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By Mr. Whipple

Mia cranes her neck back and looks up at the forty-story building disappearing into the bright Philadelphia morning sky. Somewhere, in that giant structure was her first professional office. She did it. She landed a management job at Vandalay Industries, and right after finishing Graduate School. Vandalay was a US/European chemical company that manufactured additives to women’s perfumes. And this was her first day of work.

The butterflies in her stomach become frantic as she walks off the elevator on the 37th floor. She enters through the prestigious double mahogany doors and is greeted by a pleasant looking young woman, with short straight blonde hair, dressed in a simple but attractive business suit who introduced her self as Alison.

“Welcome Ms. Kincaid” Alison smiles and says to Mia. “Mr. Edwards asked me to e****t you to your new office as soon as you arrived.”

Alison and Mia walk down the corridor towards the maze of offices. Mia thinks back to her only meeting with Mr. Edwards, her division’s Vice President. It had been in her third interview. Mr. Edwards seemed to be a charming, gentle man, certainly in his fifties, but not much more. His soft grey hair and beard framed his gentle but authoritative face. He had spoken to Mia about her expectations from the company, a subject she had not considered during her endless hours of preparation for that meeting.

“Mia,” Mr. Edwards had said, “We are sure of what we expect from you. Your resume and internship experiences have prepared us for that. But there is one thing we want to know that is not here.” He stopped long enough for Mia to realize that what he said next would be important.

“What do you want from us?”

“I… I suspect” Mia paused and then answered on impulse instead of prepared speech. “No. I know what I want. I want to like it here. In the morning, I want to be excited to leave for work, not sorry that I have to go to the office. I want to be happy here.”

Mr. Edwards smiled. “Yes.” He said. The sophisticated gentleman rose and extended his hand. “I believe we can make you happy. When can you start?”


Alison and Mia continue to walk through the labyrinth of offices, work stations and conference rooms. On the way they pass various departments and at one point run into the building mechanic, a thirty-something man Alison introduced as Hector.

“Oh… yeah Hi.” Hector said. “Let me know how the temperature is in there. If it’s comfortable for you?”

“Hector is the Air-O-Bot.” young Alison announces without further explanation.

Mia thanks him and follows quickly as Alison moves on. They soon turn a final bend and into a corner office. Mia follows her through the doorway, but then stops dead in her tracks. The office is incredible.

She has no idea how big it was in feet. But she knows it has to be too big for her. It has to be a mistake.

“Ahhh… Are you sure? Mia breathes in disbelief.

“Yes.” Alison responds to Mia’s whispered question. “This is it.”

Mia looks around… at the d****s… at the oriental carpet over the hardwood floors… at the fine quality wood furniture, at the oil paintings on the wall… at the legs coming out from under her desk…That image makes Mia’s head tilt slightly to the side.

Alison walks over to the desk and in a sarcastic tone says loudly to the body half hidden beneath the desk, “Hey… Techno-Bot, aren’t you done yet?”

A thin but equally sarcastic voice answers from beneath the desk. “Want me to restrict your web access to Old’s Peoples Homes Web Sites?”

With that, the legs start to move and the rest of the body makes its way out from beneath the desk. Mia turns towards the desk and as fate would have it… at the same moment the young man’s head comes up and slides accidentally beneath Mia’s cream colored, upper-thigh length pleated skirt.

Mia froze, caught completely by surprise. The young man’s head froze, confounded by these unexpected surroundings. Alan takes a sharp breath, only an inch from the joining of her shapely, partially open upper thighs. The first thing he notices is that these beautiful thighs are wrapped in the luster of her sheer pantyhose. Then his eyes focuses in the dim light and the second thing he notices is that he looking directly between her legs at the shadowed silhouetted shape of her sex, nestles discreetly beneath the nearly invisible silk fabric. He recognizes where he is and does his best to memorize the warmth and scent of the moment. Then he pulls his head from beneath her skirt.

Mia jumps back and pushes her skirt back down.

Alan stands up in a burst and turns bright red.

Alison has still been looking under the desk and misses the whole encounter.

Mia and Alan stare at each other. Somehow, they both u*********sly agree to pretend it hadn’t happened. Neither offers an apology. In fact, neither person mentions it. They just look blankly for a moment at each other’s brightly blushing face. Then Mia reacts as a professional. She extends her hand and introduces herself as Mia Kincaid. Alan shakes the hand and introduces himself as Alan Bridges.

“No you’re not.” Alison says as she straightens up. “You’re the 42nd floor Techno-Bot.”

It was at that moment that Mia notices Alan is wearing a Metallica Tee-Shirt. And an old faded one at that. Alan follows her eyes as she scans his entire apparel. Tee-shirt, jeans, Black Converse High-Tops…. She quickly looks back up into his face.

“I get to wear whatever I want. As long as I keep the screens lit.” Alan offers in simple response to Mia’s unspoken question. “You, on the other hand, have to dress up every day.” He adds in humorous machismo exaggeration.

“Don’t you like what I’m wearing? Mia asks coyly and quietly, slowly re-straightening her skirt. Her voice betrays a subliminal arousal as she instantly remembered where his face had been, how close it had been to her sex and the almost forbidden aspect of the whole experience. Mia was a professional, but had a non-professional side too.

Alan smiles sheepishly at her, turns and gathers his computer tools. Then he changes the subject.

“You’re all hooked up now. Here’s your access code and how you set up your pass codes.” He hands Mia a printed sheet of pale blue paper. He smiles again and says, “My number is on the paper if you need any computer help.” Alan slides past Mia and makes his way down the hall.

Alison spends the next few minutes telling the new Assistant Director of marketing all she needs to know to settle in. Mia is stunned when Alison shows her how to open the d****s. As they slide apart, Mia looks in awe at the floor to ceiling windows that make up the exterior two walls of her office. It is surrealistic. She realizes that she is looking almost directly into the windows of the giant 40-story building beside hers. She looks down instinctively and then her eyes shoot right back up in alarm. Mia’s butterflies wake up again and freak out.

“My God.!” Mia thought out loud. “I can’t see the street.”

Alison walks up beside her. “You get used to it.” She giggles at Mia’s pale face.

After a pleasant good-bye, Alison leaves Mia to get settled in her new office. Mia walks about, sliding her hands over the smooth polished surface of her broad deep cherry desk, the fine brocade on the side chair upholstery and the satin fabric of the d****s. Each texture had its own sensuality to it.

Walking back to the window, Mia sees a window washer standing on a platform, suspended on the building across the street. She can see him quite clearly, his shirtless muscled back and arms draw long sweeps of the cleaning tool across the mirrored glass. In the reflection, she can just make out his chest. Like his back, it too looked rock hard and superbly cut. Suddenly, she realizes that her nipples had started to tighten; she looks up and then sees that she is standing in the air flow of the air-conditioner vent. Her chest feels flush, almost pounding in familiar excitement. Curiously, she realizes that she is getting turned on, sexually. ‘But why?’ she ponders. Just as quickly she gives herself the answer. The combination of the sensual chiseled worker across the street, the excitement of her brand new beautiful surroundings, the air-conditioner and the lingering image of Alan’s face between her pantyhose covered legs brought the all-to-familiar sensation to Mia. She definitely felt the need to touch herself. Just as she did frequently when at home, alone and watching soft-core porn in the dark.

Mia walks back to her door and locks it. She is now safely hidden from all eyes beyond her door. Returning to her desk she sits in the comfortable high-backed executive chair and slides her legs beneath the desk. Mia decides she will touch herself, just a little, while watching the worker across the street.

‘No harm done.’ She thinks to herself. ‘Besides, it’s sort of like christening the place. Like marking it as my own’ she reasons. Leaning back in her seat, Mia lets her hands slide beneath the desk and rest upon her knees. Gently, she spreads her legs apart, hearing the fabric of her skirt slide up the silky smoothness of her pantyhose.

Mia watches intently as the dark haired window washer continues to flex his shirtless body only 50 feet away. She wonders what he might do if he knew what she was doing. She imagines him pulling out his cock and stroking it for her, in response to her masturbating to him. She watches in her mind as he rubs himself with glistening soapiness, up and down his cock’s length, stroking again and again in her honor. This image makes Mia squirm a bit as her fingers find their way between her legs. She draws her palms up between her open thighs, letting her fingertips push against the thinness of the pantyhose crotch. It feels wonderful, making her nipples harden just a bit more under her specially bought Victoria Secret bra.

Mia’s fingers rub faster, enticing the wetness of her arousal to coat her fingers and sending little jolts of pleasure through her pussy and into her spine. Her eyes begin to glaze over, as she continues to imagine her secret voyeur pleasure himself in answer to her touch. Finally, she realizes that she can not make this a partial experience. She knows she wants to… no has to… cum.

Mia brings her hands to her hips and takes hold of the waistband of her pantyhose. She arches her back and with a rise of her hips, Mia pulls them down so that they are just nearly at her ankles. She opens her legs sufficiently to make it easy for her fingers to do their work. Head back, eyes closed, Mia continues the fantasy while her fingers slid two at a time in-and-out of her wet labia. The sound of the wet tender flesh breaks the relative silence of her office. She always loved that sound. It means she was going to cum. And usually cum hard. She knew just what to do to finish the task quickly. She places the index and forefinger of her left hand directly over her clitoris. She begins to flutter them lightly on the ultra-sensitive nub of flesh, building the sensations of her first corporate orgasm. It takes less than two minutes and Mia is finally moaning, grinding her crotch against her fingers and shaking from the spasmodic jerking of her hips. The rapid-fire orgasms take over and she thrashes about in her chair, banging her spread-open knees against the rich wood in the leg-well of her desk.

Alan had left Mia’s office and headed straight back to his workshop of solitude. Within a couple of minutes, he travels through the three sets of doors, locking each one behind him as he progressed further into the central core of the building. There, in his poorly lit, cramped workshop, Alan turns on the single bulb desk lamp and pulls the keyboard tray from beneath the counter-top. Using the mouse, Alan traveled through the software applications until he reached his desired destination. With the tapping of various keys, Alan signals the miniature fiber-optic camera mounted beneath Mia’s desk to activate. With the sweep of several mouse-controlled levels, Alan adjusts the contrast, brilliance and focus of the lens. He finished just in time to watch Mia place her hands on her knees and begin to spread her legs.

Alan smiles his familiar smile of satisfaction and picks up the telephone next to the computer. He dials the private number that by-passes the secretarial screening process and Mr. Edwards picks up before the second ring.

“Yes Mr. Bridges.” Mr. Edwards said, in a soft business voice.

“Switch to channel 19… quick.” Alan replies.

Alan hears Mr. Edwards tapping at the keyboard until the same soft moaning that was coming from Alan’s computer could be heard coming over the phone. Mr. Edwards had tapped into the simulcast coming from beneath Mia’s desk.

“Are you recording?” Mr. Edwards asks after a couple of moments.

“You bet. Right to disk.” Alan answers, mesmerized by the lowering of Mia’s pantyhose. He recognized them from his experience only a few minutes before. He could almost taste her scent. Again.

“Excellent Mr. Bridges. Another job well done. Please being me the disk when she has finished.” Mr. Edwards says before gently hanging up.

Over the next few weeks, Alan and Mia work together on several company projects. Throughout that time, Mia had touched herself twice more. Once was after a maintenance visit from a particularly sexy looking copier repair man and once after a visit by Hector.

Throughout that time, Mia and Alan had become friendly with each other. It seemed that the initial accidental intimacy had broken the usual office-place ice and they treated each other with best-buddy like humor, telling each other jokes, grabbing quick bites of lunch together when the opportunity afforded itself, giving each other rides to and from work when needed. However, the relationship had never progressed beyond this familiar professionalism. Not that Mia had pursued it, but Mia had always wondered why. She considered Alan good-looking, and she thought Alan found her attractive. But they had never even so much as kissed on the cheek. Mia figured Alan was too worried about a sexual harassment lawsuit to take any chances.

In month three, Mr. Edwards called a meeting of Mia, several other mid-level managers and the full Techno-Bot team.

“I’ve asked you all here to let you know of a project I want you to work on over the next quarter.” Mr. Edwards explains. “It is a data consolidation project we’ve been asked to complete by the 43rd floor. I’m breaking you into teams to divide the section responsibilities.”

Mr. Edwards reads from a list and joins the meeting attendees into two-person teams. As luck would have it, Mia and Alan are a team.

This pleased them both as they felt comfortable working together. As the project drew on over the following weeks, it became clear that they would not finish the work in the time frame required by just working during normal business hours. They would need to put in some overtime also.

Working late wasn’t a problem for either Mia or Alan as neither had social lives to speak of. They enjoyed both a pleasant social experience as well as a satisfying professional experience at Vandalay. So when they decided to work beyond 5:00 PM, it just seemed natural.

On the nights they were working late, they had agreed to wear something less formal. Well, actually, Mia decided to wear less formal clothes as Alan never did dress in business clothes. But in support of Mia, Alan, agreed to dress down to old beat up sweat pants, comfy bedroom slippers and a different rock band tee-shirt. Mia brought in lounging clothes which also included newer sweat pants, a tank top and her comfy pull on sneakers.

One Thursday night, after all the other staff had left the floor, they both changed into their “working late” clothes.

They usually worked together in Alan’s workshop as Alan had arranged for the piles of cd-roms waiting to be read to be stacked on his workbench. Together, Mia and Alan reviewed disk after disk, cataloguing their files and redirecting them to the server based storage bank.

It was almost 9:00 PM and even the cleaning staff had left. Taking a break, they hit the conference room kitchen and found a business meeting luncheon left-over feast, complete with wine. During the second glass for each of them, Alan realized that he didn’t have his comfy bedroom slippers on.

“I’ll be right back.” Alan jumps up and heads for his car, where the slippers were left.

“I’ll meet you in the shop.” Mia responds.

Setting back up at the keyboard, the wine’s effect made her accidentally nudge a stack of cd-roms which sent then cascading behind a disk rack. Mia reached in behind them and realized that there was a small box behind the rack. She pulls the box out and opens it. Inside, she finds about 30 cd-roms, each bearing a name. She recognizes some of the names as employees.

Starting from the A’s, she sees the name “Alison Newell,” the receptionist.

Mia slips the cd-rom into the tray and brings the index up on the screen. There are s*******n files, each file named as a date.

Mia clicks the mouse on a file for a date that was only two-weeks before. The software kicks in and the screen flickers to life.

It is an overhead shot of Alison’s desk. Mia watches as Alison suddenly appears and makes her way to the desk, sitting down. Mia sees Alison pick up the telephone and dial an inner-office five-digit number.

“Why aren’t you here yet?” Alison said into the phone, softly but louder than a whisper. Obviously there was a microphone on the desk as Alison’s voice was clear and sharp, even though it was subdued. Alison paused for a moment and then said, “Hold on.”

Alison put the phone down, stood up at her desk, reaches under her skirt and pulls her panties off. She slid them into her top drawer. Then she sits down again.

“Yep.” Alison said into the phone. “I’m ready.”

In about 15 seconds, Hector walks into the shot. He stands next to Alison’s desk and Mia watches in fascination as Alison stands, kisses Hector hard on the mouth and then lowers herself to her knees.

Alison quickly unfastens Hector’s pants and unzips his fly. She pulls his pants and briefs down with a single swipe and reaches up for his hanging cock. Taking it in both hands, Alison looks up at Hector and begins to pull and stroke it. Mia is stunned as she watches Hector’s cock grow hard and straight in Alison’s hands. Then, almost in obedience to Mia’s thought, Alison takes the head and aims it towards her mouth. As it gets closer, she licks it over and over, making Hector’s head fall back, rocking in sheer delight. Still looking up at him, Alison draws him deep in her mouth and begins to slide him in and out, sucking hard on the base of his shaft as he penetrates deeper and deeper into the warm wet recesses of her mouth. His cock glistens with her saliva as she teases it to a thick muscle, fleshy veins wrapping the long hard shaft.

Then Alison pulls him out and stands. “Hurry.” She whispers again.

Alison bends over her desktop and Hector moves in behind her. The camera zooms in as Hector rubs his cock up and down Alison’s pussy. Mia is shocked back to reality for a moment as she realizes someone is watching them and is controlling the camera. But her attention is brought back to the screen as Alison raises and lowers her buttocks in the sensual dance. The loose tender skin of her outer lips wraps alongside the round hot curve of his cock, until he finds the mark and gently pushes forward, filling her a slow tantalizing inch at a time.

Alison sighs with pleasure as her face reveals the exquisite sensation she is feeling. Hector sets up a rhythm that Alison quickly adopts. In a few short minutes, they both push hard against each other and thrash in an orgasmic shudder.

Mia had become very excited. One of her past masturbations in the office had been about Hector. Mia fantasized for a moment that she was Alison, and could feel him push against her up-turned buttocks, making her cry out in pleasure with each thrust.

Mia was awe-struck. This was unbelievable. u*********sly, Mia begins rubbing her herself through her sweat pants. She reaches up and twists her left nipple, the usual beginning of a good self-induced orgasm... Then, just as suddenly, Mia considered what she was looking at and realized what it meant. Alison’s desk was monitored by a computer run digital video camera. That meant… Mia inhaled sharply… probably so was hers.

Mia looked down and continued flicking through the box of cd-roms. Mia gasped when she saw a cd-rom with her name on it.

She instantly ejected Alison’s CD and inserted her own. In the same way, there were files in the CD index. Her first day of work, and two others.

Feeling her heart beating as fast as it could go, Mia clicked on her first day of work.

Almost as if she had written it in her mind, Mia knew what she would see. Fascinated, she watched as from beneath her own desk, she saw her own hands pull her knees apart and begin to masturbate. She remembered the passion of that moment and actually became slightly more aroused.

Alan made his way back from his car, just the slightest tipsy from the wine and just plain feeling good. As he made his way towards the final alcove into his workshop, he heard something which made him stop dead in his footfall. It was the sound of Mia Kincaid cumming. And he had heard it before.

He realized that he was hearing the audio of the Mia file, first day. He recognized it so easily because it was one he watched regularly. Alan enjoyed taking personal moments in the dark. And the subject of his pleasures was often Mia.

At the workshop table, Mia pulls the CD-ROM out of tray. She wants to see more, to continue cumming, but not to herself… she looks back at the box of Cd-roms. Another familiar name came up… Rachel Divane… the Human Resources manager.

Mia slides the Rachel’s CD into the tray and engages it. The view is onto Rachel’s couch, from over and across her doorway. Mia recognizes the couch as the one she had sat on during her two first interviews. Mia also realizes that the camera is in an air-conditioning vent that hangs over Rachel’s doorway. Since her first day there, Mia had noted the locations of all the air-conditioning vents on her floor. During those first and subsequent meetings at Vandalay, Rachel had seemed a quite proper woman, with a smart business suit; long dark hair pulled back tight and tasteful wire rimmed glasses. Now, in the video, Rachel’s long dark brown hair was loose and spread out behind her while she lay spread–eagle and naked on her couch.

Alan’s face was an inch or so from Rachel’s pussy and his tongue was easily seen, gently sliding up and down her sex. Rachel was pulling at the upholstery of her couch pillows as she stiffened her body against his tongue. Mia is again on fire and begins to respond to the stimulation. Her fingers are rubbing hard against her pussy through the covering of her sweat pants. Her panties are already slick with her initial wetness.

Alan hears the CDs being changed and uses the sound to mask his last two steps. Then he leans partially around the corner doing his best James Bond spy moves. He sees Mia from behind, leaning back in her chair watching her begin to slide one of her hands over her breasts, the other grinding her crotch. With a quick Goosebump shudder, Alan grabs at his cock, feeling it swell under the thin fabric of his own sweat pants. He knows what happens next on the video.

Mia continues to play with her own nipples as she watches Alan’s familiar face bringing so much pleasure to Rachel. Mia can almost feel each one of Rachel’s thrusts as his tongue begins to push into her opening, his head shaking back and forth into her open thighs. Mia watches the screen as Alan brings his right hand to Rachel’s abdomen and begins to slide his fingers downward. When his fingers get to her clitoris, his middle finger glides over the hooded nub and swirls around it, making Rachel’s hips push upward higher to meet the new delight.

Suddenly, Mia gets the feeling she is being watched. She turns quickly to the right and sees Alan’s half-face peering around the corner. Mia smiles. She is not only relieved at who it is, but realizes that he is watching her play with herself. This adds a new dimension to her arousal.

“Come here.” Mia says in a breathy whispered voice, beckoning with her right hand as her left hand moves under the tee-shirt and her fingers mercilessly pinch her aroused nipple.

Alan obediently moves around the corner. Mia can instantly see his cock outlined against the thin grey sweatpants. His state of erection is so great that the head of his cock has begun to push through the loose elastics of the worn waistband, peeking out as if to escape the confines of his pants. As he gets closer, Mia reaches out for his crotch with her right hand. She rubs her palm over the bulge and ends with a fingertip across he slit of his cockhead. A drip of pre-cum oozes out, smearing over the round firm head and making Mia smile. Alan sighs and moves his hips towards her.

Mia looks up at Alan. “Pull your pants down… slowly.” She tells him. Again Alan complies, slowly lowering the sweats until his full sex is naked before her. Mia watches as each inch of his groin is revealed. She is hypnotized by the sheer eroticism of the moment. She waits until his pants are at his ankles.

Then Mia says to Alan. “Now pull mine down. The same way.”

Alan again obeys. He kneels in front of her and slowly pulls off her sweat pants and panties. When they are at her feet, he slides off her sneakers and pulls the clothing completely off, leaving them in a pile at her feet.

“Good.” Mia says pointing to her right side. “Now come back here.”

Alan rises and returns to his place next to her. Mia places her left hand between her legs and teases herself by brushing her fingertips between her open upper thighs. Mia reaches out with her right hand and begins to caress Alan’s tightly closed legs. She slides her hand vertically between his muscular legs; she turns it slightly to the horizontal, pushing his legs apart. Alan understands her desire and opens them further, nearly squatting at her side. Mia’s fingernails sc**** lightly over his groin, exploring and teasing all the textures they find, legs, thighs, balls and even a gentle sc**** against his anus. Alan responds by sighing loudly, while leaning his cock forward, toward the enticing touch of her fingers.

Mia looks back at the video screen and sees Rachel holding onto the back of Alan’s head and bucking against his face. Without warning, a new person enters the scene from off-camera. Mia is shocked to see that the new figure is none other than Mr. Edwards. He moves in and stands at Rachel’s right side. Now within his reach, Rachel reaches out and with a moment’s flurry of hand movements, pulls Mr. Edward’s cock from the pin-striped trousers and begins to suck on him, loudly, passionately and with great enjoyment.

Mia is spell-bound. She grab’s Alan’s shaft tightly and strokes it up and down. Suddenly, she hears a voice coming from her far left. It is undeniably Mr. Edward’s voice.

“Hello Ms. Kincaid” Mr. Edwards says to Mia. “Are you happy?” Mia freezes and looks over at Alan in confusion. Alan smiles and nods his head.

She turns sharply to the left and sees Mr. Edward’s silhouette, seated in a chair in the shadows.

“Mr. Bridges,” Said the shadowed voice. “Would you be so kind as to take over for Ms. Kincaid?”

Alan kneels down beside Mia’s chair and brings his fingers to her spread legs. He smiles into Mia’s eyes and rubs his fingertips up and down the wet aroused labia. Mia’s eyes grow large as he suddenly brings two fingers to the tender tight opening and glides them easily within her. His own hand moves down to his cock and he takes over where Mia had left off, jerking the skin up and down his thick shaft.

The slurping sound of the finger-fucking and the grunting sound as Alan masturbates are broken only when Mr. Edwards continues. “So, Ms. Kincaid, have we held up our end of the bargain? Are you happy?”

Mia tries to speak through partially clenched teeth. But she can’t get the breath she needs as Alan has figured out where her G-spot is and is teasingly touching it. Enough to keep her ever-climbing in delight, but not enough to make her cum. It is exquisite torture.

“Oh yes. Mr. Edwards. I am very-very happy.” Mia finally exhales. “But… how did you set this all up?” She asks while Alan starts to add a third finger into her pussy.

“Well, Ms. Kincaid… I suspect it is the natural progress of technology here at Vandalay Industries.” Mr. Edwards spoke, watching as Alan teases and plays with her body. He continued. “As you know, we make chemical additives for perfume companies… pheromones to be exact. They are integral in the attraction of he opposite sex. In diluted form, they make you feel pretty and sexy. In concentrated form, well, they do quite a bit more. Our good Mr. Salido, you know him as Hector, has designed and installed a misting dispenser in the air-conditioning system. We can distribute the sexual heightening chemicals in any office we wish. It only makes sense that we get to enjoy the fruits of our own labors. Don’t you agree?” Mr. Edwards rises from his seat and walks over to Mia.

“Ugghhhh-Oh God!” Mia blurts out as Alan introduces his little finger at the tight opening of her now drenched anus. He slides it in and out along with those delighting her pussy.

Mr. Edwards reaches down and tenderly lifts Mia’s tee-shirt over her head. Her hand stays affixed to her left nipple, pulling, twisting and pinching the fleshy point with great abandon. He reaches down and gently brushes his finger over her right nipple. Mia moans again at his tender but electric touch. Reaching down with his left hand, Mr. Edwards takes her hand from her breast and places it on the bulge at the front of his pants. Then he returns his hand to her left nipple. Now he has both breasts within his touch.

Without another word, Mia imitates Rachel’s video example and opens Mr. Edward’s suit trousers, releasing his hard long shaft. Mia studies its smooth fleshy tone and rigid girth in the pale blue illumination of the video screen. Then she looks up directly into Mr. Edward’s eyes. Keeping eye contact, Mia gently brings her lips to his cock and tenderly kisses the tip, before moving her head forward and sliding it over her tongue; she accepts his smooth shaft deep into her mouth and swirls her soft tongue all around the tender skin..

Kneeling between her open legs, Alan watches Mia begin to move her head forward and then back, making sucking sounds with each slide backward. Alan smiles at the sight and then looks down, at Mia’s tender, open flower. He lowers his head to within an inch of her wet glistening skin and inhales deeply. The scent instantly brings back a familiar memory, of when he had first been so close to her pussy, on her very first day. Alan shudders with sexual excitement as he lowers his face into Mia’s naked joining. Within an instant, he is rapidly licking her clitoris with feather-like touches of his tongue. His fingers increase their tempo sliding in and out of each opening between her legs. Mia can feel her orgasm begin to overwhelm her as Alan licks and kisses the tiny finger of flesh just above the dark pink opening.

He finally covers her clitoris with his lips and begins to suck on it, just as she is sucking on Mr. Edward’s engorged cock head. Above them all, Mr. Edwards watches Alan lick furiously at Mia’s pussy, his fingers sliding in and out of her pussy and anus. The image is incredibly erotic. That sight, along with Mia’s wet velvety tongue swirling around him, makes Mr. Edwards gasp out that he is cumming and he immediately pulses within her mouth, covering her tongue and palate with his slippery release. She begins to swallow the salty thick offering but is almost instantly distracted as Alan’s fingers; tongue and lips prove to be too much.

Alan’s concentrated sucking on her clitoris overtakes Mia’s awareness and she too begins to cum, directly into Alan’s mouth, spraying spurt after spurt of her sweet liquid into his mouth and then over his face.

Alan can take no more of this sexual explosion and he rubs his face fervently against her drenched pussy, pulling hard on his own cock and shooting the hot relief beneath her chair.

The darkness and silence eventually engulfs them as the video ends and the screen becomes a dark glowing beacon. They are all three spent. Until Mr. Edwards suggests they accompany them back to the 43rd floor lounge. Together they leave for the elevator to heaven.

Three weeks later, Mia sits at her desk and picks up the phone. She dials the all-too familiar five-digit number. Almost immediately Alan answers.

“She’s almost ready.” Mia reports to Alan, and then asks, “Did you finish the installation?”

“All set. I’m recording her now. I’m sending you the web address.” Alan answers.

“Great.” Mia responds. “Tell Hector to release the spray in our new supply manager’s office. Mr. Edwards is going to love this one. This woman is beautiful.”

Mia clicks onto the site Alan had given her just in time to see Charlotte, the new supply manager tongue-kissing the copier repairman. Mia leans back and slides her hands under her skirt.

She loves her job. It makes her happy.

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