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A letter from my Mistress...2

Let's go ahead and start this with what you really want. You want to relinquish yourself to me entirely now. This is where this relationship has been going and now you have finally admitted to yourself what you not only want, but need. You need my control over you. This is why you have chosen a strong woman to be in your life. You had always hoped it would end up like this and now it has. You have fought it long enough and now we are here. You are excited at the possibility of being able to come over here tomorrow and tell me that you are finally willing to submit yourself to me. The sad thing is, you don't even realize that you already have. I have controlled you for a long time... but like a stallion being tamed, you felt the need to kick once in a while, so as not to look like the pathetic whore that you are. You know that I will be putting rules in place, ones that excite you, but also intimidate you, since it is forever in the back of your mind, your wonder of your need for such a taboo. You ask yourself, why do I need her? Why do I need to let her control me? It is because you are weak and insecure. More than your weakness though, you find pleasure in being completely raw and wondering if I will still love you... for all you are... even your deep, dark, demented secrets. Will she still love me if I tell her I want to be dressed up in women's underwear and paraded around like a sissy? That, is truly, unconditional love. This brings me to my point... you are probably only just now paying attention, the mention of wearing my underwear... stupid slut... NOW you focus. Well, since I have your attention and before you go any further... I want you to get MY Virginia Tech blanket... we will make this blanket MINE by having you stroke MY cock while it is around you... put down the laptop and do so... and don't forget your lube... MY cock is probably hard already, just knowing that I am getting ready to fill your head with thoughts of being humiliated for my pleasure. You know the room. You know what it looks like. Picture it. I would say that you are already remembering being fucked in the ass by me last time... bent over with your ass in the air. It is this sick shit that turns you on... wanting to be face down on the carpet while you acquire rug-burn on your chin as I drive a dildo into your ass, while I make you spread your asscheeks with your own two hands... How hard is MY cock now? Now that you are remembering the room, I am sure you remember that the mirror does not sit low enough for me to fuck my Slut doggy-style while she sees her sissy-ass wiggle her hips in the mirror... so, what I will have to do, is have you stand, lean slightly forward, propping yourself with your hands on either side of the vanity. I am going to make you spread your legs for me and I will make you watch your face as you wince in pain and then find pleasure in my inserting a cock into your ass. Looking into your own eyes and knowing what a sick bitch you are. Knowing that as MY cock gets harder and harder... it is because you are letting me violate your asshole with a dildo, feeling the fullness inside of you. I will have you watch as I fuck you from behind, feeling it slide in further and further... as you look into your own eyes... knowing you want it deeper and deeper.... faster and faster. You will see just how pathetic you are. You will see my control. You will realize how much you need me. You will realize that you cannot go one day without wanting me to be inside you. You will feel it all build inside of you... you will ask to cum. I won't let you stroke yourself though. I will remind you of how disrespectful you have been to the one you NEED. I will make you respect me. I will fuck you harder. I will make you beg. You will beg me to cum... you will beg a woman, that is fucking you in your ass, to please allow you to stroke your cock... you will submit to my control and beg me for release... all... while... you... look... into... your.... own... eyes.... Every time you look in the mirror at yourself, from this night forward, you will know my power over you. You will know just how pathetic of a cunt you are. You will feel your shame for being such a pervert.... and you will hate yourself... but you will know my love.... and when I see that you have recognized my love.... when I see you recognize all of this in your own eyes... when I see my control in your locked stare in the mirror... I will allow you to grab MY cock... I will have you stroke MY cock... and I will allow you to cum... to cum hard for me... into your other hand... and to show me, how much you want to please the Mistress, that you NEED... you will lick the cum from your fingers... tasting your pathetic nature... spilled out from your sick, deviant desires.... I want you to remember this one thing. I will not command this one thing from you in person... so pay attention. Once you have licked the cum from your fingers... I want you to share it with me. I want you to kiss me.... a kiss that makes me feel your need for me.... that I may feel your need for me and taste your desire for me.....

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