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Sweet as sugar

fictional story of lust.

I was a girl of 16yrs old and was into the usual stuff make-up, fashion, glossy mags and of cause guys. My parents both worked and went out for a drink at weekends, I often heard my parents having sex, mum wasnt very quiet and their bedroom was next to mine, I didn't really mind as I knew it was natural to do it.

I often lay on the bed playing with myself and learnt to squirt that felt totaly unreal, I had a part time job and saved my money. My cousin who was older and pretty cute that I always hung around with, said he had spied on his parents fucking, and had a bit of a laugh, he also said he wanked of as it made him hard also teased me saying I should by a vibrator to get the feeling of cock in me. That weekend my parents had gone out and my cousin was staying over as we sat in my bedroom, we got onto the conversation of sex, he said he had fucked a girl and made her cum.

I had seen cocks on the internet and had always wondered why they where all different sizes, I asked how big his cock was, he shrugged his shoulders saying I dunno normal, I told him to get it out and let me see, he stood infront of me and unzipped his trousers and pulled his cock out, it was small I looked and thought well no way would that make me cum, it started to firm as I looked I touched it, it twiched as he groaned asking if I would touch it more, I started to stroke it as it grew harder and harder.

It was now pointing at my face all hard and a fair size I licked my lips at the sight of this tasty looking treat, I opened my mouth and started to suck it as he moaned, the head tasted salty but nice my head moved back and forth as he held my head I tasted his pre cum on the tip it was sweet like sugar I knew he was gonna cum as he exploded without warning in my mouth, it was warm as I swallod it all it wasnt that bad a taste really.

As his cock slipped from my mouth he asked where I had learnt to suck cock I shrugged my shoulders and said it just seemed the right thing to do why was it nor right, he said no your a natural surprising as I was still a virgin. He said take your panties of I want to see your pussy and lick it, I dropped my joggind bottoms and my knickers lay on the bed legs open, he commented saying I had a nice trimmed pussy as he touched me I jumped and gasped, I felt a trickle of wetness drip out I was as horny as fuck and wanted him to fuck me with that cock I had in my mouth.

He started to rub my pussy lips as he fumbled around like a blind mouse I guided his finger into my wet crack as I told him to rub my clit softly, he was gentle as he rubbed I groaned and closed my eyes as I felt the pleasure he was given me, I felt his mouth on my pussy his tounge sliding alone the crack, I sighed with a orgasm, I looked down his cock was hard again as I told him to fuck me. He stood up and undressed his body was horny all muscles as I got undressed my body ached to be fucked hard.

I took my bra off my tits fell slightly my pink nipples stood out, my cousin said I was well fit, and should shave my pussy I said maybe next time I will and laughed, I lay on the bed as he produced a condom, he rolled it on his cock like a expert as he got inbetween my legs, I was nervoius he nudged it towards the lips saying I could back out if I wanted, I shook my head I was gagging for it, it was resisting to go in I re adjusted my hips and I felt it pierce the lips and slide in a bit.

He stopped and gently pushed in a bit more I felt warmth as my jucies coated the rubber, making it easier to slide in. He was now half way in and it felt great, I pushed my hips forcing his cock deeper until it was fully in, I wrapped my legs around his waist not allowing him out as I rolled my hips as he moved, I groaned begging for more as he sucked my nipples, I cum feeling a warm spirt of fluid, he groaned and cum I felt his sperm in me as he pumped it into the rubber.

He pulled out his cock lifeless as his cum filled rubber hung down, he pulled it off, wrapping it in the wrapper and putting it in the bin. I told him to sit and watch as I would give him a pussy rubbing show with a squirt, he sat on the edge of the bed watching as I rubbed my pussy oblivious to his presence, as I rubbed faster and faster I felt a pleaure building, as I pushed my hips up into the air I screamed a orgasm as a fountain of fluid shot from my pussy, I collapsed breathless as I lay on the bed. He said he had never seen a women squirt as he dipped his finger into my pussy then licking it saying it tasted nice, he was now hard again his balls hung like to plums, I said well I wanked for you now you for me.

He stood up and faced me rubbing his cock as I looked at him I wanted to fuck him again he said he didnt have any protectin I didnt care I begged to be fucked as I lay opened legged wanting his cock, he buckled and slid in my pussy muscles gripping his cock shaft as I rolled my hips my fingers digging into his ass as I demanded to be fucked, he rammed his thobbing member into my soaking wet cunt knowing if he cum I could get pregnant, I didnt care as I moaned loudly making him fuck me harder he sucked my nipples and nibbled my neck making me so horny my pussy eating his cock like a hungry whore as I cum again again, as he twiched and groaned a huge spurt of spunk shot into my pussy, hungrly drinking all he spent in me, we collapsed as his cock slipped out my pussy throbbing as I felt cum dribbled out.

I sat up and sucked his cock dry and laid down again his hand run over my tits making me sigh with pleasure as he kissed me softly his tounge rolling around my mouth making me orgasm again, the following morning he made love again before he set off home.

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