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Cuckolded By My Daughter

After her mother abandoned us when was in her mid-teens, my daughter Katie slipped into her role in our life -- cooking, things like that. And eventually she took her mother's place in my bed, and became my lover.

Not long after Katie's 18th birthday, I came home from work to hear the sound of orgasmic moaning coming from our bedroom, and Katie's voice moaning "Oh yeah...OH YEAH...Right there...I'm gonna cum!" Now, Katie often talked to herself while masturbating, so I didn't think anything of it, but walked casually to the bedroom. The door was open a crack, and I peeked in at her, in preparation for entering and jumping her bones. My cock was stiffening at the thought.

I was not prepared for what I saw. My little Katie on her hands and knees, being railed doggy-style by the biggest, most muscular black man I've ever seen in my life. I threw open the door.

"What's going on here?" I yelled. Katie smiled sheepishly at me. The big black bull just ignored me and kept pumping away.

"Sorry, daddy," Katie said, "but I just needed know? No hard feelings, right daddy?"

The black man grunted. "His feelings ain't what's hard, little girl," nodding at the tent in my pants. And he was right. Instead of losing my erection when I saw my daughter/lover being fucked senseless by a big black bull, my cock was harder than it had been in years. Katie giggled.

"Take it out, daddy," she cooed, "Let's see it. You can compare with Jamarco!"

My hands shaking, I unzipped my fly and took my cock out. I'd always thought I had a respectable cock -- 6 3/4" long, circumcised, maybe a little thicker than average.

Jamarco gave a short laugh and began to pull out of Katie, the enormous head of his giant cock finally coming free with a wet popping sound. It was the biggest cock I'd ever seen, even bigger then the black men I'd seen in porn. Katie giggled as he slapped it against her ass, showing how rock hard it was.

"Jamarco is 13 1/2 inches long, and almost 8 around," she said, staring at my comparatively tiny, feeble cock as she did so. Then she screamed with pleasure as Jamarco plunged his giant cock back inside her. My cock spurted a little jet of precum at the sight of that giant cock, glistening with my daughter's wetness, sliding in and out of her tender little pussy.

Katie saw my precum. She giggled again, and said, "Daddy...will you do something special for me? Will you sit in the corner and jerk off while watching me and Jamarco fuck?"

I was in shock, but my cock was throbbing to powerfully for me to say no. Obediently I shuffled to the corner, sat down, and began to tug on my little white weenie as I watched Jamarco stretch my daughter to the limits. Jamarco began to thrust harder, his huge balls slapping my daughter's lily-white thighs with each thrust. Smiling wickedly at me, he lifted her up, holding her off the bed as he fucked her raw, letting me see his unprotected cock sliding in and out of her tender pussy -- a tender pussy I'd never be man enough to fill again.

I shot my load at the same time Jamarco did -- a tiny, feeble little dribble of sour spunk compared to the giant load he pumped directly into my daughter's womb. She was overflowing before he was halfway done.

Katie collapsed against the bed as Jamarco pulled out of her, managing to twist herself around to suckle on his giant, still-hard cock, making sure she'd milked every drop of cum out of it.

"Hey daddy," Jamarco said, staring directly at me, "Get over her and suck your little girl's cunt clean unless you want a black grandk**." Between his commanding tone and the sight of my daughter's pussy oozing thick, sticky cum, my flaccid cock was instantly hard again.

I crawled over to serve. A man could get used to this.

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