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One Night in Bangkok

So this is my first crack at putting into words one of my very many sexual adventures. I’m sure the paragraph and sentence structure will be lacking, but bare with me as I continue mastering the art of writing these erotic stories.

This is a recent story that occurred December of 2012. The names have been changed, but the locations and details are real and true.

My buddies and I were wrapping up the final night of a 13-day trip through the amazing country of Thailand. At this point we had already spend a few nights in Bangkok, about four days in Chiang Mai, five days in Phuket and then the final few days wrapping up all of the adventures we couldn’t finish the first time through. Our flight home started at 4am with a taxi ride from our hotel, so we decided to just stay out all night drinking and trying to find us some trouble to get into.

We met up for dinner with a couple of other friends who were visiting Bangkok and happened to be there at the same time as us. Of course, Thai food was on the menu. We thoroughly stuffed ourselves with a delicious spread of Thai dishes while beginning our nightly buzz with some good alcohol. It was beers for the boys, but nothing but the least expensive local Thai whiskey on the rocks for me. After we took some photos with the cute local Thai girl staff we decided to head over to Skybar, made infamous by the movie Hangover 2.

Once on top of the roof on the 65th floor we decided to start off on the lounge side of the bar. Four drinks, $100 USD, what?? Whatever, this was a unique situation that mandated spending a little money. If I knew what was to come later in the night, I wouldn’t have batted an eye on the price. We took the standard tourist pics of each other and then decided to go to the other side of the roof where the restaurant and most of the scenes from the movie were made.

Once there we decided of course to get another round. As we approached the bar I noticed two very cute ladies in their late 30’s taking pictures of each other. I decided to volunteer myself and asked if I could take a pic of them, of course they were happy for me to do it. Once done, I gave them back the camera and stood at the bar waiting for my drink. The ladies as it turns out were Korean and on their holiday, grabbed my attention and we struck up a flirty conversation of broken English. They loved the fact that I had visited Korea before and that I knew a few golden little Korean words. Well, suffice it to say, nothing more came from them, although in retrospect, I’m pretty sure I could have pressed the issue of a quick bathroom blowjob from one of them or possible even a threesome. Oh well, I’ll leave that one for should of would of could of.

Or friends from the states left us to go onto their debauchery for the night and my buddy and I stayed behind at the bar. My buddy was waiting for our Thai tour guide, from earlier in the day, to show up for a drink. She was hot and cute and she took us to the ancient city of Ayutthaya in her own car. Private tour guides are always the best when traveling. Ok, that is another non-sexual story for a vanilla site. We sat down on some pillars while waiting and up walked three young and very cute Asians who sat down on my left. After sneaking some glimpses of the three I was fortunate enough that one of them knocked over my beer. Woo hoo! What an icebreaker and a perfect way to weasel my way into their conversation. Just about this time the Thai tour guide showed up to see my friend which left me all alone with these three young beauties. The young lady next to me became very intrigued with what I had to say and we ended up in our own private dialogue. I was able to show her pictures from my phone from my travels within Thailand and I had her giggling every time a picture of my cock came up. This was a good sign I though, better that she giggle than give me a sign of prudish disgust. After about fifteen minutes her cousin and s****r took off back to the hotel and left her there all alone with me. So our conversation continued and I found out my little friend was a 24-year-old legal assistant from Singapore, of course, that explained the perfect English. Now, I wanted to buy her a drink so that inhibitions would be washed away, but she was only drinking juice and informed me she was allergic to alcohol. Great! This was probably going nowhere. Anyway, I wasn’t going to give up, I only have 4 hours left in Thailand and I was going to give it my all since I had absolutely nothing to lose. Eventually, our conversation became more and more sexually focused so I went for broke and asked her if she wanted to go have some fun in the bathroom. She giggled and said no, but hey, I got the idea out and in the open now. We proceed to talk and flirt and kissing wasn’t far behind, we even decided to snap a few pics of us and of us kissing. Very nice end to my Thai trip, but this last adventure was about to begin. I kept bringing up going with me into the bathroom and finally asked if she wanted to go back to my hotel with me for just a few hours. This is when I found out that she was a virgin. What? Seriously? She was a hot 24-year-old Asian virgin? Ok then, we can go back to my room and make out and she could help me pack….hahaha. She thought about it this time and then gave in. She decided why the hell not. We rushed downstairs and grabbed a cab and headed back to my hotel room. It was already after 1am so my time was short. I still had to shower and pack and get ready for my 25-hour trip home toe the U.S. Once in the room her dress was off in a heartbeat. We were making out aggressively and I wasted no time in taking off her bra and panties. She was hesitant and shy to let me see her pussy; she said she hadn’t shaved in days. At this point, I couldn’t care of she hadn’t ever shaved; I was far too horny to care about details like that at this point. Once naked I began to suck her nipples and massage her soaking wet pussy. It was at this point she ripped off my shirt, undid my belt and stripped off my jeans and boxers. As soon as she saw my hard erect white cock she dropped to her knees and started licking the dripping precum right off of my cock. She licked and sucked every inch of my cock and balls and it made me glad I hadn’t drank too much, I didn’t want to pass out on this one (that’s another story to come.) I lifted her off her knees and threw her onto the bed. I spread her legs and started to lick and suck her juicy pussy. Wow! She tasted delicious, as most Asian women do. As I sucked her clit I slipped in a finger into her tight virgin cunt. Sure enough, she was a virgin. The moment I tried to get a second finger in there I hit what was left of her cherry, which prevented me from getting two fingers in very easily. I kept working her pussy with my fingers and her clit with my tongue and then decided to take it to the next level. I slid up and began to rub her clit and cunt with the head of my dripping wet cock. She was writhing and moaning and giving me all the signs to keep pressing the action. So I decided to push my thick cock head inside. She screamed and pushed me off. The pain was just too much and she still wanted to keep her virginity. Well, this wasn’t enough to deter me so I kept using my large mushroom read to rub her clit and pussy lips and before long I was inching my way into her. I started to gently thrust just the tip in and out and before long she was thrusting her hips back. I kept going in and out and before long I had the first two inches in and we were humping like rabbits. Eventually, I was able to get about three inches of my thick long cock in before I could tell that the pain and pleasure was just way too much for her to continue any longer. This is when I looked at the sheets and noticed the aftermath of our little adventure, yes; you guessed it, bl**d everywhere. I told her not to freak out and I e****ted her to the shower. We continued kissing passionately in the shower and I was even able to get my finger into her asshole and just the head of my cock in as well. I don’t know how long this night would have lasted, but I had twenty minutes before our taxi would take my buddy and I to the airport. So I decided it was time to finish things up. I grabbed some conditioner and started stroking my cock. She immediately went to her knees and opened her mouth. I began to cum all over her tongue and face and she swallowed my cock so I could shoot the last few spurts down her throat. Not a drop went wasted. She stood up and began to wash me down like a caring Asian lover always does. We dried off, she helped me pack and then I sent her on her way in a cab. Let’s just say we have stayed in contact and a trip to Singapore is planned. Look forward to next summer when I post stories from my visit to Singapore.

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