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Our first threesome

Thought I would share my first swinging experience when I was with my ex. (for the sake of this I’ll call her Rachel). Rachel was 23, petite, about 5ft6 with bright red (dyed) hair.

This all happened about six months ago, we’d just come back from a really nice holiday and needed to catch up on some sl**p. We were feeling very loved up so she stayed over at my place. I woke up nicely refreshed and left Rach in bed while I made us both a cuppa. I took it back to the bedroom with me, I could see her laying on her tummy with her beautiful peachy arse poking up at me, wearing nothing but her tiny little red G-string. I. I woke her up and handed her the tea and then got back into bed next to her. As we had a cuddle I had a little play with her lovely 34b boobs. Then she started telling me about the dream she’s just had about a guy who came to look at a car I’d been selling a few months previously. She said her dream involved this guy (Tom) and me taking it in turns to fuck her. We’d talked about things like this before but never ever gone through with it. We had our naughty moments in the past, I remember she once watched once a woman with massive tits stuck them in my face and give me a lap dance and I’d watched her get do some dirty dancing on the dance floor but that was it. We ended up having awesome sex just imagining the possibility of having another guy join us.

A couple of days later we were led on the sofa, both of us glowing after a pretty intense fuck session when I mentioned the dream she told me about. I told her I still had Tom’s mobile and asked if she wanted to sound him out about the idea. She went for it big time, by the end of the day we had agreed to meet in the local in a couple of days time.

On the day in question we went to the pub a bit early. I bought Rach a few Jack Ds and coke (her favourite) before Tom I arrived. She looked stunning in a short denim skirt with a tight top, showing plenty of leg and cleavage, and knee-length black boots. She looked so hot I could have happily bent her over the table there and then!

When Tom arrived I could tell he liked what he saw. We all had a few drinks and then left for our place. When we got home Rachel went upstairs to freshen up whilst I poured us all some drinks and put on some music.

When Rachel came down Tom and I were happily chatting when she turned the music up and started dancing in front of us, touching her body and shaking her arse in our direction. Then she looked at us and gestured for us to come over. Before long she was dancing and grinding herself against both of us. I couldn’t keep my hands off her anymore, I pulled her top down and slipped my hands inside her bra. This was Tom’s cue to pull up her skirt and play with her gorgeous arse.

Soon she had our cocks out and was on her knees sucking us off. Tom’s cock was the same length as mine, about six and half inches but quite different in shape, almost angular. I was quite happy about that because I thought Rach would appreciate two different types of cock.

I sat back on the sofa whilst Rach continued to suck my cock nice and hard and pulled her skirt right up so Tom had easy access. She pulled her black panties aside for him and he slid inside. Her body shook a little as her pushed his cock deeper into her et pussy and she started to suck my harder as her began to fuck her with slow hard thrusts.

I told Rachel too look me in the eye whilst she sucked on my dick with another guy deep inside her pussy. She sucked and licked it beautifully as Tom started to fuck her harder. Rach was always a great cock sucker, always really dirty too and on this occasion she could have sucked for Britain. She was going down all the way, taking it to the back of her throat and gagging on it, spitting on it and licking it up as her spit dribbled down my shaft. She was enjoying being made to feel like a slut so I began to fuck her hot mouth whilst Tom banged her harder and harder from behind. After a few minutes more of that she turned to face Tom and told him to swap places with me. I got off the sofa and positioned myself behind her whilst Tom stood in front waiting for Rachel to suck her pussy juice off his cock. She duly obliged as I pushed my dick into her hot and nicely fucked cunt. I started where Tom had left off, with hard, fast strokes. I pushed her head forward to make her gag on our new friend.

Rachel had lovely nipples, big, thick pink nipples and now they were stiff like little bolts! I knew that she was close to an orgasm so I started to rub her clit to bring her off. Her clit was slick with her juices and it wasn’t long before I felt her pussy muscles tighten around my cock and her body shake as she cum hard, moaning with her mouth full of Tom’s cock. I held her still with him deep in her mouth and me deep in her pussy as her orgasm continued.

I wanted to see Tom’s cock enter my girlfriends beautiful pussy so I suggested she take control. Tom sat on the sofa and Rachel straddled him with her peachy arse facing me. I got a huge thrill as she lowered herself onto his cock. I kept thinking “my girlfriend is getting fucked by another guy!”. I really wanted to take a picture so I could show her what it looked like after but I figured one thing at a time. I didn’t want to freak the guy out with a stranger taking pics of his dick!

I watched them fuck for a while, wanking myself silly. It was such a turn on watching another man’s dick inside my girl, her pussy stretched around his shaft, moving up and down. Tom was having fun playing with her boobs but her was squeezing them too hard. I know how she likes to have them played with so I sat next to them with Rachel sucking me for a bit before I sat her on my cock. Rachel liked some nice firm squeezing and gentle nipple play, I duly obliged while she gave Tom another good sucking. I soon made her cum again, her moans muffled by the fat cock in her naughty little mouth. When her orgasm faded she looked at Tom and said “ I want to make you cum, where would you like to cum?”. I was delighted when he asked hopefully “in your pussy?”. She nodded and gestured for him to sit beside us on the sofa again.

I got another rush of excitement as I lifted Rach up off my cock and lowered her onto Tom’s lap. He slid inside her now well-fucked cunt and she began to grind her pussy against him. I know from experience that the girl knew how to grind so I knew he wouldn’t last long. I was right, Rachel ground into him whilst she yanked on my cock, begging him to cum inside her. “You want his spunk inside you, don’t you, you little slut,” I said. Through gritted teeth she yelled “Yes, yes I want it now!” I think that tipped Tom over the edge because at that moment he began thrusting, filling my girlfriend with his cum. “I want it all,” she said, “every fucking drop!” What a delicious slut.

Then it was my turn. Rach slipped my cock into her cunt. I could feel his spunk inside her, he must have been a heavy cummer because I could feel his jizz running down my shaft as I fucked her. She was smiling so widely, gleefully telling me another man had just cum inside my her with no condom on. I’m pleased to say I added a fat load of my own to her now cum-soaked pussy. After, she lay on the carpet with her legs wide open and her pussy open and glistening.

Tom had to leave soon after but I got to have sloppy thirds. Later, I was pouring some drinks when Rachel came out to the kitchen to tell me the cum was coming out of her pussy. She opened her silk robe and parted her lips to show me sticky globules of cum coming out of her cunt and running down her leg. She let me put my finger inside so I could coax out some more and before I knew it I was hard as hard as a rock again. That was it, I bent her over the worktop and very soon filled her with another load.

We went to bed a few hours later, d***k and very smiley with Rachel sl**ping next to me with her thighs sticky from four loads of cum, and one of them not mine. We both felt very dirty indeed.

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