk panties. You're wearing them right now."

Jonathan flushed. He couldn't deny it. "Look man, she put them out for me, as a joke or something, I just thought-"

"Shh. I chose them for you. They are my favorites too, I get a hard-on every time I wear them."

Jonathan was rooted to the spot. David slowly unbuttoned his shirt, shrugged it off, and tossed it aside. His tanned chest was bare, or shaved. He stared directly at Jonathan as he unbuckled his belt and undid his pants. Jonathan saw the top of the lacy white panties as David slipped off his socks and then slid his pants down. The white panties were high-cut bikinis, with a silky front panel and full back that showed off David's ass as he turned and threw his clothes to the corner of the room. When he turned back, Jonathan could see the rigid bulge in his panties.

"Come on, Jonathan. Share in my pleasure," David grinned.

Jonathan felt like an automaton as he unzipped his jeans and dropped them to his ankles. David murmured appreciatively at the sight of the black panties. Jonathan removed his socks as he stepped out of the jeans. With a deep breath he tugged off his T-shirt and stood in front of his best friend, dressed in nothing more than his girlfriend's black panties.

David stepped forward and put his arm around Jonathan. His friend shivered at the intimate touch but somehow it felt right.

"Since we were k**s we've done everything together," David said quietly. "But we never did this."

"You can say that again," laughed Jonathan, a little nervously.

David's hand ran down to his ass and stroked him through the silk panties he was wearing. That was definitely strange but Jonathan felt his cock start to rise.

"These look great on you," David said. "They really are my favorites. In fact I bought the set to go with them. I think the rest of the outfit should be here somewhere."

He turned to the bedroom dresser.

"Yes, I know," said Jonathan. He felt the shame of sneaking through the private drawer of his best friend's fiancée the previous morning. "David, I have to tell you. Yesterday, while you and Samantha were out-"

"It's cool, man, we're friends. About to become a little more than."

"But Samantha-"

"She's cool with it too."

"She knows?"

"Dude, we're not stupid. Jeez, I nearly bust a nut when I heard you scurrying about up here when we came home. I knew you couldn't resist. I wanted to test you."

Jonathan looked thoroughly miserable. David patted his butt.

"Samantha thought it was totally hot. This was her idea."

"You mean-?"

"You and me and this dresser of delight." David looked into Jonathan's eyes. "She loves me, Jonathan. She wants what I want, and I want this. I think you do too. Heck, I've known about your panty thing for years, since college anyway."

Jonathan flushed again. "How?"

David shrugged. "Hey, man, girls talk."

Jonathan felt a rush of embarrassment. So his college girlfriend told all her friends about how he liked to wear women's underwear. Her underwear. How he jerked off while wearing it, or she jerked him into it, how he tried every which way to incorporate any kind of lingerie into their sex sessions. Perhaps even that he liked to hold her used panties to his face when they made love. They all must have had a good laugh about that.

It didn't seem fair, it wasn't just him being weird or selfish, Cindy seemed to enjoy it just as much as he did, and it turned him on so much they always had great sex. It meant too that he was completely faithful to her; no girl could come close to satisfying him in that simple way she did. The proof was the fact that he had not found another girl willing to experiment since, leading to several unhappy relationships. He was so grateful for Cindy's understanding that he went to great lengths to please her, in every way, to show how much it meant to him. Isn't that what any girl wanted? It's not as if he didn't like to do the things she asked to do either, he was always happy to give it straight when it was her turn. She had a few kinks of her own, yet he was ever happy to oblige. Had she despised him all that time? He felt such a fool. What must his friends have thought?

"Lynette thought it was hot," David said with a smile. "She started me that way too. Hers were the first panties I wore." He was still firmly stroking Jonathan's ass through the panties. "Once you start, you can't stop. But you know that, right? It took me a little while to really get into it, but I've got to compliment you, my man, you were really on to something."

Jonathan closed his eyes, relishing the caress of David's hand. Instinctively, he reached down and brushed the front of David's panties. His friend moved his hips towards him and he felt the erection pressed stiffly against the fabric. Jonathan tentatively cupped the shaft with his hand, and ran his thumb over the head. He felt his own cock straining against his panties, and took a step forwards.

Their cocks brushed together, through nylon and silk. It felt as if electricity charged him.

David's hands were still on his ass, and his friend tugged suddenly, bringing them slapped hard against each other, skin against skin, their panties pressed tight. Jonathan felt powerless to resist, if he wanted to resist.

He had never touched a man, never really wanted to; certainly not David, his closest friend. They had been naked together many times in all sorts of circumstances, swimming, camping, sports, but never like this, never sexually. And it was sexual, God it was sexual.

Jonathan buried his head against David's shoulder and reached behind him to stroke his ass through the white lacy panties. Were these the same pair he had searched for in the bathroom hamper? He loved the feeling, and ran his hands all round David's tight buttocks. Their cocks rubbed gently against each other. It was strange but wonderful. Something deep within him felt it to be right. They stood hugging tight, their hips grinding slowly, hands rubbing each other's panties, and Jonathan wanted it to go on forever.

He realized then that he somehow could never imagine doing anything like this with David if they were not wearing panties. Why was that? It seemed such a slight difference, a scrap of material, yet it signified something more. These were feminine garments, women's things, and they had crossed over. Somehow it was sharing this forbidden delight that was the key to a secret door he never even thought of opening.

David seemed to read his mind. "I was worried that you might not still indulge."

"You mean wearing panties? Heck, when the impulse hits me I can't resist."

"That's what I hoped when I added these panties to Samantha's little pile."

"You did that," considered Jonathan. "You planned this?"

"Kind of. I always wondered what it would be like to be with another guy, but somehow I couldn't see it happening. It had to be someone I knew well, and it had to be like this. I can't explain it."

"David, believe me, I understand."

"I never got what guys would see in each other when women are so beautiful. Even a handsome man is still a man."

They continued to fondle each other through their panties, hips rolling, hard cocks nuzzling together.

"Something about sex with a man makes me uneasy. I suppose it might have crossed my mind to wonder what it would be like to suck a man's cock, but I sure as heck didn't want anything up my butt. Samantha opened my eyes to that."

Jonathan was stunned. "Samantha?"

"Oh, yeah. She looks like butter wouldn't melt, but let me tell you, she's taken me to places I didn't think it was possible to go. I'd like you to share in that."

He moved his hand firmly to Jonathan's cock, and grasped tight through the panties. Jonathan moaned a little, feeling a bolt of excitement shoot through him. David tickled his balls.

"Let's do this right. Come on, let's see what we can find here. I think you got a little glimpse yesterday."

"David, this is so sudden for me. I want you to know that I love and respect you both. I'm sorry about what I did."

"Hey, it's all right, I open this drawer and lust overtakes me too. Show me what you chose."

Jonathan ran a hand across the contents of the drawer. He would gladly have worn any and all of it, everything was so sensuously beautiful. He pulled out the black bra, garter belt and silky pink slip.

"Mmm, yeah, I love that one. Samantha has the same thing in her size."

"You mean--?"

David laughed. "I told you we weren't exactly looking through her things. That's mostly down here."

He opened a lower drawer in the dresser. Neatly divided were bras, pantyhose, and many pairs of panties, nearly all plain simple cotton.

"She's a sexy girl but even I wouldn't expect her to wear this stuff all the time. We save it for special occasions." David handed the things Jonathan chose to his friend. "Like now."

Jonathan had still not recovered a sense of reality. How had it happened that a lifetime acquaintance with David had never strayed to something so far beyond the ordinary as this? The difference was this sudden revelation, and as simple a thing as a love of feminine garments. How much more intimate could two people get than to share the experience of wearing a woman's underwear. One special woman.

It felt almost as if Samantha was there in the room with them, guiding her lover and his best friend to join in exploration of each other's bodies through the expedient of her intimate apparel. David chose a full basque and held it up. "This is my favorite."

Jonathan murmured softly, "I can see why."

He felt quite detached as he slipped the bra on and fastened his garter belt. He rolled on the stockings. This felt perfectly natural but he could not fail to be aware that his subliminal fantasy had emerged to a reality far beyond wildest imagining. He even became a little self conscious that David was watching, as if he was a woman in a store changing room or community gym, dressing in front of others. He somehow wanted to show himself at his best. He slid the pink silk slip over his head and smoothed it down over his body. It was still pretty tight, David's or not.

"That looks great on you, Jon. You have fabulous legs. Here, help me with this."

He held the basque over his body, arms through the straps, and turned so that Jonathan could fasten the back. He placed his hands on his hips and breathed in as Jonathan slipped the hooks into eyes.

"How tight do you want it?"

"As far as it will go."

"Great minds think alike."

David turned about. If it were possible his cock was harder than before, poking forward under the panties. Jonathan chose a pair of stockings and bunched them, ready to roll them up his friend's legs. David rested a hand on his shoulder as he knelt down to start.

He would not otherwise have noticed, but David's legs were completely hairless. "You shave?"

"Uh-huh. Samantha showed me."

Such a lucky man. Jonathan smoothed the stocking up over David's knees to his thigh, reveling in the sensuous touch. He rolled up the next stocking as David fastened the first, stretching the garter tabs taut along his thighs. Jonathan slid the other stocking on, and did up the garters on that side. They turned to the mirror to admire the effect.

They looked like women with rigid cocks. No long hair or make-up, and no breasts or curves, not even the proper silhouette, but women nonetheless because their bodies were shapely enough in their restrictive feminine undergarments, cinched at the waist. Each had finely-toned long slender legs that, if not the equal of the most attractive woman, were better than many. Their stockings shimmered over their calves and ankles and thighs. Their panties stretched tight over rounded rumps every bit as smooth and pert as a woman, their hips narrow only to a critical eye. As Jonathan had discovered the day before, his padded bra gave him quite an acceptable semblance of breasts. The slip looked like a dress.

But they were not intent on appearing as women. Jonathan had never worn a wig or used make-up or perfume. He loved his manly body, could never imagine not having a penis, did not find himself longing to change gender as a transsexual would. No, he was moved by the simple act of dressing in lingerie, a fetish and no more. One he could now share.

The two men stood for what seemed an eternity, their eyes drinking in their ersatz feminine form.

Wordlessly, David turned to Jonathan and kissed him full on the lips. Jonathan closed his eyes. It was intense but curiously emotionless, pleasant but not particularly arousing. He drew back a little and they left their faces close, breathing hard. As if in a trance Jonathan dropped slowly to his knees, his cheek brushing the smooth shiny fabric of the basque, hands running down, hugging close. David swayed a little, his cock a rigid bulge at the level of his friend's mouth.

Jonathan couldn't believe what he was about to do. He had sometimes thought about sucking another man's cock, in idle fantasy, but imagined an anonymous encounter where he would not have to face up to the contradictions in his sexual psyche. He could never be gay, he loved women too much. He had always loved women, everything about them stirred yearning in him. In some way he wanted to be close to them beyond mere sexual conquest, and found wearing their most intimate items of apparel the surest indication of that. He could never imagine wanting to be with a man in the same way, but then he never could imagine being here with his best friend, both wearing women's underwear, each with their cock straining in panties.

Now he was stroking that friend's cock, rubbing his balls through those panties, running his hands over a man's stockinged legs, pulling his thick shaft gently from its silky folds, bending forward to meet its heat, feeling the bl**d throbbing along its length in his hand, touching the tip with his tongue, licking the head, pulling the skin back as far as he could.

He took David's erection into his mouth.

It felt strange, warm and somehow not actually hard as he might have thought but only firm, that if he probed with his tongue the flesh gave slightly. He was so absorbed in the intensity that he nearly forgot to breathe. God, this was so exciting.

He felt like a teenage girl might, not quite knowing what to do. He wanted so much to please David but he had never sucked a cock before. Damn, he had this done to him a hundred times, he should know exactly what to do!

"Oh, that's it, that's good," groaned David.

Jonathan smiled inside, he had the idea now. His head bobbed busily, his tongue working all round the shaft, flicking the slit, his lips drawing back over the head before he plunged it back in and sucked greedily. He rubbed the panties over David's balls with one hand, the waistband drawn tight just under his shaft, balls cupped in a silken case like precious jewels. He thought about what girls did to him to turn him on when they gave head, and ran a finger lightly between David's legs and probed gently.

"Go on," David breathed.

Jonathan found the right spot a little further back, and pressed his finger through the fabric. David's legs bucked a little and he moaned softly. Jonathan pressed harder, working his finger inside David's asshole, sliding the panty material in. David must have been ready for that. His body tensed and his hands gripped the back of Jonathan's head. He was about to come, no doubt about it.

Jonathan was caught in a moment of reflection. He had been sucked off by girls who swallowed and girls who didn't. Some liked it but others did not - one even cried when she thought she had to but couldn't, and it hurt him that she thought he would use her in that way. In fact he never put pressure on any of the wonderful women who thought to give oral pleasure to come in their mouths. What was the point? 'Spit 'n' rinse' as his dentist used to say. He was more than happy just to come, and if they liked the taste so much the better. Now he faced that same decision but it was no choice at all. He ran his thumb underneath David's shaft and felt the tube at the base. He had pressed there to dam his own explosion many times, and this time he would be ready. Yet before he had time to act, he felt the first hot surge of cum erupt in his mouth, firing in spurts to the back of his throat.

His mind went blank. He didn't know where he was, or who he was, or what he was doing. There was just his mouth and this cock, and the taste of hot cum, and he swallowed, and sucked, and rubbed the shaft greedily, pumping every drop.

David's knees buckled. He groaned and ran his fingers through Jonathan's hair. His body shuddered and breath came in a long sigh of satisfaction, till he staggered back and collapsed on the bed. His friend rose, face flushed and a grin on his lips.


"What do you want, a round of applause?" David laughed.

"A Thank You would be nice."

"Perhaps I can do something for you."

David tucked his softening penis back into his panties. He turned and bent over the bed, his pantied ass raised with his hands spread in front. He peeped over his shoulder and spread his legs apart.

Jonathan could not resist the invitation. He felt a dribble of pre-cum seep into his panties as he gazed at the panties stretched taut over his friend's buttocks. He ran his hands over them, sliding a finger under the hem, tracing the curve to his balls. He raised the slip and thumbed his own heaving erection from under his panties. He grasped it in his fist and rubbed hard, drinking in the sight of David in his stockings and basque and tight lacy panties.

He stood close and pressed his cock against David's ass, and began to rub all over. He slid the head down and pressed through the silky material over David's tight puckered hole.

"That's it, right there," David moaned.

Jonathan stopped suddenly. "I'm sorry, David, I can't."

"Come on, it'll be good."

"No, I mean it. I don't mind this other stuff, in fact it feels great, but... Let's just say I'm not ready for that. This is all kind of new to me."

David laughed and pulled Jonathan onto the bed. They collapsed and rolled together, a tangle of arms and legs. "You're a prude."

"You're a slut."

"Ooh, keep talking."

"Well, I guess I'm a whore," whispered Jonathan in David's ear, as he massaged David's cock back to life with an expert hand. "I do oral to completion."

"And how," David sighed.

Jonathan propped himself on an elbow. "So you're saying Samantha is really OK with this?"

"You and me? Jon, she knows me and she knows how I feel about you. She trusts me. I certainly trust her, and I will do for the rest of my life."

"But isn't it cheating?"

"I would never cheat on her. Why would I, she gives me everything I could ever want. Everything except this. This is something she isn't able to give."

David stroked Jonathan's penis. It had been stiff from the moment they dressed.

"OK. Let me see if I've got the hang of this cocksucking business."

David slid down the bed and kneeled between Jonathan's legs. A blissful smile appeared on Jonathan's face as he settled back into soft pillows.

"You know, David, I've always said you were a lucky man for knowing Samantha, but I've realized that I'm the lucky one." Jonathan smiled. "I know you both."

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