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Playing with my clone

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Playing with my clone

The sex industry of the year 2090 had made a lot of stuff possible that
was entirely unthinkable until now. Photo realistic computer animated
porn movies where you could change the scenes and camera view points
however you favored. d**gs that could trigger orgasms so strong that
they would sweep you from your feet. And all forms of internet2
attachable sex toys, like huge dildos made out of flesh synthetics,
that almost looked like the real deal and that pushed cyber sexing to a
whole new level.

One of its latest offerings caught my imagination from the first second
that I saw an ad about it on the internet2: The ability to have sex
with yourself or more precisely with a exact replica of your self. A
copy that was not only physically 100% identical to you, but that also
had the exact same memory and knowledge, having shared every thought
and experience up until to the point of the cloning process.

I've had my fair share of pussies in my life and I always considered
myself a regular straight guy, but yet I never felt my sexual needs to
be totally fulfilled with the woman, with which I had - not to say
boring - but at least conventional sex. Much of this I attributed to
being 25 and just not having met the right woman yet.

Still I felt the desire to explore a side of my sexuality that I felt
lurking somewhere inside of me and growing stronger every day. Since a
few years when masturbating to the virtual porn movies on the internet2
though, I found myself becoming less and less interested with the
woman, while concurrently noticing a growing interest in the male
actors and their huge glaring dicks, often even adjusting the virtual
camera view so that I could get a better view of their hard dicks
pistoning in and out of a sub servant mouth or mercilessly fucking the
asshole of a moaning bitch. For years I made nothing much of this. I
still lived out my usual straight sex life with my girl friends and
attributed my awakened secret interest to simple boredom with the usual
porn. In the last months though it would get harder and harder to
convince myself of this, of the fact that my secret fantasies were just
some irrelevant thoughts which I could drop anytime. More often I would
realize that again I had just shot a huge load all over my sweaty
belly, while looking at a big, rock hard, throbbing and saliva
drenching cock being gigantically displayed on the holo walls of my
entertainment room.

Afterwards I would always feel shameful, but within a couple of days,
sometimes even hours the dark images in my head would return. Somehow
the usual straight stuff couldn't excite me much anymore and ever more
often I would actually allow my mind to roam freely, exploring those
very arousing thoughts, eventually even starting to fantasize not being
sucked off but actually being the bitch that took the huge dick into
her waiting mouth and that worked it skillfully like if it were an art.
And as guilty as these fantasies made me feel, I already felt addicted
to them, to being so horny that I felt like in another world. Finally I
overcame myself and ordered a realistically formed dildo modeled after
my favorite actor, Victor Alexei, a muscular Neo-Brazilian with a very
nicely sized dick. Until it arrived I couldn't almost focus on daily
duties, wondering all the time how the dick would feel inside of it,
how it would fill me out and if it actually felt as I had been
fantasizing. I surely would not be disappointed, because when it
arrived and I heavy breathingly attached the realistic dick to the
floor, I almost already came by just taking it in balls deep for the
first time.

I suppose that having real sex with a copy of yourself would by most be
considered even more perverse than simply having regular gay sex. I
tried to get the idea out of my mind, but I simply couldn't. In a
twisted and probably self denying way it seemed like the perfect
solution to live out these thoughts in safety and without the judgement
of another person. My plan actually even included that my clone would
take the bottom sub servant role in that special encounter. This way I
would be able to explore these fantasies, while my real me would still
be a butt virgin and I could go on with my regular straight life
afterwards if I would learn that after all, this had all been just a
fantasy which would actually fall apart when finally acted out in

Now here I was nervously sitting in one of the bed rooms of the high
tech brothel, awaiting the arrival of my own clone. I thought about how
technology had made these bizarre situations possible: Myself waiting
in a room to fuck myself. Technically I didn't even understand
precisely how it worked, it had something to do with a temporal energy
cloning process which could replicate anything for a couple of hours.
After a couple of hours the replicated object would simply fade out and
disappear again, leaving seemingly nothing behind besides in my case
the memory of a night that potentially had the power to change my whole

I was sitting at the edge of the big king size bed and looked nervously
around the room, desperately trying to calm myself somehow. My clothes
which I had fully dropped, laid in a pile beside the bed in the
otherwise clean and tidy room. Beside the bed, a small table and a
couple of chairs the room didn't contain nothing much. The only
decoration where the holo walls which showed images of a star sprinkled
night sky. I wasn't sure that it actually was earths sky, but it looked
beautiful and even romantic.

When the door finally slid open I had to smile, because although we were
100% identical to up just about half an hour ago, when the cloning
process ended, he - or should I say I - was already surprising me. The
other me was wearing string knotted high heels, sexy thighs and a very
short mini skirt. The brothel must have had some kind of lingerie shop
of which I didn't know of but which obviously he had found.. at least I
hadn't brought the stuff with me. The outfit was surprisingly hot to
me. Of course the clone knew exactly what I was into, but even taking
this into consideration, I was breath taken by the fact how well the
red mini skirt suited my slim body and how the tights accentuated my
long legs. My blond shoulder-long hair, which I usually wore as a short
tail, he had opened up and fixed to part in front of his face. The hair
framed the very familiar face and yet surprisingly feminine face. He
had put on make up which accentuated his big eyes and a sensual red
mouth. On first note my cross dressing opposite would easily have
passed as a girl, and on a second guess maybe too.

He smiled knowingly, probably noticing the amazement in my eye, and came
a few steps closer. Slowly though because he was not used to walk in
high heels. I met him in the middle of the room and pulled him toward
me, by reaching around him and playfully grabbing his round butt cheeks
under his miniskirt, while he put his hands on my bare chest. My finger
tips innocently explored his ass and I could feel a narrow G-String
restricting my access to his carnal entrance.

We looked deep into each other eyes and suddenly had to laugh because of
the ridiculousness of this situation. Despite the weird situation, I
felt naturally comfortable with him. I could feel the tension between
us and our laughter soon died away. I could hear him breath heavy and I
could feel his already hard dick pressing up against the fabric of his
skirt. He looked curiously from my eye to my mouth and gently massaged
my breast, while moistening his lips with his tongue. Slowly our heads
neared each other and after a brief moment of last second resistance,
when our lips were less that an inch apart, we finally kissed. I gently
tongued his mouth, shyly exploring his mouth for the first time. I knew
what he liked and worked my tongue in his mouth until I actually could
hear him moan quietly. I had worried that this would feel like kissing
a mirror, I had pondered the possibility that this moment would feel
asexual and dumb and that we would know that this wouldn't work.
Instead we kissed like old lovers and in fact I had never shared such a
intimate kiss with anybody before. When we parted we looked relieved at
each other. Obviously we were again thinking the same thing.

Tenderly pushing his hands on my chest, he motioned me to step a couple
of feet back and then playfully nudged me down so that I came to sit on
the edge of the bed again. His legs widely spread, he sat down on my
crotch, gently pressing my now also erect dick down so that it came to
rest under him. While he gave me another sensual tongue kiss, this time
taking a more active role, he also made slow circling motions with his
bottom, so that my hard dick would whip against his ass crack, which
was only slightly protected by the small string. He parted our kiss for
a moment, while he with almost c***dish grin grabbed beneath him and
moved the string sideways and tucked it under my dick, so that my dick
would now be fixed under the string and touching his tight hole with my
cock head. Visibly happy with his idea, he laid his arms on my
shoulders and continued to french kiss me, while he slowly slid his ass
seductively back and forth, so that my now rock hard cock would slowly
pass his alluring boy hole again and again, without actually entering
it, almost massaging his entrance with my hard cock.

All I wanted to do was to flip him over and fuck him senseless, but I
was too entangled into the hottest kissing that I had ever received. He
would play games, with me, breaking the kiss when I was too eager,
biting at my lip and then again invading my mouth with full f***e, all
while still teasing my cock with his hot ass play. Time melted away and
all I could sense was his warm breathing sensual body on my lap. I
wrapped my arms around him and tenderly stroked his beautiful back,
while I listened to his sweet quiet moaning.

Suddenly he parted the kiss, leaving a line of saliva between our lips
hanging for a moment. He freed my cock from its sweet imprisonment and
stood up. He slowly knelt before me and took my very hard cock gently
into his right hand. At first he just looked at it while moving it
around with his hand as if wanting to measure it and to see it in all
its beauty for the first time, even smelling it at one point. "It's
huge honey. I love it", he said without looking up, seemingly being
totally immersed into his new toy. My dick felt so hot that I wondered
if I would already come at his first real jerk of my dick.

As if he had heard my thoughts he finally looked up again into my eye
and I could see this known and yet unknown - partly covered by my big
dick - angelic face beaming in anticipation. Finally he grabbed my dick
more firmly and started a slow jerking motion up and down my cock. I
couldn't help myself and let go a loud moan, much to his pleasure and a
big smile. It was clear that he was taking in every smallest reaction
to his skillful finger play.

He stroked it for a while, until he without breaking the eye contact
moved the head of my throbbing dick to his mouth and flicked of my
leaking precum with a curious face expression. He seemed to like what
he tasted and took the entire cock head decisevly into his mouth, where
he tenderly sucked on it, while flipping his tongue on my piss hole.
"Fuuuuck", I groaned loudly almost fearing having to explode in his
face right there, but he let go of my cock head just in time. Letting
me rest for a moment he stroked my pulsating cock very slowly with his
right hand and I could see that his left hand was disappearing under
his skirt to play with himself. When he couldn't take the waiting
anymore he presented my balls with some licking and sucking treatment,
while skillfully starting to firmly jerk my shaft again. This time when
he came back up to my cock head, he didn't satisfy himself with it
anymore and tried to take in as much as he could into his desiring and
wet mouth. He reached about half of the cock, before retreating with a
gagging sound, just to try it quickly again and reaching a little

I felt like in trance. My whole body felt like a sensual area, my whole
body felt like my cock. The room was filled with slurping sounds, while
he alternatively caressed my balls, shaft and head, while licking,
flicking, sucking and even playfully biting my dick. He even seemed
still determined to take it all in and tried it again and again, until
my cock was finally dripping of his saliva and he was able to take my
cock almost all the way in. When I felt his tight throat I couldn't
take this incredibly skillful blow job anymore and felt my orgasm
coming in again. Heavily breathing, I extracted my cock with a plopping
sound, quickly grabbing his ankles to make him stop.

This made him grin as he understood, he raised and reached behind him to
let his skirt fall to the ground. Next he stepped out of his high heels
and crawled on the bed beside me, stopping on his fours and presenting
me his unprotected and obscenely exposed ass. He even bent his elbows
so that his upper body came closer to the bed and sensually moved his
ass around. "What are you waiting for?", he asked smilingly with his
head turned around to see me. I knew what he wanted, and I knew what I
wanted. I put my hands on his cleanly shaved butt and gently began
kissing his inviting round bollocks. I started licking his ass, slowly
making my way from the outer part to the center where the string was
barely hiding his most intimate canal and the target of my lustful

I tucked my thumb under the string and moved it to the side, so that I
could full see his cleanly shaved asshole for the first time. It was
beautiful, very small, with pinkish innocent flesh surrounding his boy
cunt. I knew that he had cleaned himself up well, and sniffed at his
ass, smelling nothing but raw sex. I extended my tongue again and
flicked it at the hole, sending shivers though his body. "Damn", he
moaned. I continued my probing and could hear his breath going heavier
and heavier with the time. Sometimes I would stop the rimming for a
moment and he would respond by impatiently push his ass more into my

"Turn around bitch", I said and gave him a slap on the ass. He did as
commanded and laid on his back, his legs widely spread with his hand
resting on his lower legs. Again his hole was in mouthwatering glory
before me and I continued my sometimes gentle, sometimes more wanting
rimming of his hole, interleaving it with tongue flicks and with
playful bites to his buttocks. From my position I couldn't see his
face, but I could feel his ass hole twitch, his inability to keep
still, and I could hear his arousal in the intensity of his moaning.

Now I began to experiment with penetrating the entrance of this hole
with my tongue tip. At first he had problems with relaxing and
tightened up every time I tried to enter his hole, but after what felt
like minutes in this position in which I gently sucked at his ass and
stroked his belly with my hands, he loosened up and I suddenly
surprised him with ramming my tongue into his delicious hole. I could
hear a surprised moaning and then streams of powerful shivers tormented
his body. I felt his hole close and open rapidly shutting my tongue out
for the moment. It was fascinating seeing his ass so close while
orgasming and without thought I inserted the middle finger of my right
hand slowly into his carnal hole to feel the contractions more
directly, while I looked up just in time to see a first strong spur of
his hot load shooting out his cock which he held in his right hand.
Spur after spur landed on his already sweaty and shiny chest and belly.
"Oops, I couldn't help myself", he said innocently raising his head to
see me into my eye and with his body still twitching.

He rested his feet on my shoulders and I could see that some of the cum
had even landed on his face. Without thought he flicked his tongue to
catch some of it. I was watching in awe, because this was something
that I had never even fantasized about. He smiled at my amazed face
expression and stuck his right index and middle fingers, into his belly
button and let it slide from the there up until his chest, where he
lifted the now cum-drenching fingers to his mouth and sucked them
clean, sucking at his fingers almost they were a delicious cock.

He bent his right index finger to motion me upwards to him. I moved to
meet him and we french kissed, while he wrapped his arms and legs
around me. I could taste the cum on his tongue and feel the cum on his
chest sticking our intertwined bodies together. I lay slightly lower
than him and so my steel hard cock was now again tipping against boy
hole. "Will you fuck me please, daddy?", he whispered into my ear with
a submissive voice.

I tugged my hand under his left leg and turned him around, to that he
again came to rest in the doggy-style position in which I had rimmed
him before. His butt crotch shined invitingly in the saliva that I had
positioned there while eating his ass. He made a hollow-back,
stretching his arms forward and turned his head, smiling almost
innocently at me, while at the same time slowly moving his ass in
circles in front of me.

I couldn't take it anymore. I was so hot for this boy, like I had never
been for anybody or how I could even believed possible. I positioned
the head of my cock in his ass crack and let his slowly slide up and
down his ass. Although he had just cum, I could see how his ass still
hungered for my cock as he pushed more of his ass onto my cock as to
seducing myself into finally fucking him raw. I positioned my head at
his fuck hole and gently pushed. We both had to moan loudly after my
head finally passed his tight passage. His hole felt unbelievable tight
against my fat cock head. I progressed only slowly, pausing again and
again, so that he had time to adapt to the growing piece of hard
pistoning cock in his back entrance. We finally managed to get my whole
cock inside and I grinded my cock in a cycling notion to drive home my
point, which was met by a deep moan of my little dick slave.

I now slowly began the fucking motion, slowing retreating my cock and
then reinserting it. I could feel him relax more and more with each
time I thrust my cock balls deep into him. He moved his right hand to
my stomach to slower my motions, but I knew that he could take it and
began to enter him even faster, accompanied by a equally louder moaning
on his part. After a couple of thrusts I teased him, by entirely
removing my dick from his hole and running it again up and down again
on his ass crack, which prompted him to look at me almost pleadingly
and to moan: "Don't stop, please. Fuck me good, baby. Fuck me!".

I entered him again and continued fucking him. After what felt like a
couple of hours or maybe minutes of steadily fastening motions I was
finally fucking him so hard, that the sound of my balls slapping
against the smoothly shaved dam between his hole and balls filled the
room. He moaned every time this happened and made the slapping even
grow louder as he began to move his hips in counter motion to my
incoming dick. Beneath him I could see his own cock leaking pre cum in
a quantity that it almost seemed like he were coming continuously. We
were now in unity, our breathing was in sync. Although I could see his
face only sideways, I could see the ecstatic expression, his mouth was
half open and his eyes mostly closed. There were no more thoughts in
this room. The only think that mattered was my dick fucking his tight
hot boy hole.

I suddenly felt the waves of orgasms rise and explode over me with a
unknown intensity. I rammed my cock all the way into his ass and let
out a loud guttural groan, while I shot my first load deep into his
hole. Tormented by waves of cramps I slowly extracted my twitching and
cum spurting cock from his hole. I felt like I were shooting gallons of
cum and shot the last spurs out of my now extracted cock on his still
gaping ass hole.

Feeling entirely depleted I let myself fall on to him, kissing him on
his neck and then turning around to come to rest besides him while
looking at the ceiling trying to get back to my breath and trying to
understand what just had happend. With a swift motion he turned around
so that he came to rest with parted legs around on my belly. Our bodies
were joined by mixutre of cum and sweat and he bend down to give me
another long sensual tongue kiss while our hands interwined in each
others. Landing another smaller kiss lovingly on my lips when we parted
the tongue kiss. "That was fucking hot!", I managed to say still out of
breath. "Oh hun! We are not done yet. You need to make cum at least
once more.".

I looked quizzingly at him, we both knew that once I had shot my load, I
usually was totally fluffly and non receptive to sex anymore. "You
relax. I'll handle it", he said and move so that I could feel his
rockhard cock playfully nudge my cock. He raised his ass and came to
sit again just below my dick, which he pressed against his own hard
dick. He grabed both dicks at once and began to jerk them at once with
one hand. I had expected the guilty feeling to wash over me as usual at
this point, but instead the only think that I thought about was his hot
body, his tight asshole and how bad I wanted to fuck him again already.
I could feel my cock grow in his hand again, while pressing against his
own warm and throbbing cock.

He put his hands on my chest, in a way to signal me that I should stay
down in that position, while he reseated him so that his ass was now
directly above my cock. He gently grabbed my dick from below and
lowered himself slowly until my its head was firmly pressing against
his back. If there had been anything missing needed to get me fully
erect again, that was it. I wanted to fuck him as badly as just a
couple of seconds ago. We precisely examined the expressions of each
other faces, when he finally had mercy and while sexily biting on his
lower lip, pushed a little harder so that my cock head once again
passed the ring of his forbidden hole.

Without stopping he lowered himself until my cock was entirely burried
in his ass, which he commented with a long pleasured moan. He looked
liked he was in pure bliss and slowly raised again from my dick until
it was completly removed again. I looked down and saw the cum that I
had shot previously flow out of his hole and down my cock. He repeated
the motion a couple of times, each time removing my cock completly and
sometimes even reaching down with his fingers into his gaping asshole
and probing more cum. It was clear that he was completly fucking
himself now, a fact that didn't make me feel used but incredibly turned

Finally he let my dick in his ass on his upright movements and began to
quicken his movements, until the room was again filled with smacking
sound of this ass hitting my crotch. I could feel my orgasms slowly
building up, when he stopped the quick fucking motion to come to sit
completly on my dick and to intervine it in cycling motions with his
pelvis, smiling seductively at me. I felt hypnotized by watching him
jerking his cock with his right hand, while pinching his nipples with
his left hand and feeling my hard cock burried entirely in his ass.
After a few minutes he groaned out loudly and shot a huge load on my
chest and stomach. I closed my eyes and savored his twiching ass
massaging my dick while he was having a unbelievable strong orgasm.

Suddenly I felt him stand up and come to rest on his belly beside me. He
was looking at my dick like it was a delicous dish and grabbed it with
his right hand, while having a natural curious expression on his face.
He first drove up and down the shaft a couple of times and then focused
on my head which he sucked heavily on, while his hands skillfully
played with my balls and jerked at my shaft. Finally he took my cock in
fully again and sucked at it like he had done this hundred times
before. I let go out load groan and could feel waves of bliss come over
me. I had just shot my load before, but I could still feeling shooting
loads of cum into his awaiting mouth. Without any thought he greedily
swallowed all of it immediately, even milking my cock with his hands
for more cum after I was done.

After he had cleaned up my cock nicely, he moved his torso so that he
lay on top of me and we hugged and kissed. This time the kissing wasn't
sinful or dirty, it felt lovingly and full of happiness. He laid his
head on my chest and we laid there just staring at the night sky that
the holo walls were displaying.

I was awakened by the rising sun displayed on the same holo walls. My
clone was gone as if he had never been here. I didn't know exactly how
long we had slept but by now he must had vanished again into thin air.
But I didn't feel sad of having lost him, on contrary I felt united
with him. For the first time in my life I knew that I had found what I
was missing all these years. For the first time I felt in peace with my
sexuality. I now knew that there was a horny cross dressing slut inside
of me that loved to suck dicks until they were dripping of saliva, that
loved to be fucked raw and balls deep, that loved the taste of cum and
that loved to drive men crazy for him. And there were no more guilty
feelings with this realiziation. Finally I felt freed.. and I knew that
this was the beginning of a new life.

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