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Mother, Father, and Son

A few late nights ago heard some screeching coming from my parents bedroom. I was wondering what that sound was, when i realized it was their bed, because I would masturbate in their bed weekly. suddenly, i heard a faster rhythm and moaning. i was laying in bed and my dick started to get hard, so i gently started stroking my dick slowly to the rhythm of the bed shaking. the moaning began louder and louder and i felt myself about to cum. then i let out a huge load, and heard my parents stop, and they began to talk. i wiped up my cum off the bed and began to try to fall asl**p, but before i could i could her my parents entering my bedroom. then my mother climbed on top of me and began to slowly kiss me. i could see she was wearing very sexy clothing. then she whispered in my ear, "lets take this to my room". so when we entered my parents bedroom, my father was already in there and stroking his 10 in cock, that was already red from fucking my mom. my mom told me to lay on my back and close my eyes. i could feel my shirt coming off and my shorts as well. then i felt lips kissing up and down my body. i could feel her big tits grazing my chest. my dick began getting very hard. mom said to my dad "hes getting excited, lets begin." then i felt my mother sucking my 6 in cock. then she told me to open my eyes. when i did i saw my mom putting lube on her hands and began giving my dad and i hand jobs. after a few minutes of a great hand job, my mom asked me "are you ready to fuck your mom?" i responded yes. she got on her back and i got on top of her. she started to suck my dads cock when i put my dick inside of her. i started off slow but pumped quickly because she was already loose from my dad. she began to moan and took my dads cock out of her mouth quickly and said she was going to cum! i pulled out and opened the lips of her pussy and she let out a huge squirting orgasm. then i lied on my back and she got on top of me and bounced up and down on my dick. her tits we flapping rapidly. after a few minutes she asked me if i wanted to fuck her ass? i responded yes! she got my dick, then got on top again but she stuck it in her ass this time. unlike her pussy, her ass was really tight and she began to moan. finally i loosened it up and began to pump hard. then my dad stuck his big cock in her pussy at the same time! she began to scream in pleasure, he tits we flapping so fast and we both pumped her hard and fast. we both pulled out and she sucked both of our dicks at the same time. then i yelled "mom im going to cum!" "put it on your moms tits!" then i released another huge load and right after my dad let of a load too. she ate all the cum off her tits and had a huge smile on her face. "Thanks mom", i said. she replied no! thank you, we will be going this again sometime!

The end

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