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Elizabeth my co-worker

Elizabeth and I had worked together for about 5 years when this happened.She is married 56 years old, very slim ,very tan but not what I would call pretty or even good looking.When she smiles her big teeth show.She has straight shoulder length blond hair.She wears skin tight jeans almost all the time and that is the best looking thing about her.Nice ass, muscular thighs and calf's.Elizabeth likes to smoke,drink beer and watch sports.I finally realized who her face reminded me of,a picture of an American Indian man.Very tanned and weathered. We get along great and have a lot of fun together.We know pretty much everything about each other.She even knows I'm a horny woman chaser,especially the married ones,that just turns me on.She often breaks my stones about my sickness as she calls it.Despite that we are really good friends.

One day I noticed she was kind of quite.I was finally able to get her to tell me what was wrong.Her husband has not been responding to her sexual advances and their sex has been more one sided than it has ever been.They got counseling and it turns out he has just lost interest and the counselor told her it happens with aging.Elizabeth told me she still loves him very much but that she is still very interested in sex and can't imagine going without.It has already been 4 months.I tried to be a good friend talking and comforting her but my horny tendencies are pocking at me putting potentially bad ideas in my head.I really tried being a good friend but if she was going to have an affair with anyone it was going to be me.We were never really physical with each other so I had to find some way of changing that to start.We were outside one day and she was smoking as usual.I always took a break with her even though I don't smoke.She was very quite but finally looked at me and said " can I come over to your place after work so we can talk?"

"Of course you can" I said.

At my place we sat drinking beer talking about her problem.After a while she told me she had made a decision and she hoped that I would help her make it happen.I was curious as to what it was.

Elizabeth said "I want to have an affair and I want it to be" She couldn't look at me." You must think I'm horrible person" she said as she looked at the floor.

"No" I said " I am glad you want to have your affair with me.Who knows you better than me?" She raised her head smiling.I was sitting next to her so I leaned in and started to kiss her.Her response was immediate wrapping her arms around my neck as she kissed me hard pushing me down on the couch.We went at it, with her laying on top of me humping me like a dog.

"We have to get these cloths off I don't have all night,I need to fuck" she said.We ripped our cloths off,our bodies collided naked falling on the bed.She rolled right on top of me' reached down,grabbed my cock inserting into her hole.

" Oh my god" she said "I didn't expect it to be that big.oh shit" as she slid her pussy down engulfing my cock.She wasted no time she got in a squat position and rode my cock up and down hard, her hands on my chest.

"Oh shit that feels amazing oh oh oh oh god that's big oh fuck yes.Oh shit yes yes yes yes yes oh damn I 'm cumming oh oh god oh god yesssssssssss ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhh fuck yes" she cried. She put her knees down on the bed sitting on my cock looking down at me saying "damn that is a good start."

I reached up massaging her tits and nipples.She sat on me, her head up enjoying my playing while she moved around on my cock deep inside her.I slid my hand down to her clit which I could see protruding, rubbing it with my thumb.

She moaned saying" you like my twat?"

"Mmmmm yeah that is nice" I said squeezing it between my finger and thumb.

Elizabeth took a deep breathe "yeah that's it pull on it that feels gooooood.Oh yeah that's it oooooo makes me tingle, yes." This went on for a long time she was enjoying it so much.Finally she laid down on top of me kissing me passionately our tongue playing tag.I pushed my ass up spreading her legs more and started to drive my cock in and out of her wide open cunt.She kissed harder her cries muffled in my mouth.I drove it hard and deep pumping as hard as I could.I pumped so hard her skinny body was almost flying off my cock.I had to hold her ass to stop her from flying off.Then I flipped her over ,my cock still in her landing between her wide open legs my cock going as deep as possible.

I pounded her pussy hard,she was crying out "oh god yes, give me that big cock, fuck me." I pinned her legs against her chest driving my cock in her cunt my balls slapping her ass.I was going to cum and it was going to be a big one.I groaned let out a yell as I spewed a giant load of cum inside her deep cavern.She screamed out shaking her head back and forth grabbing the sheets.

"Oh fuck fuck fuck yes" she screamed as she climaxed intensely her face distorted making her even more unattractive.I didn't give a shit what she looked like I was fucking her smoking hot body finally,it has been a fantasy since I met her.

I rolled off her and we laid there for a while in silence except for our heavy breathing.

She finally spoke first "I was hoping that it would be good but that was fucking amazing.I have never cum twice in a roll,at least not that close together."

"Well" I said "that just goes to so you how horny you were."

"And you know what?" she said "I still want more.Are you up for that?"

"Damn straight" I said.

We agreed to have a beer and relax a little first.That didn't last long since we were sitting there naked.I kept looking at her sexy body and she was eyeing up my cock.Next thing I know she is straddling me pushing her tits in my face. I sucked and kissed her nipples.She was loving it as was I.Her nipples were really hard.

Then she said " this may be a stupid question but do you like oral sex?"

"I sure do" I said.With that she surprised me standing on the couch putting her leg up over my head and feeding me her pussy.I saw this big clit sticking out over her wide open hole.

I licked her clit and she said "suck my twat, I like it sucked hard." I sucked it hard as she moaned in pleasure.The more I sucked the bigger it got.It is huge, like a little cock.I put two fingers in her wide open hole,it was soaking wet.I slid my fingers in and out still sucking her clit.

She said "damn suck that twat that is soooo gooood.Oh god yes suck it." I could suck that beautiful clit all night.

After awhile she said "do you want to 69?" I just shook my head yes stilling sucking her clit.She told me to lay on the floor.Elizabeth got on top of me.I was starring at her gaping pussy and a beautiful asshole.But I wasn't sure if she was into anal so I didn't touch it. I licked and sucked her big clit then I push my tongue up in her pussy as far as I could.As I felt her wet pussy walls she sucked and stroked my cock.Man was she doing a great job.Every once in a while she would sit up pressing her pussy down on my mouth, my tongue getting even deeper inside her gaping pussy.At the same time she would emit little screeching sounds from her mouth.As I was tongue fucking her pussy and pulling at her clit she let out a scream,her mouth full of my cock.She was cumming in my mouth but at the same time sucking and stroking me so that I was ready to cum also.She had her mouth tight on my cock as I came.I could feel her releasing the cum from her mouth and it running down my balls.I kept eating her pussy,she tried to pull away but I held her.She sat up screaming and laughing telling me to stop.I didn't and she climaxed again.She pushed down hard on my face as she came cutting off my air .I finally had to let go to breath.

She jumped off me saying "I knew that would make you stop.You son of a bitch my insides are hurting you made me cum so hard and twice." We both laughed,told a long break then got back to fucking around until about two in the morning when she went home to her sexless marriage.

Before she left we talked about what we just did and were in agreement that we keep our relationship very discreet,especially at work but I told her I was always available for her to blow off steam.

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