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She Trapped Me To Cum In Her

So there we were. things were starting to get intense. i slammed her up against the wall and practically ripped off her clothes, and she ripped mine off. we slammed down on her bed and pretty much skipped all foreplay, we just wanted to fuck. we had been having sex without a condom for a little while now, and every once in a while she would try to talk me into cumming in her. well this time, we had been going at it for about an hour. we were deeply into the moment. face to face, her legs over her head, and my cock sliding deep into her soaking wet pussy faster than ever making her scream my name at the top of her lungs. then i started to feel close. i knew what was going to happen. i told her i was close, and she begged me not to stop. she almost had me mesmerized into it, but i tried pulling out at the last second. she wanted it so bad, and wrapped her arms and legs around my hips, thrusting me back inside her as deep as i could go. she grinded back and forth on my cock, and looked me in the eyes as i shot my load deep inside her pussy. she closed her eyes and began to shudder with pleasure, and pulled even harder on me. she pulled herself up to my ear and whispered "dont you fucking stop" at this point, i was under her control. i fucked her harder than i could think imaginable. she kept screaming cum in me, cum in me god dammit! dont stop until its gushing out! overfill my pussy with your cum! she got her wish. i didnt want to stop at anything. i figured it happened once, so fuck it, might as well keep going. i didnt stop until i came 4 times, and couldnt take anymore. we fell asl**p together and the next day, i woke up to her on top of my cock, and my hands tied to the bedpost. she wanted more. we fucked, and fucked, and fucked, until my cum was gushing back out onto my cock. she was obsessed with me cumming in her, and she had me obsessed with it. i knew she wasnt on the pill, but at this point, i didnt care. 3 weeks later, she told me she was pregnant. rather than going and getting it taken care of like any young couple would consider, i ripped her clothes off and said "looks like we have 8 more months of doing this." thats exactly what happened. over the next 8 months, we fucked almost everyday, multiple times a day, and not once did i think of pulling out. then, she had our k**. she was the most beautiful thing ever. we couldnt mess around much for the next month, but all we could talk about was how amazing it felt. she had me under a spell. i couldnt imagine sex without cumming in her pussy. and the night that she could fuck again, we did. it felt so good to be back in there, it had been too long. i knew i wasnt going to last long, and with how fast i was going, i didnt. as i said i was close, she wrapped her legs tightly around me and said "looks like we have 9 more months of this." i exploded deep inside her pussy again. i couldnt stop, i didnt want to. 2 weeks later, she was pregnant again. and once again, we celebrated by doing it again and again. we did this throughout the entire pregnancy, and had our first son. hes a month old now. last night was the first time we had sex again, and i used a condom. we started off soft and slow, but as things got more intense she stopped me and took my condom off. she pulled me back in, wrapped her legs around me, looked me in the eyes, and said lets do this for 9 more months. fill me with your cum. without even a thought i started fucking her uncontrollably, and didnt even tell her as i shot load after load of my cum into her pussy, and said "looks like we have 9 more months."

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