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Remorse Is A Terrible Thing

Following my encounter with Rose, the maid, I suddenly felt terrible guilt about how I had been behaving with women. I told Gloria I was feeling well enought to move back home, and for two months, did light work at the business, and avoided females with half-way decent excuses and by saying my body still hurt every now and then.

One Friday night, I got a call from Bev - the hospital administrator I had "met" months before. She told me she heard of my accident, and asked how I was feeling. I told her the healing was progressing, and she asked if I would like to come over for dinner or a drink. Determined not to give in to lust, I said I would be there in an hour. "Wonderful," she said, "I'll have something ready."

I rang her doorbell, and she met me at the door dressed in a very tight and low-cut white sleeveless sweater, equally tight pink stretch pants, and a pair of white high heels. She gave me careful hug, and I felt her large firm breasts push against my chest. "Long time, no see," she laughed, "You look fine." I had quit wearing the wrap, but had my left arm in a sling for extra protection. We sat down in the den, and had a cocktail as I told her what happened. The sweater she was wearing was quite thin, and under it I could plainly see the white bullet bra she had on. She got up to fetch another pitcher of coolers from the kitchen, giving me a great view of her full-but-very sexy ass...and I saw no panty lines under the tight material. We had more drinks, and she asked me how my love life had been going. I pointed to my sling saying I had been trussed up like a rodeo steer since the accident. She smiled and said, " you're more than a bit horny." I gave a fake laugh, and said I had become a monk. She found that very funny, and as she laughed, her breasts rose and fell together, bound by the bullet bra.

I had a bit of a buzz, so I thought I'd try her a bit. "What about you, Bev...are you getting any loving these days?" She looked at me and said, "Hell no...I stay away from men...but BOYS might be fair game." I told her if I ran onto any, I'd give them her number. She flashed a wicked grin and said, "They wouldn't know what to do with this stuff", and pushed her boobs out. She stood up, turned to the side, ran her hand down her ass, and said, "Or this, either." I was surprised, and ended up dropping my empty glass onto the carpet. She came over and picked it up, and as she poured an fresh refill, I ran my hand up and down her thigh. "Naughty boy," she said, "You shouldn't play with dangerous toys." She sat down and began talking about masturbation and teasing. My penis was hard under my jeans, and I noticed her nipples protruding under her sweater. "A rubber cock and balls just isn't the same, you know," she said. "Neither is the palm of a hand," I replied. She excused herself saying she needed to use the washroom, and walked seductively out of the room. To my shock, my erection didn't diminish, and I changed position to hide it better.

Soon, she walked in to room wearing a very short white nylon robe over her bra, no panty, and the heels she had on earlier. "I wanted to get comfy," she said. We swapped sexual innuendos for another fifteen minutes, when she got up, took off her robe, and said, "I am going to jack you off, my boy." She squatted down between my legs, freed my throbbing penis from my pants, and proceded to jerk me slowly. "Do you like my bra, Trev?", she asked. Seeing it in the open made me realize how much it pushed her breasts up and out, and how much cleavage it gave her. As she jerked me, she began fingering herself with her other hand. "I know you're hurting, so no intercourse tonight," she whispered, "But we both are going to cum."

In seconds, I unloaded two month's worth of semen onto her bra, breasts, shoulders, and face. She climaxed and growled, "Next time this monster goes off inside of me." She wiped me and herself off with the silky nylon robe, and sat back on the chair across from me. After a while, she asked, "Are you leaving, or would you like to sl**p with me tonight?" I told her I would stay, and she led me upstairs to her bed. She helped me undress, then took off her bullet bra and climbed into bed behind me in a spoon position. "Get some sl**p...I will keep you warm," she whispered.

As I drifted off with her full and firm breasts hard against my back, I knew there would be more sex play between us very soon. My last recollection was of her throwing her left leg over mine and rubbing her kitty against my ass.

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