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A story that came to me last night

The evil twinkle in his eye made her suspicious as she felt him stroke her cheek. He cupped the back of her head and pulled her closer so her mouth made full contact with his. She felt his large tongue protrude past her bl**d red lips. She sucked on it and playfully bit the tip of the wet flesh. He took in a sharp breath and to counteract her, he gripped her pursed bottom lip between his perfect teeth. He drew it into his mouth and pulled downwards releasing it slowly, gently scr****g his teeth across it.

He lifted her legs off the ground and while her arms clung to his neck, he carried her to the bed. His only thought was to pleasure her. He laid her out then took his position between her legs. He let his full weight fall on her body and he pressed his lips to hers. She squeezed him between her thighs as a warm flow came over her.

As she released him, he began planting kisses down her neck, lingering over her breasts and then down her stomach. She felt her gentle flesh glow with anticipation and she wanted him to kiss her everywhere. She felt a warm fluid produce itself and moisten her further. She desired his touch so much, she had never been this wet before.

She reached above her head to grab hold of the bed posts as he toyed with the dark curls covering her mound. He rested his hand on it and caressed the smooth skin between her hips. He wanted her so badly he could taste her.

He gave a sensual kiss to her clitoris, then in long strokes he ran his tongue over it. Using a circular motion and a rigid tongue, he excited her until he felt the ball shaped flesh grow hard. Her enjoyment was dissipated not only in her moans but also in the gripping of the cold metal.

He held her by wrapping his arms around her thighs and caressing her sensitive inner region. He moved now to concentrate on the delicate opening. He licked one side of her lips and with some pressure kissed the other.

He made his tongue stiff so it could pass through her threshold and discover her moist home. He pumped it against the walls and around in circles touching every surface. Her pelvis moved in time to his pulses and she gripped the posts harder. Her cries of ecstasy caused his appendage to increase more in size until he thought he would burst.

To continue his diligent work, he returned his attention to her erection. He pressed her clit between his soft lips and nipped it as she gasped deeply. He then tantalised this part of her sex by flicking his tongue quickly back and forth on its surface. This drove her wild and she clenched her stomach muscles to hold onto this side of climax. He once again took it in his lips and compressed it repeatedly, until there was nothing holding her back and she convulsed suddenly and cried out.

She lay exhausted from his efforts; a fulfilled woman.

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