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Herman Returns...With Friends

A couple of weeks had passed since I met Herman, I still can not remember how we met or how we ended up in a hotel room and him having sex with me all night long.
But he did call and made arrangements for us to meet at another hotel, he said we were not going anywhere but just stay in and have fun.

I thought about not going, but when you are in college and it's the week end you don't want to stay on campus all week end. So I got the name of the motel and went to the room.

Herman opened the door with a towel wrapped around his mid section and a bulge in the center. 'Hi David glad you made it, let's not waste time. Go into the toilet and get changed. I'll be ready for you when you return.'

I went into the toilet and there was nothing but a towel and a jock strap. I put them on and as I exited the toilet I was shocked to see three other guys had came in and was in varying stages of undressing.

Herman announced 'there he is, the best piece of ass I've had in years.' I stepped back into the toilet, Herman said to me 'don't be shy, these are my friends I told you about. They all want to have sex with you after I told them about you. Now come on out and get comfortable.'

I came out and stood by the door and said 'Herman I thought that you and I was going to be here alone. I don't know if I can handle four men at once.' AS I looked around I saw that their penis was of varying sizes and all in different stages of erection.

The guy nearest to me chided 'don't be a wall flower, come on over here and let me get a feel of that ass.' I started to retreat again but he reached out and snatched the towel from my waist. I tried to snatch it back and he grabbed my wrist and pulled me to him and tried to kiss me.

I managed to turn my head in time and he went to my nipples and started to suck them one at a time. All the while kneading my buttocks in his fingers. Herman came over and pulled us apart and passed me a cup and said here have a drink first and get to know the guys.

The cup had some type of alcoholic fluid, I sipped it and found it not to be too harsh. Herman took my wrist and led me into the center of the room and pointed out the guys and called their names. But for some reason I could not make out what he was saying and the room begin to get hazy.

My speech was slurred and I became some what unsteady on my feet, one of the guys said 'damn that was fast. I never seen it work so quickly.' I tried to speak again and begin to wonder what was happening.

Herman was by my side and whispered in my ear as he pushed me to my knees saying 'here you just need to get busy. Start by sucking my dick, open wide.' On my knees I looked up as Herman pushed his stiff penis into my face and said 'come on baby suck my dick now.'

I tried to shake my head, Herman pressed his penis against my lips and they parted accepting his penis into my mouth. Herman took hold of my head and begin copulate with my oral cavity. I could only look up at him as his penis worked in and out of my mouth. Spittle and pre-cum dripping from my lips, Herman stepped away and another guy took his place.

His penis was a little larger and he had to pull my mouth wider as he entered. I gagged as his huge head hit the back of my throat and he grind his hips into my face. I could not defend myself from their assault, one after another they came in my mouth till I had serviced them all.

I remember dropping to my hands and knees and coughing as their seed was expelled from my throat. They lifted me and laid me on the edge of the bed. My feet hanging off, fingers probed my anus and something was smeared into my anal orifice.

Herman got on the bed and pulled me up to his crotch and fed his penis into my mouth. He cradled my head and sternly said 'suck the dick baby, suck the dick for me.' My mouth was filled with his hardening penis as I tried to comply.

On of the other guys climb up on my butt and I felt his bulbous penile glans probing my buttocks. When my anal orifice was located he pressed against it till my outer muscle ring relaxed and allowed him entrance.

His huge head popped in and he sunk half his man hood into my bung. Whimpering around Herman's penis I tried to protest, Herman held my wrist and rocked back and forth sliding his penis back and forth in my mouth.

The penis in my butt pushed me forward as he sexed my behind. Herman grunted and flooded my mouth with his baby fluid, I coughed and gagged as he emptied his testicles of their substance. The guy in my bung rode me quickly till he too shot an enormous load of baby batter into my rectum.

As he pulled from my anus, Herman slid off the bed some one took hold of my ankle and another climbed on the bed and took my shoulders and turned me around till I was now stretched on the bed on my stomach. Some guy had pulled a chair up to the foot of the bed and nestled my head between his thighs and fed his rigid penis into my mouth.

He gripped the back of my head and started to undulate his hips. Another guy entered my bung with no mercy, he mounted my butt and rammed forward sinking his large piece of man meat three quarters of the way in. He slowly pulled back and forth, sliding his thick penile shaft through my anal muscle rings. All I could do was whimper as the two of them had their way.

When they had erupted and filled my bung and my mouth again they stood around whispering to each other. I tried to raise my head and move but i only managed to fall back to the bed every time I raised up.

I heard part of the conversation and something about 'let see if he can pull a fast train.' I could not make sense of what they were saying. Than one climb on the bed and mounted my butt and rammed his now rock hard penis deep into my well lubed bung hole.

I tried to fight them off to no avail as they would viciously attack my butt. One after another would mount me and ram his penis into me for ten or twenty lunges and pull out with out cumming.

I had no way of telling time and I got no rest, some would nap as others assaulted me. I glimpsed Herman smear his penis with a substance and come over to me and feed his penis into my mouth. He would try to push his penis as far into my throat as he could till I gagged and than he would pull back just enough and hold my mouth shut causing me to swallow.

After these instances my mind would spin and the room would twirl and the attacks resumed. I swallowed so much cum and had my putt filled so many times that I lost count.

When I woke Sunday morning, their was some other stranger that I had never seen riding my bung and panting like he had been working for hours. His penis was rock hard and I realized I was also panting and whimpering with each thrust of his hips.

Whimpering from the powerful sexual assault and my bung feeling like it had been penetrated by a telephone pole, I tried to speak. My mouth was full of cum and my lips caked with dry sperm.

The stranger finally rammed deep and grind his penis up in my bowels as he shot his load of sperm. He pulled from my bung and wiped his penis and said to me 'you really need to close your door if you gonna lay on the bed naked.'

He closed the door behind him as he left. I managed to pull myself together and stagger into the toilet and shower. As I re-entered the room I saw a note taped to the mirror. It read 'you're a damn good fuck, sorry we d**gged you but that's how we roll.'

Herman Returns...With Friends

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